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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Nordic Oil CBD Paste Review

This concentrated CBD paste from Nordic Oil is ideal for those who need exceptionally high doses of CBD. This full-spectrum product comes in a 5 mL syringe dispenser providing you with over 300 mg of CBD for every milliliter of paste.

Even compared to other concentrates, this is exceptionally potent. It’s also quite cost-effective, cutting the cost of CBD down to just €0.07 per milligram. Like all Nordic Oil products, it’s backed by third-party tests to confirm its cannabinoid and terpene levels are within a reasonable range of what’s advertised (5%).

If you’re after a potent CBD product to use sublingually, add to foods, or other CBD preparations, this paste is an excellent choice.

Price/Value 4/5

The CBD paste from Nordic Oil provides fairly good value. It costs just €0.07 per mg of CBD, which is cheaper than the average price for European CBD concentrates. 

However, this product loses a point because the higher strength options don’t provide a reduced cost per mg. You’ll pay the same cost per milligram of CBD no matter how much, or how little you buy at a time.

CBD Potency 5/5

The most impressive feature of Nordic Oil’s CBD paste is its incredibly high potency. You won’t find many products of this potency outside of pure CBD isolate. This is easily one of the most potent full-spectrum CBD products available in Europe.

Hemp Source 4/5

Nordic Oil claims to use non-GMO, organic hemp cultivated in Europe to produce this paste. However, its products are not tested for pesticides and other contaminants. Furthermore,  although it’s difficult to obtain organic certification at this time, there is no proof that the company’s hemp is organic.

Purpose/Uses 5/5

CBD concentrates are designed to give you a convenient way to dispense large doses of CBD. Nordic Oil’s CBD paste certainly meets that goal by providing high CBD potencies with an easy-to-use syringe dispenser. You can use a small amount of this paste sublingually like a CBD oil, add it to foods, or even mix it into other CBD products.

Product Variations 4/5

This 5 mL paste comes in three potency variations: 300 mg/mL, 400 mg/mL, and 500 mg/mL. This satisfies the most important requirement for CBD concentrates: multiple options of potent CBD strengths. 

Formula/Ingredients 5/5

The formula used for this product has only three ingredients — full-spectrum hemp extract, coconut oil, and beeswax. We give this formula five stars because it has everything a concentrate needs without any extra flavoring or other ingredients.

We also love the fact that this is a full-spectrum product, leveraging the benefits of the entourage effect.

Nordic Oil CBD Paste Review

Article By
Gleb Oleinik , last updated on November 16, 2021

About the Company: Nordic Oil

Nordic Oil is one of the newer companies in the European CBD market. It sells CBD oils, capsules, topicals, concentrates, e-liquids, isolate powders, pet products, and even CBD-infused multivitamins.

However, American customers only have access to a limited product selection at this time — consisting of just two CBD oil options (one with melatonin, one without). This paste is only available to European customers, with the exception of the United Kingdom.

If you live in Europe, Nordic Oil is a CBD brand to keep an eye on.

Nordic Oil

4.67 / 5

Cost & Potency

Nordic Oil’s CBD paste costs €0.07 per mg. Relative to other CBD concentrates on the European market, this price is considered below average, so you’re getting fairly good value when you buy this paste.

CBD pastes are classified as a concentrate — which is by definition going to be a high-potency product. Even compared to other pastes, this is one of the stronger options you can buy.

Cost & Potency Breakdown of Nordic Oil CBD Paste:

Product Image Product Name Total Price Total CBD Content Cost per mg CBD Potency (mg/mL)
Nordic Oil CBD Paste — (30% / 1500 mg CBD) €99.00 1500 mg €0.07 1500 mg
Nordic Oil CBD Paste — (40% / 2000 mg CBD) €139.00 2000 mg €0.07 2000 mg
Nordic Oil CBD Paste — (50% / 2500 mg CBD) €169.00 2500 mg €0.07 2500 mg

Hemp Source

Nordic Oil sources non-GMO, organic hemp from within Europe. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide third-party tests for pesticides and other contaminants or proof of organic certification.

Although this information is not required, it would go a long way towards verifying the quality of the company’s hemp source and building trust with customers.


Like most CBD concentrates, Nordic Oil’s paste is intended for people who need high doses of CBD. This paste can be used sublingually (under the tongue) as a regular CBD oil or added to other CBD products and foods. It’s quite easy to use a high CBD dose with this product because you only need to use a small amount so be careful.

This product is recommended for experienced CBD-users only.


Most CBD concentrates have straightforward formulas because the goal is to concentrate the main active ingredients of the hemp plant and remove most of the unwanted or unnecessary components like fiber, proteins, fats, or minerals.

Nordic Oil’s CBD paste follows this idea by providing full-spectrum hemp extract dissolved in coconut oil and beeswax base to give it a more ideal texture.

Nordic Oil Shipping & Return Policy

Nordic Oil ships throughout Europe (except the UK due to local laws), with free shipping for orders over €38.99 and free express shipping for those over €99.99.

If you need to return your order, simply ship it back within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange. Nordic Oil makes the process quite easy thanks to its fast, responsive customer service team.

Check your local CBD laws before ordering this product to make sure there isn’t going to be any issues when it reaches the border.

Final Verdict: A Potent CBD Concentrate For Europeans

If you’re looking for a high-strength European CBD product, Nordic Oil’s CBD paste is something you should consider.

The most important thing in a CBD concentrate is potency — Nordic Oil gets it right by providing three exceptionally high options: 300 mg, 400 mg, and 500 mg per mL. Even people who need extremely high CBD doses will be satisfied with these options.

This paste is considered to be full-spectrum and backed by third-party potency tests, so you know you’re getting the complete benefits of the hemp plant and not just pure CBD.

Although Nordic Oil has room to improve its products by testing them for contaminants and providing more detailed information about the manufacturing process, we recommend its paste if CBD concentrates are legal where you live.

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Nordic Oil

4.67 / 5