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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

The Brothers Apothecary CBD Honey

The Brothers Apothecary endeavors towards a holistic, hand-crafted CBD industry. This CBD Honey is made with local, organic ingredients, and is made with locally-grown hemp.

This is one of the best CBD-infused honey’s I’ve tried yet, and even comes in several different formulas. You can get the raw wildflower honey infused with full-spec CBD, or versions that incorporate other herbs like lavender, goji berry, turmeric, or hibiscus. 

You can also find a delta 8 THC honey — which is the first we’ve seen of its kind. 

Price/Value 5/5

Brothers Apothecary products arn’t exactly cheap — but considering the fact that this company uses organic ingredients (wherever possible), provides all the necessary testing, and incorporates a variety of other synergystic herbs and ingredients — the value is pretty damn good.

CBD Potency 5/5

When I first published this review, this honey ws pretty underpowered. However, the company has since revamped the recipe and made it significantly stronger. They also switched to using full-spectrum hemp extract instead of CBD isolate. 

One spoonful (tablespoon) works out to around 25 mg of CBD — which is pretty much perfect. 

Hemp Source 5/5

Brothers Apothecary sources organically-grown, local hemp from Oregon, USA. The honey they’re using for this product is also organic, as is most of the other herbs or nutritive added to the mix. 

Purpose/Uses 5/5

The CBD Honey can be used as a sweetener for a cup of regular tea, or can be used to potentiate Brothers Apothecary’s CBD teas. It’s a delicious, natural way to consume CBD, and the company offers CBD honey infused with other botanicals (such as lemon, ginger, turmeric, etc).

Product Variations 5/5

Brothers Apothecary includes a total of 6 variations of its CBD honey. That’s the widest selection of CBD-infused honey products we’ve seen yet. They even offer a delta 8 THC honey which is the first of it’s kind. 

Formulation/Ingredients 5/5

Brothers Apothecary formulas are organic, delicious, and conducive to good health. No preservatives or artificial flavors or colors are used in the products. All flavors are created with botanical extracts or dried herbs. The company even included black pepper in its Turmeric & Orange variety, which speaks volumes about the company’s awareness of herbal formulations.

The Brothers Apothecary CBD Honey Product Review

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Daily CBD , last updated on November 16, 2021

About The Company: The Brothers Apothecary

The Brothers Apothecary was started by two real-life brothers, Shane and Jesse Richardson. In 2015, the pair created The Brothers Apothecary; Portland — Oregon’s first CBD tea company. 

The pair share an interest in natural health, which inevitably led them to identify a big gap in the CBD market: unprocessed CBD goods.

Needless to say, this is at the center of Brothers Apothecary’s business model, and why customers are willing to pay a little bit extra for its CBD products. The company prides itself on using minimally processed hemp flowers as the basis for its CBD teas, honey, and capsules.

All Brothers Apothecary’s products are artisanal and hand-crafted, from herbal teas to essential oils, all the way to tinctures and smokable blends. The Brothers Apothecary’s manifesto is: “combine organic ingredients with top quality, full-spectrum hemp for synergistic therapeutic experiences.”   

This brand doesn’t solely focus on CBD as the only active ingredient in its products. It’s clear that the product formulators know a thing or two about herbal synergy, as the products typically contain a plethora of herbs conducive to the product’s purpose. 

What’s really nice to see is that Brothers Apothecary doesn’t just provide CoAs, but it provides a comprehensive guide on how to interpret a CoA. The company has dedicated a whole page on its website to the interpretation of a CoA, and exactly what customers should be looking out for. The one thing that would’ve iced The Brothers Apothecary’s cake is a detailed explanation of how the company extracts its hemp.

The Brothers Apothecary isn’t just a CBD company, but a complete wellness company. The team of brothers brings their knowledge of herbal medicine and integrates it with CBD in a holistic and usable way.

The Brothers Apothecary

4.83 / 5

Who Should Consider Using The Brothers Apothecary’s CBD Honey?

Brothers Apothecary CBD Honey is for the person who wants a quiet, relaxed way to consume CBD. The Brothers recommend using this product as a sweetener for tea, whether it’s one of their herbal tea ranges or whether it’s your own favorite cuppa. Essentially, this isn’t the kind of product that can be consumed on the go. 

Brothers Apothecary did once stock a range of CBD honey sticks that could be eaten directly out of the packet, but it seems the company no longer stocks that product. The CBD Honey range is for those with a sweet tooth, and who don’t mind dedicating a few minutes to a cup of tea. 

It can be used the same way any other CBD supplement is used, in that there is no special indication for this product. What makes it distinguishable is how it’s consumed, as most people won’t supplement honey straight under the tongue. It needs some time — at least the time it takes to brew a cup of tea and stir in the CBD honey!

Cost & Potency

As we mentioned, The Brothers Apothecary CBD products are hand-crafted, which makes it hard to compare the price to the rest of the market.

Yes — CBD honey is somewhat expensive. However, there are a lot of complexities in what you pay for. Like the fact that all of these products are created in small batches and use organic wildflower honey as the base.

The potency of this stuff is pretty decent as well. I normally take about a tablespoon (15 mL) of honey at a time, which works out to just over 25 mg of CBD in total.

Cost Breakdown Of The Brothers Apothecary CBD Honey:

Product Name Total Cost Total CBD Cost per mg CBD CBD Potency (mg/mL or mg/g)
The Brothers Apothecary Honey (Various) $22.50 200 mg $0.11 1.7 mg/mL
The Brothers Apothecary Wildflower Delta 8 THC Honey $22.50 200 mg $0.11 1.7 mg/mL

Hemp Source

The Brothers Apothecary sources its hemp from local hemp farms in Portland, Oregon. Brothers Apothecary claims that the hemp is organically grown, and the results from testing show that no pesticides were used in the cultivation process.

You can find test results for all products sold on the site. But what’s really awesome is that the company provides a framework for how to accurately interpret these documents. This isn’t something we’ve seen from many (if any) other CBD manufacturers. 

The company highlights the kinds of things consumers should pay attention to:

  • Who performed the test, and how they performed it
  • The THC concentration (industrial hemp is only legally allowed to contain 0.3% THC or less)
  • The amount of CBD in the product

The company’s guide on how to interpret a CoA can be viewed on the company website.

Purpose & Uses

The purpose of this product is quite clear — it’s made for eating. The Brothers Apothecary says it would go great with CBD tea, but for all intents and purposes, it can be used as a sweetener in any tea. Those who want to potentiate a Brothers Apothecary CBD tea can do so with the CBD honey, as it sweetens and adds CBD at the same time.  

But there is less obviously a deeper purpose behind Brothers Apothecary’s CBD Honey. It’s hand-crafted and made in small batches. Whether or not consumers realize it, mass-produced products often come with environmental “side-effects”, as processing equipment consumes a lot of energy. On top of this, there is the risk of contamination during processing from industrial equipment and solvents. This ethical principle underlies all of Brothers Apothecary’s products. And it’s worth mentioning here because it ultimately shapes the audience for this product.

It’s safe to say that the purpose of CBD Honey is twofold: a dose of CBD, but also participation in local hemp, local honey, and the artisanal process. Virtually no chemicals are used, not even in the processing of the material. CBD is extracted either using heat (for rosin) or via distillation (distillate), neither of which requires solvents or chemicals. 

With all of that said, Brothers Apothecary CBD Honey serves a purpose to the consumer as well as to the environment and the artisanal industries.

Formulation & Ingredients

We’ve listed the formulation for each of the CBD honey products here.

1. Wild Rosin CBD Honey:

  • Organic wildflower honey
  • 200 mg full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Organic MCT oil

2. Lavender CBD Honey:

  • Organic wildflower honey
  • 200 mg full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Organic MCT oil
  • Organic lavender essential oil

3. Lemon Ginger CBD Honey:

  • Organic wildflower honey
  • 200 mg full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Organic MCT oil
  • Organic lemon essential oil
  • Organic ginger powder

4. Turmeric & Orange CBD Honey:

  • Organic wildflower honey
  • 200 mg full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Organic orange essential oil
  • Organic turmeric
  • Organic black pepper
  • Organic MCT oil

5. Hibiscus Goji Berry CBD Honey:

  • Organic wildflower honey
  • 200 mg full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Organic hibiscus powder
  • Organic goji berry powder
  • Organic MCT oil

It’s nice to see that The Brothers Apothecary has chosen completely organic ingredients to formulate its products. Plus, the recipes are so simple that they don’t require any chemical preservatives, colors, or flavorings.

The Brothers Apothecary’s Shipping & Returns Policy

The Brothers Apothecary ships its products internationally. However, international customers should be mindful of the CBD laws in their respective countries. Most of the time, Brothers Apothecary uses USPS Priority Mail. However, the company says that it will use different carriers as needed (such as for international shipping).

It seems that for international shipping there is a flat rate of $15. For domestic customers, there is a flat shipping rate of $3.50.

According to the FAQs, refunds are granted for returned, unused items. No comments are made about other situations such as defective products. However, The Brothers Apothecary encourages customers to contact [email protected] for any problem with a product. The team will find a solution suitable for all parties.

Final Verdict: Artisanal CBD Honey For The Discerning Palate

It’s as though Brothers Apothecary is the Ferrari of CBD Honey. Handcrafted, small batches, and a price that matches it. We think it’s worth the money for those who have the money to spend. It’s a really nice way to consume CBD — honey and a cup of tea! Actually, it’s so conducive to what CBD is and the kinds of reasons that people might use CBD. 

No — it’s not cheap. But heck — completely organic ingredients and handcrafted with hemp grown in the USA. It doesn’t get more local than that in an industry that has become completely globalized.

The Brothers Apothecary

4.83 / 5