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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]
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Top 5 CBD Chewing Gums For Rapid Effects

CBD chewing gums are surprisingly effective.

The active ingredients in CBD gum are absorbed within minutes.

Here are 5 of the best CBD gums on the market.

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Justin Cooke , last updated on January 12, 2022

You’ve probably heard of all the benefits of CBD by now — it’s used to alleviate anxiety, promote more restful sleep, and can ease chronic pain.

One aspect that makes CBD such a useful supplement is that you can add it to anything. Companies are now making simple chewing gums infused with CBD extracts.

As you chew the gum, CBD is absorbed through the capillaries under your tongue, directly into the bloodstream.

These products feature a rapid onset of effects and offer a discrete method of using CBD. 

Here we’ll cover the best CBD chewing gum brands on the market, along with some tips on how to get the maximum benefit from this innovative new CBD supplement.

Top 5 CBD Chewing Gums to Buy in 2022

1. Endoca CBD Chewing Gum

Endoca cbd chewing gum pack

Endoca CBD Chewing Gum 10-pack

4.67 / 5

Total CBD: 100 mg
CBD Potency: 10 mg of CBD/gum
Cost per mg CBD: €0.09
Extract Type: Full-Spectrum

Endoca is one of our favorite CBD brands. Every CBD product this company makes is made with meticulous attention to detail.

This CBD-infused gum is no exception. The gum itself is made from the chicle tree, which is a species of tree native to South America that produces a gum that serves as the perfect base for all-natural chewing gum products. There are no artificial ingredients whatsoever in this gum, and the entire contents are completely biodegradable.

The gum itself isn’t even wrapped in plastic. They’re wrapped individually in wax paper so that everything is completely biodegradable once you’re done with it.

This gum is flavored with xylitol (a natural sweetener from birch trees) and peppermint essential oil.

Each stick delivers 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD extract.

2. CBD Infusionz Spearmint CBD Gum

$22.99 – $88.99
CBD Infusionz

CBD Infusionz CBD Gum 10 – 60 Pieces

4 / 5

Total CBD: 200 – 1200 mg
Potency: 20 mg per piece
Cost per mg CBD: $0.08 – $0.12
Extract Type: Broad-Spectrum or Full-Spectrum
Flavor: Mint or Grape

CBD Infusionz has one of the largest lineups of CBD edible products we’ve ever seen. They offer products in virtually every category, flavor, and potency you can imagine — including some more innovative categories like CBD-infused chewing gum.

These chewing gums are available in either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum extracts, and your choice of spearmint or grape flavor.

Each piece of gum contains 20 mg of CBD and is available in packs of 10, 30, and 60 pieces.

3. CBD American Shaman CBD Gum

This CBD gum by CBD American Shaman is made from the natural gum base from the chicle tree and flavored with xylitol, glycerine, and a natural mint flavor.

This gum uses a high-quality full-spectrum hemp extract at a concentration of 7 mg active CBD per piece.

This is one of the weaker CBD gums on our list but offers a reliable source of CBD for those with lower dosage requirements.

4. Pin Mint CBD Chewing Gum


Pin CBD Gum 8 Pieces

5 / 5

Total CBD: 80 mg
Potency: 10 mg per piece
Cost per mg CBD: $0.25
Extract Type: Broad-Spectrum
Flavor: Mint

Pin is a trendy CBD company that specializes in CBD-infused gum. This is the only product the company makes, which allows them to focus all their efforts on this product specifically.

The branding with Pin Chewing Gum is hard to beat. Everything from the packaging to the flavor and overall presentation of this gum is unique.

This mint-flavored CBD gum is a great product for CBD connoisseurs interested in trying something new or those looking for a CBD-inspired gift for a friend.

Each piece of gum contains 10 mg of CBD. They’re made with a broad-spectrum hemp extract derived from organic hemp plants.


Coming Soon

LEVEL CBD Gum 10 Pieces

4 / 5

Total CBD: 100 mg
Potency: 10 mg per piece
Cost per mg CBD: $0.25
Extract Type: CBD Isolate
Flavor : Mint

LEVEL makes a variety of CBD and THC-based products — including both a CBD and THC infused line of chewing gums.

The CBD gum features 10 mg of active CBD per piece, with a total of 10 sticks of gum per package. This product is guaranteed to be completely THC-free.

The THCV chewing gum from this brand is also notable. Each stick contains 4 mg of THC and 1 mg of CBG (cannabigerol). Both of these cannabinoids have been shown to offer a unique set of benefits for anxiety, creativity, and focus.

Note: The THCV gum contains trace amounts of THC and may not be legal in all US states.

What is CBD Gum? Does it Work?

CBD-infused chewing gum is simply a combination of a tasty gum base with added CBD. These gums taste and act the same way as any other stick of gum but slowly release the active CBD as you chew.

Adding CBD to chewing gums may seem redundant at first, but this is a great way to use CBD when you think about it.

As you’re chewing the gum, the active ingredients are mixed with saliva in the mouth. Some of this CBD will absorb directly into the bloodstream through the capillaries under the tongue. The rest is swallowed and later absorbed through the gut.

This has a similar effect to a CBD gummy, CBD oil, or CBD capsule. The difference is that CBD gum tastes better, is much more discreet than CBD oil, and offers faster absorption through the sublingual (under the tongue) route.

The Benefits of CBD Gum

CBD gum can be used for all the same benefits as a standard CBD product. They’re popular for alleviating inflammatory conditions, arthritis pain, anxiety, or promoting a better night of sleep.

Here are some of the most common reasons why people are using CBD gums:

  • To reduce inflammatory load (skin, gut, or joint inflammation)
  • To alleviate or prevent anxiety at work or university
  • To enhance focus and concentration
  • To relieve chronic stress
  • To alleviate pain
  • Before bed to promote a deeper, more restorative sleep
  • To regulate immune function and alleviate symptoms of autoimmunity
  • As a general health and wellness supplement

CBD Gum Flavors

CBD gum has only recently started to become popular. As such, there aren’t a ton of products available quite yet.

Despite how small this market is, there are quite a few flavor options you can choose from.

Like regular gum, the most popular flavors are peppermint or spearmint, but you can also find cinnamon and grape flavors.

  • Endoca CBD Chewing Gum — Peppermint Flavor
  • CBD Infusionz Spearmint CBD Gum — Spearmint or Grape
  • CBD American Shaman CBD Gum — Mint
  • Pin Mint CBD Chewing Gum — Mint
  • LEVEL CBD Gum — Mint

How Long Does it Take For CBD Gum To Work?

CBD gum has a fast onset of effects compared to most other forms of CBD. The first signs of CBD gum effects usually start around the 10-minute mark, with the full effects after about 20 minutes.

If you chew the gum and avoid swallowing for the first minute or two, you can get a faster onset of effects through the sublingual route (absorption under the tongue).

chewing gum

What’s The Dose of CBD Gum?

CBD chewing gums are available in many different potencies — but the most common potency is around 10 mg per stick of gum.

The dose of CBD you should use depends primarily on your weight and the severity of your symptoms. The more severe your pain, anxiety, or other symptoms, the higher the dose of CBD you’ll likely need.

With that said, everybody is different. A dose that works great for one person may be too strong or too weak for another. It’s important to find what dose works for your body individually.

To find the right dose of CBD for you, use our CBD dosage calculator to determine the approximate dose based on your weight and desired strength level. Start at the lowest strength first to see how your body responds to CBD before increasing the dose.

Most people will find the right dose is either one or two sticks of gum at a time — which may need to be repeated every 4 to 6 hours throughout the day.

  • Endoca CBD Chewing Gum — 10 mg per piece
  • CBD Infusionz Spearmint CBD Gum 20 mg per piece
  • CBD American Shaman CBD Gum — 7 mg per piece
  • Pin Mint CBD Chewing Gum 10 mg per piece
  • LEVEL CBD Gum — 10 mg per piece

How to Use CBD Gum

You can use CBD gum the same way you would any other stick of gum.

You can get a faster onset of effects by holding the gum under your tongue. This allows the active ingredients to absorb directly through the capillaries underneath the tongue. To do this, chew the gum for a few seconds and hold it under your tongue for a minute or so. Continue chewing and holding the gum under your tongue.

Make sure you chew the gum until there is no flavor left (usually, all the flavor is gone within 30 minutes).

Key Takeaways: What’s The Best CBD Chewing Gum?

At first glance, CBD chewing gum may seem like a bit of a gimmick, but there’s a lot of value in this product type.

First of all, the CBD in gum enters the bloodstream directly via the microcapillaries underneath the tongue — this provides a rapid onset of effects.

Secondly, a CBD gum stick’s minty or fruity flavors do a great job at masking the natural hemp flavor (which many people find disagreeable).

CBD chewing gums are safe, effective, and easy to use. They’re also one of the most discreet ways of using CBD and other cannabinoids.

There are a few excellent CBD gum brands to consider. My favorite is the CBD chewing gum from Endoca or the LEVEL CBD Gum (also available in a THC gum).

Number Product Total CBD Potency Cost per mg CBD Link


Endoca cbd chewing gum pack
Endoca CBD Chewing Gum

150 mg

15 mg of CBD per piece



CBD Infusionz CBD Gum

200 – 1200 mg

20 mg per piece

$0.08 – $0.12


American Shaman CBD hard candies
CBD American Shaman CBD Hard Candy

56 mg

7 mg per piece



Pin CBD Gum

80 mg

10 mg per piece




100 mg

10 mg per piece


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