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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Lazarus Naturals Energy Blend CBD Capsules

Lazarus Naturals’ Energy Blend CBD capsules are not your typical CBD product. Instead of relaxing you, these capsules are meant to do the opposite: give you a boost of energy.

If you’re looking for a supplement to increase energy levels without making yourself feel anxious and overstimulated, this is it. The main ingredient in these capsules is tried-and-true caffeine, with CBD and tea-derived L-theanine acting as a way to counteract caffeine’s jittery side effects.

In addition, these capsules include Rhodiola, an adaptogenic herb that fights fatigue during times of physical and mental stress, and vitamin B12, which helps our bodies produce energy. We recommend these capsules for people in search of a clean & calm energy boost.

Price/Value 5/5

With a price of only $0.02 – $0.04 per mg of CBD isolate and the presence of additional active ingredients, these capsules provide excellent value.

Potency 4/5

This product has a medium-high level of potency with 25 mg CBD isolate per capsule. Considering that the CBD in this product acts primarily as a way to reduce caffeine’s side effects rather than provide benefits of its own, this potency is more than sufficient.

Hemp Source 4/5

According to Lazarus Naturals, the company uses organic, Oregon-grown, non-GMO hemp. Although it doesn’t provide organic certification to prove this, the company posts the results of third-party lab tests for pesticides and heavy metals publically on their website.

Purpose/Uses 5/5

The primary purpose of these CBD capsules is to give you a boost of clean, calm energy. Considering the product’s unique formula that includes caffeine and other energy-boosting compounds, we find it works very well for this purpose.

Product Variations 4/5

There isn’t much variety with the energy blend — your only choice is buying a container of 10, 40 or 200 capsules. Although we’d like to see more CBD potency options, we can’t expect too much choice since this is already a highly specialized product.

Formulation/Ingredients 5/5

The formula used for these capsules is quite impressive. The main active ingredient is caffeine — the most popular energy booster in the world. Meanwhile, CBD takes a backseat alongside L-theanine as a way to cut down on the anxiety, nervousness, and related side effects of caffeine.

In addition, vitamin B12 acts as a small energy booster by making sure your body has enough of the energy-building vitamin. Finally, rhodiola gives its own boost of energy by counteracting mental or physical stress and fatigue.

Lazarus Naturals Energy Blend CBD Capsules Review

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Dylan James , last updated on February 21, 2022

While CBD oil remains the most popular form of CBD, capsules aren’t far behind.

Capsules make it easier to add CBD to your daily routine since you can take them along with other encapsulated supplements and vitamins.

In addition, CBD capsules provide exact doses, don’t require any preparation, and last longer than CBD oils on average.

For this review, we’ll look at the energy blend CBD capsules offered by Lazarus Naturals. Do they help boost energy levels as suggested? Are they worth your money?

Read on to find out.

Overview: Lazarus Naturals Energy Blend CBD Capsules

Unlike most CBD products, Lazarus Naturals’ energy blend uses CBD not as the main active ingredient, but as a way to improve the effects of another compound: caffeine.

More importantly, this blend is not meant to relax you — like most CBD products — but to give you a boost of calm, clean energy.

The energy blend capsules contain CBD isolate combined with L-theanine, rhodiola, caffeine, and vitamin B12.

These ingredients have research-backed benefits in boosting energy and fighting fatigue.

Let’s break each ingredient down into more detail:

  1. Caffeine — the most popular energy-boosting compound in the world
  2. L-Theanine — an amino acid isolated from tea leaves that boosts caffeine’s nootropic effects while counteracting its jittery and anxious side effects
  3. Rhodiola — an herb used to increase energy levels during times of physical and mental stress
  4. Vitamin B12 — a vitamin involved in the body’s energy production

The goal of this formula is to provide a boost in energy levels from caffeine and rhodiola without the side effects of anxiety, jitteriness, or nervousness.

In particular, CBD and L-theanine work together to counteract caffeine’s side effects, while rhodiola and vitamin B12 act as additional energy-boosting ingredients.

Each bottle contains 10 or 40 capsules with 25 mg of CBD isolate mixed with a blend of caffeine, L-theanine, rhodiola, and vitamin B12. The capsules are made from vegetable cellulose, making them a vegan-friendly product.

These capsules are sold for $15 for a 10-count bottle and $50 for 40 capsules.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Unique energy-promoting formula
  • Provides a calm, focused boost in energy
  • Contains zero THC
  • Uses CBD isolate instead of full-spectrum CBD extract
  • Only one potency option available
  • Exact amounts of additional ingredients not included

Key Features & Benefits

1. Unique Energy-Promoting Formula

The addition of L-theanine, rhodiola, caffeine, and vitamin B12 makes this CBD product uniquely focused on increasing your energy levels. By comparison, most CBD products are meant for the opposite effect — relaxing and calming you down.

2. Calm Energy

The major problem with any energy-boosting supplement is that they often come with unwanted stimulating side effects such as nervousness, anxiety, and jitteriness because of caffeine.

The CBD and L-theanine in these capsules counteract these side effects directly by increasing the activity of GABA — which is the main neurochemical regulator for keeping brain hyperactivity in check.

3. Zero THC

These capsules contain CBD isolate, which means they have zero THC. This is a good bonus for those who need to pass marijuana drug tests and people highly sensitive to the psychoactive effects of THC.

About the Company: Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals is among the most reputable and ethical American CBD brands we’ve reviewed.

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Lazarus manufactures its CBD products from hemp grown in Oregon, the state that’s quickly becoming one of the main competitors to Colorado — the current leader of the American hemp industry.

Lazarus Naturals stands out among the pack for offering excellent prices and good quality. The company is also known for its strong code of ethics, as highlighted by large discounts (60%) for veterans and people with disabilities, and low income. They want to make sure the people who need their products the most but can’t afford it can gain access to them.

Lazarus Naturals

4.17 / 5

Who Should Consider Using Lazarus Naturals Energy Blend CBD Capsules?

Unlike regular CBD products, these capsules are designed specifically to give a boost of clean, calm energy.

This makes them a great option for anyone looking for a pick-me-up, and particularly for people who like to drink coffee for energy but dislike its side effects.


With a cost of $0.02 – $0.04 per mg of CBD isolate, these capsules have a competitive price compared to other CBD capsules in their class. When we add in the extra active ingredients, however, they easily beat most other CBD capsules by overall value.

Cost Breakdown of Lazarus Naturals Energy Blend CBD Capsules:

Product Image Product Name Total CBD Total Cost Cost per mg CBD
Energy Blend CBD Capsules – 10 count 250 mg $10.00 $0.04
Energy Blend CBD Capsules – 40 count 1000 mg $32.00 $0.03
Energy Blend CBD Capsules – 200 count 5000 mg $120.00 $0.02

CBD Potency

At 25 mg CBD isolate per capsule, the strength of this product is in the mid-high range. This amount seems about right for counteracting the side effects of caffeine, which is the main energy-boosting ingredient in these capsules.

Potency Breakdown of Lazarus Naturals Energy Blend CBD Capsules:

Product Image Product Name Total CBD Total Volume CBD Potency (mg/capsule)
Energy Blend CBD Capsules – 10 count 250 mg 10 capsules 25 mg/capsule
Energy Blend CBD Capsules – 40 count 1000 mg 40 capsules 25 mg/capsule
Energy Blend CBD Capsules – 200 count 5000 mg 200 capsules 25 mg/capsule

Hemp Source

These capsules are made from organic, non-GMO hemp grown in Oregon. Although not as established as Colorado, Oregon is one of the states with well-developed hemp industries in the U.S.

In addition, Lazarus Naturals provides third-party lab test results for heavy metals and pesticides, assuring customers about the safety of their hemp source.


This product is designed to give you a clean boost of energy without any uncomfortable overstimulation. The use of CBD and L-theanine to curb caffeine’s jittery side effects works well to achieve this goal, while the addition of Rhodiola and vitamin B12 provides an additional boost of vitality.


These capsules have a unique, well-engineered formula. The main active ingredient is tried-and-true caffeine — the most popular and reliable energy booster known to man. Meanwhile, the CBD isolate and L-theanine work mainly as a way to reduce caffeine’s anxious side effects.

Vitamin B12 is there to ensure you have enough of the essential vitamin to fulfill its role in energy production. Finally, Rhodiola acts as an energy-boosting herb for people dealing with any sort of physical or mental stress or fatigue.

Product Options & Flavors

The energy blend comes in a container of 10 or 40 capsules. It’s one of four types of capsules offered by Lazarus Naturals. The other three include standard full-spectrum capsules, high-potency, full-spectrum cycling frog capsules, and relaxation blend capsules.

Comparison of CBD Capsules Offered by Lazarus Naturals:

Number Product Total CBD Potency Cost per mg CBD Link


Lazarus Naturals Cycling Frog CBD Capsules

400 – 2000 mg

100 mg/capsule

$0.05 – $0.06


Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

100 – 10,000 mg

10 – 50 mg/capsule

$0.04 – $0.06


Lazarus Naturals Energy Blend CBD Capsules

250 – 1000 mg

25 mg/capsule

$0.05 – $0.06


Lazarus Naturals Relaxation Blend CBD Capsules

250 – 1000 mg

25 mg/capsule

$0.05 – $0.06

Lazarus Naturals’ Shipping and Return Policy

Lazarus Naturals ships to all U.S. locations. Furthermore, it offers free 3-day USPS shipping for all American orders.

In addition, the company also ships internationally to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Guam, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Northern Marianas Island, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Uruguay.

As for their return policy, Lazarus Naturals offers a full refund (minus shipping costs) or exchange within 30 days of receiving your product.

Final Verdict: A Unique, Affordable Boost of Calm Energy

Most energy supplements have one fatal flaw — although they do give you energy, they also bring the unwanted side effects of caffeine: anxiety, nervousness, and jitteriness.

By contrast, these capsules use CBD and L-theanine to negate caffeine’s side effects, giving you a clean, calm boost of energy that you can feel good about. As such, we recommend these capsules as an energy-boosting compound.

These capsules also stand out for their affordable price and are made by a company known for practicing corporate responsibility.

As a final note, we don’t recommend using these capsules as a general CBD supplement because of the presence of caffeine.

If you want to take CBD for its other benefits, such as improving sleep or reducing anxiety, you’d be better served by Lazarus’ standard full-spectrum CBD capsules.

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Lazarus Naturals

4.17 / 5