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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Highland Pharms Review

Highland Pharms is a promising CBD company with a few unique and innovative products. You can buy vegan-friendly capsule, water-soluble CBD, vape oils that contain no PG, and even a few CBD-infused dog treats

While we wish the company would update the website to something a little more “with the times” in terms of user experience, it’s hard to knock their products. We actually found a few of these products to be within the upper echelon of their category. The CBD concentrates for example, such as the waxes and shatters are absolutely incredible. They taste great, offer decent value for the money, and provide a powerful effect profile compared to their competition. 

Mission / Charity 5/5

Highland Pharm was created as a response to the founder’s experience with cancer. The companies mission is to provide reliable and natural supplements to help promote optimal health and wellbeing. 

Generic? Yes, but the mission remains commendable and it appears Highland Pharms is staying true to this mission with its organic hemp farms, clean extraction, and high-grade full-spectrum extracts. 

Hemp Source 4/5

Highland Pharms sources its hemp from farms in Colorado that use organic growing practices.

The company uses supercritical carbon dioxide filtration to obtain the full-spectrum CBD – this is a high-tech method that ensures that the extract is free of potentially harmful pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

Product Range 5/5

Highland Pharms has a very extensive product range that comes in different strengths and sizes. The Hemp Oil Drops, for example, comes in at a lower 250 mg strength and goes all the way up to 15,000 mg strength – the latter contains a whopping 6.25 mg of CBD per drop.

This range of strengths is one of Highland Pharms’ defining features.

Innovation 5/5

Highland Pharms has a few unique and innovative products to choose from. On top of the standard CBD oils and capsules, this brand also carries products like water-soluble extracts, CBD dog treats, vegan-friendly mixes, and more. 

Safety 4/5

Safety is extremely important for any company manufacturing CBD products, which is why it’s concerning to not know exactly where Highland Pharms sources its hemp or if it’s GMP compliant. 

Simply stating that hemp is generally sourced from a certain state without being specific is not enough – it’s important to know where exactly the hemp is sourced and what practices are used throughout the manufacturing process, otherwise it looks like the company doesn’t have thorough control over it. 

The company makes sure any health and wellness claims are in-line with FDA policy and are conscious of not being permitted to discuss any potential cures or medical treatments using CBD. 

Customer Service 5/5

The company’s Terms and Conditions specifically outlines all relevant information. 

The shipping and returns info is up-to-date and offers generous free shipping on all domestic US orders and a 30-day money-back guarantee on singular items (this does not include all products, which will be explained later on). 

Our interaction with the customer service team was pleasant, and gave us exactly the answers we were looking for. Nothing to complain about here. 

Highland Pharms Company Review

Article By
James Shepard , last updated on January 12, 2022

About the Company: Highland Pharms

Highland Pharms was birthed out of immense tragedy.

Co-founder, Luke Johnston, who had been battling aggressive metastatic colon cancer since 2012, sadly died in 2016. In an honest and candid interview conducted by WellspringCBD, Johnston outlined his battle with cancer and how it helped establish the company.

Johnston and his family researched heavily into CBD and its potential therapeutic effects. They later came to find that CBD offered incredible relief against the aches and pains of chemotherapy – this alone became the spark that ignited the company’s flame.

Fast forward to 2019 and Johnston’s vision is still ongoing with co-founder Eliot Harris at the helm.

With over 50 separate CBD products spanning over eight different categories, which includes waxes, tinctures, capsules, vape oils, and topicals, Highland Pharms have amassed a huge arsenal ready for you to try.

Where Does Highland Pharms Source Its Hemp?

According to its test results page, Highland Pharms claims to use “extract from plants grown in Colorado”, where you’ll find “some of the most amazingly beautiful plants you will ever see”. The company also claims that the plants are “all organically grown and are all non-GMO (genetically modified organisms)”.

What Does Highland Pharms Sell?

Highland Pharms offers a huge selection of CBD products, ranging from drops, tinctures, and vape oils to softgels, gummies, and water-soluble capsules.

Most of the products on offer can be found in many other CBD company ranges and its all-natural ethos is generally a common vision shared amongst most CBD companies.

There are, however, some variances to the products that you wouldn’t usually come across elsewhere, particularly the inclusion of Curcumin C3 Complex in its water-soluble capsules.

Number Product Total CBD Potency Cost per mg CBD Link


Highland Pharms CBD Drops – Tinctures

250 – 15000 mg

10 – 125 mg/mL

$0.05 – $0.16


Highland Pharms CBD Softgel Capsules

450 – 3000 mg

15 – 100 mg/capsule

$0.06 – 0.11


Highland Pharms CBD Vegan Capsules

3000 mg

100 mg/Capsule



Highland PharmsWater Soluble CBD Capsules

150 – 600 mg

5 – 20 mg/Capsule

$0.21 – $0.44


Highland Pharms CBD Gummies

200 – 400 mg

10 – 20 mg/gummy

$0.17 – $0.20


Highland Pharms FX Vape Oils

750 – 1500 mg

50 mg/mL

$0.12 – $0.13


Highland Pharms Hemp Plus Vaporizer Oil

250 – 495 mg

16.5 – 16.67 mg/mL

$0.16 – $0.20


Highland Pharms Therapy + Hemp Cream

100 – 200 mg

1.67 mg/mL

$0.40 – $0.50


Highland Pharms Therapy+ Extra Hemp Lotion

400 – 800 mg

3.33 mg/mL

$0.14 – $0.18


Highland Pharms Crystals 999

999 mg




Highland Pharms Hemp Wax Crumbles

300 – 750 mg

30% – 75%

$0.11 – $0.37


Highland Pharms Wax Dabs

700 mg




Highland Pharms Shatter Extra 950 Plus Full Plant Terpenes

950 mg




Highland Pharms CBD Extract

90 – 2700 mg


$0.20 – $0.33


Highland Pharms CBD Pet Treats

300 – 450 mg

5 – 15 mg/treat

$0.17 – $0.25

1. CBD Oils & Tinctures

CBD oils are the quintessential product all CBD companies carry.

When it comes to Highland Pharms, these tinctures are made from a high-end full-spectrum extract, rich in various cannabinoids and terpenes above and beyond just CBD.

Highland Pharms Hemp Oil Drops

$39.95 – $799.95
Highland Pharms

Highland Pharms CBD Drops – Tinctures 25 – 120 mL

4.5 / 5

Total CBD : 250 – 15000 mg
Potency: 10 – 125 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD : $0.05 – $0.16
Extract Type : Full- Spectrum
Flavors : Strawberry, Mint, Natural, Olive Oil
THC Content: <0.3%

Highland Pharms’ Hemp Oil Drops show an abundance of cannabinoids in its full-spectrum CBD extract. The Certificate of Analysis (COA) for these drops indicate seven different active cannabinoids present in the product, which includes:

  • CBD
  • Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA)
  • Cannabidivarin (CBDV)
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Cannabigerol acid (CBGA)
  • Cannabinol (CBN)
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

In case you’re worried about the concerned with the THC content, you needn’t worry – the amount of THC is less than 0.3% (dry weight), which makes these drops/tinctures legal in all 50 states and isn’t enough for you to feel an intoxicating, mind-altering “high”.

The range of strengths spans across low, medium, high, and ultra-high – we usually recommend lower strengths (250 mg/500 mg) for newcomers to CBD as higher strengths could cause nausea, dizziness, and discomfort if you’re not used to ingesting these types of product.

2. CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are made by injecting the CBD-rich oil listed above into a premeasured gel capsule shell.

Capsules are easier to use, provides a consistent dose of CBD, and are easier to take with you on the go than a CBD oil. Highland Pharms makes three capsules — a regular softgel capsule, a vegan-friendly formula, and a capsule with water-soluble CBD extract.

A) Highland Pharms CBD Softgel Capsules

$49.95 – $169.95
Highland Pharms

Highland Pharms CBD Softgel Capsules 30 Count

4.5 / 5

Total CBD: 450 – 3000 mg
Potency: 15 – 100 mg/capsule
Cost per mg CBD: $0.06 – 0.11
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
THC Content: <0.3%

Highland Pharms’ CBD capsules have been designed for your convenience –they can be carried around and taken discreetly, as well as being completely odorless.

Consumers often prefer softgel capsules over hardshell capsules for the simple reason that they’re better at breaking down in the body’s digestive system, which makes them ideal for CBD users looking for quicker delivery of CBD.

Highland Pharms’ softgel capsules come in five different sizes: 450 mg, 750 mg, 1000 mg, 1500 mg, and 2250 mg, all of which cater to both newcomers and seasoned CBD users alike.

Though not specifically labeled, these softgels are vegan-friendly – so if you’re living a plant-based lifestyle, they can be a staple part of your daily supplement intake.

B) Highland Pharms CBD Vegan Capsules

Highland Pharms has crafted an incredibly potent capsule product – the company advises that this strength is only for users who require a relatively large serving size and are “higher than the average weight of a full-size adult”.

As opposed to their softgel sibling, these capsules come as two-piece capsules often referred to as hardshells – these capsules aren’t as easily absorbed via the digestive system as their softgel sibling.

As stated on the packaging, these capsules are vegan-friendly and are a perfect CBD supplement to incorporate into your daily routine.

C) Highland PharmsWater Soluble CBD Capsules

If you see “water-soluble” on a CBD product’s packaging, expect the price to go up considerably.

Water-solubility – or, rather, the act of formulating hydrophobic cannabinoid extracts into nanoemulsions that aren’t afraid of fully absorbing into the body – is a relatively new phenomenon that’s been met with its fair share of detractors and supporters.

What’s worrying about Highland Pharms’ water-soluble products (and other similar ones on the market) is that bold statements of improved bioavailability are, in itself, revolutionary and has the potential to change the entire CBD landscape.

Highland Pharms claims that its water-soluble products take things one step further by turning its oil-based extract into a water-soluble powder that “allows your body to take in virtually all of the CBD and other cannabinoids for your body’s benefit”.

This is all well and good, but the company provides absolutely no evidence to support this, not even a research paper or case study citation – these claims need to be substantiated with some form of scientific proof to provide some form of legitimacy.

The company does, however, include research and studies on Curcumin C3 Complex, an extract taken from the root of a plant named Curcuma longa (turmeric), which is infused in these products.

The studies presented on the product page states that Curcumin C3 Complex combats free radicals, protects the immune system, and provides the body with anti-oxidants.

Though this information is very useful, we’ve found the exact same studies and information word-for-word on another CBD website – unfortunately, we’re not quite sure who copied who.

3. CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are the most common form of a CBD edible you’ll find. They’re easy to make (CBD isolate infused in a gummy base), and offer all the same benefits as a CBD oil or CBD capsule, but in a much more enjoyable format.

CBD gummies are also the preferred way to use CBD with children.

A) Highland Pharms Gummies

$39.95 – $69.95
Highland Pharms

Highland Pharms CBD Gummies 20 Count

3.67 / 5

Total CBD: 200 – 400 mg
Potency: 10 – 20 mg/gummy
Cost per mg CBD: $0.17 – $0.20
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
THC Content: <0.3%

Highland Pharm gummies are full-spectrum and contain all-natural ingredients, which includes the coloring as well.

The colors are organic concentrates of apple, carrot, pumpkin, and blackcurrant, masking the bitter and earthy taste of hemp with a sweeter, more succulent flavor, which is why Highland Pharms also markets these products for children as well as adults.

Because these gummies are made from pectin, a natural substance found in fruits, and not with animal-derived gelatin, these gummies are vegan-friendly.

The gummies come in two strengths: 10 mg and 20 mg.

4. CBD Vape Oils

CBD-infused vape oils offer the fastest onset of effects and provide a unique experience of their own. Highland Pharms makes two vape oils — one with PG, and one without.

PG stands for propelyne glycol — which is one of the main ingredients in a vape oil responsible for producing the thick, white plume of cool vapor when heated.

A) Highland Pharms FX Vape Oils

Highland Pharms has ditched the use of propylene glycol (PG) and substituted it with vegetable glycerin (VG) in its vape oils.

VG is a natural non-toxic, odorless, and colorless substance taken from vegetable fats and is characterized by its sweet taste – vape users have noted that VG causes a slightly weak throat hit and a much larger vape cloud when exhaled.

Each product in the FX line has a different aroma derived from individual terpenes, which gives each one its own unique smell. The Chill FX Vape Oil, for instance, includes a spicy, floral aroma taken from linalool, a naturally-occurring terpene found in numerous flowers and spice plants.

No substantial long-term research has been done on VG and how it affects the lungs when vaped; however, the FDA has deemed it safe for human consumption due to it being hypoallergenic and non-carcinogenic.

Each bottle (no matter which one you ultimately choose) comes in either 15 or 30 mL options – the former gives you approximately 250 drops and the latter gives you approximately 525 drops depending on how much you use at any given time.

These oils also double up as an oral drop, making them fairly versatile. The company advises you to place under the tongue for around 90 seconds and then swallow for the best results – you can hold for less time if you’d prefer.

Price-wise, these products aren’t the cheapest, nor are they the most expensive. The additional terpenes are the only aspect where the price rise is understandable, though not wholly justified. There are other vape products on the market doing similar to Highland Pharms for a lesser cost.

B) Highland Pharms Hemp Plus Vaporizer Oil

Both of these options include an impressive variety of flavors, some of which are rare finds amongst CBD companies.

The most intriguing flavors are the terpene-infused Amnesia Haze and Maui Wowie, which are only exclusive to the 15 mL bottle size option – the company also lists White Rhino as a flavor but isn’t available in the dropdown options menu.

The 30 mL option comes in Mint, Natural, and Strawberry and does not include any terpene-infused product flavors – the higher price is for the bottle size only.

In terms of potency, you’re looking at roughly the same between the two – just slightly less for the larger bottle.

5. CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are useful for supporting chronic joint pain, muscle pain, skin conditions, and much more.

HIghland Pharms makes two topical CBD products — both of which are designed to be all-purpose CBD-infused topicals. The Hemp Cream is a little better for joint or muscle pain, and the lotion is better for skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis instead.

A) Highland Pharms Therapy + Hemp Cream

Highland Pharms notes that its Therapy + Hemp Cream has a “rich and creamy base” with “the finest ingredients added for your skin’s nourishment and rejuvenation”.

The product comes in two different sizes: 60 mL (2 oz) and 120 mL (4 oz), each containing 100 mg and 200 mg of CBD respectively. We recommend purchasing the 120 mL jar as it’s 10 cents cheaper per mg of CBD.

The formulation includes eucalyptus and rosemary – the former has been proven as an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, whilst the latter contains several compounds that contribute to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect [1,2].

B) Highland Pharms Therapy+ Extra Hemp Lotion

Highland Pharms explains that it “only uses the finest natural oils, butters, and therapeutic-grade essential oils” in its CBD lotions to provide the user with hemp CBD-infused “natural relief” as needed.

In the ingredients list, we noticed Optiphen Plus, a preservative that contains a liquid blend of phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid, and dehydroacetic acid. It has been widely accepted as safe due to its lack of formaldehyde, paraben, or halogens.

Potassium sorbate and citric acid are also included in this product – the former is commonly used in skincare products and its toxicity has been deemed as almost non-existent [3].

We won’t mark this product down for the inclusion of Optiphen Plus, nor will we mark this product down for the use of potassium sorbate and citric acid – all lotions and creams need some type of preservative to protect it from fungus and each aforementioned ingredient poses no harm to the user upon application.

6. CBD Concentrates

There are a few different types of CBD concentrates you can get depending on what compounds were allowed to remain in the extract. CBD crystals contain 99.9% pure CBD isolate, while shatters, waxes, or pastes maintain various fractions of the sterols, esters, fatty acids, or other components of cannabis resin.

Highland Pharms has an impressive range of CBD concentrates in its arsenal to choose from.

A) Highland Pharms Crystals 999

At a staggering 99.9% per mg/g, these crystals are incredibly potent – however, it’s worth pointing out that one of the third-party test results came back as showing 88.11% per mg/g, which contradicts what Highland Pharms claims are in the product.

However, we do understand that maintaining an overall 99.9% per mg/g for each product is challenging – even for the most well-established CBD company – and there will be cases where anomalies occur sporadically during the manufacturing process.

Overall, these crystals are very versatile due to its odorless and flavorless composition, which allows you to mix it in with foods and drinks, as well as vape oils and other CBD products.

B) Highland Pharms Hemp Wax Crumbles (Full-Spectrum)

Highland Pharms boldly introduces these products as “not like other CBD products marketed as a dab” due to their all-natural formulation with no other ingredients added, “except a small amount of grapeseed oil for enhanced taste and moist consistency”.

Research on grapeseed oil is limited – however, studies show that it’s “rich in phenolic compounds, fatty acids, and vitamins”, as well as anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, antimicrobial, and anticancer properties [4].

These wax crumbles come in three different strengths: 300 mg, 500 mg, 750 mg. We recommend starting with the lowest strength if you’re just starting out.

It’s worth noting that one of the reasons casual CBD users shy away from waxes is the extra expense needed to experience them – the need for a wax vape pen or a dab vaporizer can be on the expensive and inconvenient side.

Despite this, dabbing CBD waxes is an incredibly effective method of delivering CBD to the body – just make sure you have sufficient equipment to use them.

C) Highland Pharms Wax Dabs (Broad-Spectrum)

Highland Pharms boldly exclaims that these products are “an amazing 80% moist broad-spectrum CBD wax” with additional natural terpenes available in Orange Crush and Straw-Nana flavors – though there is still a slightly noticeable earthy taste.

According to its COA, the Orange Crush variant contains an additional 1.13% of CBN and 6.90% of CBG combined with 70.70% of CBD.

Furthermore, according to the Straw-Nana COA, this product contains 75.12% CBD, 7.4% CBG, 1.4% CBN, and small amounts of CBDA.

PLEASE NOTE: The company claims that these products are broad-spectrum, but the COAs state trace amounts of THC, which makes them a full-spectrum product. This kind of false labeling is detrimental to the credibility and reliability of the company.

D) Highland Pharms Shatter Extra 950 Plus Full Plant Terpenes

From the outside looking in, CBD shatter and CBD wax look very much alike. However, shatter is oftentimes translucent and extremely brittle due to the extraction and cooling process – it won’t be as messy as wax either.

As for potency and strength?

Shatter and wax products are no different from each other and can both each reach the same levels of potency – the only difference, as mentioned previously, is their appearance and texture.

Highland Pharms claims that its shatter product is at least 95% pure, but has been known to reach 98% purity – the fairly reasonable $79.95 price point reflects this.

E) Highland Pharms Raw Hemp Extract

$30.00 – $550.00
Highland Pharms

Highland Pharms CBD Extract 1 g – 10 g

4.33 / 5

Total CBD: 90 – 2700 mg
Potency: 10%
Cost per mg CBD: $0.20 – $0.33
Extract Type: Controlled Spectrum
THC Content: <0.3%

Highland Pharms’ Raw CBD Hemp Extract comes in two different options: A syringe and a jar.

The company states that it carries the “raw” extract due it to being “the purest, most natural form there is” and in its natural state, “the extract has around 100 cannabinoids and around 400 trace compounds” – approximately 200 of which are terpenes.

8. CBD for Pets

CBD has just as much to offer our four-legged companions as us. CBD pet products are used to support separation anxiety, chronic pain, digestive inflammation, skin conditions, and much more in our beloved pets. CBD products are perfectly safe and healthy for use with dogs, cats, and even horses.

At the moment, Highland Pharms only makes CBD dog treats. We hope to see the compamy broaden their CBD pet lineup in the future.

A) Highland Pharms CBD Pet Treats

CBD products for pets have become a breakthrough success over the past year or two, particularly for pet owners looking to capitalize on the potential it has as a health and wellbeing supplement.

Highland Pharms has only just expanded its CBD range to include pet products and offers its line to “virtually any animal” – the intended use for the Pet Treats+ Small option is for animals weighing in at 25 pounds or less and the intended use for the Pet Treats+ Large is for animals weighing in at 25 pounds or more.

The company recommends that you start with one treat per day and observe how your pet reacts to it – if they become lethargic or low in energy, reduce to dose to half a treat and continue to keep an eye on their behavior.

Both product options cost a total of $75.00 each, which is a fairly reasonable price for the larger option; however, the smaller option is only 5 mg per treat (300 mg in total for 60 treats) at $0.25 per mg of CBD.

Safety & Third-Party Testing

Unfortunately, Highland Pharms’ third-party test results aren’t always the most consistent.

The company sometimes publishes the full test results including a COA that outlines the cannabinoid profile, potency, and the lack of harmful solvents, heavy metals, and contaminants – other times it doesn’t.

The importance of transparency in the CBD industry is crucial to the legitimacy of a company, not only in its claims but also in its overall ethos – we’d like to see more comprehensive testing results made public in the future.

What Does Highland Pharms Do Well?

1. Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp

Pharmaceutical grade hemp is obtained from hemp strains that are specifically intended for medicinal use and not industrial use. The hemp is organically grown and third-party lab tested to ensure that it is free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

2. Organic and Domestically Sourced Hemp

The hemp used is sourced from boutique farms in Colorado that use organic non-GMO farming practices. This demonstrates a commitment to producing high quality and safe CBD extract.

3. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Highland Pharms goes the extra mile to provide customers with biodegradable packaging made from potato starch – the company believes in “minimizing [its] impact on the Earth and continuously look for ways to improve [its] operation in terms of being earth-friendly”.

4. Offers Free Shipping Within the United States

Highland Pharms offers free priority mail and first class shipping on all domestic orders, which includes Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands – free shipping isn’t something you see very regularly from CBD companies, especially if choosing overseas US-owned island locations.

Where Could Highland Pharms Improve?

1. Third-Party Testing Results Incomplete

Third-party test results usually come in the form of a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which shows the cannabinoid profile, as well as other tests to determine whether or not the product has heavy metals, solvents, or other contaminants present.

Unfortunately, Highland Pharms is inconsistent with its third-party testing – sometimes the company shows all relevant testing, but other times the company shows only the cannabinoid profile.

This needs to be fixed.

2. Poorly Organized Website

The Highland Pharms website looks like it was born in the mid-2000s and never really grew up. The layout is confusing and mostly disorganized; it even lacks an “About Us” page, which is something that’s included in most, if not all CBD companies currently in operation.

The colors and images leave a lot to be desired as well, as does the overall navigation of the site – a total revamp would be massively beneficial to the company.

3. Recycled Blog & Article Posts

The issue with spun CBD and cannabis content now is that it’s everywhere, particularly on CBD retailer websites looking to boost SEO and Google exposure.

Dime a dozen content writers are hired en masse to write quick and easy 500 word articles that gloss over the fundamentals of CBD and cannabis without a trace of supporting research or evidence to reinforce quite serious claims.

Unfortunately, Highland Pharms’ blogs and articles are less than comprehensive at best and look as though they’ve been written by amateur writers with limited knowledge of CBD and cannabis – most of the content comes across as shamelessly recycled.

Highland Pharms’ Shipping & Returns Policy

Highland Pharms’ Terms and Conditions, which outlines the company’s shipping, returns, and order acceptance policies, as well as its copyright and trademark notices, is reasonably comprehensive and outlines all the important information you need to know about your order.

The company offers a very generous returns policy. You may request a full refund within 30 days of purchase if you’re not completely satisfied with your product(s) – this does not apply to multiple quantities or some specific products, which is explained in the screenshot below:

Shipping usually takes approximately one business day to ship (not including weekends). The company doesn’t guarantee exact shipping times after this, so the advice is “to order in a timely fashion to avoid delays caused by shipping or product issues or unavailability”.

No international shipping is provided.

Final Verdict: A Company With its Heart in the Right Place

Time and time again we see companies being born out of personal struggle or tragedy, which always lends itself to both good marketing and the hope that the company’s intentions are far more ethical than a lot of other CBD companies coming out of the woodwork.

Highland Pharms score highly here – you can tell its intentions are sound and there’s enough evidence here to support the idea that it’s working hard to actualize the vision once created by the late Luke Johnston.

Overall Highland Pharms is a safe option. togo with if you’re looking for a reliable source of CBD. We especially like that this company offers specific products for vegans, people. whowant to avoid using PG in their vape oils, and those who want specific types of CBD concentrates.

Highland Pharms

4.67 / 5