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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]
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Key Hightlights
  • One of the only brands to offer CBD tea

  • Reputable company

  • Eco-friendly, sustainable practices

Buddha Teas Review

Buddha Teas has been in the business of selling organic tea for many years and are veterans in this space. They have teas for virtually everything, including herbal, green, black, and oolong teas. 

Only recently has Buddha Teas started to dive into the world of CBD-infused tea with four offerings — CBD chamomile tea, CBD matcha green tea, CBD peppermint tea, and CBD turmeric & ginger tea. 

We really love the products the team over at Buddha Teas is coming up with and look forward to seeing more from them in the CBD-tea space. 

Mission/Charity 5/5

Buddha Teas has a clear mission: provide the public with high-quality, sustainable, eco-friendly, unprocessed teas.

This mission is demonstrated by their use of environmentally friendly, recyclable materials, natural, non-GMO ingredients, and participation in a tree-planting program.

Hemp Source 3/5

Unfortunately, Buddha Teas doesn’t offer any information on the hemp used to produce their CBD-infused tea.

Their strong attention to detail with their other products and their use of water-soluble CBD gives us confidence that they’re using top-notch CBD as well. Until this company starts providing third-party testing on the hemp they’re using, or provide details about where it comes from, we can’t give them any more points in this section. 

This is the main area Buddha Teas can improve its product lineup. 

Product Range 5/5

As one of the only companies offering CBD-infused tea, Buddha Teas has a fairly good product range with four different options. Looking past their CBD range, this company has some of the greatest selections of teas we’ve ever seen. They have a tea for everything, including some very niche offerings like burdock and chaga. 

We look forward to seeing more CBD-infused tea offerings from this company in the future. 

Innovation 5/5

Considering how new the CBD-infused beverage category is, Buddha Teas gets full points for innovation. 

More importantly, they use nanotechnology to make CBD water-soluble and increase its bioavailability, which requires quite a lot of expertise because CBD is naturally a fat-soluble compound. This is by far the best form of CBD to use in a water-based product like tea. 

Safety 4/5

Given the company’s reputation for using clean, safe, natural non-GMO ingredients, we’re inclined to think this tea is perfectly safe and contains zero THC as claimed. However, the lack of third-party test resulted in a deduction of some points for this category.

Customer Service 5/5

Buddha Teas has a standard 30-day return policy and offers to pay the return shipping if the item was damaged or an error was made. Buddha Teas also provides customer support via phone and email and are very fast in their response to email requests. 

Buddha Teas Company Review

Article By
Gleb Oleinik , last updated on July 19, 2021

About The Company: Buddha CBD Teas

Buddha Teas is a tea brand launched in 2009 by John Boyd. The U.K.-born Boyd founded the company to fill the industry gap in unadulterated tea choices.

To this end, they provide both standard green, white, and back tea, as well as herbal teas and tea blends made from organic ingredients and contain no additives.

Buddha Teas strives to offer sustainable tea products that provide benefits inspired by the Buddhist concept of living in harmony with the world.

Just recently, Buddha Teas expanded into the CBD market by offering CBD-infused teas.

Given their decade-long experience with tea, ethical business practices, and positive customer reviews, we’re inclined to say that Buddha Teas is one of the best options for CBD-infused tea.

Where Does Buddha Teas Source Its Hemp?

Although Buddha Teas appears to be a transparent company with a strong focus on natural, non-GMO ingredients and eco-friendly practices, it’s not clear where it sources the hemp used for its CBD teas.

They also do not provide any third-party test results of their CBD products.

What Does Buddha Teas Sell?

Buddha Teas is a tea company first, and a CBD company second. They offer a wide range of herbal teas, green teas black teas, and oolong teas in their lineup.

The company only started producing its own series of CBD-infused teas a few years ago. Now they have 4 different offerings in this range — all formulated with water-soluble CBD, and an organic tea base.

Buddha Teas offers four types of tea infused with water-soluble CBD: CBD Chamomile Blend, CBD Matcha Green Tea, CBD Peppermint Tea, CBD Turmeric & Ginger Tea, CBD Mushroom Defense, and CBD Ashwagandha.

Overview of Buddha Tea’s CBD-Related Products

Product Image Buddha CBD Tea Varieties Non-CBD Ingredients Uses/Features
CBD Chamomile Blend Chamomile, lemon balm, lavender flower Calming and relaxing — sleep-promoting
CBD Matcha Green Tea Japanese sencha, Japanese matcha Relaxing — high antioxidant levels
CBD Peppermint Tea Peppermint leaf Cooling — helps relieve digestive issues
CBD Turmeric & Ginger Tea Turmeric root leaf, ginger root, black pepper Warming — stimulating, anti-inflammatory
CBD Mushroom Defense Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Rooibos, Lemongrass, Ginger root Anti-inflammatory — packed with medicinal mushrooms to reduce inflammation and boost immunity
CBD Ashwagandha Tulsi, Rooibos, Ashwagandha, Licorice root Adaptogenic — promotes stress-relief

What Does Buddha Teas Do Well?

Buddha Teas has all the signs of a reputable tea brand. It offers a wide range of tea products, including the CBD tea line, made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients without any additives.

They also have a clear commitment to environment-friendly, sustainable products with their recyclable packaging, clean ingredients, bleach-free tea bags, and participation in a tree-planting project.

In terms of their CBD products, in particular, they claim to use nanotechnology to offer CBD in a nanosized, water-soluble form. This means the CBD has increased bioavailability, which helps improve its absorption in the body.

Where Could Buddha Teas Improve?

Despite its strong reputation, Buddha Teas has some areas to improve in. The key issue with its CBD-infused tea is the lack of third-party test lab results and clear information about the hemp source.

This information is considered essential when purchasing any CBD product because it proves that it’s safe and effective. As such, the lack of this information is a major downside.

In addition, the company claims to use full-spectrum CBD extract. However, it also says the tea contains zero THC. This is not possible, by definition, a full-spectrum extract has to contain 0.3% or less THC.

This suggests a lack of CBD knowledge at best and dishonesty at worst.

Safety & Third-Party Testing

Unfortunately, Buddha Teas does not provide any independent, third-party test lab results of their CBD-infused teas. The only mention of testing on their website says that the tea is tested to confirm that it contains zero THC.

Final Verdict: A Reputable Tea Company Stepping Into the CBD Space

Overall, Buddha Teas appears to be a popular, respected tea brand. They have a thorough range of tea options in every category imaginable. Only recently have they begun stepping into the CBD market with their line of water-soluble CBD-infused teas.

Our only problem with this company is their lack of information about their hemp source and third-party test results of their CBD products. This is a problem because it leaves us guessing about the quality, and purity of the CBD they’re using to make these products.

Having said that, if you’re interested in trying CBD tea, we would still recommend Buddha Teas because of the companies solid reputation and strong attention to detail in the formulation of their products. This is one of the highest quality manufacturers of CBD teas we’ve come across yet.

Buddha Teas

4.5 / 5