Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies

Hemp Bombs CBD gummies are a great choice if you’re looking for an edible on budget. They’re made with additional ingredients like L-theanine to better target stress and anxiety — these gummies pack a lot of value in each serving. 

Price/Value 5/5

If you purchase these gummies in higher quantities, they’re a pretty good deal. The high potency option gets as low as $0.06 per mg of CBD. The lower cost might be explained by CBD isolate — but many companies use CBD isolate in their gummies. Hemp Bombs gummies still come in at a lower cost than much of the competition. These gummies are also formulated with additional ingredients to better target your symptoms.

CBD Potency 4/5

Overall, these CBD gummies are pretty standard in the potency department. They range from 15 — 25 mg which is what many other companies offer. There are a few CBD gummies that contain more than 50 mg — but they’re pretty rare. In this context, Hemp Bombs offers a solid range of CBD potencies.

Hemp Source 4/5

Hemp Bombs sources its hemp from American farms but doesn’t list the state. The company claims its hemp is 100% organic, pesticide-free, and grown with sustainable practices. Although the website says that its hemp is certified organic — we couldn’t find any actual certifications on the products. For that reason, we can’t give full marks here.

Purpose/Uses 5/5

Hemp Bombs gummies are a good choice for general symptoms but are formulated to target stress and anxiety more effectively. Gummies make it easy to use CBD discreetly or while on the go — which is perfect for symptoms like stress and anxiety which may come on unexpectedly. 

Product Variations 5/5

Hemp Bombs CBD gummies come in two potencies (15 and 25 mg) and multiple sizes. You can purchase packages range from 5 – 60 count bottles. Overall, this is a pretty solid selection that only a few other suppliers can match. The company also offers a gummy to help you sleep — read more about it here.

Formulation/Ingredients 5/5

Hemp Bombs includes a variety of other beneficial ingredients such as passiflora, skullcap, and l-theanine to better target symptoms of stress and anxiety. Symptom-specific formulas are uncommon at this price point, so Hemp Bombs gets full points here.

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Hemp Bombs: CBD Gummies Review

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Dylan James , posted 9 months ago

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies.

CBD gummies are a fun and delicious way to consume CBD. They’re also a great introduction to CBD because they’re premeasured and don’t require any preparation.

Hemp Bombs is an industry leader that has been reviewed by many vloggers, blogs and forums.

How does Hemp Bombs’ take on the classic CBD treat stack up against the competition? We’ve done the research to help you make an informed buyer’s decision. Read on to find out our thoughts.

Overview: CBD Gummies

Hemp Bombs CBD gummies come in a variety of sizes and three types: regular, high-potency, and sleep. If you want to learn more about Hemp Bombs’ sleep gummies specifically, you can read our review here.

You can purchase these gummies in several sizes including 5, 15, 30, and 60 count packages. Hemp Bombs also offers two potencies: 15 and 25 mg of CBD.

Hemp Bombs CBD gummies provide a lot of value at a low price. The gummies range from $0.06 – $0.20 per mg of CBD which is comparable to much of the competition. However, Hemp Bombs formulates its CBD gummies with other natural ingredients in order to target stress and anxiety more effectively — we’ve outlined these ingredients in the purpose/uses section below.

As always, you’re better off going for the larger package sizes and higher potencies to get the most bang for your buck.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Additional anti-stress ingredients
  • Inexpensive source of CBD
  • Large selection of gummy options
  • Made with artificial ingredients
  • Made from CBD isolate

Key Features & Benefits

1. Anti-Anxiety/Stress Ingredients

Benefit: Target your symptoms more effectively

When CBD is combined with other natural ingredients, it may be more effective for managing your symptoms. In the case of Hemp Bombs, each gummy variation is formulated with L-theanine, passiflora, and scutellaria— all of which have calming or anti-anxiety properties.

2. Inexpensive

Benefit: Save your hard-earned cash.

These gummies are fairly priced when compared to much of the competition. They’re made with a CBD isolate, which may partially explain the lower cost — but if you’re on a budget these gummies are an inexpensive option.

3. Large Selection

Benefit: Find the right product for your CBD regimen

With 4 different package sizes, two different potencies, and a sleep option available, Hemp Bombs has a broad selection of CBD gummies that many other companies would have a hard time matching.

About the Company: Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a Florida-based company with a large selection of unique CBD products. You’ll find edibles oils, vapes, topicals, and pet products — and many of these items are available in several flavors, sizes, and CBD potencies. The company uses only CBD isolate in its products.

Hemp Bombs also provides a ton of free information about the world of CBD in its informational blog — which makes it a good resource for those of you who are just starting your journey with CBD.

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs reveiw

4.5 / 5

Who Should Consider Using CBD Gummies?

Gummies are a great product for people looking for an easy way to get a consistent dose of CBD. The doses are premeasured which means you don’t need to spend time preparing your CBD. They’re also tasty — making them a good option for people who don’t like the earthy flavors of tinctures.

Hemp Bombs sells its CBD gummies in regular and high potency varieties with 15 and 25 mg respectively.

With the large selection of bottle sizes, tasty flavors, and additional beneficial ingredients, there are a few categories of people that may want to consider Hemp Bombs CBD gummies:

  • Newcomers to CBD
  • Children
  • People who are frequently stressed/anxious


Hemp Bombs CBD gummies are a little bit less expensive than many other CBD edibles currently available.

If you purchase the larger bottle sizes, the cost per mg of CBD becomes quite reasonable. The gummies reach a low of $0.06 per mg of CBD if you get the 60 count high potency option.

Cost Breakdown of Hemp Bombs Standard CBD Gummies

Product ImageProduct NameTotal CBDTotal CostCBD Potency (mg/gummy)Cost per mg of CBD
Hemp Bombs Gummies — 5-count75 mg$14.9915 mg/gummy$0.20
Hemp Bombs Gummies — 15-count225 mg$34.9915 mg/gummy$0.16
Hemp Bombs Gummies — 30-count450 mg$59.9915 mg/gummy$0.13
Hemp Bombs Gummies — 60-count900 mg$99.9915 mg/gummy$0.11

Cost Breakdown of Hemp Bombs High Potency CBD Gummies

Product ImageProduct NameTotal CBDTotal CostCBD Potency (mg/gummy)Cost per mg of CBD
Hemp Bombs High Potency Gummies — 5-count125 mg$19.9925 mg/gummy$0.16
Hemp Bombs High Potency Gummies — 30-count750 mg$79.9925 mg/gummy$0.11
Hemp Bombs High Potency Gummies — 60-count1500 mg$139.9925 mg/gummy$0.06

CBD Potency

The gummies come in 2 potencies:

  • Standard — 15 mg of CBD per gummy
  • High-potency — 25 mg of CBD per gummy

These strengths are pretty common in the world of CBD gummies. If you’re new to CBD, you’ll likely want to consider the 15 mg option until you’re familiar with how CBD affects you. For more experienced users, the high-potency option with 25 mg gives you an easy way to get a boost to your daily CBD intake.

Potency Breakdown of Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies

Product NameCBD per Serving (1 Gummy)Potency Level
Hemp Bombs Standard Gummies15 mgMid
Hemp Bombs High-Potency Gummies25 mgHigh

Hemp Source

Hemp Bombs sources its hemp from American farms but doesn’t list a specific state. All of its hemp is organic, pesticide-free, and grown with sustainable, environmentally friendly methods. However, we couldn’t find the organic certifications anywhere on the website or products.

The company provides regular third-party test results so you can see exactly what’s going into your CBD extracts.

The gummies are also made with CBD isolates, which are potentially less effective than full-spectrum CBD.


Both the standard and high potency gummies include additional ingredients that may help manage symptoms of stress and anxiety. We’ve outlined these ingredients in the formulation/ingredients section below.

Depending on your level of experience, CBD gummies from Hemp Bombs may appropriate for the following customers:

  • Regular Gummies are great for newcomers who want to try CBD and don’t know what their tolerance is yet.
  • HighPotency Gummies should be chosen by more experienced users who may have a higher tolerance to CBD.

Product Variations/Flavors

Hemp Bombs has a pretty good selection of different CBD gummies. There are two (three if you take into account the sleep variation) unique products available in 3 or 4 package sizes. As we mentioned above, each variation contains a few other key ingredients to better target your symptoms.

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies Product Variations

Product NameTotal CBDKey IngredientsPackage Sizes Available
Hemp Bombs Standard Gummies15 mgL-Theanine, Scutellaria, Passiflora5, 15, 30, 60
Hemp Bombs High-Potency Gummies25 mgL-Theanine, Scutellaria, Passiflora5, 30, 60


Hemp Bombs includes a few other great ingredients to combat stress and anxiety — which is great to see at this price point.

Key Ingredients

  1. L-Theanine — L-theanine is an amino acid that’s commonly found in tea. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety by inhibiting the effects of glutamate. Glutamate is one of the brain’s primary excitatory neurotransmitters; by blocking the glutamate, L-theanine helps to keep you calm and relaxed.
  2. Scutellaria (Skullcap) — Scutellaria has been used in traditional medicine for a variety of symptoms including anxiety, insomnia, depression, epilepsy, and more.
  3. Passiflora (Passionflower) — Passiflora is another natural anti-anxiety remedy that may boost GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) levels in the brain. Low levels of GABA are associated with anxiety and other mood disorders. It may also be effective for insomnia or to increase focus.

Hemp Bombs Shipping & Return Policy

Hemp Bombs currently ships internationally. Orders within the United States should arrive within 5 – 10 business days, while international orders can take as long as six weeks. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all products purchased directly through the website.

Final Verdict: Solid CBD Gummies to Target Anxiety & Stress

Hemp Bombs CBD gummies provide a ton of value for their price point. The stress and anxiety formula may help target your symptoms more effectively than other products in this category.

If you purchase the higher quantities, these CBD gummies become pretty reasonably priced. At $0.06 per mg of CBD, the 60-count high potency gummies are a good choice for people on a budget. This is a great price, especially considering the anti-anxiety/stress formula. Many other CBD gummies at this price point only contain CBD isolate.

If you’re on a budget, Hemp Bombs CBD gummies can save you some money. We recommend the high potency variety to manage anxiety and stress — at a lower cost than much of the competition.

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Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs reveiw

4.5 / 5

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