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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Pure Science Lab CBD Chocolates

These Chocolates from Pure Science Lab are what we’d consider an “above average” CBD edible. They’re a delicacy in the world of CBD edibles. Chocolate contains a compound called theobromine, which has stimulating effects on the central nervous system. This compound is closely related to caffeine and shares the same synergy with CBD. 

This is a top-notch CBD chocolate by Pure Science Lab with subtle energy-boosting effects. It’s fairly expensive as a daily source of CBD — but offers excellent taste and physiological benefits when you need it. The stimulating effects of these chocolates make them perfect for connoisseurs, students, athletes, or busy entrepreneurs or business people. 

There are three different products to choose from here, each with slight alterations on taste, potency, and cost. 

Price/Value 4/5

This is a niche product, with a decent amount of CBD. Starting around $29 per bar and up, this is quite an expensive product designed for the high-end market. With that said, the ingredients used to make these chocolates are impressive. High-grade chocolate and CBD are both expensive ingredients, which justifies a lot of the cost of this particular product. 

These chocolates are designed to be a CBD-rich treat, not a daily source of CBD supplementation. 

CBD Potency 4/5

These chocolate bars come with relatively high amounts of CBD per bar. This is great because it means you won’t need to eat the entire chocolate bar to get the right dose of CBD. You can simply break off pieces throughout the day as needed. The highest potency is the Dark Chocolate bar containing a whopping 140 mg per bar!

Hemp Source 4/5

While Pure Science Lab does have their CBD third-party tested and extracted using supercritical CO2 which confirms their products are free from heavy metals and other contaminants — they don’t mention many details about the hemp they use aside from claiming it to be from “the world’s finest industrial hemp fields”. 

The company does make up for this with their thorough third-party testing practices — which uses three separate independent labs to provide their test results. You can find these results listed publically on the company website. 

Purposes/Uses 5/5

These chocolates are a specialty product intended for periodic use, rather than as a daily source of CBD. The relatively high dose in these chocolates makes them much more useful than some of the weaker CBD chocolates on the market (often containing less than 5 mg per bar). The stimulating effects of the dark chocolate bar make this product well-suited for low energy levels or poor concentration. 

Product Variation 5/5

Pure Science Lab offers this CBD chocolate in just one potency and variation. This delicious edible is made with 60% cocoa and 140 mg of CBD hemp extract.

Formula/Ingredients 5/5

The formula for Pure Science Lab chocolates includes organic ingredients and quality CBD that is backed from three different independent labs. 

CBD and chocolate are an excellent combination for boosting energy levels and improving focus and concentration. We really like the formula Pure Science Lab uses in these bars — especially in the dark chocolate bar. 

Pure Science Lab CBD Chocolate Review

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Editorial Staff , last updated on May 6, 2022

About the Company: Pure Science Lab

When the founder of Pure Science Lab was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, he began to research ways to naturally manage his symptoms rather than relying solely on pharmaceuticals.

With the help of CBD, the founder claims to keep his symptoms to a minimum. He traveled extensively until he created solid relationships with organic hemp farmers in the United States.

By ensuring that all of the company’s extracts are tested by ISO-certified labs, Pure Science Lab hopes to deliver high-quality CBD products to its customers at a reasonable price.

Pure Science Lab offers tinctures, concentrates, capsules, topicals, CBD for pets, and a great range of edibles.

For veterans and active-duty military personnel, Pure Science Lab offers a 25% discount on all of its products.

Pure Science Lab

3.67 / 5

Who Should Consider Using Pure Science Lab CBD Chocolates?

These products are perfect for people who love chocolate or prefer to take their CBD in the form of edibles instead of oils, capsules, or vape oils.

The CBD-infused dark chocolate bar also has some other uses that people may find valuable.

Dark chocolate contains a compound called theobromine — which is very closely related to caffeine. In fact, it’s nearly identical to caffeine but is a mirror image of the compound. As such, it has very similar effects on the body.

Theobromine is a central nervous system stimulant but has a more subtle effect than caffeine. It boosts energy levels, promotes focus and concentration, and wards off mental fatigue. Just like caffeine, too much of this can have side effects like anxiety or insomnia — however, this is well cared for by the CBD.

CBD is a central nervous system relaxant and muscle relaxant. It can be used to help resist any negative side-effects of theobromine without compromising its benefits. This makes these chocolates perfect for anybody looking for a gentle boost in energy levels and focus. Students, entrepreneurs, trade workers, shift workers, and athletes can all find benefits from using theobromine-rich dark chocolate infused with CBD.

Cost & Potency

 All Pure Science Lab CBD chocolates are on the expensive side. Average-priced CBD products run at about the $0.10/mg range. However, it’s important to remember these products are made from high-grade chocolate as well — which is expensive in its own right.

This is a delicacy, and not designed to be a daily CBD supplement. For this, CBD oils, capsules, gummies, or vape products are much more economical. But there’s something special about chocolate that makes these products well worth the price.

Normally, we calculate the potency of CBD products using the weight or overall amount of product and total milligrams of CBD. For chocolates, this isn’t as useful as measuring the CBD by the piece.

This dark chocolate bar contains roughly 5 mg per piece — which seems low, but you need to remember that a single bar of chocolate has 28 squares, so you can easily add them up to whatever dose you want.

Cost Breakdown of Pure Science Lab CBD Chocolates

Product Image Product Name Total Price Total CBD Content Price Per mg CBD Potency
Pure Science Lab Dark Chocolate Bar — 28 Servings $29.95 140 mg $0.21/mg 5 mg/square

Hemp Source

Pure Science Lab uses organically grown hemp that is CO2 extracted and 3rd party tested. We were unable to find if their CBD is from full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate on their website, but the lab tests provided indicate these products are made from a CBD isolate.

Product Variations

Pure Science Lab chocolates are only available in one flavor and strength —1 bar of dark chocolate enriched with 140 mg of CBD.

Each bar contains 28 servings (squares) which means you will get 5 mg of CBD with every serving.


The other ingredients in these chocolates are added mostly for flavor. You’ll find cocoa, cane sugar, sea salt, vanilla, and peanut butter to name a few.

These chocolates are made to be a tasty treat with a boost of CBD, so we’re not surprised by the simple formula. However, it would be nice to see some other herbal extracts or ingredients to provide symptom-specific relief.

Pure Science Lab Shipping & Return Policies

If you’re unhappy with your products, Pure Science Lab offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. However, you’ll be responsible for the cost of return shipping. If the product is open, you might also be charged a restocking fee.

Pure Science Lab currently ships to the following countries: Australia, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Final Verdict: A CBD Delicacy For Boosting Energy

Pure Science Lab CBD chocolates are a delicious CBD edible with mild synergy for boosting energy levels and warding off fatigue.

The stimulating effects of the active ingredient in chocolate — theobromine — pairs well with the relaxing effects of CBD. The result is a mild stimulating CBD edible that offers all the benefits inherent to CBD itself. It tastes great and comes in three different forms depending on what your taste preferences are.

We highly recommend the CBD-infused dark chocolate bar for the best energy-boosting effects.

With that said, the cost of these CBD supplements is higher than average — which makes sense when you consider the fact that both CBD and dark chocolate of this quality aren’t cheap ingredients. This is a specialty product for people looking for an above-average source of CBD.

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Pure Science Lab

3.67 / 5