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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Ananda Hemp Touch — Bliss CBD-Infused Intimate Oil

This intimate oil is a low potency, full-spectrum topical that includes quality ingredients like black pepper essential oil, peppermint essential oil, L-arginine, and organic cacao to help get the blood flowing and improve sexual intimacy.

That said, Ananda Hemp Touch—Bliss Intimate Oil is overpriced for the amount of CBD you get, as it only contains 250 mg for $60.00, which breaks down to a low potency but expensive product.

However, all Ananda Hemp products do use independently tested CBD that provides access to third-party lab results, so you can rest assured that this is a safe product to use.

Price/Value  3/5

This product costs $39.99 for 250 mg, which breaks down to $0.16 per mg of CBD. The most expensive CBD oil products on the market cost more than $0.17 per mg — with these falling well into that range. 

CBD Potency  1/5

This is a low potency CBD topical provides 4.1 mg of CBD per milliliter. The weakest potency topicals on the market contain 5 mg/mL or less of CBD.

Hemp Source  4/5

This oil contains full-spectrum, independently tested hemp, extracted with food-grade ethanol plus fractional distillation.

Purpose/Uses  3/5

The additional blood-pumping ingredients like peppermint and L-arginine and the 250 mg CBD used in this formula would support the intended uses and purposes of this product. However, the low CBD dosage wouldn’t offer much additional benefit. 

Product Variations  1/5

There is only one size, strength, and formula that contains 250 mg and comes in a 2 oz, or 60 mL, bottle. 

Formulation/Ingredients  4/5

This potent CBD product uses natural ingredients like L-arginine, peppermint oil, organic cacao, and black pepper that are safe and intended for increasing blood circulation and sexual desire. 

Ananda Hemp Touch — Bliss CBD-Infused Intimate Oil Review

Article By
Dylan James , last updated on November 16, 2021

Ananda Hemp has been at the forefront of the CBD bandwagon since 2015 — sourcing its seeds from Ecofibre Ltd. — the largest privately owned seed bank in Australia, and its hemp from 8th-generation Kentucky farmers.

Ananda Hemp provides a variety of independently tested CBD products that include oils, softgels, and topicals. 

In this review, we’ll cover the Ananda Hemp Touch — Bliss CBD Infused Intimate Oil to help you decide if this product would be beneficial for your personal life — or not. 

Overview: Touch — Bliss CBD-Infused Intimate Oil 

This product comes in one variety and contains full-spectrum CBD oil that utilizes all the natural cannabinoids, terpenes, acids, and beneficial properties that naturally occur in hemp plants. 

The Ananda Touch intimate oil contains ingredients that help set the mood and keeps things fluid, including organic cacao seed butter, black pepper essential oil, coconut oil, and L-arginine. 

Pros & Cons 

Pros Cons

  • Full-spectrum
  • Independently tested

  • Doesn’t use CO2 extraction
  • Expensive
  • Low potency

 Key Features & Benefits

1. Full-Spectrum

This product uses full-spectrum CBD that contains all the natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and acids that are produced in the hemp plant — which creates a more synergistic product compared to those derived from broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolates

2. Independently Tested

Ananda Hemp has all of its products third-party tested to guarantee it’s putting out a quality full-spectrum oil that doesn’t contain harmful contaminants or heavy metals. 

3. Innovative

There aren’t many CBD oils explicitly formulated to be used to increase and maintain pleasure — and the added ingredients are natural and seem promising in being able to get the job done.

About the Company: Ananda Hemp 

Ananda Hemp

3.5 / 5

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Buy from Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp creates both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products to meet a range of user needs. All its hemp is third party tested — and you can find its certificates of analysis via a lookup tool it has featured on its website. 

Grown and cultivated by eight generations of professional Kentucky farmers — Ananda Hemp has been a part of the CBD industry since 2015. The largest privately-owned seed bank in the world — Ecofibre Ltd. provides Ananda Hemp’s seeds.

Ananda Hemp doesn’t mention what extraction method is used on its website, but we were able to find out it uses fractional distillation and food-grade ethanol — which isn’t ideal. CO2 is the gold standard of extraction methods because it doesn’t leave any harmful solvents behind. 

Who Should Consider Using Ananda Hemp Touch — Bliss CBD- Infused Intimate Oil?

Ananda Hemp doesn’t specifically mention what or how this product is supposed to be used, however, being that it’s an intimate oil — we can only assume this is meant to be a lubricant and massage oil. 

This intimate oil would be ideal for anyone looking to utilize the benefits of CBD in conjunction with increasing libido and amplifying physical sensations during sexual intercourse — or other types of foreplay. 


This product is expensive for the amount of CBD you get. It comes with 250 mg of CBD and costs $39.99 — which breaks down to $0.16 per mg of CBD. It also includes organic cacao seed oil, peppermint essential oil, black pepper essential oil, and L-arginine that help increase blood flow and libido. 

For reference, the most affordable CBD products cost less than $.10 per mg — and anything over $0.17 per mg is considered to be among the most expensive products on the market.

Cost Breakdown of Ananda Hemp Touch — Bliss CBD-Infused Intimate Oil:

Product ImageProduct Name Total Price Total CBD Content Cost per mg CBD
Ananda Hemp Touch — Bliss CBD-Infused Intimate Oil — 2 oz $39.99 250 mg $0.16

CBD Potency 

This is not a very potent CBD topical; it provides only 4.1 mg/mL. The lowest potency topicals on the market contain 5 mg/mL or less of CBD, so as you can see — this product contains a little less than that. 

Potency Breakdown of Ananda Hemp Touch — Bliss CBD-Infused Intimate Oil: 

Product ImageProduct Name Total CBD Content CBD Concentration (mg/mL) Potency Level
Ananda Hemp Touch — Bliss CBD-Infused Intimate Oil — 2 oz 250 mg 4.1 mg/mL Low

Hemp Source

All Ananda Hemp products come independently tested and contain either broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD that is extracted from hemp grown and cultivated by 8th-generation family-owned Kentucky farms. 


Since this product is, in fact, an intimate oil — its purpose and use are geared towards helping individuals improve or enhance sexual intimacy. 

Ingredients like black pepper and L-arginine help stimulate blood flow, coconut oil provides natural lubrication, and peppermint oil provides an arousing and tingling sensation. 

This intimate oil might be helpful for issues like vaginal dryness, or for other sexual dysfunctions that cause a loss of desire or arousal. 


The Ananda Hemp Touch — Bliss CBD-Infused Intimate Oil contains 250 mg of CBD and various other ingredients designed to help set the mood and improve sexual intimacy, including:

  • Organic Cacao – Contains phenylethylamine, an organic compound involved in sexual arousal and falling in love. 
  • Black Pepper Essential Oil – Contains capsaicin, which stimulates blood flow and has been theorized to help with erectile dysfunction. 
  • L-Arginine – helps relax blood vessels to improve circulation.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil – Encourages blood flow and provides a tingling sensation. 

Product Options & Flavors

The Ananda Hemp Touch — Bliss CBD-Infused Intimate Oil comes in one size, strength, and formula that costs $60.00 for 250 mg, and comes in a 2 oz, or 60 mL, bottle. 

There is a need for these types of products, which is why we would love to see it offered in other sizes, potencies, and formulas. 

Ananda Hemp Shipping & Return Policy

Ananda Hemp offers a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase, and it appears they ship worldwide except for Canada. 

Final Verdict: A Low Potency and Expensive CBD Product

This full-spectrum topical CBD intimate oil contains 4.1 mg/mL—which is a low potency topical. The weakest CBD topical products on the market include less than 5 mg/mL, with these falling into this range. 

That said, this product is also pricey, costing $0.24 per mg of CBD — which is expensive compared to other CBD topicals on the market. 

However, the other ingredients contained in this formula would be helpful for people looking to enhance their sex lives in general, or by potentially helping with underlying issues like vaginal dryness. 

Overall, we recommend Ananda Hemps Touch — Bliss CBD-Infused Intimate Oil because it’s a potent and potentially useful product that is well-sourced and independently tested. 

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Ananda Hemp

3.5 / 5

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