The Best CBD Suppositories

CBD suppositories aren’t the most glamorous way of using CBD — but they offer some advantages no other CBD product can. Learn what makes them special.

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Justin Cooke , posted 1 month ago

While suppositories are not the most popular means of using CBD, they are one of the most effective for gut disorders and issues in the lower digestive tract, and vaginal cavity.

These little pill-like CBD suppositories are specially designed to insert into sensitive areas of the body where they can release large doses of CBD directly to the site. There are a few particular situations where you may want to consider using suppositories — which we’ll cover in detail throughout this article. 

Here, we’ll discuss our top-rated CBD suppositories, and cover how and when to use them. We’ll also briefly cover how you can make your own CBD-infused suppositories at home.

Let’s get started!

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Top-Rated CBD Suppositories

NumberProductTotal CBDPotencyCost per mg CBDLink


CBDistillery CBD Suppositories

150 mg

50 mg per Piece



Palmetto Harmony Spectrum Suppositories

70 mg

10 mg per Suppository



Endoca CBD Suppositories

500 mg

50 mg per Suppository



Foria Wellness Basics Suppositories

880 mg

110 mg Per Suppository


1. Best CBD Suppository Overall

These suppositories are well-balanced in all respects. The cost per mg of CBD used to make these is around $0.20 — which is about average for CBD suppositories.

The strength of each piece is around 50 mg of CBD — again, right in the middle of the range for this category.

Overall, the value of CBDistillery suppositories are excellent — they’re made with top-notch, high-potency hemp in a convenient form factor.

2. Best Budget Suppository

Suppositories are a great way to address issues in the vaginal canal and abdomen (for women), and lower digestive tract and colon (for both men and women). However, they can be a bit pricey and the expensive high-strength options (over 50 mg/suppository) may be overkill for some— especially if you’re only looking for a small dose of CBD for minor discomfort or inflammation.

These suppositories by Palmetto Harmony contain relatively small amounts of CBD per suppository (10 mg) which is enough for minor discomfort. This brings the cost of each suppository down to a much more manageable $19.99 per package.

3. Best CBD Suppository To Buy With Bitcoin

€ 46.00

Endoca CBD Suppositories 50 mg

4.67 / 5

  • Total CBD:

    500 mg

  • Potency:

    50 mg per Suppository

  • Cost per mg CBD:

    0.09 €

  • Extract Type:


Yes, you read that correctly.

Endoca accepts Bitcoin for their products instead of Mastercard or Visa payments.

This is actually a rising trend in the CBD space. Why are CBD companies dropping credit card processors? The problem is in regulation — something credit card companies are held captive to. The regulatory bodies tasked with defining these regulations are jaw-droppingly slow and inefficient — making it a slow and painful process to sort out the flow of finances in CBD companies.

The solution is to evolve. Bitcoin isn’t owned by anybody and allows for fast, cheap, and borderless transactions.

4. Best CBD Suppositories for Women’s Health


Foria Wellness Basics Suppositories 8 Pack

4.17 / 5

  • Total CBD:

    880 mg

  • Potency:

    110 mg/suppository

  • Cost per mg CBD:


  • Extract Type:


  • THC Content:


Foria is a lifestyle CBD brand that has put together a range of simple, yet effective CBD products ‚ including these suppositories.

The company specifically manufactured this oil for use as a vaginal suppository — allowing you to administer CBD directly to the female reproductive organs where it can exert its powerful array of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and muscle-relaxant qualities.

Each suppository contains a high-dose of 100 mg CBD — ensuring you’re getting enough to provide the level of benefits as advertised.

How to Quickly Evaluate CBD Suppositories

  1. What’s the potency of the suppository? — CBD suppositories come in all different dosages. Most suppositories contain around 50 mg of CBD, while some have more (up to 100 mg) and others much lower (10 mg). For most conditions, we recommend opting for a product with at least 50 mg per piece.
  2. What’s the cost per mg of CBD? — this is a useful metric for comparing the costs of different CBD suppositories. This can be calculated by dividing the total cost of the package, by the amount of CBD contained in the entire pack.
  3. Is it third-party tested? — Third-party testing is a way for CBD companies to prove the claims they’re making about the quality and potency of the products they produce. If a CBD company doesn’t offer these tests publically we’re skeptical about what they have to hide.
  4. What other ingredients were used to make the suppository? — The active ingredient in the suppository is the CBD, but there are other components that need to go into the formula to make the suppositories work. This could include waxes, oils, or other herbal extracts to make the effects even stronger.

Learn how we evaluate CBD Products

What Are CBD Suppositories?

CBD suppositories are concentrated forms of CBD in the shape of a capsule or pill that are designed to be inserted into the anus or vagina.

They’re a great way to ensure you’re getting consistent doses. Each suppository is premeasured, which means you know exactly what you’re getting.

They’re also great for people who cannot use other methods of CBD due to difficulties swallowing or motor problems.

It’s also possible to make your own with CBD oils or tinctures, which allows you to create customized doses.

So, let’s take a look at DIY suppositories.

How Many CBD Suppositories Should I Take?

Unlike other forms of CBD, where the dosage amount is meant to be tweaked from one product to the next — suppositories are designed to be used one at a time. They come pre-measured out with anywhere from 10 mg – 100 mg per suppository.

Suppositories are both topical and internal forms of administration at the same time. This is because the tissues lining the inside of the rectum and vaginal canal are similar to the tissue that makes .up the skin (epithelial cells). This makes the products similar to topicals in this regard.

However, there are a lot of blood vessels and mucous membranes in the rectum and vaginal canal that allow the contents of the suppository to absorb into the body — giving it some internal benefits as well.

Either way, we recommend sticking to one suppository at a time. If more is needed, you can reapply every few hours as needed.

Why Use Suppositories?

Because they allow CBD to absorb directly into your bloodstream, using CBD suppositories is one of the most effective ways to consume CBD —but not the most popular.

How are they so effective?

Similar to if the CBD had been administered orally, the — excuse my language— moist environments of the anus and vagina allow the suppository to dissolve quickly.

One benefit of suppositories, when compared with oral consumption, is the fact that the colon can then start absorbing the compound immediately rather than waiting until the CBD makes it past the digestive system to reach the large intestine.

The large intestine is the most efficient area for nutritional absorption! It’s the body’s last chance to get all the good it can from your food before it leaves the body.

This is because walls of the colon are very thin and surrounded by veins that can carry the CBD away to bond to the body’s endocannabinoid receptors.

Something similar can be said about the vagina too. Its walls are porous and surrounded by blood vessels. It isn’t as effective as the colon, but vaginal suppositories can be more comfortable and serve a more specific purpose.

Usually, the effects of suppository CBD will be felt about 10 to 15 minutes after insertion and can last up to 8 hours.

While suppositories aren’t ideal for some CBD users, for others, they provide relief. We’ll talk about the people who would benefit most from CBD suppositories later on in the article, but — like always — safety first.

Are CBD Suppositories Safe?

CBD suppositories and other suppositories have been used successfully for vaginal and lower digestive tract discomfort for many years.

In some rare cases, the use of rectal suppositories can result in a bit of irritation and extra mucus in the stool, but generally, suppositories are completely safe to use long term. Just make sure to keep your doctor updated on any problems that arise.

But what about vaginal suppositories? The vagina has a delicate biome that can be put off-kilter by anything from diet to bathing habits, so how can you trust CBD to keep your pH balanced?

The endocannabinoid system is all about creating balance in your body, and with the help of CBD, it can moderate the factors that are important to vaginal health:

  • Muscles
  • Immune cells
  • Glands
  • Nerves

Also, most CBD brands that carry suppositories use coconut oil as their base to hold the CBD — and coconut oil has a neutral pH that won’t harm your natural balance.

How to Use a CBD Suppository

Depending on your experience, inserting a suppository can be a terrifying feat or as dull as bricks. Either way, we want to be certain you have a resource to make sure you know exactly what the process entails.

Like we mentioned above, there are a few ways to use a suppository, including:

  1. Rectally
  2. Vaginally

For both methods, you may want to use sanitary or incontinence pads in case some leaking occurs after insertion.

1. Rectal Use

Step 1: Prep and Sanitize

Make sure that you’ve had a bowel movement before you start. Then wash your hands with soap and water and dry them well with a clean cloth or paper towel. You can even use a disposable sanitary glove if you feel so inclined.

Step 2: Assume the Position

Make sure you are lying comfortably on your side with your top leg bent toward your stomach. Alternatively, you can try standing with one leg up on the side of your bathtub or counter.

Of course, if you are a caregiver giving the suppository to another person, having them lie on their side will be easiest.

Step 3: Insert the Suppository

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Start by dipping the tip of the suppository into some water to lubricate it. You can also use a water-based lubricant if you need to.

Try to relax as much as you can and insert the pointy tip of the suppository. Continue pushing the suppository into the rectum until it is about an inch deep (about the length of the first digit on your pointer finger)

Step 4: Relax, Clean Up and Continue Your Day

Lie still for about 10 minutes to allow the suppository to dissolve, then dispose of any tissues or gloves you have used and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

You’ve done it!

2. Suppositories for Vaginal Use

Vaginal insertion is arguably a lot easier than rectal insertion (depending on your experience). This is most likely a process women are familiar with, as it’s very similar to using a tampon.

Step 1: Prep and Sanitize

Wash your hands with soap and water, then dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Take the suppository out of its packaging and get into a comfortable position; most brands recommend lying on your back with your knees up.

Step 2: Insert the Suppository

Try to relax as much as you can and insert the pointy tip of the suppository. Push the suppository as far as you can into your vagina without hurting yourself.

Step 3: Relax, Clean Up, and Continue Your Day

Lie still for about 10 minutes to allow the suppository to dissolve into your body and then tidy up, then dispose of any tissues or gloves you have used and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Now, you can go about your day.

DIY CBD Suppositories (How to Make Your Own)

It’s hard to find quality suppositories at the moment, but they aren’t that difficult to make, so why not make them yourself?

1. Find a Mold

Molds can be found quite easily on Amazon, or you may be able to find them locally at a pharmacy.

2. Fill the Mold

Take your favorite CBD oil or tincture (we like Royal CBD) and add a single dose into however many molds you want. This can be completely personalized to you and the relief you need. Getting an exact dose could take some experimenting, but we recommend starting low and slow with a 10 mg to 20mg dose and then working your way up every few days until you feel the desired effects.

Then fill those molds with your preferred base. We recommend organic coconut oil that you’ve melted in a warm water bath beforehand.

3. Stir

Take a toothpick and mix them up a little just to integrate the two ingredients.

4. Leave In The Freezer Until Solid

This should take approximately 10 minutes, and then they’re ready to use! Any additional molds you make should be good for around six months in a sealed container in the freezer.

How Do We Evaluate CBD Products?

Before we get into the specifics, let’s take a look at how you should evaluate your CBD suppository supplier before you place an order.

1. Assessing the Company

A) What is the Company’s Mission? Does It Support Any Charities?

Every company exists to make money. However, making money shouldn’t be the company’s only value.

As you search for a reliable CBD supplier, you’ll see that most of the mission statements are variations of the following sentence:

“We hope to provide as many people as possible with CBD extracts.”

Well, yes. That’s what every CBD company wants to do.

The best CBD suppliers will have strong mission statements that say they’re committed to pushing the industry forward through educating customers, contributing to research, or donating to relevant charities.

A good mission statement gives direction to the policies and procedures of the company. Keep an eye out for companies that hope to achieve more than just making a lot of money.

B) What Are The Customer Service Policies?

Whether you’re brand new to the CBD industry or merely interested in trying other products, you should be looking for companies with excellent customer service policies.

30-day return policies or satisfaction guarantees can take a lot of the stress off of you as the customer. Finding the right CBD product for yourself can be tricky, so you want to support the companies that understand their products might not be the best fit.

These companies are often looking for feedback so they can improve their customer service and products.

2. Assessing the Products

Once you’ve found a seemingly great CBD supplier, you can move onto evaluating the products by asking the questions below.

How to Quickly Compare Similar CBD Products

1. How Much Does It Cost?

When you’re comparing products by prices, it’s best to look at the cost per mg of CBD. You can find this by taking the total price and dividing it by the total CBD in the product.

Looking at products with different prices and concentrations can be a little confusing. Using the cost per mg of CBD is by far the easiest way to make sense of it all.

Comparing The Cost Per mg CBD of Our Favorite CBD Suppositories

Product Image Product NameTotal Cost Cost Per SuppositoryCost Per mg CBD
CBDistillery — CBD Suppositories$30.00$10.00$0.20
Palmetto Harmony — CBD Suppositories$19.99$2.85$0.28
Endoca — CBD Suppositories$55.00$5.50$0.11
Foria Wellness — Basic Suppositories $72.00$9.00$0.08
2. How Potent is it?

Potency may also factor into your buying decision. Products with high CBD content may have stronger effects and last longer.

If you’re brand new to CBD, you may want to stick to lower potencies until you know how your body reacts to CBD. Suppositories will generally float around the 50 mg mark.

Always start low and increase your dose as needed. It may take you a few tries before you find out what method and dose work best for the condition you’re trying to treat.

Comparing The Potencies of Our Favorite CBD Suppositories
Product Name  Product NameCBD Potency (mg per suppository)
CBDistillery — CBD Suppositories50 mg/suppository
Palmetto Harmony — CBD Suppositories10 mg/suppository
Endoca — CBD Suppositories50 mg/suppository
Foria Wellness — Basic Suppositories 110 mg/suppository
3. Does the Company Offer Enough Information on How to Use Its Products?

Similar to what we mentioned before about offering educational resources for their customers, CBD suppliers should also have safety and usage information for their products. Suppositories aren’t that easy to use if you’re not sure what the process is.

Every CBD product available on the market may affect you differently. A good CBD supplier will know its products well enough to tell you how to use them safely and get the best results.

Try to find a supplier that is an expert on what it sells. You’ll likely have a better experience buying from a company that can recommend a product based on your specific needs.

To Summarize:

  • Look for a company that offers educational resources for its customers, and has a strong mission statement and excellent customer service policies.
  • When comparing products, look at the cost per mg of CBD and the potency, and check to see if the company offers any safety and usage information.
  • Buy from a company that demonstrates it cares about the industry as a whole and knows its products well.

Final Thoughts: CBD Suppositories

Suppositories provide a fast-acting and effective way to take CBD — so if you’re thinking about giving them a try, we would recommend them.

They are great for general CBD use — for example, relieving things such as anxiety and insomnia — but work especially well if you need specific relief from discomfort in your pelvic region.

Keep a watchful eye on ingredients when considering brands — make sure that the base is natural (for example, coconut oil or cocoa butter) to keep any chemicals out of your body.

Always make sure to check third-party test results as well! Some companies will tell you that their products are full-spectrum but don’t share results to prove it — or even worse, don’t provide tests to prove their products don’t contain dangerous materials such as pesticides or heavy metals.

Top-Rated CBD Suppositories

NumberProductTotal CBDPotencyCost per mg CBDLink


CBDistillery CBD Suppositories

150 mg

50 mg per Piece



Palmetto Harmony Spectrum Suppositories

70 mg

10 mg per Suppository



Endoca CBD Suppositories

500 mg

50 mg per Suppository



Foria Wellness Basics Suppositories

880 mg

110 mg Per Suppository


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