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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]
Elixinol's Everyday Liposomes
30 mL

Elixinol CBD Oil Liposomes

4.17 / 5

Total CBD: 300 mg
Potency: 10 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.15
Extract Type: Broad-Spectrum
Flavor: Citrus Twist
THC Content: 0%

Elixinol Hemp Oil Liposomes

Elixinol liposomes are an innovation on traditional CBD oils. They’re made by packaging the active CBD molecules into a liposome — which is thought to be more effective than standard CBD oils. This means potentially faster results and a more effective way of circulating CBD around your body. 

Price/Value 4/5

This product is one of Elixinol’s higher-priced products relative to its CBD potency. However, this is justified when you consider the level of processing needed to create the liposomal form of CBD oils. This oil is also valued for its high bioavailability, meaning that you’ll need less oil to achieve the same effects as other non-liposomal CBD. 

CBD Potency 4/5

The Hemp Oil Liposomes are a little lower than average in terms of potency. However, the innovative delivery method makes the product more effective in delivering the CBD and any additional cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids into the body.

Liposomal CBD allows your body to absorb more CBD, faster. We still would have liked to see something higher than 10 mg/mL, which is on the lower end even for oil made with liposomal technology. 

Hemp Source 4/5

Elixinol sources its hemp from industrial producers from Northern Europe and the US. The company uses organic non-GMO hemp and all of its products are third-party tested.

Purpose/Uses 4/5

This product may be a good choice for people who have had limited success with traditional CBD oils or have issues absorbing CBD through the digestive tract. Although it’s a lower potency, the delivery method may allow more CBD than usual to enter your bloodstream.

Product Variations 4/5

The CBD Oil Liposomes are available in one size and one flavor option – Citrus Twist. Although this product has fewer variations than many competing products, we wouldn’t expect a huge variety for an innovative product.

Formula 5/5

The inclusion of liposomes and their subsequent bioavailability is the clear highlight here. We’re particularly happy to see this broad-spectrum hemp extract in conjunction with naturally sourced fruit extracts and a medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) carrier oil.

This certainly backs up the company’s claims that these products help promote faster and more efficient absorption of hemp oil into the body.

Elixinol CBD Oil Liposome Review

Article By
Editorial Staff , last updated on November 16, 2021

The potential health benefits of CBD oil are undeniable, which is why market sales of CBD oils and other affiliated products are expected to rise to 22 billion dollars by 2022. 

Research shows that CBD can be effective in relieving physiological ailments such as pain, inflammation, and stiff joints; psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD; and dermatological issues such as acne and skin conditions, as well as promoting cardiovascular health and overall well-being. 

Because of this, CBD products have flooded the market and are available in a variety of different forms like oil, tinctures, capsules, liposomes, and skincare products – companies even sell CBD pet treats.

Elixinol’s CBD Oil Liposomes are another valued addition to CBD’s already bolstered repertoire. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Elixinol’s CBD Oil Liposomes and what they can ultimately do for you.

Overview: CBD Oil Liposomes

Elixinol claims on its website that its CBD liposomes use “nano-dispersion technology to encapsulate and increase bioavailability & effectiveness of cannabidiol.”

Liposomes are, on a basic level, tiny pockets of fat that enclose nutrients and transport them throughout the body – they’ve been used in medicine since its discovery in the 1960s and, of course, in nutritional supplementation like CBD oil.

Hemp oil can have difficulty passing through cell membranes which results in a slow, inefficient absorption process. Additionally, some CBD is wasted and destroyed by stomach acids and other digestive enzymes.

How Elixinol produces its product to combat wasted CBD is to pre-dissolve its CBD hemp oil and enclosing it inside the microscopic liposomes, increasing the overall absorption rate of CBD – as well as other cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids – into the bloodstream. 

By using naturally occurring phospholipids as a vehicle, CBD is “chaperoned” directly into the cell, reducing absorption time. 

What this means for you is you get a potentially fast-acting and efficient CBD product – however, it’s worth noting that the reduction in CBD absorption time means that you may require a lower dose than what you’re used to. 

Elixinol itself is a Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) certified company that distributes internationally across 40 different countries. The company boasts a rigorous pharmaceutical-grade testing process to ensure the safety and transparency of its products.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Faster absorption rate
  • Made from high-quality organic, non-GMO hemp
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified
  • Only available in one flavor
  • Relatively low CBD content
  • Costs more compared to other Elixinol CBD products with the same or higher potency

Key Features & Benefits

1. Faster Absorption Rate

Benefit: Less CBD required for desired results

As mentioned throughout, the number one key feature of Elixinol’s CBD Oil Liposomes is the ability for your body to potentially absorb CBD more efficiently.

This product helps CBD pass through the cell membranes faster and requires a lower dose of CBD to get the desired effects.

2. High-Quality Organic, Non-GMO Hemp

Benefit: Use this product worry-free

Elixinol claims to use 100% organic “Grade-A” hemp grown in farms around the world – they source most of the hemp in Europe but also has farms in the United States and Australia.

3. Third-party tested with Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Benefit: Know exactly what’s going into your body

Elixinol’s CBD Oil Liposomes and the rest of its products are third-party tested and have the Certificate of Analysis available on the website.

About the Company: Elixinol

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Elixinol, Paul Benhaim, has been involved in the hemp industry since 1993 and is the mastermind behind the world-recognized Hemp Foods Australia. 

He founded Elixinol in Colorado in 2014 “with the vision of providing the highest quality products backed by research and to deliver a world-class experience” and is now distributing its products domestically in the United States and to over 40 countries internationally, which include, but is not limited to Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, and Uruguay.

The full list and details of international countries Elixinol delivers to can be found in our Shipping and Returns section further down below.


Elixinol company logo

4.5 / 5

Who Should Consider Using CBD Oil Liposomes?

This is a question we cannot answer accurately without knowing your individual preferences or symptoms.

Full-spectrum liposome-based CBD oils, as mentioned previously, are designed to accelerate the amount of CBD and other compounds that are delivered into your body – this results in a more effective method of ingestion. 

However, full-spectrum oils that use liposomes can be overwhelming for newcomers or can be unnecessary for those experiencing milder physical, physiological, or psychological symptoms.

However, before jumping the shark, there is one primary factor to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing Elixinol’s full-spectrum oils. 

The efficacy of a CBD product is partly attributed to the absorption rate in their digestive system; some have a better absorption rate, whilst others have a slower absorption rate.

For those who possess the former; well done. You’ve been gifted generously by Mother Nature.

For those who possess the latter; Elixinol’s liposomal CBD may be the solution for you. 

Due to the high bioavailability of liposomes, people that can’t absorb CBD oil efficiently may increase the chances of experiencing the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids.

Liposomal CBD may be a solution to this problem.

Elixinol’s CBD Oil Liposomes are for people that have used other CBD products in the past but haven’t noticed any definitive results. Liposomes may allow your body to absorb CBD at a much higher rate.


The CBD Oil Liposomes from Elixinol are priced higher relative to other products in its collection with the same CBD content.

Overall the cost per mg of CBD for this product is $0.15/mg. To put it into perspective, Elixinol’s CBD Oil drops contain the same volume and CBD content at half the cost.

The increased absorption rates and the ability to potentially process cannabinoids with higher efficiency gives a lot of value to this product. This might be a solution to getting the desired health benefits associated with CBD oil for some users.

Cost Breakdown of Elixinol’s CBD Oil Liposomes

Product Image Product Name Total Price Total CBD Content Cost per mL CBD
Elixinol Everyday Rapid Reset Liposome — 300 mg $44.99 300 mg $0.15

CBD Potency

The potency of Elixinol’s oil liposomes is below the average in terms of CBD potency. The 30 mL bottle contains 10 mg of active CBD per mL of oil.

However, the lower potency is a consequence of having liposomes incorporated into the oil. 

The potentially rapid absorption rate means that a lower dose may be required – if you’re a CBD user that typically uses general CBD isolate with a slower absorption rate, for example, this oil could be a little overwhelming.

Potency Breakdown of Elixinol CBD Liposomes

Product Image Product Name Total CBD Content CBD Concentration (mg/mL) Potency Level
Elixinol Everyday Rapid Reset Liposome — 300 mg 300 mg 10 mg/mL Low

Hemp Source

According to its certificate of analysis guideline, Elixinol is “committed to producing the best full-spectrum hemp CBD extract products for you, as well as maintaining full transparency in the seed-to-sale process”.

The company uses high-quality hemp for its products and acquires its hemp from farmers in Europe and the USA.

As a side note, the company lists Australia as a hemp source, too, but this is only listed in one piece of website literature – all other references to the company’s hemp source include North America and Northern Europe only. We’ve emailed a company representative for clarification.

Elixinol claims to have a strict non-GMO policy and uses only organic hemp. The CBD Oil Liposomes and the rest of its products are third-party tested and have Certificates of Analysis available on the website.

Click here to find out more about Elixinol’s testing and manufacturing processes.


Everyone’s method of ingesting CBD varies and we understand how upsetting it can be to not experience the effects of it, especially when you’ve parted ways with a reasonable amount of money to purchase it.

Elixinol’s broad-spectrum CBD infused with liposomes is made for those who have had difficulty with more traditional (and maybe more generic) CBD products and those whose physiological make-up doesn’t digest CBD as effectively as others.


Other – oftentimes cheaper – products use synthetic and unnaturally sourced ingredients without additional herbs, fruit extracts, or naturally sourced oils. However, Elixinol’s liposomal CBD range has the total opposite.

Elixinol claims on its website that these products “are the best way to ensure that your body can absorb the cannabinoids from hemp oil”.

The formula used reinforces this claim.

MCT oil, which is Elixinol’s choice of carrier oil, provides better absorption benefits since it’s metabolized and broken down quicker in the digestive system.

The fruit extracts in this product are lemon and orange, which have their own beneficial vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants – they also have their own flavonoids to provide a better oil taste.

Ingredients: broad-spectrum hemp extract, purified water, MCT oil, sunflower lecithin, glycerin, xanthan gum, gum arabic, natural fruit extracts (lemon, orange), steviol glycosides (stevia), potassium sorbate.

Product Variations/Flavors

This product is only available in one size and one flavor — Citrus Twist. Although this is a small selection, it’s an innovative product so we don’t expect a huge variety of choices.

Product Variation Breakdown of Elixinol CBD Liposomes

Product Image Product Name Total CBD Bottle Size Flavors CBD Concentration
Elixinol Everyday Rapid Reset Liposome (Citrus Twist) — 300 mg 300 mg 30 mL Citrus Twist 10 mg / mL

Shipping and Returns

Elixinol’s shipping and returns policy offer a 2-5 business day review period and a 2-4 day shipping time for all domestic orders. International shipping times can take anywhere between 5-10 business days.

Shipping costs vary depending on location, but they do state that its products are shipped using either United States Postal Service as a Priority Mail package or FedEx.

The company has a 30-day return policy for all of its products.

Click here for more details on Elixinol’s Shipping and Returns Policy.

The full list and details of where Elixinol delivers to can be found here:

This screenshot has been taken from the company’s FAQ page

Final Verdict: An Effective and Innovative CBD Product

Overall, we would recommend this product as it may provide you with more immediate relief. The increased efficiency in processing CBD might be more economical for you as it may require a lower dose.

However, if you’ve never tried CBD products before it might be worth checking out Elixinol’s Hemp Oil Drops first. This product may address the specific health conditions you’re looking to treat at a much lower cost.

Elixinol’s CBD Oil Liposomes address the problems associated with absorbing cannabidiol into your system. They provide an excellent solution for people that haven’t seen definitive results from other CBD products.

Elixinol’s CBD Oil Liposomes are a fantastic choice if you’ve had limited success with other CBD oils. Be aware that it comes at a higher cost than other CBD products.

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Elixinol company logo

4.5 / 5