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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Blue Moon Hemp Moon Pod

This product is no longer stocked by Blue Moon Hemp.

These Blue Moon Hemp Moon Pods are high-potency vape cartridges for your reusable vaporizers. It comes in three flavors and one size with 100 mg of CBD at only $19.90 a pod. While this may seem like a steal of a deal, we have a list of concerns about this product around the brand’s lack of transparency. 

Price/Value 3/5

Moon Pod’s are priced at $19.90 with a price breakdown of $0.20 per mg of CBD, which is on par to comparable products on the market. Blue Moon Hemp doesn’t offer a unique formulation to set it apart from the competition, but the price matches the quality.

CBD Potency 5/5

Due to the cartridges’ small size of 0.8 mL, each Blue Moon Hemp Moon Pod has an ultra-high potency of 125 mg/mL. For reference, anything above 50 mg/mL receives this high rating — however, there is a lack of third-party lab results to back these claims.

Hemp Source  3/5

Blue Moon Hemp sources organic hemp from Kentucky farmers who use eco-friendly farming practices. However, due to a lack of organic certifications and complete third-party lab results, we can’t present the company with a higher score.

Purpose/Uses 3/5

Blue Moon Hemp doesn’t provide any clear use cases for any of its vape products, and although vaping can provide general benefits, the potency of each Moon Pod may be too strong for the average person. Furthermore, when it comes to suggested serving sizes, the company states “as often and as much as needed based on your personal preferences,” which doesn’t provide much guidance for new users. 

Product Variations 3/5

Compared to Blue Moon Hemp’s other vaporizer products, Moon Pods come in the company’s three most popular flavors. However, because they’re only available in one size and potency, we can’t provide these cartridges with a better score.

Formula/Ingredients 2/5

When it comes to these Moon Pods, no ingredients list is provided, so there’s no way of knowing what exactly is in these vape cartridges. From what we gather, these are just like any other vape oil on the market, and there’s nothing extraordinary about them.

Blue Moon Hemp Moon Pod Review

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Dylan James , last updated on November 16, 2021

Vaporizing CBD has the fastest rate of absorption. CBD travels directly to the lungs within a few seconds, bypassing first-pass liver metabolism — which can render much of the CBD useless. 

Vaporizing provides minimal wait time, making it ideal for those looking to boost their daily dose or need fast-acting results.

In this review, we’ll be discussing Blue Moon Hemp’s Moon Pod to help you figure out whether these pre-filled cartridges fit your vaping needs.

Overview: CBD Moon Pod

Each Blue Moon Hemp Moon Pod contains 100 mg of CBD and is available in the company’s best-selling flavors, Flan, Kush, and Red Devil.

Compared to other products available on the market, Blue Moon Hemp’s Moon Pod offers average value, and there’s nothing special about to set it apart from what’s offered by competitors.

Breaking down the costs of these vape pod cartridges, it works out to $0.20 per mg of CBD — which is about what you’d expect from a product like this. 

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Broad-spectrum extract and THC-free
  • Allows for discreet consumption
  • Three different flavors available

  • Requires a pod system vaporizer
  • Non-refillable
  • No ingredients list included
  • Incomplete third-party lab testing
  • Insufficient CBD extract information

Key Features & Benefits

1. THC-Free Broad-Spectrum Extract

Moon Pod’s are made using a broad-spectrum extract, which preserves the hundreds of phytochemicals found in the hemp plant but removes all traces of THC. 

These natural components include, but aren’t limited to, cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. When combined, these compounds produce the entourage effect.

Those with THC sensitivities can enjoy this product while still benefiting from other therapeutic compounds. 

2. Three Different Flavors Available

Blue Moon Hemp’s Moon Pods come in three flavors — Flan, Kush, and Red Devil. 

Alternatively, kush is available for those who prefer the natural taste of hemp. This assortment of flavors is bound to satisfy the taste buds of any vape enthusiast.

About the Company: Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp’s mission is to destigmatize hemp, build the plants’ reputation, and bring hemp products to the mainstream. Its plan to do so involves offering high-quality products in an accessible and affordable manner.

The company’s product catalogue consists of tinctures for both humans and animals, gummies, salves, and smokeable products (shatters, vape e-liquids, pre-filled vaporizer pens, and pod cartridges).

Blue Moon Hemp chooses to use a broad-spectrum extract for its products rather than a full-spectrum extract, although there are some products made using a CBD isolate instead. 

Broad-spectrum is somewhat of a mixture of the two, taking advantage of the numerous cannabinoids found in the hemp plant while taking THC out of the equation.

Blue Moon Hemp claims to use organic hemp citing the use of eco-friendly farming methods free of insecticides and herbicides. However, no documentation is provided. 

Who Should Consider Using These Moon Pods?

Blue Moon Hemp’s Moon Pod is designed for pod system vaporizer kits. Pod system vaporizers use cartridges (aka pods), either pre-filled or refillable with vape liquid, for users to draw from. 

Created for simplicity and convenience, insert these cartridges into your device and toss it when empty. You can then reuse the battery section of the vaporizer. 

Ideally, these types of vaporizers are great for casual vapers on a budget. 


Blue Moon Hemp’s Moon Pod is priced at $19.90 per pod. Taking the 100 mg of CBD into consideration, this breaks down to a cost per mg of $0.20.

The price breakdown is comparable to other CBD cartridges available on the market, and the price matches the quality. 

For comparison’s sake, the average price of vape liquids ranges from $0.12 – $0.33 per mg of CBD.

Cost Breakdown of Blue Moon Hemp’s Moon Pods:

Product Image Product Name Total Price Total CBD Content Cost per mg CBD
Moon Pod — Flan $19.90 100 mg $0.20
Moon Pod — Kush $19.90 100 mg $0.20
Moon Pod — Red Devil $19.90 100 mg $0.20

CBD Potency

Moon Pods contain 0.8 mL of vape juice with 100 mg of CBD, delivering a potency of 125 mg/mL — meaning ultra-high.

Those not paying attention to this detail will be in for a surprise if you’re not careful. Taking too much CBD may lead to negative side-effects.

When vaping, overconsumption is easy to do without realizing it. Because of its potency, these vape cartridges are not meant for inexperienced users, and instead, Moon Pods are geared towards those already familiar with CBD vaping.

Potency Breakdown of Blue Moon Hemp’s Moon Pods:

Product Image Product Name Total CBD Content CBD Potency (mg/mL) Potency Level
Moon Pod — Flan 100 mg 125 mg/mL Ultra-high
Moon Pod — Kush 100 mg 125 mg/mL Ultra-high
Moon Pod — Red Devil 100 mg 125 mg/mL Ultra-high

Hemp Source

Blue Moon Hemp sources industrial hemp from farmers in Kentucky, formerly known as the biggest hemp producer in the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Blue Moon Hemp claims to use organic hemp, free of insecticides and herbicides, farmed from eco-friendly practices — however, no certifications are provided to back these claims.

According to Blue Moon Hemp’s FAQs section, “There is no certification or designation for Organically grown Industrial Hemp.” It seems Blue Moon Hemp is unaware that organic certification is available through the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) — whether this is due to negligence or for cost-cutting reasons, this information requires updating.

Although Blue Moon Hemp provides organized third-party lab results, there are no results provided specifically for Moon Pods. 

Because of this, we’re left to wonder whether it’s the same product as the company’s vape liquids or broad-spectrum crystalline — the same problem with the company’s e-blunts.


Vaping CBD allows for a faster absorption rate when compared to other ingestion methods because the cannabinoid skips the liver, and instead, is absorbed into the lungs. 

Vaporizers provide convenience in that they can be smoked virtually anywhere, and it’s excellent for using whenever necessary to provide fast-acting effects.

Due to its ultra-high potency, Blue Moon Hemp’s Moon Pods are ideal for immediate relief when experiencing severe symptoms, including pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

CBD affects everyone differently, so results may vary. Experimentation is often required to figure out a dosage that works best for you.

Product Options & Flavors

The Moon Pods are only available in one potency of 100 mg of CBD and one size (0.8 mL).

Like Blue Moon Hemp’s E-Blunts or E-Liquids, Moon Pod’s are available in three of the company’s most popular flavor variations:

  • Flan
  • Kush
  • Red Devil


Blue Moon Hemp doesn’t provide an ingredients list for its Moon Pods, it’s neither present on the website description nor is it listed on the packaging.

To find any information regarding Moon Pods, some info is provided within the FAQs section. However, the information is scattered.

Why this information isn’t provided on the product description doesn’t make much sense, but this reflects poorly on Blue Moon Hemp.

According to the FAQs, palm kernel oil, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin are used in the company’s e-liquids as a base, mixed to a 60 VG:40 PG ratio. VG means vegetable glycerin, while PG means propylene, both common ingredients found in vape liquids.

Apart from that, the flavoring agent is unknown. Blue Moon Hemp states its flavoring is “FDA food approved” although we’d like to see an actual ingredients list for confirmation.

Blue Moon Hemp’s Shipping and Return Policy

Blue Moon Hemp ships throughout the United States for a flat rate of $3.25. International shipping is also available for a flat rate of $18.25. 

Any orders $99 and over qualifies for free shipping although this only applies within the United States.

Any return requests must be made within ten days of purchasing and are subject to a 10% restocking fee. After that, a refund may take as long as five business days for processing.

Promotional pricing product purchases are final sale and can’t be returned or refunded.

Final Verdict: Second-Rate Disposable Vape Cartridge With Ultra-High Potency

Blue Moon Hemp’s Moon Pods have the same issues as the company’s Hemp E-Blunts, there’s an overall lack of transparency with these products. Other than its ultra-high potency, there’s nothing overly special.

Key information is left out of the product description, reflecting poorly on the company. Other than propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and palm kernel oil, there’s no indication of what ingredients have been used for flavoring agents, leaving us to take the company’s word that they’re “FDA food approved” without any information provided to back these claims.

There are plenty of CBD vape cartridges on the market to choose from, all priced competitively well, containing high-quality hemp and ingredients

For that reason, we don’t believe you should purchase these pre-filled cartridges.

If you’re in search of a pre-filled vape pen, we recommend reading our review on Foria’s Flow CBD Vape Pen. It’s a bit pricier upfront but provides a better bang for your buck in the long run. 

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Blue Moon Hemp

3 / 5