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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

CBD For Life Pure CBD Conditioner

CBD For Life’s pure CBD conditioner is a rare product that claims to bring the benefits of CBD to your hair. It comes in a 295 mL bottle with 100 mg of purified CBD and standard conditioner ingredients, as well as a travel-sized version. 

While this isn’t the absolute best CBD conditioner on the market, it’s definitely among our top three. Our biggest complaint is that the CBD content is quite low in this stuff. If CBD For Life could double the CBD levels we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this stuff as one of the better CBD hair care products on the market. 

Price/Value  4/5

At $0.25 per mg of CBD, this CBD conditioner falls in line with what most companies charge for this kind of product. CBD shampoos and conditioners tend to be more expensive in terms of the cost per mg than other CBD products because of the other ingredients also included in the formula. 

CBD Potency  4/5

CBD For Life’s pure CBD conditioner has a relatively low potency of 0.34 mg/mL. We still consider this effective but would love to see a higher concentration of CBD in this formula. The other soothing and hydrating ingredients in this formula make this product a good choice for mild to moderate dryness of the hair and scalp. 

Hemp Source  4/5

CBD For Life says its hemp is grown at a Colorado farm in USDA-certified organic soil. Unfortunately, certifications aren’t provided to back these claims. Also, the company doesn’t make its third-party test reports public, and we were only able to obtain incomplete results on request.

Purpose/Uses  4/5

This CBD conditioner is advertised to improve the appearance and health of hair. Overall, the feel and effectiveness of this formula are worthy of a recommendation. We like the silky smooth consistency of this stuff and it makes the hair feel nice and hydrated afterwards — which is exactly what it’s advertised to do. 

Our only caveat is that we wish the actual CBD content was a little bit higher in this product. 

Product Variations  4/5

CBD For Life’s CBD conditioner can be purchased in either 295 mL or 60 mL bottles. This is more choice than most companies, which don’t even offer CBD-infused conditioner in the first place. 

Formula/Ingredients  4/5

Overall, this stuff has a great formula. Although we’ve expressed our concern over the CBD content, the bottom line here is that this stuff works. The addition of CBD to these products is only offered as a supportive ingredient anyway — the bulk of the effects come from the base oils in a CBD conditioner. 

CBD For Life Pure CBD Conditioner Review

Article By
Dylan James , last updated on November 16, 2021

About the Company: CBD For Life

CBD For Life is an American CBD brand headquartered in New Jersey. The company focuses on both standard CBD products and CBD-infused beauty and skincare preparations. 

As such, CBD For Life’s product lineup includes not only your typical CBD oil tinctures and oral sprays, but also rubs, roll-on oils, sprays, bath bombs, creams, balms, cleansers, shampoo, and conditioner. 

Unfortunately, the company does not offer a lot of information about its manufacturing process.

CBD For Life

2.5 / 5

Cost & Potency

CBD For Life’s pure CBD conditioner costs $25.00 for a 295 mL bottle. It’s advertised to have 100 mg of CBD, which comes out to $0.25 per mg of CBD. This price is about average for CBD beauty products. 

CBD For Life’s conditioner contains 100 mg of CBD in a 295 ml bottle. Based on this information, it would have a potency of 0.34 mg/mL, which is quite low. Even if you use a generous amount of conditioner, we don’t think this amount of CBD is likely to offer many benefits to the hair or scalp. 

Cost Breakdown of CBD For Life’s Pure CBD Conditioner:

Product Image Product Name Total Price Total CBD Content Cost per mg CBD
Pure CBD Conditioner $25.00 100 mg* $0.25
Pure CBD Conditioner – Travel Size $10.00 NA NA

Hemp Source

CBD For Life claims to source its hemp from an organic Colorado farm. However, no certifications are provided to back these claims. Although third-party tests of this hemp are not provided on the company’s website, CBD For Life did send us test reports for potency, pesticides and heavy metals upon request — but couldn’t do so for every product. 

Formulation & Ingredients

Plant oils such as hemp seed oil and avocado oil may provide several benefits, such as preventing hair breakage and stopping too much water from being absorbed by the hair. Also, lemongrass oil may help with dandruff.

Meanwhile, rosemary extract has anti-inflammatory properties and may improve blood circulation and promote hair growth. Lastly, both shea butter and jojoba seed oil have anti-inflammatory and moisturizing qualities. 

CBD For Life Shipping & Return Policy

CBD For Life ships throughout the United States and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. At this time the company doesn’t offer international shipping. 

Refund requests must be sent to [email protected] with the subject line reading “Refund.” Only unused products qualify for a full refund. Once approved, full refunds are issued minus the cost of shipping and handling. 

Final Verdict: A Decent CBD Conditioner

This isn’t our favorite CBD conditioner, but it made it to our top three list.

The formula used to make this conditioner is top-notch, with one caveat — the CBD content. We believe this could be higher.

With that said, after testing this product several times I can personally say it works pretty well if you’ve got dry or brittle hair. It’s also pretty good for managing itchiness of the scalp, and may even work for mild to moderate dandruff.

If you’re reading this CBD For Life — please double down on the CBD content of this conditioner.

CBD For Life

2.5 / 5