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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Nordic Oil Mani Oil Review

The Nordic Oil Mani drops are one of the few CBD tinctures designed for sleep support — however, this is not our favorite. There are plenty of other CBD and melatonin oils that have much stronger effects and lower cost. 

These specialized CBD oils come in two versions, one sold in the United States and the other European version, and contain 75–150 mg of full-spectrum CBD alongside 45–75 mg of melatonin, a popular sleep aid. Like all of Nordic Oil’s products, this tincture backed by third-party potency tests.

Price/Value 2/5

At $0.23 or €0.40 per mg of CBD, the Mani oil is more expensive than average. We’d like to see the company offer oils containing more CBD with a lower price per mg, especially for the European version.

CBD Potency 1/5

This oil contains 2.5–5 mg of CBD per mL, which is a low potency even after we consider the addition of melatonin. This amount of CBD will only be enough for people with very low dosage preferences.

Hemp Source 4/5

Nordic Oil’s products are made from organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp. The U.S. products made sourced from hemp cultivated in Irwin, California, while the European ones use hemp grown in Europe.

Although the company lists third-party potency tests, there are no test reports for pesticides or other contaminants. We’d like the company to offer more comprehensive testing and proof of organic certification to score full points here.

Purpose/Uses 3/5

Nordic Oil provides a clear purpose for its Mani drops: supporting good sleep. Considering the presence of melatonin, that’s clearly the goal here. However, the problem is that the CBD potency is too low to do what’s advertised. Instead, users are going to be reliant on the effects of melatonin itself — which is significantly cheaper than CBD as a supplement. 

Product Variations 3/5

Considering how specialized this product is, we don’t expect a lot of options for Nordic’s Mani drops. Having said that, this tincture is lacking in higher potency options we believe are necessary for a lot of people to find use from this product. 

Formula/Ingredients 3/5

We like the specialized formulas used in these tinctures: broad-spectrum hemp extract, melatonin, and other ingredients such as sugar-free sweetener and vitamin B6 to support the body’s natural melatonin product. 

As we’ve already mentioned, we’d like to see the CBD content a little higher in these oils.

Nordic Oil Mani Oil Review

Article By
Gleb Oleinik , last updated on November 16, 2021

CBD Oil for Sleep

Most CBD oils are designed as all-purpose products. However, many companies are beginning to offer specialized tinctures for specific purposes, such as improving sleep or reducing inflammation.

This particular product is specifically designed to help with sleep. The addition of melatonin provides a powerful boost to the already relaxing and sedative qualities of CBD. I recommend you take this oil about an hour or so before your intended bedtime to give the oil enough time to take effect.

This product is listed as one of the best CBD oils for sleep.

About the Company: Nordic Oil

Nordic Oil was founded in 2018 in Europe, making it one of the newer CBD companies.

Despite its young age, Nordic Oil offers a complete range of products, including CBD oils, capsules, topicals, concentrates, e-liquids, isolates, pet products, and even CBD-infused multivitamins.

However, most of the company’s products are only available in Europe, and Nordic currently provides two separate versions of this product for US and European customers.

Its European products are made with organic, non-GMO hemp cultivated in Europe, whereas the U.S. versions are sourced from hemp grown in Irwin, California.

Like most leading brands, Nordic Oil uses supercritical CO2 to extract the phytochemicals from its source hemp. This is widely considered to be the best and most advanced method of CBD extraction.

Nordic Oil

4.67 / 5

Cost & Potency

The American version of Nordic Oil’s Mani drops cost $35.00, which translates to about $0.23 per mg of CBD — this is more expensive than average. By comparison, most melatonin-infused CBD products cost about $0.08–0.20 per mg.

Because there are so few melatonin-infused CBD oils, this tincture still provides great value. Meanwhile, the European version costs €0.40 per mg, which is quite pricey.

The potency of this oil is 5 mg/mL, while the European version has half the amount: 2.5 mg/mL. Both of these potencies are considered low. Although it’s understandable for this product to have a lower CBD strength because it also provides melatonin, this potency is still quite low. As such, it may not be enough to meet most people’s dosage requirements for supporting sleep.

Cost Breakdown of Nordic Oil Mani Drops (U.S.):

Image Product Name Total Price Total CBD Content Cost per mg CBD Potency (mg/mL)
Nordic Oil Mani Drops — CBD + Melatonin $35.00 150 mg $0.23 5 mg/mL

Hemp Source

Nordic Oil uses a different hemp source for the American and European variants of its Mani drops. The American version is made with organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO hemp grown in Irwin, California, while the European one is sourced from organic, non-GMO European hemp.

The company also provides third-party potency tests to verify the cannabinoid levels of both products.

Unfortunately, Nordic Oil doesn’t provide proof of organic status. Moreover, the company doesn’t order tests for pesticides and other contaminants, which would also help us confirm the quality and safety of its hemp.


According to Nordic Oil, this CBD tincture is designed to promote a healthy sleep cycle. The addition of melatonin makes perfect sense here, but we’re a little disappointed about the low CBD potency. You can’t just take more of this oil to get more CBD because this also increases the dose of melatonin. IN many cases, higher doses of melatonin can actually have an opposite effect.

Always try to consume less than 15 mg of melatonin per day.


The main active ingredients in this tincture are broad-spectrum hemp extract and melatonin. Aside from that, both the U.S. and American variants contain soy lecithin, alcohol, and food preservatives.

The American variant also has two sugar-free sweeteners: stevia and monk fruit extract. Meanwhile, the European version adds vitamin B6, which is needed to produce melatonin naturally in the body.

As far as melatonin-infused CBD oils are concerned, these formulas were quite effective from our own testing.

Nordic Oil Shipping & Return Policy

For U.S. customers, Nordic Oil charges $5.99 for shipping, but you can also get free shipping if your order is over $20. The company estimates about 3-5 business days for your package to arrive.

Meanwhile, standard European shipping is free for orders over €38.99 and there’s free express shipping for orders over €99.99.

As for returns, Nordic Oil offers a full refund or exchange for items returned within 30 days of purchase.

Final Verdict: A Good Sleep-Supportive, But Could Have A Higher Potency

Nordic Oil’s Mani drops are useful for supporting good sleep, but higher potency variants are sorely needed.

This tincture is a decent option for helping you fall and stay asleep. It contains melatonin and is backed by third-party potency test reports. And because it’s made with whole-plant hemp extract, you get more out of it than products made with CBD isolate.

However, this oil’s potency is too low to meet everyone’s needs. We’d like to see Nordic Oil offer a medium (20-40 mg/mL) and high potency variant (40+ mg) for people with higher CBD preferences.

It would also be great if the company provided more information to verify the quality of its hemp, such as third-party tests for pesticides and heavy metals.

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Nordic Oil

4.67 / 5