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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]
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Key Hightlights
  • Transparent product line and ingredients

  • Lots of product variation

  • Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp extracts available

Ananda Hemp Review

Ananda Hemp is a subsidiary of Ecofibre Ltd. — which is an Australian company that specializes in hemp genetics and manufacturing. Ananda leverages their parent companies proprietary manufacturing techniques and hemp strains to make top-notch CBD products. The company focuses on making products with all-natural ingredients and offers a great deal of transparency for every formula. 

Ananda Hemp sells all of the major categories of CBD products except e-liquids or vape oils — this includes topicals, oils, and capsules. 

Mission/Charity 3/5

Ananda Hemp views hemp production as an art form. Together with Ecofibre Ltd. — they aim to “master the art and bring back domestic hemp production back to the USA.”

While this mission sounds great, it’s interesting to us that this company derives its products from seeds developed in Australia.

Hemp Source 4/5

Ananda Hemp’s plants are grown and harvested by 8th-generation Kentucky farmers, and are third-party tested to ensure its products are free from harmful contaminants and heavy metals.

Product Range 3/5

While Ananda Hemp provides a good range of CBD oils, its softgel and topical selection is limited. It would also be nice to see this company branch out with other products like edibles, beverages, or sprays. 

Innovation 3/5

Most of its products aside from the Bliss Oil have been done before including the CBD pet oil. What does stand out is how it sources where its seeds come from, and the fact that they had to obtain a high level of certification to be allowed to legally do this. 

Safety 4/5

Ananda Hemp only uses full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD that are independently tested to ensure potency and purity claims. 

Customer Service 4/5

This company offers worldwide shipping (except Canada), a 100% Money Back Guarantee, and a full 30-day refund — but customers are responsible for return shipping fees. 

Ananda Hemp Review

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Editorial Staff , last updated on July 9, 2021

About the Company: Ananda Hemp 

As 8th-generation Kentucky farmers —  Ananda Hemp is part of a larger parent company known as Ecofibre Ltd. — which has specialized in genetic development for the past 18 years.

Rooted in Australia, Ecofibre Ltd. owns the largest private cannabis seed bank in the world and conducts business with over 300 cultivators globally.

All Ananda Hemp products are independently tested, and sourced from 8th-generation Kentucky farms in the United States.

Unfortunately, this company doesn’t ship to customers in Canada, but will ship just about everywhere else in the world. They also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all orders.

Where Does Ananda Hemp Source Its Hemp?

Ananda Hemp sources its products from hemp grown and harvested by the 8th-generation Kentucky farmers who use both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp extracts.

This company performs fractional distillation — an extraction method that uses ethanol instead of CO2. However, CO2 is the gold standard of extraction methods. With that said, there’s a case to be made for ethanol extraction. Ethanol is extremely efficient at extracting CBD from plant material, and it’s “generally regarded as safe” by the FDA.

Ananda Hemp has all its products independently tested with certificates of analysis to ensure you’re getting a product free of herbicides, pesticides, GMO’s, and heavy metals.

Products Offered By Ananda Hemp

1. CBD Oils

A) Broad-Spectrum Zero THC CBD Oil

Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp Broad-Spectrum Zero THC CBD Oil 30 mL

3.17 / 5

Total CBD: 600 mg
Potency : 20 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.12
Extract Type: Broad-spectrum
THC Content: 0.0%

Ananda Hemp offers one version of this product that contains 600 mg of CBD in a 30 mL bottle. Used to treat various ailments and promote general well-being — this broad-spectrum product contains all of the cannabis plant’s natural cannabinoids except for THC. However, they have an important note on their webpage about the possibility of their product causing a failed drug test — always consume at your own risk.

B) Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

$43.99 – $179.99
Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 30 – 50 mL

3.33 / 5

Total CBD: 300 – 2000 mg
Potency : 10 – 40 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.09 – $0.15
Extract Type: Full-spectrum
THC Content: Not Listed

This company offers three variations of this product in 300 mg, 600 mg, and 2000 mg. The 300 mg and 600 mg oils come in 30 mL (1 oz) sized bottles and contain the same ingredients.

These oils are formulated for people wanting to dose a full-spectrum CBD oil that contains the entire array of cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC.

Ananda Hemp produces one version of its potent Full-Spectrum 2000 CBD Oil that comes in a larger 50 mL bottle and contains 2000 mg of CBD. It was formulated to give a powerful punch of full-spectrum CBD.

2. Pet CBD Oil

A)   Ananda Pets Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

$42.99 – $109.95
Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp Pet Full-Spectrum CBD Oil 30 – 50 mL

3 / 5

Total CBD: 300 – 1000 mg
Potency : 10 – 20 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.11 – $0.14
Extract Type: Full-spectrum
THC Content: Not Listed

This company also provides a pet-intended, full-spectrum hemp extract that contains 300 mg of CBD in a 30 mL bottle. Recommended uses include supporting pets’ neurological, cognitive, and immunity functions while promoting relaxation.

3. Capsules

A)   Ananda Hemp Spectrum Gels

$54.99 – $89.99
Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp Spectrum Gel 30 – 60 Count

3.17 / 5

Total CBD: 450 – 900 mg
Potency : 15 mg/capsule
Cost per mg CBD: $0.10 – $0.12
Extract Type: Full-spectrum
THC Content: <0.3%

Ananda Hemp carries two variations of its Spectrum Softgels that come in your choice of a 30 or 60 count bottle. Each softgel contains 15 mg of full-spectrum CBD and was formulated for people who prefer taking a pill instead of oil, or for those who suffer from gastrointestinal or digestive issues.

4. Topicals

A) Ananda Hemp Spectrum Salve

This company also carries a topical full-spectrum salve that is formulated to possibly help sore, tired, or achy muscles, joints, and skin. It contains 125 mg of full-spectrum CBD in a 25g container.

B) Ananda Touch Bliss CBD Infused Intimate Oil

Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp Touch — Bliss CBD-Infused Intimate Oil 2 oz

2.67 / 5

Total CBD: 250 mg
Potency : 4.1 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.16
Extract Type: Full-spectrum
THC Content: <0.3%

Formulated to enhance sexual intimacy, the Ananda Touch Bliss CBD Infused Intimate Oil comes in one variation and contains 250 mg of full-spectrum CBD in a 2 oz (60 mL) bottle.

What Does Ananda Hemp Do Well?

All of its products are full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oils that utilize all the natural cannabinoids, terpenes, acids, and beneficial properties of the cannabis plant.

The only exception is with broad-spectrum CBD as it doesn’t contain any THC — which is great for those worried about getting drug tested. However, take note that the company advises you could still possibly fail your drug test if using their product.

This company is also very transparent in how it operates and what it puts into its products by providing third-party testing, and certificates of analysis.

Where Could Ananda Hemp Improve?

While Ananda Hemp’s prices fall into the average price range — it would be nice if it made its products more affordable as they all cost over $0.10/mg. Higher prices make it difficult for people to dose on a daily or consistent basis.

It would also be preferable to use CO2 extraction because this method is the safest and ensures harmful solvents aren’t being ingested.

Safety & Third-Party Testing

All ingredients are listed on the product page, and all Ananda Hemp products are third-party tested three times over to guarantee there aren’t any harmful contaminants or heavy metals contained in them.

The only safety issue we found with this company is its extraction method — which is fractional distillation with food-grade ethanol because it can leave behind potentially harmful solvents.

Ananda Hemp’s Shipping & Return Policy

Ananda Hemp offers a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase, and it appears they ship worldwide except for Canada.

Final Verdict: Transparent Company With Wide Range of Products

Ananda Hemp provides quality full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products that are independently tested and sourced from 8th-generation Kentucky farmers since 2015. All in all, it creates a variety of interesting products created to improve health, wellness, and intimacy.

This company is very transparent: it lists seed and hemp sources, their extraction method, lab results, and how its CBD is derived.

The range of products meets the needs of both new and veteran CBD connoisseurs — which is why we wholeheartedly recommend Ananda Hemp Company.  

Ananda Hemp

3.5 / 5

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