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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Naturalis London Review

Inspired by the idea of bringing the general public CBD products that promote the utmost vitality, the best quality of sleep, and a sense of serenity and peace of mind, Naturalis London has carefully mapped its journey towards becoming a landmark UK CBD company with tons to offer.

Though we’re slightly frustrated and a little let down by the company boldly claiming its products are batch tested with no evidence on paper to back this up, we’re still strong advocates for what this company is trying to achieve.

In this review we’ll breakdown who’s behind Naturalis London, what they sell, and how they compare to other CBD companies.

Mission/Charity 4/5

Naturalis London’s mission statement is incredibly comprehensive and gives detailed insight into the company’s overall ethos of simplicity, naturality, and wanting to provide products that inspire healthy bodies inside and out.

Hemp Source 4/5

Naturalis London claims its hemp extract is sourced from organic farms using natural harvesting methods and hand-picks each hemp flower for consistency in quality. 

The company states on some product pages that it sources its hemp from farms in Colorado or Europe — no specific EU hemp location is disclosed.  

We’ll explore this in our “Where Does Naturalis London Source its Hemp?’ section further down.

Product Range 4/5

What we’re immediately drawn to with Naturalis London’s product range is the lack of gimmicky and borderline useless products on offer, which is something we can absolutely get behind.

Instead, the company chooses to focus on creating a solid range of products comprised of CBD oils, edibles, and topicals.

Innovation 3/5

We’re not witnessing anything truly innovative or revolutionary with Naturalis’ London or its lineup of products — however, the company does show some forward-thinking with its water-soluble CBD Droplets and CBD honey (with and without cinnamon). 

Hemp Source 3/5

As we’ll explore later on in this review, despite Naturalis London’s numerous claims that its products are tested by independent third-party laboratories, we have yet to see any publicly-available test results anywhere on its website.

This isn’t necessarily an indicator that the company hasn’t tested its products at all but it’s strange to mention it and not have the results available for public viewing.

We’ve emailed a company representative for further clarification and had no response back.

Customer Service 4/5

Offering a timeframe 14 days to return your unopened, unwanted product, Naturalis London isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary here — in fact, it’s very common for CBD companies in Europe to offer this.

However, its customer service team is very quick to respond to questions and queries, even during the holiday period.

Naturalis London Company Review

Article By
Alisdair Mans Cornwell , last updated on November 19, 2020

About the Company: Naturalis London

According to Naturalis London’s homepage, the company was established by Sam Khan and Hassan A. who “wanted to find a natural way to help the mind and body work in synergy and maintain health and wellness”.

They took this desire across the pond to the US where they both discovered CBD.  Afterward, they continued world, hand-picking “only the best hemp farmers to produce the highest possible quality CBD products for the UK market”.

Since then, the company has been operating out of Surrey, Greater London and has amassed a fairly wide array of CBD products such as oils, capsules, topicals, and edibles.

The company has also built up a solid arsenal of educational literature in the form of blog posts and articles.

Where Does Naturalis London Source its Hemp?

According to Naturalis London’s FAQ page, the company sources its hemp from “agricultural suppliers across the globe” that have been hand-picked for their natural approach to farming and quality standards — no synthetics are ever used.

Whilst no exact location is specified here, some of the products are claimed to use either Coloradan or European hemp extract in the formula — we’d like more clarity on where in Europe Naturalis London sources its hemp for extra confidence in its control over the cultivation, production, and manufacturing processes from soil to sale.

What Does Naturalis London Sell?

Number Product Total CBD Potency Cost per mg CBD Link


Naturalis London CBD Oil

250 – 10,000 mg

25 – 1000 mg/mL

£0.04 – £0.09


Naturalis London CBD Droplets

500 mg

50 mg/mL



Naturalis London CBD Morning Capsules

300 mg

10 mg/Capsule



Naturalis London Nu Feel

100 mg

15 mg/mL



Naturalis London Nu Lips

100 mg

15 mg/mL



Naturalis London Nu Skin

100 mg

15 mg/mL



Naturalis London Revitalise Cream

375 mg

5 mg/mL



Naturalis London CBD Post-Workout Oil

250 mg

25 mg/mL



Naturalis London CBD Milk Chocolate

100 mg

5 mg/Chocolate Piece



Naturalis London Organic Hemp Tea: Relax

Not Listed

Not Listed



Naturalis London Raw Honey Canola

100 mg

15 mg/mL


1. CBD Oils & Tinctures

A) Naturalis London CBD Oil

£21.99 – £399.99
Naturalis London

Naturalis London CBD Oil 10 mL

4 / 5

Total CBD: 250 – 10,000 mg
CBD Potency: 25 – 1000 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: £0.04 – £0.09
Extract Type: Full-Spectrum

Available in four different strengths catering to both beginners and experienced users alike, Naturalis London is clearly conscious of delivering products to a wider customer base.

The 250 and 500 mg options contain 25 mg/mL and 50 mg/mL, respectively.

The higher strength options (upwards of 1000 mg) offer high amounts of CBD per mL. The 5000 and 10,000 mg strength options give you 500 mg per mL and 1000 mg/mL, which are both very high amounts for a CBD oil — the 10,000 mg strength is actually the first of its kind in the UK. This oil delivers an incredible 33 mg of CBD per drop!

Price-wise, all six options are reasonable, especially for a product combining organically-grown broad-spectrum CBD extract with medium-chain-triglycerides (MCT) carrier oil

B) Naturalis London CBD Droplets

Marketed as a water-soluble CBD product ideal for mixing with drinks, shakes, and smoothies, Naturalis London’s CBD droplets come in one 500 mg strength option at 50 mg per mL.

Much like its regular CBD oil listed above, this product contains MCT as its carrier oil alongside a broad-spectrum hemp extract sourced from organic farms in Colorado — the company claims this product is “one of the purest on the market” and is sustainably-sourced.

2. CBD Capsules

Naturalis London CBD Morning Capsules

Made to be taken first thing in the morning, Naturalis London’s CBD Morning Capsules are geared towards those feeling apprehensive or running low on energy with its mix of broad-spectrum CBD extract and magnesium.

In one container you’ll find 30 capsules containing a modest 10 mg of CBD per capsule for a reasonable outright cost of £30.00 (or £0.10 per mg of CBD).

Unlike Naturalis London’s CBD oils, which uses hemp sourced from Colorado, these CBD capsules are created using hemp extract taken from organic European farms.

3. CBD Topicals

A) Naturalis London Nu Feel (Joints & Muscle Balm)

Blending beneficial pure essential oils such as juniper berries, wintergreen, and peppermint, as well as ionized magnesium, alongside organically-sourced CBD, Naturalis London claims this product will give you some much needed TLC in your muscles and joints, especially after a long workout or sitting at your work desk for an extended period of time.

The price for one container of Nu Feel costs £29.99 (£0.20 per mg of CBD), which is quite steep considering the 15 mL container size is small — however, the high-potency 15 mg of CBD per mL makes up for this.

B) Naturalis London Nu Lips (Lip Balm)

Harnessing the natural moisturizing power of organic CBD with cocoa butter, shea butter, and almond oil, this product is said to soften dry, chapped lips — in fact, the company states this product is particularly beneficial if you’re living in a dry and cold climate where damaged lips happen more frequently.

In terms of price, this product comes in at an outright cost of £13.99 (£0.14 per mg CBD), which is quite expensive for a 15 mL container of CBD lip cream, even with the all-natural ingredients.

Because this product also contains beeswax in its formula, it’s not suitable if you’re following a plant-based vegan diet/lifestyle.

C) Naturalis London Nu Skin (Body Balm)

Said to be packed full with essential oils such as chamomile, peppermint, lavender and clary sage, all of which are known to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Naturalis London’s Nu Skin CBD body balm product is designed for everyday use on dry/sensitive skin to keep it feeling moist and hydrated.

Like the Nu Lips listed above, this product is fairly steep in price, even with the all-natural ingredients — however, the 15 mg of CBD per mL does make up for this.

D) Naturalis London Revitalise Cream

Naturalis London claims this body cream will help you and your skin “rewind the clock” with its clinically-proven formula that helps to reduce skin dryness and inflammation caused by eczema.

Featuring 100% natural, vegan-friendly ingredients along with 375 mg of CBD contained in a 75 mL jar, this product comes in at a reasonable £39.99 (£0.11 per mg CBD).

E) Naturalis London CBD Post-Workout Oil

Naturalis London’s CBD Post-Workout Oil has been specifically designed for anyone participating in sports or athletic activities, though we believe it can be used after strenuous occupational tasks or any other physically demanding work.

Containing all-natural, vegan-friendly ingredients such as olive oil, Ricinus communis oil (castor oil), and rosemary essential oil put together by UK chemists with a vision of combining science with the power of nature, this product is one we can definitely recommend.

4. CBD Edibles

A) Naturalis London CBD Milk Chocolate

Made simply for enjoyment and a tastier way of consuming CBD, Naturalis London blends the sweet flavors of cocoa and natural vanilla flavors with sustainably harvested CBD to be had with your next cup of tea or coffee.

At £19.99 for 20 pieces of chocolate containing 5 mg of CBD per piece, Naturalis London’s CBD Milk falls very much on the expensive side — we only recommend this if you’re looking for something to have with your coffee or as an after-dinner treat.

B) Naturalis London Organic Hemp Tea: Relax

Annoyingly, not much information on the CBD content is provided by Naturalis London, so we can’t really comment on the cost per milligram or specific potency of this product. However, from how the tea feels, there’s probably around 10 mg or so per cup.

The effects of this tea aren’t incredibly strong but does offer a subtle CBD sensation about 30 minutes after having a brew. The taste is actually very good as well. This is a perfect tea for the evenings if you’re the type to experience difficulty sleeping.

However, we feel that £13.99 for 15 tea bags is a little excessive for anybody aside from CBD or tea connoisseurs.

We’ve emailed a company representative for clarification on the CBD content and the amount of bags you’ll receive in a packet.\ but have yet to hear back.

C) Naturalis London Raw Honey Canola (With & Without Cinnamon)

What strikes us first about both of these products is London Naturalis hasn’t pushed the price up for including cinnamon in one of the formulas — this is something we’re very impressed with considering a lot of companies (CBD or otherwise) like to increase the price even if there’s only one difference in the ingredients list.

Both product variants contain 100 mg of CBD (15 mg per mL) and cost £9.99 each, which is very good value for money for a CBD honey.

What Does Naturalis London Do Well?

1. Easy To Navigate Website

One of the most important aspects of any CBD company is its website and it’s obvious that Naturalis London’s founders have put a lot of money and effort into theirs.

Everything on each page is easy to follow and provides you with clear links, high-resolution images and comprehensive product/company literature to maximize your shopping experience.

2. Decent Selection of Products

From CBD oils and capsules to teas/coffees and cosmetics, Naturalis London has clearly put a lot of effort into ensuring its line of products satisfies a broad range of customers without going completely overboard with overly gimmicky and borderline useless products.

3. Informative Blog and Article Section

One of the most important aspects of any CBD company is its educational sources.

Naturalis London has a fairly comprehensive selection of informative blog and article posts ready for customers to dive right into and learn about topics all relating to CBD and its uses.

Where Could Naturalis London Improve?

1. Make the Third-Party Test Results Publicly Available

As we’ll explore in more detail in our Safety & Third-Party Testing section down below, Naturalis London doesn’t have its third-party test results publicly available.

This isn’t to say the company hasn’t had its products tested, however — we would just like to see them made available for public viewing so that customers know exactly what’s in the product and to provide additional transparency.

2. Add a Nighttime CBD Capsule Option

Currently, Naturalis London only offers a CBD capsule for the morning.

To add a little diversity to its CBD capsule range, it would be awesome to see the company producing a capsule product for the nighttime as well, perhaps with some melatonin added into the formula.

Safety & Third-Party Testing

When we talk about safety, one of the first things asked is whether or not a company makes its independent third-party test results viewable to the public.

What third-party test results show is the cannabinoid profile – which cannabinoids are present in the extract/formula – and a few other results for impurities (or lack thereof) such as heavy metals, solvents, and mycotoxins.

Though we can’t say the company hasn’t actually tested its products with no evidence to back it up, we’re a little disappointed that they haven’t been put up for public viewing.

However, safety not only encompasses a company’s desire to be transparent through publicly-available third-party testing, but it also revolves around the idea of educating customers through detailed website literature, quality customer service, and well-written blog and article posts.

Naturalis London does well here, particularly with the amount of useful information found right the way throughout its website.

Naturalis London Shipping & Returns

The company delivers within the UK and internationally, each with different delivery prices and timeframes.

Orders made within the UK will cost you £4.99 and should arrive approximately 1-2 days from the dispatch date.

Orders made to Europe will cost you £8.99 and arrive 1-3 days from the dispatch date, and orders placed in the USA/Canada/Mexico/rest of the world will cost you £12.99 and will take 1-4 days from the dispatch date.

All used or unwanted item(s) have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

No opened products will be refunded unless defective or faulty.

Final Verdict: A Solid CBD Company with Decent Products

Further, we’re happy to see the company offering a large selection of products and we’re equally as happy to see the option for them to be shipping domestically and internationally. 

However, as we’ve mentioned, our main gripe is the lack of publicly-available third-party test results to prove which cannabinoids are present in the product and whether or not it contains impurities such as heavy metals or residual solvents — Naturalis London will benefit from having these posted on its website for additional transparency.

With this in mind, we’ll tentatively recommend Naturalis London and its products, but we won’t give the company our full recommendation until we know more about its testing practices.

Naturalis London

3.67 / 5