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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

United States Only

Origin of Hemp

The Netherlands and the United States


Opened products/undamaged are non-refundable





3rd Party Lab Results?


Customer Service
Key Hightlights
  • Safe and potent, medical grade CBD products

  • All products are made from premium organic hemp grown in the Netherlands and the United States

  • They offer charitable contributions to the American Cancer Society, National Veterans Foundation, and Autism Research Institute

Farmacy Bliss Review

Farmacy Bliss prides itself on its family-run origins. As we’ll find out later on in this review, the company was birthed out of the desire to help a family member suffering from a serious health crisis, which laid the foundations for this desire to go beyond family unity and straight into the hands of thousands of Americans nationwide.

The company’s medical-grade products have been a sure-fire hit with people all over the country, but do they really stand up to the hype?

Mission / Charity 5/5

Farmacy Bliss’ mission statement reflects the founder’s family-orientated beginnings – the company makes it clear that it’s dedicated to providing products that enhance the lives of its customers.

We’re extremely pleased to see that the company donates to three main charities – we place a lot of value in a company that is conscious of giving generously to charity.

Hemp Source 3/5

Farmacy Bliss lists its hemp source as both the Netherlands and the United States – however, no exact location within these countries is specified, which rouses some concerns from us – you’ll find out more about this later on in the review.

Product Range 4/5

Farmcy Bliss’ product range is fairly limited, but that’s to be expected from a company that cherishes the idea of care and dedication to bring forth CBD products that contribute to the health and wellness of its customers.

You won’t find any gimmicky products here.

Innovation 4/5

Innovation is difficult within the CBD realm, especially since creating innovative ideas and establishing new technology for younger CBD companies is incredibly expensive, which is most likely why Farmacy Bliss has yet to develop something that pushes the company ahead of the curve.

However, the products are well-packaged and each utilize full-spectrum CBD oil.

Safety 5/5

Safety is not a concern with Farmacy Bliss, especially with the independent third-party, Certificate of Analysis (COA) test results that are fully accessible to the public.

Each products’ test results show its cannabinoid profile and residual solvent analysis, as well as its microbiological, heavy metal, and chemical residue screenings to prove which cannabinoids are contained within and to show the lack of harmful impurities.

Customer Service 4/5

Farmacy Bliss has a very concise Shipping & Returns Policy, which is informative and clear. Given the perishable nature of CBD once opened, the company doesn’t offer an exchange or a refund on opened or wrongly-purchased products – this is an industry-standard. 

We’re very impressed with the company’s commitment to customer service. We’ve spoken to customer representatives a number of times and they answer any queries promptly with the right information. 

Farmacy Bliss Review

Article By
Editorial Staff , last updated on November 10, 2020

About the Company: Farmacy Bliss

Farmacy Bliss, a CBD company founded in 2017 in Walnut Creek, California, has a wholesome beginning that totally put a smile on our faces.

Born out of a family health crisis, the founding members of Farmacy Bliss banded together as a tight-knit family unit and searched for ways to provide this person relief from her awful symptoms, thus discovering the potential of hemp-derived CBD.

Since then, co-founders Jenya, Lana, and Zanna Nemirovsky, as well as Gregory Drakhler, have committed to the life of CBD and sought to provide customers with “a pure, full-spectrum, solvent-free, medical-grade CBD formulation”.

These guys are a power family!

Furthermore, Farmacy Bliss donates part of its proceeds to three American charities:

  1. The American Cancer Society
  2. National Veterans Foundation
  3. Autism Research Institute

This is something we’re extremely happy to see – generosity and a conscious effort to make a difference in other people’s lives is a huge bonus.

However, with other larger companies, we’ve seen programs that help low-income folks get the CBD they need when they can’t afford it. It usually involves a form on the website including proof of disability – this is something I’d love to see from this company moving forward.

Where Does Farmacy Bliss Get Its Hemp?

All of Farmacy Bliss’ products use hemp sourced from both the Netherlands and the United States – though, unfortunately, the exact location within both of these countries isn’t specified.

Farmacy Bliss places a strong emphasis on the quality of the crops it uses for its products and makes sure the hemp used in the supercritical CO2 extraction is without genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Now let’s get into the specifics…

What Does Farmacy Bliss Sell?

Number Product Total CBD Potency Cost per mg CBD Link


Farmacy Bliss CBDaily SoftGels

450 – 2700 mg

30 mg/capsule

$0.06 – $0.08


Farmacy Bliss Vape Pen

350 mg

350 mg/pen



Farmacy Bliss CBDosing Drops

1500 mg

50 mg/mL



Farmacy Bliss CBDabber Wax

800 mg



1. Capsules

Farmacy Bliss CBDaily SoftGels

Farmacy Bliss sells 900 mg capsules with 28.5 mg of CBD in each capsule.

All CBDaily Softgel Capsules are listed as being:

  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Without heavy metals
  • Pesticide-free
  • Solvent-free
  • Contain a full-spectrum of terpenes
  • Rich in phytocannabinoids

2. Vape Pens

Farmacy Bliss CBDeliver Vape Pens

Vaping can get complicated when you factor in ohms (a unit of electrical resistance) and voltage, so Farmacy Bliss makes it much easier for you with its disposable vape pens.

This pen is a great way to get your CBD quickly, and its small size lets you take it on the go with you. These vapes are also guaranteed to contain approximately 200 puffs.

The vape pen details include:
  • Full-spectrum CBD with formulated terpenes
  • Rich in phytocannabinoids
  • Without pesticides, thinners, fillers, heavy metals, and residual solvents
  • Extracted using supercritical CO2

Bioavailability is greatly increased when you inhale CBD, about 4x as much as oral consumption. This is because the CBD gets diffused into the bloodstream without having to pass through digestive enzymes and filter through organs like the liver.

3. Tinctures & Drops

Farmacy Bliss CBDosing Drops

Tinctures and drops each hold the crown for being some of the most popular ways of ingesting CBD.

Farmacy Bliss’ CBDosing Drops aims to provide you with a suitably convenient and versatile product that serves to absorb into your bloodstream directly via the tiny capillaries underneath the tongue then into the digestive system. One research paper described the sublingual area as litmus paper that readily soaks up substances.

The company’s own serving suggestion states that you should shake the product well first and only apply half or one milliliter (or as directed by a healthcare professional).

For best results, it’s suggested that you hold the dropper under your tongue for 20-30 seconds – results should show anywhere between five and 10 minutes.

The 50 mg potency is fairly strong, so it’s advised that you start with half a milliliter and work your way up if you need it.

Now, you may be thinking that $119.99 for a 30 mL bottle containing 1500 mg of CBD is quite expensive, but compared to others on the market, this is actually fairly reasonable, especially for a full-spectrum product.

4. Concentrates

Farmacy Bliss CBDabber Wax

If you’re totally unfamiliar with what CBD waxes are, they’re a type of concentrate that’s taken from a CBD-abundant hemp flower and extracted through either CO2 extraction or butane hash oil (BHO) extraction.

The way you use waxes is by a process called “dabbing”, which is a form of vaporization that enters into your lungs and absorbs via your lung’s microcapillaries.

Waxes are generally very popular because of how potent they are.

Farmacy Bliss has jumped on this and provided you with two separate flavors: Apple and Sweet Tangerine.

So, if you have a sweet tooth and you enjoy vaporizing your CBD, these products are pretty much right up your street.

Safety & Third-Party Testing

The hard truth is: the only person you can trust is yourself

…And 3rd party lab tests.

Many CBD brands including Farmacy Bliss advertises its products as third-party laboratory certified, meaning that a lab that isn’t affiliated with the brand will test its products for the things you don’t want:

  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides
  • Fungus

And the things you do:

  • CBD
  • Cannabinoids
  • Terpenes

Farmacy Bliss posts individual links to the tests on its website for customers to see and confirm for themselves – to find them just click on a product and directly underneath the name, you’ll see a link to the information.

Everything checks out with Farmacy Bliss’ safety. No harmful materials were found and there were six of the 13 cannabinoids tested present in the sample (one capsule), which might not sound amazing, but is pretty impressive considering the process of extracting and activating CBD often damages the other cannabinoids and plant compounds.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Why not go check it out yourself? Just because you see that a test exists doesn’t mean that it’s trustworthy. Farmacy Bliss has its lab tests posted on its website so you are able to cross-check its promises and the results basically side by side.

Don’t be afraid to do some investigating!

Maybe you’ll catch something suspicious like a lower cannabinoid profile than promised or an omitted fungal test that is usually standard.

And why not know exactly what you’ll be getting in a product?

It’s easy for a company to make great claims. Being familiar with what should and shouldn’t be in a quality report is great knowledge to have!

Farmacy Bliss has a good reputation and it seems to us that the company cares about the people who use its products. I mean heck! The whole company was started because they wanted to help its own family!

What Does Farmacy Bliss Do Well?

1. A Generous and Charitable Company

As mentioned before, Farmacy Bliss has its heart exactly in the right place – not only in its ethos but in its charitable donations as well.

The company donates to amazing causes and this is something we wholeheartedly support in any CBD company.

2. Offers a Fair Reward Points System

The company’s Reward Program is very similar to high street store credit.

For every $10 spent, you’ll receive 1 point equivalent to $1 to spend on any product on the website. The points you accumulate will only expire after 365 days and can be redeemed at checkout.

This is a fantastic way to create company loyalty and to give customers a fair and reasonable incentive to keep coming back.

What Does Farmacy Bliss Need to Improve On?

1. No Exact Hemp Source Location Specified

The problem we have with companies not specifying where exactly its hemp originates from is that it signals quite a few red flags – simply stating that the hemp was sourced from a country isn’t enough for us to warrant full confidence in a company’s control over its hemp growth and manufacturing processes from the ground up.

Though we can’t say for certain that Farmacy Bliss is oblivious to where its hemp comes from, it’s difficult to say for certain that Farmacy Bliss isn’t oblivious either – the general rule of thumb is when no exact location is specified, there’s a risk that the company isn’t performing the extraction itself.

This is where Farmacy Bliss falls down on and really needs to be conscious of it!

2. Limited Blog Posts

This may seem like a nitpick, but a healthy blog with regular and up-to-date information is pretty vital to a company’s image.

Over the course of two years, the company has only seven individual blog posts – all of which are, in fairness, comprehensive and informative. However, for a CBD company to stay relevant, it should always advertise its expertise through this medium.

It would be awesome to see Farmacy Bliss develop its blog in the future.

Shipping & Returns Policy

Farmacy Bliss offers a very clear and concise Shipping & Returns Policy.

Products that have been delivered undamaged and in full working condition are totally non-refundable, which includes opened and used ones as well. The company also claims no responsibility for the product’s efficacy or performance, so it’s fully up to you as the customer to determine which product is suitable for you.

Defective or damaged products, however, “will be exchanged at no additional cost” and must be declared to the company within 14 days of purchase.

All orders will be shipped within 24-48 hours of placing the order, excluding weekends and holidays, which is standard practice amongst most other CBD companies.

Unfortunately, there’s no website literature to determine whether the company ships internationally, but the United States is the only country option at checkout – therefore, only domestic shipping is available.

The company offers free shipping on all orders over $74.99.

Final Verdict: A Decent Company With Some Minor Teething Problems

Farmacy Bliss is a decent CBD company with a touching and sentimental backstory – the company founders seem to genuinely care about their customers and want to establish a caring and customer-centric ethos.

However, there are some minor teething problems that the company needs to iron out if it wants to compete with the digger dogs in the CBD yard, especially now that the CBD industry is growing and developing at a far more rapid rate than it was back in 2017.

What we’d like to see from Farmacy Bliss in the future is for the company to address the exact hemp source location and to update its blog posts every once in a while.

For now, Farmacy Bliss are the underdogs with a solid setup – a setup that we’re absolutely rooting for.

Farmacy Bliss

4.17 / 5