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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Our Story

Daily CBD aims to demystify the cannabis plant — highlighting its uses and limitations and providing unbiased reviews on CBD manufacturers and products.

The CBD industry is an emerging market, rampant in low-quality products and misinformation.

We set out to solve this problem with Daily CBD — a non-biased, evidence-based resource for all topics related to CBD.

Our team consists of medical doctors, natural health experts, master cannabis growers, and experienced CBD users. We combine our decades worth of experience in the different facets of the cannabis industry to produce this comprehensive online resource.

Our primary goal is to demystify CBD for the world — highlighting its uses, limitations, and providing unbiased reviews on CBD manufacturers.

We aim to hold CBD companies accountable for the products they put on the market and equip consumers with the information needed to make confident purchases.

Meet The Team Behind Daily CBD

  • Author Editor Herbalist

    Justin Cooke, BHSc

    Co-Founder & Editor in Chief

    Relevant Experience:
    • Bachelor of Health Sciences in Western Herbal Medicine
    • Diploma of Emergency Medicine — Primary Care Paramedic

    After graduating as an EMT in Canada I spent some time in Peru at a wellness center focused on patients with severe anxiety, depression, and drug addiction. This is where I first became interested in the concept of using plants as medicine.

    I later moved to Australia to earn a Bachelor’s degree in herbal medicine. Throughout this time, I’ve spent countless hours sifting through medical articles and textbooks, deciphering the complex interactions between plant-based compounds and the human body. One of the more interesting elements to pop up time and time again was CBD.

    I’ve since spent the last 3 years studying the impact CBD has on the body, what its limitations are, and how to use it most effectively for health-promotion.

    My goal is for Daily CBD to serve as a benchmark for assessing the quality of CBD products and offer an educational resource for those looking to learn more about the medical science behind the hemp plant and CBD.

  • Medical Doctor TCM Practitioner

    Susana De Los Santos, M.D.

    Medical Reviewer & Cannabis Educator

    Relevant Experience:
    • Medical Doctor
    • Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Dr. De los Santos works as a medical doctor, acupuncturist, and Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher based in Monterrey, Mexico. She went to medical school at Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL) and holds a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the same institution.

    In her first years working as a clinical doctor at a pharmaceutical company, it became clear that she preferred to focus her work on natural methods, such as acupuncture and herbs, to help those in need. Around 4 years ago, as her studies went deeper into Traditional Chinese Medicine, she became especially curious about the powerful health benefits of the cannabis plant. Cannabis has been used for centuries by civilizations worldwide, from seed to flower, to promote well-being and restore balance in the body. Today, it is her wish to promote the assets of this amazing medicinal plant whenever she considers her patients can benefit from it.

    Her job at Daily CBD is to assess and review the most relevant and current evidence-based medical information regarding CBD and cannabis, as well as make sure it’s accurately delivered to you throughout our website.

    Susana enjoys reading and sharing thoughts with people around her. Her time is mostly spent in nature, spreading the benefits of yoga with her local community, doing medical research at Hospital Universitario in Monterrey, and managing the medical review of Daily CBD’s content.

    Dr. De los Santos is passionate about travel and philosophy and adopted a modern-day yogi lifestyle. She strongly believes in a balanced lifestyle and the power of natural supplementation.

  • Pediatric Neurologist

    Carlos G. Aguirre, M.D.

    Medical Reviewer

    Relevant Experience:
    • Doctor of Medicine in Pediatric Neurology
    • Published medical author in the field of CBD and pediatric neurology

    I’m a practicing pediatric neurologist and graduate professor of neuropediatrics at Tec de Monterrey Health Campus and certified by the Mexican Council of Neurology.

    After finishing my doctor of medicine at Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, México, I became particularly interested in the use of CBD for childhood epilepsy. I’ve since published several review papers on the topic through my work at the hospital. My other clinical research interest is focused on conditions like autism, epilepsy, other applications of medicinal cannabis in neurological conditions.

    I also run a certificate course in Medicinal Cannabis at the Institute of Cannabis Medicine of San Diego California and belong to a group called Cannapeutas in Mexico which strives to educate the public about the applications of medicinal cannabis.

    My contribution at Daily CBD is to review, fact-check, and assess medical articles to ensure everything we publish is accurate and based on real scientific evidence.

  • Medical Doctor

    Abraham Benavides, M.D.

    Medical Reviewer

    Relevant Experience:
    • Doctor of Medicine with Certificate in Health Policy
    • Bachelor of Arts in Biology
    • Founder of CANMIG — medical cannabis training for physicians

    My life began with humble immigrant parents from Costa Rica. I was born in Queens, NY and grew up in Jamaica Plain, inner-city Boston. I later attended Boston University to study Biology and Business Administration, before moving to George Washington University School of Medicine on a full-tuition scholarship.

    As I completed my Doctor of Medicine, I discovered a great need and passion for professional education on medical cannabis — sparked by the interest of my great-grandmother. She was a midwife and tropical remedy healer in Costa Rica. Her passion inspired me to found the first medical student educational interest group on cannabis at a U.S. medical school.

    The Cannabis as Medicine Interest Group (CANMIG) aims to fill the knowledge gaps in physician training. CANMIG is on the cutting edge of delivering high-quality cannabis education to physicians in training at George Washington University. I believe such clinician and patient education in cannabis are paramount for delivering adequate 21st-century care. I’ve published research with my interest group to demonstrate that need.

    At Daily CBD, my goal is to ensure the articles presented are interesting, based on real evidence, and free of misinformation.

  • Author Biochemist Chiropractor

    Tracey Roizman, DC

    Medical Writer & Educator

    Relevant Experience:
    • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
    • Doctor of Chiropractic Degree
    • Post-Graduate Training in Clinical and Functional Neurology

    As a healthcare professional and freelance medical writer and editor with more than two decades of experience, my work draws upon long-standing academic and clinical expertise in numerous areas. Some of my key areas of focus as a medical writer include orthopedics, neurology, exercise physiology, cardiology, gastroenterology, immunology, and clinical nutrition.

    My training includes a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, a chiropractic degree, and successful completion of a two-year post-graduate diplomate in clinical and functional neurology.

    I have a keen interest in the untapped potential of CBD for the prevention and management of a broad range of health conditions. My goal in writing for Daily CBD is to provide readers with useful and accurate information to help them make the most informed decisions possible about their health.

    I enjoy the opportunity to be immersed in the burgeoning field of cannabinoid science by reporting on important developments and the discovery of new benefits and uses of CBD. Legal and business developments in the CBD industry are likewise intriguing, as these facets of the industry are currently in great flux.

  • Author Nutritionist

    Jodi Allen, BHSc

    Cannabis Educator & Natural Health Expert

    Relevant Experience:
    • Bachelor of Health Science Nutritional Medicine
    • Practicing nutritionist specializing in psychological trauma

    As a degree qualified Clinical Nutritionist and Trauma Sensitive Yoga therapist, I’m passionate about sharing the benefits of nutrition and lifestyle medicine in the prevention of chronic health conditions.

    I have a military background serving 14 years in the Royal Australian Air Force and spend much of my time serving the veteran and first responder community suffering both physical and psychological trauma.

    I first became interested in the use of CBD as a supplement for mental health while putting together a program on alternative treatments for PTSD.

    Here in Australia, the laws are lagging far behind the rest of the developed world — CBD is still only available through a specific medical referral, but times are changing. My goal is to remain at the peak of the industry, providing evidence-based guidance on the use of CBD as a supplement from the perspective of a clinical nutritionist.

    Writing for Daily CBD has given me the opportunity to share my passion for research and evidence-based natural medicine with an unbiased approach.

  • Author Editor

    Katrina Lubiano, BA

    Editor & Cannabis Educator

    Relevant Experience:
    • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
    • Experienced writer and editor in the health space

    After graduating from university with a Bachelor of Arts in English, I traveled to Australia to live abroad for a few years. In my travels, I began working as a writer and editor in a few different industries.

    I’m now based in Vancouver, Canada — Canada’s hub for cannabis culture and business. I direct most of my efforts towards cannabis education as a writer and editor for cannabis startups, including Daily CBD.

    For the past 3 years, I’ve focused exclusively on the health and wellness space. My main work consists of editorial contributions to several well-established health blogs and academic publications by professionals like Justin Cooke and Daily CBD.

    When I’m not working, I’m out enjoying Vancouver’s wild outdoors and writing on topics that explore one’s creativity through arts and culture.

  • Author Science Editor

    Evie Alexander BS, MS

    Science/Medical Editor & Writer

    Relevant Experience:
    • Bachelor of Science in Animal Science
    • Master of Science in Science Education
    • Experienced science educator, writer, and editor

    My relationship with science started out in Taiwan. Growing up with an orthopedic surgeon for a dad meant I spent way too much time hanging out at hospitals. Eventually, I moved to the United States for high school and college. I was pre-vet at Cornell University and my goal was to become a veterinarian. Unfortunately, I found out that I was allergic to all animals. Microbiology research was a good fit for me because microorganisms in a jar or Petri dish did little to aggravate my immune system.

    After about 6 years working in various labs around the country, I changed careers and became a high school science teacher. I’ve taught at different schools, ranging from public, to private, to boarding/special education in the past 8 years.

    In the last year or so, I decided to combine my love of science and teaching and work remotely as an editor and writer. My focus is mostly on content research, editing, and writing. The science of CBD has always interested me and writing for Daily CBD gives me the chance to dive into the research and make sure that the public stays well informed.

  • Author Editor

    Dylan James, BCom

    Editor & Cannabis Educator

    Relevant Experience:
    • Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing
    • Experienced cannabis writer and editor

    After receiving my Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary, I transitioned into my current role as a writer. I specialize in reporting on all things CBD and cannabis and have written well over 300,000 words on the subject — including articles about the laws and regulations around cannabis extracts, the effects of CBD on the body, and the many ways it can be used to improve people’s day to day lives.

    My work has allowed me to travel and write remotely — over the past few years, I’ve spent time in Australia, Germany, Sweden, Thailand, Canada, and Japan. This has given me valuable insight into the customs and cultures around cannabis use all over the world.

    Working with Justin has further deepened my understanding of CBD — using my expertise on the subject I’ve reviewed well over a hundred unique CBD products and the companies behind them. 

    After the legalization of marijuana in Canada, I moved to Vancouver to push career in the cannabis industry even further.

    When I’m not writing, I spend time riding my bike, hiking, playing frisbee on the beach, and playing guitar.

  • Author

    Gleb Oleinik, BA

    Editor & Cannabis Educator

    Relevant Experience:
    • Bachelor of Arts in History & Geography
    • Experienced nutritional writer

    I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a B.A. double major in History and Geography in 2015. I then worked as a communications assistant at the Canadian HIV Trials Network, a non-profit HIV research organization based in Vancouver.

    After this, I decided to get back into freelance writing. I’d been writing online since 2010, but it wasn’t until the end of 2015 that I went full-time. Since then, my main area of expertise has been dietary supplements with a strong focus on published medical research.

    I’ve read thousands of human, animal, and in-vitro research studies about various supplement ingredients, enabling me to translate complex health topics into simple language.

    I first came across CBD in 2017 when I was looking for new supplement ingredients to write about. My first few articles about CBD were well-received and I was surprised to find how many people were curious about this relatively unknown supplement. A few months later I tried CBD myself and was sold on its benefits.

    When I’m not writing, I enjoy lifting heavy things, kickboxing, meditating, reading, traveling, telling people how awesome intermittent fasting is, and looking for other ways to optimize my physical and mental well-being. My goal as a writer is to encourage people to live happier lives by taking control of their health.

  • Editor

    Alisdair Mans Cornwell, BA


    Relevant Experience:
    • Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BA Hons) in English & Creative Writing
    • Experienced editor in the cannabis space

    Before graduating from uni, the only real exposure to cannabis I had was recreational use. My interest in the scientific and biological hows and whys came four years prior to writing this.

    What led me to cannabis – and subsequently CBD and the vast number of other compounds present in the plant – wasn’t particularly conventional.

    I had worked with deaf children for the better part of three years – some with learning difficulties and others with mental health issues as a result of being hearing impaired. I worked alongside parents, guardians, and behavioral therapists to determine what strategies needed to be put in place to aid their personal progression through school.

    I started looking into mental health extensively, not only in a professional capacity but in a personal one as well. I began researching heavily into why the brain reacts to certain situations, how thinking can ultimately affect behavior, and what methods are put in place to aid those who suffer short and long-term.

    And, thankfully, here is where I found out about the therapeutic qualities of cannabis and CBD beyond just the surface layer. I opened my eyes to the incredible potential this plant has to offer – away from the archaic taboos and constraints placed simply on its name alone.

    As a result, I’ve spent over two years as a freelance writer and editor for a number of CBD and cannabis websites with the fundamental goal of providing accurate and scientifically-backed information to a wider audience. This eventually led me to join Daily CBD.

  • Author

    Ganae Vigil, BS

    Cannabis Writer & Educator

    Relevant Experience:
    • Bachelor of Science in Applied Social Sciences
    • Experienced CBD user and educator

    My greatest passion has always been helping people.

    While pursuing my bachelor’s degree, I focused heavily on Public Health and Community Development. I’m interested in how access to quality healthcare, education, and other resources affects our society as a whole.

    CBD has the potential to address many public health and community issues including substance abuse & addiction, mental disorders like schizophrenia and PTSD, seizures, epilepsy, and chronic pain. When we experience stress, pain, or trauma it’s very common for people’s lives to completely unravel, and unfortunately, I’ve witnessed it countless times within my own family.

    A genetic kidney disease — called Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) — runs rampant in my family. My mother inherited it from my grandfather, and I inherited it from her.

    For me, the worst side effects of PKD so far have been severe insomnia and restless leg syndrome — often keeping me awake for 3 days straight. I slept like a rock the first night I took a dropper full of CBD oil and haven’t had issues sleeping since, which has truly been life-changing.

    At Daily CBD I’m given the opportunity to combine my personal experience and expertise involving CBD with my passion for helping others suffering like I once was. I get to research, learn, and write about various CBD companies and products in order to determine what products are safe and effective — and which products aren’t.

  • Natural Health Expert Author

    Sera Ghaly, BHSc

    Cannabis Writer & Natural Health Expert

    Relevant Experience:
    • Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy

    My interest in cannabis started some time over the last several years as I traveled from the Indian Himalayas to the Bolivian Andes. I went looking for the stories that accompany the use of traditional medicine and cannabis came up time and time again.

    As a writer, I had a natural urge to share my knowledge — which is what lead me to become a cannabis writer. I’ve since spent over 5 years exclusively researching cannabis and breaking this complex topic into smaller, more digestible pieces. An important part of worldwide legalization of cannabis is public education — and that’s exactly the role I aim to play.

    I’m now studying towards a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy — which has given me the opportunity to study herbs in an academic context and how they apply to the human body. I’m an advocate for cannabis education at a tertiary level so that the doctors and naturopaths of the future are well equipped with the information they need to use cannabis effectively.

    When I’m not consumed by academia, I’m in my herbal apothecary manufacturing herbal extracts. I particularly love distillation, and of course, mixing things together to create potent natural remedies.

  • Author Cannabis Legal Expert

    Ana Topshiova, BAPS

    Cannabis Research Journalist

    Relevant Experience:
    • Bachelor of Political Science, Diplomacy and Journalism
    • Special interest in cannabis law and politics

    After graduating I spent some time traveling through Europe and the Balkans. Most of my travels were due to conferences, seminars and summer classes on the European Union and European law and politics. I truly enjoyed the academic experience during those years, but I was missing my favorite piece of the puzzle — journalism.

    After switching from one area of coverage to another, I ended up settling in the CBD/cannabis sector — primarily the political and legal perspectives around the use of the plant.

    Before entirely focusing on the CBD sector, I worked as a translator of natural sciences books from English to Macedonian. In 2017, I taught journalism at the American University of Bulgaria.

    Having diverse debates with my colleagues and students, including those on CBD, I somehow bumped into EU law once again. Later, I began working as a correspondent and research journalist for CBD-Intel — covering topics on industrial hemp and medical cannabis-related EU laws.

    In April 2019, I attended the conference on Fair access to medical cannabis to patients in Europe, in Brussels. I had a chance to hear amazing testimonials, information and official statements from patients, advocates, doctors, and EU politicians. This experience gave me a clearer picture of the EU laws on CBD and boosted my interest in researching and getting them closer to those in need of clarification.

    Working on legal research for Daily CBD is the perfect opportunity for me to continue my research and educational hours, and offer my knowledge to those eager to discover the complex and ever-expanding world of CBD.

  • Former Pro Athlete Author

    Thomas Wrona

    Cannabis Writer & Educator

    Relevant Experience:
    • Junior National Champion in Road Cycling (2011)
    • Experienced CBD user and educator

    I’m a holistic health enthusiast, cannabis consultant, and personal trainer. I draw inspiration from the natural world, a world that provides all the systems we need to live our happiest and best.

    Prior to cannabis + wellness writing, I was a pro athlete — a pro cyclist, to be specific. In 2011 I was Junior National Champion in road cycling. Along with the rest of that year’s National Team, I hold a long-lasting record in the team pursuit event (Moscow, 2011) and was the first-ever American winner of the Junior Tour of Ireland.

    What I learned from athletic life stuck with me. I still enjoy studying the principles of training theory and infusing them into everyday life.

    Of course, I also enjoy writing about said topics. That includes writing about hemp — actually, about any plant that has the potential to improve human health.

    The study of spiritual principles has been pretty vital too. As a cannabis formulator and caregiver, I’ve been inspired by the Hebraic text of Exodus 30:22, a passage many consider to be the recipe for one of the first cannabis-infused anointing oil.

    I fully believe developing a symbiotic relationship with nature’s provisions is what’s best for our collective health. You can find me on a mission to provide holistic fitness + wellness education at Wrona Inc!

  • Author Registered Nurse

    Andrea Nestoroska

    Cannabis Writer & Educator

    Relevant Experience:
    • Registered Nurse
    • Master of Law

    I’m an avid cannabis writer and contributor to several cannabis blogs aside from Daily CBD. I hold a degree in nursing and Master of Laws degree — a combination I’ve found very useful for the burgeoning cannabis industry. Laws and medical research involving the cannabis plant are both rapid areas of development around the world.

    I remember the first time I wrote about cannabis — it was for a project back in nursing school in 2011. I was supposed to prepare a presentation on cannabis as a gateway drug. But, while I conducted my research I discovered another side of cannabis — and was fascinated by its benefits. My presentation ended up being about the benefits of cannabis and why nurses should know about it.

    Fast forward to 2016 — two years before getting my Master of Laws degree, I started working as an online content writer. At the same time, a close family member was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and began using medical cannabis. In an attempt to help her, I did more research on what cannabis does and how to identify and avoid lousy cannabis products — of which there are many.

    When I’m not writing, I keep up with the latest news in the cannabis industry or stories that uncover the healing secrets of this plant.

There's a Problem With The CBD Industry Today

10 years ago CBD was a taboo subject lumped together with cannabis as a whole — which has had a nefarious history. Now CBD is one of the most well-known supplements on earth. Yet, despite its popularity, CBD remains unregulated throughout most of the world.

An unregulated market allows companies to manufacture poor-quality — even misleading — CBD products for the public.

We aim to bust the door wide-open on the CBD industry — exposing poor-quality manufacturers and highlighting those that push innovation in the industry with top-notch products and manufacturing practices.

Become An Expert on CBD

Daily CBD is dedicated to providing up to date evidence-based information on all topics related to CBD.

Our handy user guides are designed to offer useful insight for people of all levels of experience, our conditions pages describe the current landscape of medical research on various health conditions in response to CBD, and our company and product reviews break down major players in the industry piece by piece.

If you want to become an expert on the topic of CBD — you’ve come to the right place.

How We Assess CBD Companies

CBD is an excellent health supplement, but it’s important to remember that not all products are created equal. There’s a staggering amount of low-quality CBD supplements sold as premium health products these days.

Products are often sold with a specific CBD potency written on the label, but when tested for quality, they don’t hold up to their claims — the CBD content is often below the therapeutic dose.

Other companies are using cheap, contaminated hemp to cut costs — at the expense of their customer’s health.

When it comes to using CBD for our health, quality is the most important factor to consider. Finding clarity in a market saturated with companies all claiming to have the best products is challenging, to say the least.

Guided by the following core values, we shed some light on the industry as a whole — exposing low-quality manufacturers and giving credit to others where it’s due.

Our Core Values

  • Quality is King

    When it comes to cannabis, quality is the most important factor. All therapeutic claims associated with cannabis fall apart at the seams if the hemp cultivation and manufacturing processes aren’t performed with a high level of integrity and precision.

  • Transparency

    Manufacturing quality CBD products is only the beginning — proving it is another challenge altogether. We value companies that provide proof of the quality of their products with regular third-party lab testing.

  • Innovation

    The CBD industry is constantly evolving. We place a greater emphasis on the organizations contributing to research on CBD and cannabinoids rather than feeding off the innovation of others to make a quick buck.

  • Strong Corporate Mission

    Strong corporate integrity and manufacturing processes are key in this industry. We value companies that place a focus on giving back to the community through charitable donations or discount programs for those who may benefit the most from CBD supplements.

  • Inventive Formulations

    CBD is an incredibly useful compound, but it isn’t a miracle cure. When CBD is combined with other therapeutic compounds, it can target specific conditions and symptoms more effectively than CBD used on its own. Manufacturers with inventive CBD product formulas look good in our books. It shows an understanding of health and science — when you try to treat everything, you end up treating nothing.