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When Is National CBD Day? (And Other Weed Holidays)

National CBD day is on August 8.

But what does CBD day even mean? Where did this “holiday” originate?

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Daily CBD , last updated on January 6, 2022

Every year on August 8, the United States celebrates National CBD Day.

This holiday is a celebration of cannabidiol (CBD) and all its life-changing use cases. It’s a day of raising awareness about the supplement, commemorating its many use cases, and enjoying great deals from your favorite CBD brands.

Here’s what you need to know to observe National CBD Day this year.

What Is National CBD Day?

National CBD Day is a national holiday recognized by National Day Calendar. The purpose of National CBD Day is to celebrate the hemp product for all its many health benefits, from pain reduction to anxiety relief and so much more.

The holiday came about when cbdMD, a CBD manufacturer based in North Carolina, applied for a new national holiday to commemorate CBD. New national holidays are accepted by National Day Calendar for the purpose of increasing sales, brand awareness, and social media engagement, Leafly reported in 2018.

CbdMD became the first-ever sponsor of National CBD Day, which was celebrated for the first time on August 8, 2018. Dr. Justin Crumrine, chief scientific officer at cbdMD, said the holiday represents a “public embrace for CBD on a national level.”

After just a few years, the popularity of the holiday has spread to hundreds of other CBD manufacturers and distributors.

Expect to see plenty of sales and special deals from your favorite CBD brands on National CBD Day.

Why Is National CBD Day Necessary?

When it comes to CBD, awareness is sorely needed, and efforts like National CBD Day have worked to rectify that. The Consumer Brands Association conducted a 2019 study about consumer knowledge of CBD and found astounding levels of misinformation about the product.

The study showed that 62% of respondents were aware of CBD. Of those individuals, 40% said they believe CBD is “just another name for marijuana,” and 24% had purchased CBD products with the aim of getting high.

This lack of awareness can be harmful because it keeps consumers from understanding the truth about CBD — that it’s a safe, non-habit-forming supplement used to treat thousands of diseases and symptoms without getting users high.

Misinformation about CBD is also detrimental because of the current status of CBD in the eyes of regulatory agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Because the FDA does not regulate consumer CBD products, it’s important to buy from trusted brands with transparent manufacturing processes and ingredients lists.

National CBD Day also seeks to raise awareness about the many benefits of CBD, where to buy trusted products, and how to use CBD for certain use cases.

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How Can I Celebrate National CBD Day?

Celebrating National CBD Day is pretty easy on the average consumer. You’ll notice deals, sales, and events aimed at increasing CBD awareness and use during the week of National CBD Day.

You can also celebrate National CBD Day by raising awareness with your family and friends. Have a conversation with a loved one about the benefits of CBD that could positively impact them, or share your experience with CBD using the #NationalCBDDay hashtag on social media.

Set your calendar reminder now, so you don’t miss out on the valuable information and deals — as well as a celebration of this versatile compound — this National CBD Day.

Other Cannabis-Related Holidays

Continue the celebration with these other cannabis-related holidays throughout the year.

1. National Hemp Day | February 4

National Hemp Day is a celebration of the hemp plant and all its many uses. The hemp plant is a source of CBD, delta 8 THC, and numerous products like rope and twine that can be created from the hardy leaves and stems. You can find deals from top CBD and hemp product distributors on this holiday.

2. 4/20 | April 20

Easily the most popular cannabis-related holiday, 4/20 is the day to celebrate all things cannabis. Get together with some friends to share a joint and celebrate the relaxing medicinal plant. Don’t miss out on the thousands of 4/20 deals from your local dispensary or online distributor.

3. Legalization Day | November 6

Commemorating the first day that a U.S. state legalized cannabis, Legalization Day will see its tenth anniversary this year. Colorado and Washington passed their recreational cannabis laws, which also established regulatory agencies to keep consumers safe, on this day in 2012.

This is the perfect day to celebrate legalization in your state and find great deals from dispensaries and online shops.

4. Bicycle Day | April 19

A commemoration of the first-ever recorded LSD trip, Bicycle Day is a holiday dedicated to the psychoactive drug called acid. While it isn’t technically a cannabis holiday, Bicycle Day has grown to be a celebration of all things psychedelia.

While this holiday isn’t exactly “cannabis-related,” it certainly shares a lot of overlap and you’re not likely to find a bicycle day celebration that doesn’t involve weed.

Enjoy Bicycle Day safely by surrounding yourself with good friends, a safe home base, and potentially even some weed to ease yourself back to reality after your trip.

Final Thoughts: Celebrating Cannabis All Year Long

Whether you’ve just discovered the benefits of CBD or you’re a longtime user, National CBD Day is the best opportunity to celebrate this life-changing supplement.

Check your favorite CBD shops for great deals, can’t-miss sales, and cutting-edge CBD information on August 8, National CBD Day.

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