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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Nordic Oil CBD Food Supplement Tablets For Dogs Review

If you’re looking for a convenient, easy way to bring the benefits of CBD to your four-legged companion, These CBD-infused dog food supplement tablets by Nordic Oil are a solid choice.

These medicated CBD dog treats contain full-spectrum CBD extract alongside a host of essential vitamins and minerals. They provide a 3.2 mg dose of CBD each and are flavored to make them enjoyable for your furry friend.

The treats are sourced from non-GMO European hemp and come with third-party potency tests so you know exactly what you’re getting. They’re also competitively priced, especially considering how few products of this type are available in Europe.

In summary, we recommend this product to dog owners.

Price/Value 4/5

These tablets cost  €0.17 per mg of CBD, which is similar to other edible dog treats on the market. All in all, you’re still getting good value with this supplement. There aren’t many competitor products and you’re also getting full-spectrum CBD rather than the isolate used by many other companies.

CBD Potency 5/5

These food tablets contain 3.2 mg of CBD each. At first glance, this is a low potency. However, we have to remember that dogs require smaller doses and that you can easily up the dose by using more treats.

Thanks to this versatility, we’re quite happy with the CBD strength offered.

Hemp Source 4/5

Nordic oil claims to use non-GMO, organic hemp cultivated in Europe for its food supplement tablets.

Although this is a respectable hemp source, we’d like to see third-party tests for pesticides and other contaminants as well as proof of organic status before we can Nordic Oil a perfect rating.

Purpose/Uses 5/5

These treats are designed to support your canine’s well-being by providing not only essential nutrients but also full-spectrum hemp extract. It’s great that they come with a pleasant taste and contain enough CBD to be used as a dedicated source of CBD if needed.

Product Variations 5/5

Nordic Oil doesn’t offer any variations of its dog food supplement tablets. It would be nice to have versions with other flavors, CBD strengths, or a higher tablet count. However, this product is already quite specialized so we don’t expect a lot of variety.

Formula/Ingredients 5/5

The formula used for these treats is straightforward and effective: full-spectrum CBD, numerous essential vitamins and minerals, and flavoring to make it more appealing to dogs. This is exactly what we expect from a functional canine food supplement.

Nordic Oil CBD Feed Supplement Tablets For Dogs Review

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Gleb Oleinik , last updated on November 16, 2021

CBD Treats for Dogs

All animals have an endocannabinoid system — which is the system CBD leverages to offer the bulk of its benefits.

This means CBD products have just as much to offer our dogs as it does for us.

When using CBD products with dogs, you have two options — CBD pet oils, or CBD-infused dog treats.

Although both work just fine, CBD dog treats tend to be a little easier to use, and are the best option for particularly picky dogs who turn their nose up at hemp-derived CBD oil.

About the Company: Nordic Oil

Nordic Oil is a relatively new European CBD brand. It offers CBD oilscapsulesconcentratese-liquidsisolate powderspet products, CBD-infused multivitamins, and more.

Rather than selling the same products everywhere, Nordic has a distinct lineup for individual European countries and the United States.

These products are made from organic, non-GMO European hemp, while the American ones are sourced from Californian hemp.

Like other trusted CBD brands, Nordic Oil uses the industry-preferred CO2 extraction method and tests all of its products for potency through a third-party laboratory.

Cost & Potency

These edible dog treats cost €29.95 or €0.17 per mg of CBD. Relative to other CBD-infused dog treats, this price is around average.

Nonetheless, we still think these tablets provide good value because they contain full-spectrum CBD. Also, there aren’t that many competitor products on the European market, especially considering the positive reputation Nordic Oil has built up for itself.

These edible tablets contain 3.2 mg of full-spectrum CBD each. This is a fairly low potency, even when we account for the fact that dogs need smaller doses of CBD than people.

However, this potency works great because you can easily increase the dosage by using more tablets. Nordic Oil suggests giving pups 1-3 tablets a day, whereas adult dogs should be given 2-6 tablets per 10 kg of body weight.

Cost & Potency Breakdown of Nordic Oil CBD Food Supplement Tablets For Dogs:

Product Name Total Price Total CBD Content Cost per mg CBD Potency (mg per Tablet)
Nordic Oil CBD Food Supplement Tablets For Dogs €29.95 176 mg €0.17 3.2 mg

Hemp Source

The CBD used in these dog food tablets is sourced from non-GMO, organic European hemp. As far as hemp sources go, this is pretty high up there.

Nonetheless, Nordic Oil can improve by ordering third-party tests for pesticides and other contaminants. These tests are a great way to demonstrate transparency and build trust with customers. It would also help if Nordic Oil held organic hemp certification.


These edible tablets are designed to support the well-being of your dog by providing not only CBD but also essential vitamins and minerals. And thanks to their pleasant taste, you won’t have to convince your pooch to eat them. Think of these tablets as CBD-infused dog treats that provide a small dose of wellness.

Formulation & Ingredients

These edible tablets contain 3.2 mg of full-spectrum CBD alongside numerous vitamins and minerals, including calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin A, C, and E, fiber, and flavoring.

This is an effective formula that combines full-spectrum CBD with all the essential nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy.

If you’re looking for a CBD supplement for your dog or cat to help manage a specific condition, you may want to opt for a CBD pet oil for arthritis, or other specific formulas aimed at helping your animal manage conditions like cancer, seizure-disorders, or anxiety instead.

Nordic Oil Shipping & Return Policy

Nordic Oil’s edible dog supplement tablets are offered in several European countries. The company offers free shipping on orders over €38.99 as well as free express shipping for orders worth more than €99.99.

If you wish to return an item, Nordic Oil provides a full refund or exchange if done within 30 days of your purchase. We also found that the company has great customer service and will help you with any problems or questions quite fast.

Final Verdict: A Tasty Way to Support The Well-Being of Your Canine Friend

The CBD food supplement tablets from Nordic Oil are one of the better European CBD pet products.

These tablets contain full-spectrum hemp extract, so you’re getting the complete benefits of the hemp plant rather than CBD on its own. Better yet, they contain all of the essential vitamins and minerals needed by your dog and are flavored to make them pleasant to eat.

Another great thing about these treats is the 3.2 mg CBD dose. Because it’s low enough, this product can work both as an additional product used together with a dedicated CBD oil or as the go-to source of CBD for your pooch, all depending on how many tablets you use.

Better still, the CBD extract is sourced from non-GMO, organic European hemp and backed by third-party potency tests.

In sum, we recommend these tablets to any dog owner interested in trying CBD.

Nordic Oil

4.67 / 5