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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]
Types of CBD Products

USA, Puerto Rico, and the UK

Origin of Hemp

Colorado, USA







3rd Party Lab Results?


Customer Service
Key Hightlights
  • Organic hemp source

  • 90 Day money-back guarantee

  • Very simple product lineup

CBDPure Review

CBDPure takes pride in the hemp it uses to make its products – the company maintains a close relationship with local Washington, USA hemp farmers to obtain hemp grown using top of the line organic farming practices only. Despite the difficulty in obtaining USDA-certified hemp in the United States, this company is currently offering products made from high-quality hemp grown domestically. 

The product lineup offered by this company is very basic — consisting of just 3 potencies of CBD oils and a softgel capsule. Although we like to see companies focusing on the quality of its products more than simply offering an abundance of mediocre products, this is one of the smallest product offerings we’ve seen yet. 

With that said, if you’re looking for a simple CBD-infused product with medium potency made from top-notch hemp, look no further than CBDPure. 

Mission/Charity 4/5

CBD Pure promises high-quality organic products at affordable pricing — and has detailed third-party testing to back it up. We love seeing a company place such a high emphasis on quality over everything else. 

However, it doesn’t appear that CBDPure does anything in terms of charities or other initiatives outside of this, which is something a lot of other CBD companies are starting to incorporate in their business plans. 

Hemp Source 4/5

CBD Pure’s hemp is certified organic, sourced from Colorado and offers a certificate of analysis for each product. Although the website lists in great detail why the company has not yet received certified organic status for the hemp it purchases from its affiliated farms, we can’t give them full points in this category until this is completed. 

Product Range 3/5

The product lineup from this company is very slim, only offering three potencies of CBD oil and capsules containing this very same oil in a softgel. This is incredibly simple, and although these products are great overall, it’s much too sparse to receive a high score in this metric. 

Innovation 3/5

Although CBDPure remains up to date with its extraction processes by using supercritical CO2 to extract all of its CBD, it isn’t doing anything, in particular, to innovate the industry as a whole.

Instead, the company is focusing on using high-quality hemp — which is great and we’re very happy to see a company with an ethos that centers on quality, but it’s already an industry standard. 

Safety 5/5

With third-party lab results available to see on the website, extensive blog posts offering useful information, and guidelines on proper CBD dosage, CBDPure gets full marks in the safety category.

You can also easily find the lab results for each batch of products – you can find the batch number on the bottle and cross-check it with the testing posted publicly on the company website. 

Customer Service 5/5

CBD Pure has a great response time on its customer service queries – the company even has an online chat agent available on the website, which is a step above the industry average.

Not only that, but it remembers past conversations when you log onto the site again. We were amazed by this and had a great chat the second time around with the same customer service agent a whole 2 weeks after the initial interaction. 

CBDPure Company Review

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Editorial Staff , last updated on August 4, 2021

About The Company: CBDPure

CBDPure is a subsidiary of Nutra Pure LLC, a hemp research and distribution company based out of Vancouver, Washington, that also runs the Excellent Hemp marketplace.

In a press release published on November 2016, the company stated that “CBDPure will be a market leader in quality, concentration levels, and value…with the intention of helping people safely experience healthier well-being using an all-natural product”.

The company has chosen a clean-cut pharmaceutical look for their branding, avoiding any unnecessary flavoring, specialty products, or flashy packaging.

This is a very straight to the point message – deliver the highest quality CBD oils possible with very few frills. Period.

Where Does CBDPure Source Its Hemp?

This is an important question to ask because there’s a lot of low-quality hemp out there filled with contaminants, low cannabinoid profiles, and nasty pesticides.

Companies that don’t even list its hemp source get an immediate zero in the hemp source section of our rating system because of how important it is to use high-quality hemp. If the starting material is weak, you can’t expect much from the final product.

CBDPure states its CBD oils are made with certified organic, industrial hemp grown in Colorado.

The company doesn’t publish any certificates on its hemp source but do have updated test results for each of the products on its website – the stated potency can even be verified from the 3rd-party test results. We found that the actual CBD potency is slightly higher than advertised.

What Does CBDPure Sell?

Number Product Total CBD Potency Cost per mg CBD Link


CBDPure hemp oil (300 mg)
CBDPure Hemp Oil

300 – 1000 mg

5 – 16.6 mg/mL

$0.08 – $0.10


CBDPure Softgels

750 mg

25 mg/soft gel

$0.08 – $0.11


CBDPure Muscle Joint CBD topical
CBDPure Muscle & Joint Formula

500 mg

5.5 mg/g



CBDPure Pet CBD Oil 100 mg
CBDPure’s CBDPet Hemp Oil 100

100 mg

1.6 mg/mL


1. Tinctures & Oils

CBDPure Hemp Oil

CBDPure hemp oil (300 mg)
$29.99 – $79.99

CBDPure Hemp Oil 60 mL

3.67 / 5

Total CBD: 300 – 1000 mg
Potency: 5 – 16.6 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.08 – $0.10
Extract Type: Full-spectrum
THC Content: <0.3%

CBDPure’s flagship product is its original Hemp Oil Extract.

Rather than selecting bottle size, CBDPure designed its product options to correspond to the length of time the recommended dose will last. Customers are meant to order products in monthly supplies rather than the quantity or size of bottles.

According to CBDPure, one 60 mL bottle of its oil is a one-month supply.

This is a unique method of sizing, likely designed to put its oils in a better context for people ordering from them — most first-time users don’t know how long a 60 mL bottle will last them, for example.

The only problem with this is that if someone needs a higher or lower dose than is listed on the bottle, it may be difficult to calculate how long their product(s) will last.

Although not explicitly listed, all CBDPure bottles are 60 mL (2 oz) in volume. Ordering multiple months’ worth will get them a few bottles and a discount on the price per bottle.

2. Capsules

CBD Oil Softgels

$89.99 – $374.99

CBDPure Softgels 30 Softgels

3.17 / 5

Total CBD: 750 mg
Potency: 25 mg/soft gel
Cost per mg CBD: $0.08 – $0.11
Extract Type: Full-spectrum
THC Content: <0.3%

CBDPure’s newest – and only other – products are the CBDPure softgels.

They come in 750 mg per bottle, which contains 30 capsules, and deliver 25 mg per pill – if you’re a seasoned CBD user looking for a much stronger dose, this is a perfect choice to supplement your daily CBD intake.

Just like its oils, CBDPure sells its capsules in “month supplies”. One month’s supply is 30 pills – the more you buy at once, the better the cost savings.

3. Topicals

CBD Muscle & Joint Formula

4. CBD Oil for Pets

CBDPure Pet CBD Oil 100 mg
$24.99 – $119.99

CBDPure’s CBDPet Hemp Oil 100 60 mL

2.5 / 5

Total CBD: 100 mg
Potency: 1.67 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.20 – $0.25
Extract Type: Isolate
THC Content: 0%

Safety & Third-Party Testing

CBDPure has an up to date blog informing consumers of CBD testing, laws, and much more – beyond that, there are several other guidelines to help them make sure they choose the right product.

Best of all, CBDPure has third-party lab testing and makes the analysis reports available for the general public to see on the website. This should be a requirement for all companies, simply proof of company legitimacy and transparency.

Unfortunately, regulations governing the CBD industry are limited and third-party testing is optional, which leads to copycat scam artists peddling less than average or harmful and contaminated products – we, therefore, value the fact that CBDPure has taken the steps and paid the cost of getting its products tested.

Overall, you should feel comfortable ordering from CBDPure as it’s clear the company takes quality control and safety practices seriously.

What Does CBDPure Do Well?

1. Incredibly Comprehensive Blog Articles

Blogs on CBD company websites are very common and are amazing sources of information covering a breadth of knowledge and subject matter if done correctly.

Fortunately, CBDPure has compiled a few comprehensive articles regarding CBD, the safety practices surrounding it, and the laws and regulations attributed to it.

2. Clear and Easy Website Layout & Navigation

One of the most vital components of any company – whether it be CBD related or otherwise – is a neatly presented website with an easy to navigate layout.

There are CBD companies out there that believe putting everything together in one chaotic bundle of colorful graphics, different font sizes, and questionable design ideas that only serves to confuse potential buyers.

CBDPure has near-perfected its website layout, with well-structured pages, evenly spaced infographics, and easy to spot links.

Where Could CBDPure Improve?

1. Expand its Product Ranges

We see a huge amount of potential in CBDPure, not only in its business model but in its overall product range (despite being slightly limited).

What we’d ideally like to see in the future is the company branching out to other product lines and using its foundations as a springboard into more innovative ideas – this will ultimately put it in better stead moving forward and not get eclipsed by other companies.

2. More Information on Product Pages

This may seem contradictory to our earlier statement of having a perfect website layout, but the information provided on each product is sparse and could do with a visible ingredients list and useful dosage information tailored to the product.

CBDPure Shipping & Returns

CBDPure’s Terms & Conditions page is pretty comprehensive and contains all relevant information on your current or future order.

The company’s Return Policy provides an extended return period of 90 days, which is unlike any other we’ve seen within the CBD industry – usually, you only get 30 days to return unwanted items.

According to its page dedicated to the 90-day return option, “your satisfaction is [its] top priority” and “if you are not experiencing the benefits you want or simply are not happy with your results, just send your order back within 90 days of purchase and we will refund your purchase price”.

Shipping typically takes 1-2 business days to process and ship. Delivery takes approximately 3-7 business days (though in our experience, busy times can take longer). CBDPure only delivers to the United States and other select countries that allow the importation of CBD products, which only includes Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom.

Free shipping isn’t provided.

Final Verdict: With A Strong Emphasis on Organic Hemp, We Support This Company

CBDPure is an excellent choice for CBD oils and capsules.

We like their dedication to quality and steps taken to making CBD choice as simple and straightforward as possible. There’s no bells and whistles on these products, just straightforward, no-bullshit CBD oils.

As a wise man once said, do one thing and do it well.

CBDPure may have a vague identity and an extremely narrow product line, but the quality speaks for itself.

We recommend CBDPure for those looking to CBD for medical use because of their professionalism and high-quality organic hemp used to make these products. It’s also an excellent company to start your CBD journey with because of their 90-day money-back guarantee.

So, if you’re looking for fun flavors, interesting products, high-potencies, or want a company that supports a specific cause, we suggest looking elsewhere.


4 / 5