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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Organabus Hempbody Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a luxury CBD item made for those particularly long days, or after a strenuous workout. The CBD dissolves into the water, and into the skin where it can exert its effects into the deeper layers of skin and muscle. 

CBD bath bombs are an expensive luxury, and Organabus’ prices show that. As a highly niche product, we can only recommend these bath bombs if you’re simply looking for a nice, aromatic experience to end the day — but would recommend avoid these bath bombs if there are any real symptoms you’re actually trying to address. 

Price/Value 4/5

These bath bombs cost around $0.34 per milligram of CBD used in the formula — which places them on the mid to low end of the price range. 

Although Organabus isn’t known for the quality of their hemp, the construction of these bath bombs is impressive. The quality of the hemp used to make the CBD for products like this is less important than other forms of CBD, like tinctures or capsules. Since we’re not taking the CBD into the body, and it’s diluted by the bathwater, some small amounts of impurities in the CBD source aren’t likely to cause any problems. 

CBD Potency 4/5

These bath bombs contain 50 mg of CBD per bomb. Although only a fraction of this is going to ever make it into your skin, the point of this product isn’t designed to treat or prevent any illness. As a bath bomb, this is enough to provide some mild benefits from the CBD at best. They would have scored higher if the potency was closer to 100 or 200 mg per bomb. 

Hemp Source 1/5

Organabus fails to list any information regarding where they source the hemp they’re using — so we have no idea what the growing conditions may be. They don’t offer any testing for most of their products. However, what saves them slightly in this section is the fact that it’s less important to confirm the organic status of bath bombs since we don’t actually ingest this form of CBD. 

Purpose/Uses 4/5

Each Hempbody Bath Bomb is made specifically for use in bathtubs. This product isn’t going to be used to treat anything more than the mildest of symptoms. As a gentle relaxation tool for the end of the day, we would happily use this product again. 

Product Variations 5/5

Organabus’ Hempbody Bath Bombs are available in three different variations, each unique in their own right. This is a fairly innovative product, so we view this as plenty of options in this particular category to do the job. 

Formula/Ingredients 3/5

Each of these bath bombs is designed with a unique formula to provide a characteristic aroma. We like the lavender option for relaxing before bed, the citrus option for its uplifting effects, and the soothing oatmeal, milk, and honey option for muscle tension.

However, we need to dock some points here for the fact that the company isn’t using real essential oils and is trying to be sneaky about it. They’re using synthetic fragrance oils instead.

Organabus Hempbody Bath Bombs Review

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Editorial Staff , last updated on November 16, 2021

CBD has been garnering a lot of attention lately for its stress-relieving capabilities — which some find helpful as a means of winding down after a long day.

Some manufacturers — like Organabus — have even started adding this relaxing ingredient to bath bombs so users can amplify the relaxing effects of a soothing bath with this incredible compound.

Hot showers or warm baths do more than just improve our hygiene — research suggests they may help to control blood sugar levels or reduce inflammation.

As the bath bomb dissolves into the bathwater, it’s gradually absorbed through the skin and into the muscle tissue — providing powerful muscle relaxant, and calming effects on the entire body.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Organabus’ CBD bath bombs to see how they stack up to the competition and how people are using this interesting product.

Overview: Hempbody Bath Bombs

Each of these bath bombs contains 50 mg of CBD from an isolate. This will quickly dissolve into the bathwater, releasing both the aromatic compounds responsible for providing the unique scent, as well as the CBD.

A normal bath contains about 300 liters of water (80 gallons), which means that once the entire bomb has dissolved, it will be found in the water at a potency of around 0.16 mg per liter — which isn’t a lot.

The goal of this product isn’t to treat any specific conditions — it’s merely designed to be a simple soothing tool to help you relax.

Truthfully, the potency of this product is much too low to provide any real benefit from the CBD alone, and the aromatic ingredients aren’t essential oils — they’re synthetic fragrance oils.

Based on these ingredients you’d think this bath bomb would be cheap — but it’s not. Organabus charges $16.99 for this product, which is about double what we expected to pay.

If you want to give CBD bath bombs a try, and any of these aromas offered by Organabus interest you — we recommend you give it a try. The scent is great, and it certainly produces a nice soothing bath. Just don’t expect this product to offer any real therapeutic support for muscle or joint pain — because it’s simply not strong enough.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Three different variations
  • Great for relaxing before bed
  • Puts dilute CBD in contact with the entire surface of the skin
  • Lack of third-party testing
  • One time usage
  • Expensive

Key Features & Benefits

1. Available in Three Different Formulas

Benefit: Organabus’ Hempbody Bath Bombs come in three scents, each with unique benefits. If you’re in search of a skin revitalizer, moisturizer, or just something to help you unwind before bed — there’s something in here for everyone.

2. Great Relaxation Tool

Benefit: A warm bath combined with CBD and pleasant aromatic oils may provide benefits on mood, muscle tension, and racing thoughts. There really is nothing like a relaxing bath before bed, and bath bombs are a great tool to make the experience all the more enjoyable.

3. Distributes CBD Across the Surface of the Skin

Benefit: Soaking in a tub full of warm water will open your pores, allowing for faster CBD absorption. Additionally, because you;e actually soaking in the bathwater itself, CBD comes in contact with a much larger surface area of skin than any other topical product.

To improve absorption even further, use hot water, and try to remain in the bath for as long as possible.

About The Company: Organabus

Organabus is one of the many faceless companies in the CBD industry. There’s no indication of leadership within the company, and most of the information on the about page of the website is vague and nondescript.

This company has a lot of different types of products, but few that stand out in their category. They claim to use organic hemp in all products but lack any level of proof this is actually the case. The company also has a habit of not listing ingredients on its products — which is a big red flag for us.

We don’t normally recommend Organabus products for this reason, but these bath bombs are an exception — they feel good quality, and aren’t a food product so there’s less to worry about in that respect.


2.33 / 5


Regardless of formulation, each Hempbody Bath Bomb carries a price of $16.99.

Breaking down costs we’re left with $0.34 per mg of CBD, which is mid-range for a bath bomb. There are plenty more expensive bath bombs on the market with similar CBD content, but also a few that are even cheaper. Companies, like Blue Ridge, and cbdMD offer lower prices AND higher CBD content with their bath bombs.

Comparing Price Breakdown of Organabus’ Hempbody Bath Bombs

Product NameTotal PriceTotal CBD ContentCost per mg CBD
Lavender Vanilla$16.9950 mg$0.34
Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey$16.9950 mg$0.34
Citrus Tangerine$16.9950 mg$0.34

CBD Potency

Regardless of which formulation you choose, each Hempbody Bath Bomb carries a total of 50 mg of CBD.

This is on the low end of what we’d like to see in a bath bomb — as you have to consider the fact that although this may be a relatively high dose on its own, the vast majority of the CBD in this product will literally get thrown out with the bathwater.

As we mentioned before, the average household bath will contain about 300 liters (80 gallons) of water — meaning that after the bomb dissolves, the water will only have about 0.16 mg of CBD for every liter. This is very low potency overall.

Of course, this is made up for quite a bit when you allow the hot water to soak into the skin for longer periods of time, and the large surface area of the skin gives the CBD the best chance to absorb into the skin, muscles, and eventually bloodstream.

Hemp Source

Organabus fails to mention where they source their hemp from, nor do they provide organic certifications and third-party test results. We reached out to the company to ask for these tests and were given an outdated sample on a totally different set of products from 2017.

We’re going to assume the company doesn’t conduct these tests until they can be provided.

This is by far the biggest downside to Organabus products as a whole.

Because of this, we can’t confirm the company isn’t using low-quality hemp, nor that these products aren’t contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, or other harmful components.


Organabus doesn’t mention whether their Hempbody Bath Bombs are made from a full-spectrum or a CBD isolate, nor do they provide any third-party testing. However, based on some of the older lab tests we found, the company was using CBD isolate on all the samples provided. We imagine they’re doing similar for these bath bombs as well.

However, with no ingredients lists provided, it’s unknown whether these bath bombs use natural products, or are made with artificial extracts to provide additional benefits.


This product is specifically designed to help you relax in the tub — it’s not meant to treat or prevent any illness.

Which is a good thing because there’s little therapeutic value in this product at all.

Although it smells great and offers a little bit of CBD to a nice warm bubble bath, the aroma is completely synthetic and lacks the benefits you might normally associate with an essential oil-infused bath bomb for the skin and muscles.

With that said, most of us here enjoyed using this product in the bath. Despite using synthetic aromas, the lavender-scented version smelled just like the natural lavender flowers. The other options smell great too but don’t resemble the essential oils they’re mimicking as effectively.

Product Options & Flavors

Organabus’ Hempbody Bath Bombs are available in three different formulations, each with their own specific uses.

Organabus recommends the oatmeal, milk, and honey for skin relief for its anti-inflammatory properties, ability to cleanse the skin and help to retain moisture.

The lavender vanilla bath bomb is ideal for reducing stress and anxiety, providing minor pain relief, or help to relieve menstrual cramps.

The citrus tangerine contains revitalizing citrus oils to uplift the mood.

We need to mention here that Organabus doesn’t actually use essential oils in its formula — they’re using fragrance oils which is a sneaky way to make people think they’re getting real therapeutic essential oils when they’re really just getting chemicals that have a similar smell.

Comparing Organabus’ Hempbody Bath Bomb Aromas

Product NameColorDesired Benefits
Lavender VanillaPurpleUnwind — mood elevator, minor pain relief
Oatmeal, Milk, and HoneyBrownRelieve — moisturization, anti-inflammatory
Citrus TangerineOrangeRevitalize — skin restoration

Shipping & Returns

Organabus offers free shipping on orders over $50 USD to all customers based in the United States. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t ship across the American border at this time.

The company offers a standard 30-day return policy on unopened products.

Final Verdict: A Decent Bath Bombs Overall, But Far From Perfect

CBD infused bath bombs are a luxury item catered to enhance life comforts like taking relaxing baths. If you’re someone who takes regular baths, these bath bombs may be of interest to you.

Both the potency and the price of these bath bombs are comparable to similar other products on the market — however, there are also products out there that offer more CBD per bomb at a lower price.

Ultimately, these bath bombs are alright — they’ll do the trick, and we do love the aromas of each of these bath bombs, but the CBD content is simply too low to be of any real note. Not to mention the lack of real essential oils and virtually no third-party testing to prove the potency and purity of the product.

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