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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]


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Key Hightlights
  • Offers a wide assortment of CBD products

  • Full-spectrum extracts

  • Terpene infused CBD isolate products

  • Provides compilation of rules and regulations regarding the hemp industry

Hemplucid Review

Hemplucid has a stellar product line of both full-spectrum and CBD isolate products that are worth checking out. Hemplucid claims to be dedicated to “lucidity” in everything it does. From what we can see, it holds up to this promise with regular batch tested third-party lab certificates, clear dosing instructions, and cannabis resources for the canna-curious. 

Mission / Charity 4/5

Hemplucid is dedicated to CBD education and creating high-quality products, so people can experience the benefits of the hemp plant. While Hemplucid offers both isolate and full-spectrum CBD products, the brand strongly believes in using the whole-plant for its synergistic effects.

Due to its high-quality and rigorous standards, Hemplucid isn’t a budget-friendly brand. We’d love to see Hemplucid offer discount codes to those who could stand to benefit from CBD the most.  

Hemp Source 4/5

Hemplucid uses organic hemp crops grown in Colorado. The extracts are made using supercritical CO2, processed in a GMP-certified facility. We appreciate that Hemplucid has regularly updated Certificate of Analysis for its product to ensure the quality of its hemp source and production. 

We reserve 5s for USDA certified organic hemp sources, but as far as hemp quality, Hemplucid has a reputable hemp supply. 

Product Range 5/5

Hemplucid carries a range of products including oils, tinctures (for your pets too), concentrates, lotions, lip balms, gummies, and vape oils in both isolate and full-spectrum CBD extracts. 

Innovation 4/5

Hemplucid uses the gold-standard of CBD extraction methods, supercritical CO2 extraction. We like that it incorporates full-spectrum CBD extracts in its products and is extremely knowledgeable on the topic. Hemplucid is not only dedicated to creating high-quality products but is also dedicated to education. 

Safety 5/5

All Certificates of Analysis (CoA) are regularly updated and neatly categorized. The CoAs include a cannabinoid and terpene profile, bacteria test, and pesticide and heavy metal reports. Hemplucid provides dosing information and instructions of use for its products along with regularly updated blog posts on using hemp products for wellness. 

Customer Service 5/5

Hemplucid has a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee and, once confirmed with customer service, returns are processed between 7-10 business days. The customer service team will respond to emails within 24 hours for any questions or concerns. 

Hemplucid Company Review

Article By
Editorial Staff , last updated on August 25, 2021

About the Company: Hemplucid

Established in 2016, Hemplucid is a Utah-based company that offers tinctures (for pets and humans), CBD wax, soft gel capsules, gummies, vape oil, and topical CBD formulas.

While Hemplucid offers both CBD isolate and full-spectrum extracts, Hemplucid is one of the few companies we’ve come across with a strong emphasis on the benefits of full-spectrum CBD.

The whole-plant formulas contain a range of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes to maximize the potency and benefits of CBD. This synergy of therapeutic compounds is called the entourage effect.

Where Does Hemplucid’s Source Its Hemp?

Hemplucid only uses organic hemp crops grown in Colorado. While it’s not certified USDA organic, the lab reports prove the hemp to be free from harmful pesticides and heavy metals often found in contaminated soil.

Products Offered by Hemplucid

Hemplucid stocks two product lines — its whole-flower derived products called Hemplucid and another named Kalki for its CBD isolate extracts.

The Hemplucid line is made using whole-plant CBD or full-spectrum extracts. Full-spectrum extracts contain the plant’s natural terpene and cannabinoid profile — this includes trace amounts of THC (under the federal limit of 0.3%).

Why use a full-spectrum extract?

People looking at CBD products to support a medical condition will often seek a full-spectrum product because of its increased therapeutic benefits from the entourage effect.

Kalki, on the other hand, is made using isolated CBD containing no THC or any other cannabinoids, for that matter— the terpenes are added in after.

This extract of high-grade CBD isolate infused with terpenes is trademarked as Isoterp™. It’s formulated for those who want the benefits of CBD and the terpenes without THC.

Kalki is marketed to athletes, but there are a number of reasons why one might want to use THC-free CBD products: THC sensitivities, drug testing, and people on a tight budget, for starters.

So with that, let’s get into the details of Hemplucid’s product list.

Number Product Total CBD Potency Cost per mg CBD Link


Hemplucid MCT oil 1500 mg
Hemplucid Whole-Plant CBD Tinctures

250 – 2000 mg

8.33 – 66.6 mg/mL

$0.10 – $0.16


Hemplucid Kalki THC-Free CBD Liquids

150 – 1500 mg

5 – 50 mg/mL

$0.08 – $0.17


Hemplucid vape drip 1000 mg
Hemplucid Tincture Vape/Drip

150 – 1500 mg

5 – 50 mg/mL

$0.11 – $0.20


Hemplucid CBD wax pack
Hemplucid CBD Wax

200 mg




Bottle of Hemplucid softgel caps 1500 mg
Hemplucid Soft-Gel Caps

450 – 2250 mg

15 – 75 mg/capsule

$0.07 – $0.16


Hemplucid CBD gummies (30-pack)
Hemplucid CBD Edible Gummies

125 – 750 mg

15 – 25 mg/gummy

$0.13 – $0.17


Hemplucid CBD lip balms (3-pack)
Hemplucid CBD Lip Balms

50 mg

50 mg/balm



Hemplucid Dog CBD Oil (100 mg)
Hemplucid CBD Pet Oils

100 – 300 mg

3.33 – 10 mg/mL

$0.16 – $0.23

1. Tinctures

A) Hemplucid Water-Soluble Tincture

Hemplucid MCT oil 1500 mg
$27.97 – $139.97

Hemplucid Whole-Plant CBD Tinctures 30 mL

3.83 / 5

Total CBD: 250 – 2000 mg
Potency : 8.33 – 66.6 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.07 – $0.11
Extract Type: Full-spectrum

Hemplucid’s water-soluble tinctures are made with vegetable glycerin. They can be used under the tongue, added to your favorite beverage, and even vaporized for fast-acting effects. The vegetable glycerin base mixes easily with water and at low heating temperatures it produces a milky vapor cloud in your refillable vaporizer.

B) Hemplucid MCT Oil Tincture

Made with MCT or medium-chain triglyceride coconut oil, this may be a good product for someone looking for a simple ingestion method with long-lasting effects.

The tincture lines made with carrier oils (MCT oil and hemp seed oil) have the high-strength 2000 mg option, which is unavailable in the water-soluble range.

C) Hemplucid Hemp Seed Oil Tincture

This variation combines whole-plant, hemp-derived CBD with hemp seed oil. The Hemplucid Hemp Seed Oil Tincture might be a good option for someone looking for a simple ingestion method with long-lasting effects and enjoys the naturally nutty flavor of hemp seed oil.

Hemplucid provides a lot of information about the nutritious benefits of hemp seed oil, and while hemp seed is indeed a nutritious supplement, you won’t receive its full benefits in 1-2 mL doses a day (as per the dose guidelines for the hemp extract).

D) Hemplucid Kalki MCT Oil

$15.57 – $59.97

Hemplucid Kalki THC-Free CBD Liquids 30 mL

4.17 / 5

Total CBD : 150 – 1500 mg
CBD Potency : 5 – 50 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD : $0.04 – $0.10
Extract Type : Isolate
THC Content: <0.3%

The Kalki MCT is designed to be used beneath the tongue. Made using Isoterp™ (CBD isolate and terpenes) and MCT oil, these tinctures are ideal for anyone looking for a THC-free product with the benefits of hemp’s natural terpenes for long-lasting effects.

E) Hemplucid Kalki Water-Soluble

Created with Isoterp™ and vegetable glycerine, these tinctures are ideal for athletes in search of a THC-free product to assist with workouts and recovery time.

It has the same versatility as the Whole-Hemp Water-Soluble Tincture, meaning it can be used beneath the tongue, in beverages, or in a vaporizer.

2. Vape Oils

A) Hemplucid Tincture Vape/Drip

Hemplucid vape drip 1000 mg
$20.97 – $118.97

Hemplucid Tincture Vape/Drip 30 mL

4.17 / 5

Total CBD : 150 – 1500 mg
Potency : 5 – 50 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD : $0.05 – $0.14
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
THC Content: <0.3%

The Hemplucid Tincture Vape/Drip is formulated with full-spectrum CBD and vegetable glycerin. Vaping CBD has the highest bioavailability over any form of CBD ingestion methods, with fast-acting effects.

This product looks very similar to the Hemplucid Whole-Plant Water Soluable Tincture with vegetable-glycerin and polysorbate 80 as the carrier base. The two product lines have different CBD potencies available, but the Tincture Vape/Drip can still be used sublingually and in beverages.

3. Concentrates

Hemplucid Whole-Plant CBD Wax

This is the only option for concentrates Hemplucid offers — but it’s a good one. The Hemplucid Wax contains 200 mg of ultra-refined full-spectrum CBD concentrate.

This wax is made using CO2 supercritical extraction for a solvent-free wax. Waxes are meant to be used in a dab rig or modified vaporizer. If you’re crafty, you can use this wax to make your own topical formulas.

4. Capsules

Hemplucid Soft Gel Capsules

Bottle of Hemplucid softgel caps 1500 mg
$48.97 – $115.47

Hemplucid Soft-Gel Caps 30 Capsules

3.83 / 5

Total CBD : 450 – 2250 mg
CBD Potency: 15 – 75 mg/capsule
Cost per mg CBD : $0.05 – $0.11
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
THC Content: <0.3%

Soft gels are a convenient way to get your CBD intake. There’s no need to measure out doses or extra equipment for long-lasting CBD effects.

These soft gel capsules are made with full-spectrum CBD, hemp seed oil, gelatin, and glycerin. Each bottle contains 30 capsules and is available in 4 potencies — 15 mg, 25 mg, 50 mg, and 75 mg per capsule.

5. Edibles

A) Hemplucid Whole Plant CBD Edible Gummies

Hemplucid CBD gummies (30-pack)
$13.97 – $76.97

Hemplucid CBD Edible Gummies 5 – 30 Gummies

4 / 5

Total CBD : 125 – 750 mg
CBD Potency: 15 – 25 mg/gummy
Cost per mg CBD : $0.10 – $0.11
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
THC Content: <0.3%

Hemplucid has two gummy options in this line — 5 pack and 30 pack. Each gummy delivers 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD extract and tastes delicious. Very little goes a long way with these CBD treats.

6. Topicals

A) Hemplucid CBD Lipbalm

Hemplucid CBD lip balms (3-pack)

Hemplucid CBD Lip Balms 50 mg

4.17 / 5

Total CBD : 50 mg
CBD Potency : 50 mg/balm
Cost per mg CBD : $0.14
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
THC Content: <0.3%

For $9.95 USD, these lip balms contain 50 mg of full-spectrum CBD in a moisturizing formula. According to the product description, “Using Hemplucid Lip Balm over time promotes healthy, luxurious lips.”

B) Hemplucid Whole-Plant CBD/CBDA Body Creams

The Hemplucid body creams are formulated to help your muscles recover from strenuous workouts with the appropriate CBD potencies for the job — a rare find in the CBD market.

Starting at $74.95 USD you can purchase a 2 oz container that has the equivalent of 500 mg and 1000 mg of CBD or CBDA for $129.95 USD.

The CBDA cream is a unique product offering. CBDA is the precursor cannabinoid to CBD before it’s decarboxylated (heat-activated). There is not as much research done on CBDA as CBD, but many of the same benefits are found in CBDA.

C) Hemplucid Kalki Menthol Muscle Rub

Created with Isoterp™, this topical is ideal for targeting muscle aches to provide pain relief. The addition of menthol gives the cream a cooling sensation, which may help with relaxation and muscle fatigue.

7. CBD for Pets

Hemplucid Roxy Pet Oils

Hemplucid Dog CBD Oil (100 mg)
$16.95 – $34.95

Hemplucid CBD Pet Oils 30 mL

4 / 5

Total CBD : 100 – 300 mg
CBD Potency : 3.33 – 10 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD : $0.12 – $0.17
Extract Type : Full-spectrum

Our furry friends can stand to benefit from CBD too. Hemplucid offers full-spectrum CBD hemp oils in two flavors, fish and chicken.

Depending on the size and CBD requirements of your pet, Hemplucid offers two potencies 100 mg and 300 mg.

What Does Hemplucid Do Well?

Hemplucid has an excellent range of products and potencies for both full-spectrum extracts and CBD isolates.

Hemplucid is one of the few companies we’ve come across that have a wide variety of full-spectrum products instead of just one or two options tossed in amongst the line up of isolates. In fact, Hemplucid puts a huge emphasis on its full-spectrum line, which we like for a few reasons:

  • It’s a more holistic form of CBD supplementation
  • May produce fewer side-effects
  • Leverages the benefits of the entourage effect.

For these reasons, we recommend full-spectrum extract products for those looking to use CBD for a medical condition because the synergy of the terpenes and cannabinoids will produce stronger and broader acting effects.

We also appreciate that Hemplucid hasn’t forgotten about those who simply want a THC-free option. As we mentioned earlier, there are many reasons one would choose an isolate over full-spectrum. They each have their pros and cons.

The Kalki Line’s CBD isolate is more than your average on the market — it includes terpenes, the natural aromatic compounds of the plant with therapeutic effects. This proprietary blend is called Isoterp™, and it will deliver some synergistic benefits over a CBD isolate on its own.

Where Could Hemplucid Improve?

Hemplucid is a top-shelf CBD supplier and, for that reason, it has premium prices. High-quality hemp crops, regular third-party testing, and propriety blends of extracts all come at a higher cost — which means these products can become out of reach for many people who may need it most.

We often see companies offer discounts for veterans, low-income, disability, and students to help make CBD products more affordable for those who can stand to benefit from it most. We’d love to see Hempluid offer a similar program as it seems to align with the company values.

Safety & Third-Party Testing

Hemplucid prides itself on its lucidity — clarity of expression — throughout its business model. Part of this is detailing responsible use of its products and regular third-party lab testing for quality and safety.

We love how Hemplucid has cataloged its Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for all batches of its products on the website. It’s important to look for regular batch testing to ensure the consistency of the brand’s standards.

The third-party testing was conducted by DB Labs and contains the following reports:

  • Cannabinoid profile and potency
  • Bacteria test
  • Terpene profile
  • Pesticide and elemental analysis

All hemp used is within the federal legal limit of <0.3% THC content. Hemplucid does stipulate even trace amounts of THC may trigger a false positive on certain drug tests, which is why the brand also produces a CBD isolate option infused with beneficial terpenes.

Hemplucid’s Shipping and Return Policy

This is a brand that stands behind its products 100% — Hemplucid has a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee where you are entitled to a full refund (minus the cost of shipping), within 30 days of the original purchase.

Hemplucid wants feedback as to why you are returning the product. The written return authorization from a Hemplucid representative is required, so all orders shipped back without any consent will not be accepted for return.

One thing to note is refunds won’t be issued due to the negligence of handling the product, citing improper storage methods. Because of this, Hemplucid suggests you store the products in your medicine cabinet away from sunlight and heat.

Refunds can take anywhere between 7-10 business days.

Hemplucid will ship internationally where CBD is legal and all shipping costs are determined based on the destination.

Final Verdict: Hemplucid Ticks All The Right Boxes

If you’re looking for high-quality full-spectrum extracts or terpene infused CBD isolate options, Hemplucid is an excellent choice.

Hemplucid stocks a wide range of potencies and formulas, so you’re bound to find an option that works well for you.

This isn’t the most affordable brand on the market, but you’re paying for high-quality crops, excellent customer service, and a brand that actually knows what it’s doing. Hemplucid is knowledgable in the effects of cannabinoids and terpenes and its formulas show it.


4.5 / 5