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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]
$20.97 - $118.97
Hemplucid vape drip 1000 mg
30 mL

Hemplucid Tincture Vape/Drip

4.17 / 5

Total CBD : 150 - 1500 mg
Potency : 5 - 50 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD : $0.05 - $0.14
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
THC Content: <0.3%

Hemplucid Tincture Vape/Drip

The Hemplucid Tincture Vape/Drip is made to be used in either a vaporizer or taken orally as a sublingually applied oil. The versatility of this product is certainly a plus and the wide range of potencies encompasses a larger audience base – however, we’d like to see additional flavors. 

Price/Value 4/5

The Hemplucid Tincture Vape/Drip starts at $20.97 for a 30 mL bottle containing 150 mg of CBD. This roughly breaks down to $0.14 per mg of CBD, which is reasonably priced for a full-spectrum CBD oil that doubles up as both a vape oil and a sublingual drip. 

The larger bottles come in at a much higher value — with the largest bottle (1500 mg) bringing the price down to $0.05 per mg CBD, which is on par with other CBD oils of this quality; though be aware that the outright cost is $118.97.

CBD Potency 5/5

The potency range is impressively broad, ranging from 5 mg of CBD per mL to 50 mg of CBD per mL, making it ideal for newcomers and experienced users alike, as well as those suffering from either mild, moderate, or chronic symptoms.

Hemp Source 4/5

Hemplucid sources hemp that is grown, produced and tested within the US (Colorado). 

The company’s third-party test results show the cannabinoid profile contained within the product, as well as verification of it being free from pesticides, contaminants, or heavy metals.

As a general note, the company has some of its products listed as USDA Certified Organic, which isn’t the case at all and is very misleading. Read more below to find out more details.

Purpose/Uses 4/5

Although the name of the product suggests that it is meant to be used solely with vaporizers, it can also be ingested as it is, added to food, or blended into drinks – this versatility is a welcomed feature.

Product Variations 4/5

This product comes in multiple different potencies stretching all the way from 150 mg in a 30 mL (1 oz) container, all the way up to 1500 mg in the same size container. 

There are no additional flavors aside from the taste of CBD mixed with the slightly sweet taste of vegetable glycerin. 

Formula 4/5

Hemplucid’s inclusion of vegetable glycerin provides the vape liquid with a sweeter taste than its evil friend propylene glycol. However, the bioavailability of CBD when used with vegetable glycerin isn’t quite as effective.  

Hemplucid Tincture Vape/Drip Review

Article By
Editorial Staff , last updated on November 16, 2021

The market for cannabidiol (CBD) has grown exponentially over the course of 12 months, which is why we’re seeing CBD vape oils exploding onto the market and into the public’s consciousness.

Hemplucid – a CBD company based in Utah – is looking to get ahead of the curve with innovation at the core of its ethos.

They offer a wide array of CBD products ranging from waxes, lip balms, and body oils to edible gummies, pet oils, and soft-gel capsules, which is why we’ve been eager to review its whole-plant, full-spectrum tincture that doubles up as a vape oil and a sublingual drip.

So, continue reading our review of the Hemplucid Tincture Vape/Drip to figure out if its innovation carries over to this product.

Overview: Tincture Vape/Drip

While vaping is generally considered to be a relatively new concept, it’s regarded as one of the most effective ways of feeling the immediate effects of CBD.

As opposed to CBD edibles where your body breaks them down via the digestive system, vaporizing CBD bypasses this process altogether by entering the bloodstream almost immediately through the microcapillaries in your lungs and then is dispersed throughout the body.

As this dispersal happens, CBD – as well as the other cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids – begin to interact with the receptors in your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Research shows that this interaction can potentially provide you with relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress [1]. 

This makes vaping ideal for users who want instantaneous balancing of their ECS and to know that the subtle, yet internally powerful effects of a full-spectrum CBD are working faster than other CBD ingestion methods.

Hemplucid thankfully caters to all crowds and has created a range of vape liquids with very low to ultra high strength doses, which makes vaping accessible to both newcomers and seasoned users alike, as well as those with varying degrees of physical, physiological, or psychological symptoms.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Third-party test results are available
  • Quick and effective ingestion method
  • Discreet consumption
  • May cause a failure in drug tests
  • No flavors available
  • Requires purchasing a vaporizer to vape the product

Key Features and Benefits

1. Third-Party Test Results Available

Hemplucid provides third-party test results for every product. They are all available on the company website. With a thorough database breaking down information into lot codes and batch numbers, the following information is provided: CBD and THC content, the terpenes contained in the product, and an analysis of bacteria, pesticide, and heavy metal content – if any.

2. Quick Absorption and Efficient Ingestion Method

When CBD is vaporized – compared with other consumption methods – it bypasses the metabolic organs such as the liver and gut and is absorbed from the lungs into the bloodstream via its microcapillaries. This allows for faster and more effective absorption.

3. Discrete Consumption

Applying a sublingual drip under your tongue is incredibly discreet. You can do this pretty much everywhere you go without anyone noticing. However, vaping is the opposite. Vaporizers tend to be particularly bulky to carry around and exhalation of the vapor in public may raise a few eyebrows.

About the Company: Hemplucid

Founded in Provo, Utah in 2016, Hemplucid claims that its name “portrays a promise to provide not only the cleanest hemp product but give you a lucid understanding of what hemp can truly do for you”. 

At its core, Hemplucid’s objective is separated into three main focuses: quality, safety, and innovation – all underpinned by a mission statement that realizes “the heart of health comes from the whole plant and not just isolated cannabinoids”.


4.5 / 5

Who Should Consider Using Tincture Vape/Drips?

The Hemplucid Tincture Vape/Drip is a flexible oil for those who prefer both inhalation and sublingual application.

We recommend this product to be used primarily for those who want to vape their oils, as opposed to sublingually ingesting it, since vaping is said to be typically more effective. 

Vaping, as mentioned previously, also works immediately and is an excellent way of topping up your doses – the only downside is having to purchase vaping equipment. 

It’s also worth noting that full-spectrum products like Hemplucid’s contain trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). There have been reports made by users stating that they’ve failed a drug screening due to their CBD intake.

However, studies refute this possibility, believing that “the conversion of oral CBD to THC and its metabolites has not been observed to occur in vivo, even after high doses of oral CBD” [2].


The Hemplucid Tincture Vape/Drip starts at $20.97 for a 30 mL bottle that contains 150 mg of CBD.

This works out to $0.14 per mg of CBD, making this a fairly pricey product – though this is to be expected considering the formula is made from whole-plant, full-spectrum ingredients. 

For those who decide to purchase a 1500 mg bottle containing the same amount of liquid, the price drops to $0.08 per mg of CBD, making it more reasonably priced as a bulk buy.

Price Breakdown of the Hemplucid Tincture Vape/Drip

Product Image Product Name Total CBD Bottle Size Price per Bottle Price per mg CBD
Hemplucid Whole-Plant Hemp Extract Vape/Drip 150 mg 30 mL $20.97 $0.14
Hemplucid Whole-Plant Hemp Extract Vape/Drip 300 mg 30 mL $32.87 $0.11
Hemplucid Whole-Plant Hemp Extract Vape/Drip 500 mg 30 mL $48.97 $0.10
Hemplucid Whole-Plant Hemp Extract Vape/Drip 1000 mg 30 mL $87.47 $0.09
Hemplucid Whole-Plant Hemp Extract Vape/Drip 1500 mg 30 mL $118.97 $0.08

CBD Potency

Hemplucid doesn’t outline an ideal serving size, but because of the nature of vaping, the effects are felt much faster compared with other methods of CBD consumption.

There are various different potencies ranging from 5 mg/mL right the way up to 50.00 mg/mL of CBD, which should attract both newcomers and seasoned CBD users – or for those experiencing mild, moderate, or severe physical, physiological, or psychological symptoms.

Though the lack of accurate dosing when vaping might intimidate those who are on a strict regimen, there are enough potency options here to experiment if your CBD intake schedule is more relaxed.

Comparing the Potency of the Hemplucid Tincture Vape/Drip

Product Image Product Name Bottle Size Total CBD Per Bottle Extract Type Potency (CBD in mg/mL)
Hemplucid Whole-Plant Hemp Extract Vape/Drip 30 mL 150 mg Full-spectrum 5 mg/mL
Hemplucid Whole-Plant Hemp Extract Vape/Drip 30 mL 300 mg Full-spectrum 10 mg/mL
Hemplucid Whole-Plant Hemp Extract Vape/Drip 30 mL 500 mg Full-spectrum 16.67 mg/mL
Hemplucid Whole-Plant Hemp Extract Vape/Drip 30 mL 1000 mg Full-spectrum 33.33 mg/mL
Hemplucid Whole-Plant Hemp Extract Vape/Drip 30 mL 1500 mg Full-spectrum 50 mg/mL

Hemp Source

On its website, Hemplucid states that it sources its hemp from Colorado due to its higher quality control and experienced growers – the company then manufactures the product in Utah.

The company also uses ProVerde Laboratories – a testing laboratory specifically designed for cannabis and hemp also based in Colorado – to conduct its third-party testing, which shows the cannabinoid profile, as well as it being free from pesticides, contaminants, and heavy metals.

As a general note, we have been particularly concerned with the USDA Certified Organic stamp shown across a lot of the website – the symbol can be seen second from the right.

In layman’s terms, a USDA Certified Organic stamp means that the item and/or product should contain 95% organic ingredients in its formulation, which means that it should be totally free from pesticides, fertilizers, and dyes, as well as free from solvents, genetic manipulation, and irradiation.

After we’d conducted a search using the USDA’s Organic Integrity Database, which lists every farm or business with the Certified Organic stamp, we found that Hemplucid is not included in this database.

We have emailed a representative about this and this is the response we received:

“I’m sorry for the confusion, I just found out that to be fully organic certified, You have to be in the same fields for a minimum of three years. We recently moved fields a few years ago and will be re-certified in early 2020. I hope this doesn’t affect your work on writing about organic Hemp In America.”

Therefore, be aware, Hemplucid is not currently USDA Certified Organic.


While the name of this product suggests that it’s to be used with a vaporizer, Hemplucid points out that it can also be ingested as is or mixed with food and drink.

Hemplucid is prohibited from making medical claims, but customers have suggested that vaping this product has helped to relieve pain, anxiety, and depression.

Product Variations/Flavors

Compared with other vape products available on the market, Hemplucid has opted not to use additional flavors in this product.

For those seeking additional flavor, it’s possible to add this product to existing vape juices.

While there are no instructions provided on how to do this, we suggest you find an online guide that can show you a step-by-step process for mixing e-liquid flavors with your CBD product.


The inclusion of organic vegetable glycerin is notable – the odorless but sweet tasting oil is one of our favorite carrier oils used in CBD-infused products.

However, the bioavailability of vegetable glycerin isn’t as prominent as other, arguably more superior carrier oils such as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). We would like to see this added in the future.

Ingredients: Whole-Plant™ CBD Hemp Extract, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Polysorbate 80

Shipping and Returns

Hemplucid states that customers from the United States and its territories can expect to receive their order in 3 to 7 days using either USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

Hemplucid has currently suspended all international shipping indefinitely. We emailed a company representative and they said they will let us know when international shipping resumes. Until then, shipping is only for the United States and its territories.

The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee from the day of your initial purchase. Before any refund can take place, you must contact [email protected] to have it authorized in writing by a Hemplucid representative.

Final Verdict: A Welcomed Addition to Hemplucid’s CBD Range

Hemplucid’s latest product is a welcomed addition to its range of CBD products.

Although the price is slightly higher compared to both Hemplucid’s other range of products and similar products already out there on the market, we can justify the price according to the flexibility it gives the user – to be able to switch it between being a vape oil and a sublingually applied oil is impressive.

Hemplucid’s decision to add a wide range of potencies is also very much appreciated on our end – though some added flavors would be a bonus.

We also like the idea that a company producing CBD oils has its customers in mind, which is why we’re impressed by its decision to add a wide range of potencies geared towards not only newcomers and season CBD users, but towards those experiencing mild, moderate, or chronic symptoms.

Unfortunately, what lets Hemplucid down as a company is its misleading USDA Certified Organic stamp of approval, which is not something it actually has. This misleading information damages the company’s reputation somewhat.

So, if you’re looking for an effective whole-plant, full-spectrum vape/dip oil, look no further – Hemplucid is exactly what you’re after.

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  1. Corroon, J., & Phillips, J. A. (2018). A Cross-Sectional Study of Cannabidiol Users. Cannabis and cannabinoid research3(1), 152–161. doi:10.1089/can.2018.0006
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4.5 / 5