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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Pure Science Lab CBD Pomegranate Tea

These tea chips from Pure Science Lab are made using a simple blend of all-natural ingredients — dried pomegranate skins, manuka honey, and hemp extract. 

This blend tastes great and offers a reasonably high dose of CBD for a tea at around 15 mg per chip. Pure Science Lab never intended this product to treat any condition or illness — it’s simply a relaxing beverage to help you unwind or destress at the end of the day with a nice cup of fruit-flavored CBD tea.

Price/Value 4/5

At $0.33 to $0.50 per milligram of CBD in this tea, it comes off as relatively expensive — however, when you consider the other ingredients that make up the tea this price is actually well-justified. Each bag contains all-natural ingredients including freeze-dried pomegranate skins, manuka honey for sweetener, and hemp oil extract.

We found each tea chip can be reused about 3 times after the first brew and still provide some great flavor. We feel this is a relatively high-value product when it comes to CBD teas. 

CBD Potency 4/5

Each tea chip contains 15 mg of CBD — which is on the higher end for a CBD tea. 

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t use a water-soluble form of CBD, so you’re likely not going to get the full 15 mg with every brew. In order to maximize the amount of CBD you get from each tea chip, we recommend brewing in hot water, for longer periods of time to allow as much of the CBD to diffuse into the water as possible. 

Hemp Source 4/5

Pure Science Labs sources its hemp from the Netherlands. The company claims their hemp is organically-grown but has not yet achieved certified-organic status. 

Each batch of hemp extract the company uses is sent to a third-party lab for testing to assess for potency, purity, and to prove the extract is free from harmful ingredients like heavy metals or pesticides. 

Purpose/Uses 5/5

This tea isn’t designed to treat or prevent any illness. It’s made for enjoyment, and for the general calming benefits of CBD. We like using this tea in the evenings as we relax and wind down from our day. 

Product Variations 3/5

Unfortunately, this product comes in only one flavor and one potency. If you don’t like pomegranate or don’t feel comfortable with the high-potency there aren’t any other options for you from this company — however, given CBD teas are a rare product offering, we can’t penalize Pure Science Lab too much for not offering a variety of different flavors and options. 

Formula 5/5

This tea is made purely for enjoyment, not to treat or prevent any illness. 

Therefore, we need to assess the formula according to this intended purpose. We find the use of pomegranate skins is an innovative way to add the sweet fruity flavor to the mix, while also serving as the vector for CBD. This use of tea “chips” eliminates the need for a tea bag and makes it easier for the CBD to dissolve and diffuse into the water. 

The company also adds manuka honey — which is a healthy alternative to sugar as a source of sweetness for the brew. 

Pure Science Lab CBD Pomegranate Tea Review

Article By
Dylan James , last updated on November 16, 2021

What is CBD Tea?

Contrary to common belief, CBD infused teas aren’t a new phenomenon – the idea that cannabis-derived drinkables were originally concocted by clever laboratory brainiacs couldn’t be further from the truth.

Dating as a far back as 2737 BC, Emporer Shen-Nung of Ancient China – alternately known as “The Divine Farmer” – was both a ruler and a herbalist who is said to have been the first person in recorded history to use cannabis in tea as a medicinal treatment for certain health conditions.

His findings spread widely across large parts of Asia and were commonly used to treat gout, malaria, rheumatism and poor memory – in fact, cannabis became so popular in India that it was celebrated as one of five sacred plants that could “release us from anxiety”.

Fast forward over 4700 years and Pure Science Lab has continued Shen-Nung’s legacy by creating a CBD-infused tea with dried pomegranate skins, hemp oil extract, and manuka honey to create what we believe is a tantalizing and relaxation-inducing product rich in antioxidants.

About the Company: Pure Science Lab

Steve Pomerantz, principal founder and owner of Pure Science Lab, birthed the company out of his long-term battle with Crohn’s Disease, a debilitating and oftentimes uncompromising illness that causes severe inflammation of the digestive tract, leaving the sufferer with persistent abdominal pain, diarrhea, fatigue, and weight loss. 

Over the past 30 years, Steve has turned his own personal crusade to find an alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals to remedy his Crohn’s Disease into a successful hemp and CBD company with offices based in Florida (USA), and London (UK).

Now into its fifth year of existence, Pure Science Lab offers an amalgamation of not only CBD teas and edibles, but also softgels, vapes, topicals, and skincare products.

Pure Science Lab

3.67 / 5

Cost & Potency

On face value, the outright cost and the cost per mg of CBD may be something to gulp at, but it’s actually quite well-justified.

The ingredients used to make this tea are well-thought-out, including dried pomegranate skin, manuka honey, and 15 milligrams of CBD in a full-spectrum extract.

The reusability of these tea chips is also very impressive. We managed to get a sufficient amount of flavor out of one chip over three separate uses before it ran out of flavor and potency.

Cost & Potency Breakdown of Pure Science Lab CBD Pomegranate Tea

Number of Bags Price Cost per mg of CBD Potency of CBD
1 bag $29.95 $0.50 15 mg per Tea Chip
2 bags $49.95 $0.42 15 mg per Tea Chip
3 bags $69.95 $0.39 15 mg per Tea Chip
4 bags $79.95 $0.33 15 mg per Tea Chip

Hemp Source

In an interview with Pure Science Lab conducted by Stop Smoking Aids Now, the aforementioned founder and owner of the company, Steve Pomerantz, states that he made a conscious decision to only use and import European/Dutch hemp and have the products produced in a “clean room” laboratory in the US. 

He further emphasizes that no products leave the laboratory until they have all been third-party tested for quality assurance and safety

The COAs (Certificate of Analysis) from the third-party testing facilities have been compiled into one webpage and can be found here for most products sold by the company – each one assesses the potency and purity of the product, as well as providing proof that they’re free from harmful elements such as pesticides and heavy metals.

The company has yet to achieve the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Organic stamp of approval. 


On face value, a CBD-infused tea with pomegranate and honey may seem fairly simple and unnoteworthy, but when they work in conjunction with each other, both the effects and overall benefits are enhanced tenfold.

Pomegranate has been heralded as one of the world’s most vital and effective superfoods thanks to its inclusion of vitamins C, E, A, B1, B2, B6, and B9, as well as its abundance of polyphenols such as ellagitannins and ellagic acid. 

Research shows that pomegranate skins have 10 times the antioxidant activity compared to the pulp, which has been shown to combat liver damage in rats, as well as decelerate and delay the proliferation of cancer cells.  

Combine this with manuka honey, a timeless and once ancient medicinal method of healing, and you have a product rich in anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties. 

However, despite the extensive research into pomegranate and honey, it’s worth noting that we recommend consuming this tea for its intended purpose: To enjoy its sweet flavor and not to treat any conditions that may require FDA approved medicines. 

Ingredients: 100% Natural Aged-Dried Pomegranate Skins, Hemp Oil Extract, and Manuka Honey.

Shipping & Returns

Pure Science Lab has a fairly comprehensive Shipping & Refunds Policy, one which outlines shipping damage and general refunds – the company’s Terms & Conditions page covers the Shipping Policy with estimated delivery and shipment times, as well as links to its Privacy Policy

The company offers a very quick service in terms of order processing and getting the product shipped out to you – your item will be acknowledged, processed, and shipped out on the same business day if you order before 2 pm EST Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). 

If, however, your order is back-ordered, the customer services department will contact you about any shipment delays.  

All orders can be viewed via a tracking number that will get sent to you by email once the order has been processed. The company uses either USPS, UPS, or FedEx, as well as DHL for some international orders – times vary by location.

The company claims to “take customer satisfaction very seriously” and that “all products are tested for quality and all shipments are carefully inspected before leaving the warehouse”.

However, Pure Science Lab recommends checking your product carefully upon arrival for any damage during the shipping process. If you do find damage, the company asks that you notify them via email within 48 hours with images and a detailed description of the damage.

As a general rule, the company offers a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee for all CBD Hemp Oil products – shipping is non-refundable. Most refunds are processed and put back into your bank account within 14 days.

Final Verdict: A Unique Form of CBD Tea With Delicious Fruity Flavor

Pure Science Lab has crafted a well-rounded, all-natural CBD product for those who want their thirst for tea satiated with the sweet and fruity tastes of both pomegranate and honey.

Though not designed to completely reinvent the wheel, the formula is packed with an abundance of naturally-occurring ingredients steeped in antioxidants, antibacterials, and anti-inflammatories.

Overall this tea does a good job for what it is. You won’t be hitting ultra-high therapeutic doses with this tea, but it provides a nice relaxing way to enjoy CBD with a fruity tea when you need it.

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Pure Science Lab

3.67 / 5