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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Social CBD Transdermal Patch

Transdermal patches are one of the newest ways to get your daily dose of CBD. They’re easy to use — stick them somewhere discreet on your skin, and you’re good to go. The active ingredients will absorb through the skin over the course of several hours. 

Social CBD’s patches are available in two CBD potencies. New users may want to start with the 20 mg patch, while CBD veterans may feel more at home with the 60 mg option.

While there are more cost-effective ways of using CBD, these transdermal patches are definitely worth checking out. 

Price/Value 4/5

Transdermal patches are expensive — but that’s not to say that they don’t have value. If you’re looking for the most discreet way to use CBD, then patches are the way to go. They also deliver a consistent dose of CBD over the course of 24 hours. As an innovative product with clear-cut benefits, we’re willing to pay a little more. With that being said, you’ll want to pair it with another product (tincture, vape oil) if you plan on using CBD on a daily basis.

CBD Potency 5/5

The patches can be purchased in 20 or 60 mg varieties. These potencies open the door to both newcomers and CBD veterans alike. They’re a great way to ensure a certain level of CBD in a 24 hour period — and you can easily add a capsule, concentrate, or tincture if you feel like you need an extra boost. They can also be cut into smaller sizes for smaller doses.

Hemp Source 4/5

Social CBD uses United States-grown hemp for all of its products. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t tell us specifically where its hemp is grown. However, each product comes with a batch number that allows you to view the test results for your specific product. A representative from Social CBD tells us that all of its hemp is grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. For full marks here, Social CBD should disclose the state where its hemp is grown and any organic certifications.

Purpose/Uses 4/5

Transdermal patches are an innovative product that allows you to use CBD much more discreetly than other methods like tinctures or vape oils. Simply stick on the patch where nobody will see it, and you’re good to go. They’re also a great way to ensure a consistent dose of CBD throughout the day. However, they’re not nearly as versatile as tinctures, concentrates, or vape oils.

Product Variations 4/5

Social CBD’s transdermal patches are available in two potencies and package sizes. Although this isn’t a huge selection when compared to other delivery methods, transdermal patches are an innovative product that very few companies carry. In this context, two potencies and package sizes are a great selection.

Formulation/Ingredients 4/5

Although Social CBD’s patches use a simple formula, we can’t fault the company too many points in this category. Patches are a brand new concept in the industry, and only a few companies even sell them — we don’t expect to see unique formulas or ingredients in CBD patches for a while longer. 

Social CBD Transdermal Patch Review

Article By
Dylan James , last updated on November 16, 2021

What Are Transdermal Patches?

Transdermal patches are starting to make more appearances in the market — but there are still very few companies who are willing to introduce them.

They work like a nicotine patch — stick it on a discrete portion of your skin, and the patch will take care of the rest. Patches are an excellent way of using CBD because your body slowly absorbs the dose over a 24 hour period — potentially meaning more consistent and longer-lasting relief. 

About the Company: Social CBD

Social CBD has a great product catalog that covers all of the CBD staples, including vape pens, CBD pet oils, CBD muscle rubs, CBD capsules, transdermal patches, and CBD drops.

All of the company’s products are made with CBD isolate rather than full-spectrum extracts. However, this also means that Social CBD falls on the less expensive side of the price spectrum.

Social CBD provides pure and potent CBD products — it hopes to reduce worry and misinformation within the industry by ensuring its products are high-quality, trustworthy, and easily accessible.

Social CBD

4.83 / 5

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Who Should Consider Using Social CBD Transdermal Patches?

Transdermal patches are an excellent alternative for people who are concerned about others knowing that you’re using CBD. They can be applied anywhere on your body — which makes them easy to conceal. 

Additionally, they offer a consistent dose that’s delivered over the course of 24 hours. Patches are a perfect product to pair with other methods in order to maintain a consistent level of CBD over a day.

Cost & Potency

CBD patches are significantly more expensive than some other delivery methods such as tinctures, capsules, or vape oils. However, they offer some benefits that those other products do not. 

As we mentioned above, they’re highly discreet. They also deliver a consistent dose of CBD, every time. Lastly, they’re an innovative product that very few companies are currently carrying, so it’s expected that you’d pay a little more. 

When taken in this context, Social CBD’s transdermal patches are expensive but priced reasonably.

Depending on your goals and which product you choose, these transdermal patches can be quite potent. If you’re new to CBD, you’ll want to stick to the 20 mg variety to see how it affects you. For more experienced users, the 60 mg variety is an attractive option to take care of your needs or get a boost of CBD over the course of a day.

Cost & Potency Breakdown of Social CBD Patches: 

Product Image Product Name Total Price Total CBD Content Cost per mg CBD Potency
Social CBD 20 mg Patch  —  Single Pack $10.99 20 mg $0.55 20 mg/patch
Social CBD 20 mg Patch —  Three Pack $29.99 60 mg $0.50 20 mg/patch
Social CBD 60 mg Patch —  Single Pack $19.99 60 mg $0.33 60 mg/patch
Social CBD 60 mg Patch — Three Pack $49.99 180 mg $0.28 60 mg/patch

Hemp Source

All of Social CBD’s products are made with United States-grown hemp. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t list the state in which its hemp is grown. However, a representative from Social CBD assures us that its products are pesticide and herbicide-free. Each product comes with a batch number that allows you to look up the test results for the CBD extract used to make your patches.

Purpose & Uses

Transdermal patches are an excellent solution for people looking to use CBD discreetly, or for those of you who need an easy way to boost your CBD intake for the day. They can be applied anywhere on your skin, which means they can be hidden easily. You’ll also receive a consistent dose over a 24 hour period — which makes it easy to keep yourself level with tinctures or vape oils.

Formulation & Ingredients

Aside from CBD extract, there are no additional beneficial ingredients in Social CBD’s patches. However, as a new and novel product, this isn’t surprising. A few companies only offer transdermal patches, and we’re glad to see Social CBD sell them to start with. In this particular case, we’re don’t expect symptom-specific ingredients or essential oils.

Product Options & Flavors

Considering the fact that transdermal patches are a rare sight in the CBD industry, Social CBD has a great selection. You can purchase its patches in two potencies and two package sizes — which is more than enough for an innovative product.

Social CBD Shipping & Return Policy

Social CBD offers a 30-day return for all unopened and unused products, but you’ll have to pay to ship it back.

Currently, the company only ships within the United States. If your order is more than $99, you’re eligible for free shipping.

Final Verdict: An Excellent Way to Use CBD Discreetly

Transdermal patches are a new product in the industry, but there’s definitely a future for them. Social CBD offers high-potency patches that can help you maintain your CBD level throughout a 24 hour period.

Although they’re more expensive per mg of CBD than other products such as tinctures or capsules, transdermal patches offer a few benefits you won’t get anywhere else. 

Once you stick it on, you can forget about it. It will slowly release your dose all day. This also means you need to worry less about redosing yourself when your levels start to run low.

It’s also one of the most discreet ways of using CBD so far. As long as they can’t see the patch, nobody will know you’re using CBD.

For those of you looking for a way to discreetly use CBD, Social CBD’s transdermal patch is the way to go. The patch makes a great pair with a tincture, vape pen, or concentrate to reach your daily CBD goals with ease. 

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Social CBD

4.83 / 5

Enter the code DAILYCBD at checkout to get 20% off your order and FREE SHIPPING.

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