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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Oil E-Blunts

This product is no longer stocked by Blue Moon Hemp.

Blue Moon Hemp E-Blunts claim to be one of the strongest vape pens on the market. We’ll get into why we find this product problematic overall — from the deceptive package labeling, lack of ingredient list, unverifiable certificate of analysis, and poor customer service. 

Price/Value 3/5

These disposable vape pens are priced at $19.50 each. Blue Moon Hemp’s FAQ says you can get approximately 215 hauls from these pens, which can last up to a few days. With 70 mg of CBD per pen, this works out to about $0.27 per mg of CBD — This is on the higher end of the average price of vape pens on the market. There are other vape pens that provide more product transparency and more flavor variety over these pens, and we don’t see anything unique about this product to add to its value. 

CBD Potency 2/5

The product packaging is misleading with “560 mg” label. The 560 mg isn’t referring to the CBD, as we first assumed — After chatting with a customer service agent, he told me this is the vapor oil content and only 12.5 % of it is CBD.

Once you do the math, these E-Blunts contain 70 mg of CBD per pen with a potency of 87.5 mg of CBD/mL. This is still a fairly high dose in a disposable vape pen, but the packaging is deceptive. The agent also told me this is one of the strongest CBD pens on the market, and this is simply not true.

Hemp Source 2/5

Blue Moon Hemp proudly sources its hemp from Kentucky, where it’s said to be 100% organic — but not USDA organic Certified. There are third-party lab tests on the website for most products, which are quite comprehensive — however, there are no certificates for the E-Blunts.

The customer service agent referred us to the vape juice 100 mg Certificate of Analysis (CoA) or the crystalline COA because it uses the same extract. These CoAs have different cannabinoid profiles, so we’re not sure confident about the E-Blunt’s extract profile. 

Purpose/Uses 3/5

The E-Blunts make vaping convenient — ready-to-go right out of the package. The potency is also appropriate for this type of product. However, Blue Moon Hemp does not provide any information about how to use this product or who these E-Blunts can benefit. When we chatted with the customer service agent, he told us “it will help you relax and reduce inflammation.”

Product Variations 2/5

These E-Blunts are available in three flavors: Kush, Red Devil, and Flan. All pens contain 70 mg of CBD. This product could stand to benefit in many ways, but one of them includes a wider variety of flavors and potencies to personalize the customer’s CBD vaping experience. 

Formulation/Ingredients 3/5

We don’t appreciate that the ingredient list for these vape pens was gated behind a customer service representative — it wasn’t on the website or on the packaging. These E-Blunts have a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) base with a 60:40 ratio for the CBD extract. This is a common vape base as it produces a milky cloud at low heating temperatures. 

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Oil E-Blunts Review

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Editorial Staff , last updated on November 16, 2021

Disposable vape pens are a good option if you’re looking to get into vaping, but don’t want to commit to pricey vaporizers. They come ready to go out of the package— no need to measure out e-liquids or worry about charging your device.

Vaporizers can provide fast-acting benefits of CBD and come in a variety of flavors and potencies.

The CBD Oil E-Blunts are disposable vape pens offered by Blue Moon Hemp. We weren’t able to find much information about the pens on the packing or on the product description page online.

Blue Moon Hemp does have a ZenDesk live customer service chat on its website where we were able to ask a customer service representative the questions we needed to complete this in-depth review — spoiler — it was shockingly disappointing.

Overview: CBD Oil E-Blunts

Blue Moon Hemp’s CBD E-Blunts are said to be made from high-quality organic hemp crops grown in Kentucky.

Each disposable pen is sold for $19.50 and contains “560 mg and 12.5% CBD” as per the packaging labels.

It’s available in three different flavors:

  • Red Devil (#1 Bestseller)
  • Kush
  • Flan
  • Mango Moon

Both the website and the packaging are missing the following basic information:

  • Ingredient list
  • Third-party lab results
  • Extract type
  • Fluid content

Even for CBD veterans, the information provided isn’t clear. We felt like we were jumping through hoops to piece together information about the E-Blunts.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Organic hemp source
  • No additional equipment needed to vape
  • Non-refillable
  • No ingredient list
  • Not enough information about the CBD extract used
  • Incomplete third-party lab testing

Key Features & Benefits

1. Convenient & Portable

As a disposable vape pen, this product is packaged ready-to-go. There’s no need to purchase any other products such as a vaporizer or even a lighter to use this E-Blunt — open the package and start vaping.

The E-Blunt is small enough to fit in a pocket or easily tossed into a gym bag or purse — Take it anywhere for dosing on the go without needing to carry refills or charging cables.

2. Affordable

At $19.50 per pen, disposable vape pens are a great option for those looking to experiment with CBD vaporizers. There’s little commitment to equipment or budget with this product.

About the Company: Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp’s mission is to destigmatize hemp and deliver accessible, affordable high-quality hemp products to everyone. The brand offers CBD infused E-liquids, tinctures, shatter, salves, gummies, and even a pet-friendly tincture.

Its corporate office is based in Florida, and the company proudly sources its hemp from Kentucky where it claims its crops are grown using organic practices — but it’s not USDA certified organic.

If you’re asking us our opinion about this brand, we’re not a big fan of Blue Moon Hemp. Every customer service interaction we have with the brand is unpleasant, and there’s nothing special about the products it sells. You’ll find out more in this review.

Blue Moon Hemp

3 / 5

Who Should Consider Using Blue Moon Hemp CBD Oil E-Blunts?

The E-blunts are disposable, so throw them out when you’re finished. This product seems great for casual vapers who don’t want to commit to buying a vaporizing device.

Other than that, it’s difficult to say who this product is targetted for, especially with a lack of information on the product description page.


Even for experienced CBD shoppers, the whole product marketing is misleading which can make determining the price and value difficult.

The packaging of these E-Blunts is deceptive.

“560 mg” jumps out from the packaging in a colored box and bold black font with “12.5% CBD” in a smaller blue box. Don’t get fooled by the 560 mg box. This isn’t the CBD content itself.

Typically, CBD content is measured in mg and the fluid content is provided in mL or fluid ounces. I had to ask the customer service representative for clarification.

He told me it’s made with “560 mg vapor oil” and 12.5% of that is CBD. When you do the math, this works out to 70 mg of CBD per pen.

He told us each pen contains 0.8 mL of vape liquid. Converting 560 mg of vapor oil works out (roughly) 0.56 mL. Vapor oil is typically made with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. The FAQ says there is palm kernel oil included in the E-liquids which would account for the remaining volume.

We don’t see why it’s necessary to advertise the vapor oil content on the packaging in mg. Most brands will advertise the mg content of CBD — even seasoned CBD shoppers can fall for this trick.

Let’s look into the price breakdown with the given information from the customer service representative who told me there is 70 mg of CBD in the pens, and each pen is $19.50.

The FAQ page says you can expect approximately 215 draws from each E-Blunt.

Cost Breakdown of Blue Moon Hemp’s E-Blunts per mg of CBD:

Product Image Product Name Total Price Total CBD Content Cost per mg CBD
Blue Moon Hemp E-Blunt — Flan $19.50 70 mg $0.27
Blue Moon Hemp E-Blunt — Red Devil $19.50 70 mg $0.27
Blue Moon Hemp E-Blunt — Kush $19.50 70 mg $0.27
Blue Moon Hemp E-Blunt — Mango Moon $19.50 70 mg $0.27

These pens may look like excellent value at first glance if you’re assuming the E-Blunts contain 560 mg of CBD (from the deceptive packaging), which works out to $0.03 per mg.

Upon further investigation, we find out there’s actually 70 mg of CBD per pen or $0.27 per mg of CBD — this price is actually on par with the average price of CBD for vape pens at $0.12 – $0.33 per mg CBD.

CBD Potency

We had clarified with the customer service representative about the CBD content, and he assured me there is 70 mg of CBD in each pen.

As feedback, we let him know that we wish this information was available on the website and on the packaging. To which he responded “it is. [Y]ou just have to do the math on it.” This doesn’t seem like a brand practicing transparency.

Not only did he assure me about the potency, but he also wrote back condescendingly, “You can’t inhale 560 mg!”.

According to the customer service agent, the E-Blunts with “70 mg [is] one of the strongest pens on the market.”

With 70 mg of CBD in a 0.8 mL cartridge, these E-Blunts have the potency of 87.5 mg/mL, which is a relatively high potency for a vape pen. A responsible brand would include some sort of disclaimer about its potency about the package to let customers know what they’re getting into to avoid any unwanted negative side-effects that can occur when consuming too much CBD.

CBDistillery has a vape pen with 200 mg of CBD — more than double the content of Blue Moon Hemp’s E-blunt — and Foria has a broad-spectrum vape pen with 450 mg of CBD, we don’t consider these E-Blunts, one of the strongest on the market.

Our experience with the pen doesn’t line up with the high-potency we expected— but because the customer service is so unreliable, we can’t be certain of the potency of this product.

Potency Breakdown of Blue Moon Hemp’s E-Blunts per mg of CBD:

Product Image Product Name Total CBD Content CBD Concentration(mg/mL) Cost per mg CBD
Blue Moon Hemp E-Blunt — Flan 70 mg 87.5 mg/mL High
Blue Moon Hemp E-Blunt — Red Devil 70 mg 87.5 mg/mL High
Blue Moon Hemp E-Blunt — Kush 70 mg 87.5 mg/mL High
Blue Moon Hemp E-Blunt — Mango Moon 70 mg 87.5 mg/mL High

Hemp Source

Blue Moon Hemp sources industrial hemp from Kentucky. The crops are 100% organic, contains zero THC and is free of pesticides, heavy metals, and toxins.

In the FAQ, Blue Moon Hemp says there’s no certification available for organic hemp, but its crops are grown in eco-friendly and organic farming practices.

There is, in fact, a certification for organic hemp in America through the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). Whether Blue Moon Hemp doesn’t know this or doesn’t want to pay the cost of true organic hemp, we’re not sure — It doesn’t reflect well on the company.

Unclear Certificate of Analysis

I couldn’t find the certificate of analysis for these pens on the product description page or on the Lab Results page.

The Lab Results page is neatly organized and labeled for all its products — except the E-Blunts were missing — so I asked customer service for the Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

He says, “We don’t have one for the eblunt in particular because it is the same as the vape juice 100mg. Or the crystalline COA will sort of also cover it

I would just like to point out that the vape juice CoA and the crystalline CoA are different. The vape juice 100 mg is a CBD isolate, while the crystalline contains CBDV. We’re not sure which one of these is the correct CoA for the E-blunts, but we do appreciate that the tests are complete with mycotoxins, solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals — so at least there’s that, right?


The product description page for the E-Blunt doesn’t leave any indication for a specific purpose for this product.

Vaping is an enjoyable way to consume CBD. They come in a wide variety of flavors and people find the smoking ritual relaxing.

Generally, vape pens can provide immediate CBD relief. Entering the bloodstream via the millions of alveoli in the lungs and the capillaries contained within them, the effects can be felt between 5-15 minutes flat — 3-5 times faster than capsules and tinctures.

When I spoke to the customer service representative on the live chat, he told me:

“The eblunt is very effective
it will help you relax and reduce inflammation
We get great feedback and we sell thousands of them in the US and overseas”

Product Variations/Flavors

Blue Moon Hemp’s Oil E-Blunts come in 4 flavors, Red Devil, Kush, Flan and Mango Moon.

Blue Moon Hemp’s Flavor Descriptions:

Product Image Flavor Description
Red Devil Our #1 Seller, and with good reason! Nine tropical fruits and berries– including Mango, Papaya, Guava, Pineapple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Tangerine, Orange, and a hint of Vanilla– all work in perfect concert to give a very fruit-forward flavor that lingers on the palate and has won numerous awards at many competitions.
Kush The original KUSH flavor is unmistakable and this terpene absolutely hits the mark. You will taste and get the sensation of vaping the whole plant. Powerful and good!
Flan The Crème Brûlée of Vape Juice! A touch of Madagascar Vanilla beans and a hint of Caramel combine to give this e-Liquid a full body and a long finish. Absolutely a favorite for anyone who loves desserts.
Mango Moon This delicious CBD Mango Moon Vape Pen evokes the taste of juicy mangoes while giving you a discreet and highly convenient way to get your CBD serving throughout the day. It gives you the taste of fresh ripe mango with a hint of peach that will drive your taste buds wild. This flavor is truly exceptional as it has such authentic notes to it. Come try the best tasting candy on a tree, now in a pen!


The CBD industry is new and highly unregulated. We don’t recommend buying any CBD product without an ingredient list. This lack of information can be disheartening to new CBD users.

We couldn’t find any ingredient information about this product on the packaging nor on the product description page.

I reached out to the ZenDesk chat bubble on the website to live-chat with a customer service representative who also wasn’t very helpful or informative.

When I asked about the ingredients list, he simply told me, “The eblunt is 70mg with VG/PG oil and natural flavoring”

If you’re new to vaping, VG and PG stand for vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol — odorless, colorless liquids commonly used as a base for vape juice because they vaporize at lower heating temperatures. The FAQ states the e-liquids have a 60 VG: 40 PG ratio and contain palm kernel oil.

All this information about the Blue Moon Hemp is scattered throughout the FAQs or you need to ask customer service for a vague answer.

Blue Moon Hemp’s Shipping and Return Policy

Blue Moon Hemp will ship internationally, and shipping costs depend on the destination. You can expect your items to ship 48 hours after the order has been made.

While I had the customer representative on the live chat, I asked about the return policy.

Products purchased during a promotion are final. All returns must be requested within 10 days of purchase, and a return label will be emailed to you after speaking with customer service. The refund or exchange will be processed once the package has been returned to the company unused minus a 10% restocking fee.

Refunds can take up to 5 business days to complete.

Final Verdict: A Mediocre Disposable Vape Pen

The biggest issue here is the lack of transparency with this product and the unpleasant customer service experience.

A red flag lies in the fact that there is no description to accompany this product or insight on how it works before purchasing. There’s a lot of guess-work, math, and a chat with an ill-informed customer service agent involved before you can even begin to piece together what’s going on with this product.

Based on the information given from the customer service representative, we’re not convinced he’s aware of what in this product.

When there is no shortage of quality vape pens and brands that care about the customer experience, we don’t see a reason you should waste your time or money with these vape pens.

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Blue Moon Hemp

3 / 5