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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Just CBD Review

Just CBD has quickly grown its product lineup since its inception in 2017 to include dozens of different product types. It’s one of the fastest-growing CBD companies in the industry at the moment — and for good reason.

Just CBD offers something for everyone and places a strong emphasis on using organic ingredients, little to no synthetic additives, and sources some of the best hemp in the United States.

In this review, we’ll explore Just CBD in more detail, and discuss how this company compares to others in the industry. We’ll cover each product the company offers, along with pricing and potency comparisons to similar products.

If you’re interested in placing an order with Just CBD — you need to read this review.

Hemp Source 4/5

There have been some claims that Just CBD uses USDA-certified hemp — but we’ve been unable to confirm this. Until we can see certifications that indicate the hemp is organic, we can’t give Just CBD full points in this category.

Product Range 5/5

Just CBD offers a broad spectrum of CBD products, including tinctures, edibles, vapes, isolates, topicals, and CBD for pets. Its selection includes also less common products, such as CBD-infused bath bombs, honey-based tinctures, and single-use vape oil doses as well.

Even within the gummy range you’ll find more variability on shapes, sizes, flavors, and potencies than most other CBD companies.

Innovation 5/5

Just CBD is ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation. There are quite a few products offered by the company that we’ve never seen done before. Our favorite is the liquid honey drops.

On top of this, Just CBD keeps up with current technological standards in the CBD industry — such as third-party testing and supercritical CO2 extraction.

Safety 4/5

The company sets clear safety instructions for each product, offers an in-depth FAQ on common questions for using CBD, and provides third-party test results for each batch of hemp extract that leaves the facility.

Unfortunately, most of these tests don’t include heavy metal or pesticide analysis.

Customer Service 5/5

Just CBD has excellent customer service. All of the emails we sent requesting more information were responded to within the same day and were answered by a real human (not an automated response).

The company also has a good track record with customer service queries involving issues with the delivery or manufacturer defects. If there’s a problem you can be fairly confident Just CBD will find a solution as soon as possible.

Just CBD Company Review

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Daily CBD , last updated on November 10, 2020

About The Company: Just CBD

Just CBD is primarily based in the United States but has a second office in the United Kingdom. The brand is known for making high-quality CBD products and providing great transparency about its manufacturing processes.

The level of detail Just CBD provides for each of its products is impressive. The company gives you full insight into the lab reports of each batch of their CBD oil. However, the company only tests for cannabinoids — not for heavy metals.

We feel Just CBD does a great job at satisfying the requirements of a conscious customer, namely consistency and reliability, but would like to see the company test each sample for heavy metal, pesticide, and residual solvent contamination. These compounds are a known problem in the CBD industry.

The company currently offers a diverse range of different products, including tinctures, gummies, bath bombs, vape juices and cartridges, and CBD for pets. In a later section we’ll get into more detail for all of these products.

Everything from Just CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, are vegan-friendly, and non-GMO.

What is Just CBD’s Mission?

Just CBD’s mission statement is rather generic — the company says it “strives to provide the highest quality standards for its products and the unmatched level of transparency.”

This is the same generic mission statement 90% of the other CBD companies in the industry use as well — nothing special here. 

To us, Just CBD fulfills its mission statement to the letter by growing organic hemp, using clean extraction techniques, and providing lab test results for each batch of product it sells — the only thing that makes us concerned about the company’s transparency is that they don’t test for heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals.

The company doesn’t mention anything about charitable activities which we consider an important aspect of corporate responsibility in the CBD industry.

Products Offered By Just CBD

Just CBD has a wide range of products in stock. It sells common CBD products like tinctures or capsules, in addition to  more innovative options such as protein bars and bath bombs.

Number Product Total CBD Potency Cost per mg CBD Link


Just CBD Oil Tinctures

50 – 1500 mg

1.6 – 50 mg/mL

$0.07 – $0.30


Just CBD Full-Spectrum Tinctures

50 – 1500 mg

1.6 – 50 mg/mL

$0.09 – $0.36


Just CBD Daily Doses

65 mg

65 mg/mL



Just CBD Gummies

250 – 3000 mg

7.5 – 25 mg

$0.04 – $0.09


Just CBD Isolate Crystals

990 mg




Just CBD Hemp Soap

Not Listed

Not Listed



Just CBD Bath Bombs

25 mg

25 mg per bomb



Just CBD Pain Cream

100 – 250 mg

1.6 – 2 mg/mL

$0.16 – $0.20


Just CBD Vape Pens

200 mg




Just CBD Vape Oils

100 – 1000 mg

1.6 – 16.7 mg/mL

$0.07 – $0.20


Just CBD Vape Cartridges

200 mg


$0.10 – $0.17


Just CBD Dog Treats

100 mg

5.5 mg per Treat



Just CBD Cat Treats

100 mg

Not Listed



Just CBD Pet Tincture

100 – 500 mg

3.3 – 16.7 mg/mL

$0.10 – $0.18

1. CBD Oils & Tinctures

Just CBD sells both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD tinctures. They’re only available in one size (30 mL) but come in 5 different potency options — from 50 mg to 1500 mg of CBD.

A) Just CBD Oil Tinctures

$14.99 – $119.99
Just CBD

Just CBD Oil Tinctures

4.17 / 5

Total CBD: 50 mg – 1500 mg
CBD Potency: 1.6 mg/mL – 50 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.07 – $0.30
Extract Type : Isolate

These tinctures are super basic — but provide a good selection in terms of potencies and carrier oils. You can order these isolated oils with a coconut oil base, hemp seed oil base, or honey & glycerine.

This is the first time we’ve ever seen a tincture made with honey — and we absolutely love it. Just CBD adds vegetable glycerine to the mix to thin out the honey and make it easier to use.

If you don’t like the taste of CBD oils, the liquid honey option is a must-try.

We also love the ability to choose between carrier oils for these tinctures — as some people prefer using hemp seed, others the classic MCT oil.

Excellent work on this series Just CBD!

B) Just CBD Full-Spectrum Tinctures

$18.00 – $140.00
Just CBD

Just CBD Full-Spectrum Tinctures 30 mL

4.17 / 5

Total CBD: 50 mg – 1500 mg
CBD Potency: 1.6 mg/mL – 50 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.09 – $0.36
Extract Type: Full-spectrum

For the purists out there, you can also get full-spectrum hemp oils. Products with all the different cannabinoids are suggested to offer a more versatile effect profile through a concept called the entourage effect.

Unfortunately, these oils don’t come with nearly the same customizability as the isolate oils listed above. These oils only come in a vegetable glycerine base, but give you the option for 50, 100, 250, 550, 1000, and 1500 mg bottles.

C) Just CBD Daily Doses

This is an innovative product. It consists of a small syringe-style container with a one-day portion of CBD oil. It’s designed to be taken throughout the day, and disposed of when empty.

This is a great product for the occasional CBD-user. At $13 per package, it’s not the most cost-effective way of buying CBD, but you can’t beat the level of convenience this product offers.

We’ve never seen anything like it so kudos on this one Just CBD.

2. Edibles

Just CBD sells an extensive range of CBD-infused edibles, with gummies being its staple product for those who would like to indulge themselves in flavors such as apple, peach, and blueberry — available in clean and sour versions.

On top of the gummies, Just CBD offers protein bars and dry fruits.

A) Just CBD Gummies

$23.99 – $120.00
Just CBD

Just CBD Gummies

4.33 / 5

Total CBD: 250 – 3000 mg
Potency : 7.5 – 25 mg
Cost per mg CBD: $0.04 – $0.09
Extract Type: Isolate
THC Content: 0.0%

Just CBD gummies are the company’s bread and butter. They offer dozens of different shapes, sizes, potencies, and styles of gummies.

You can even find seasonal gummies such as their Xmas gummies, Valentine’s day gummies, or various weekly specials.

There’s a ton of different options here, and they change all the time. We suggest you visit the company’s gummy selection page to have a look for yourself.

The branding this company uses for these gummies is on-point as well — making this an ideal brand to give as a gift.

B) Just CBD Miscellaneous Edibles

Just CBD offers a few other edible products as well — including protein bars, CBD-infused dried fruit, honey sticks, and CBD-infused coconut oil.

These products change all the time, and the list of products in this category continue to grow every few months.

We especially like the honey sticks. They’re a great addition to a hot cup of tea and deliver a modest dose of 10 mg per stick so it’s not too strong for most people.

3. Concentrates

Just CBD Isolate Crystals

Just CBD sells 99% pure CBD isolate comes as a fine white powder. The isolate is completely tasteless and odorless — which makes it a highly versatile product. You can use this powder by placing it under the tongue, adding it to foods or drinks, placing it in a vaporizer, or infusing it with oil or vape liquid to make your own DIY CBD products.

This is one of the most cost-effective ways of using CBD, but caution is advised for new users — this stuff can be pretty hard to work with, and even small changes in the dose can have major differences in the strength of effects.

4. Topicals

A) Just CBD Hemp Soap

We ordered a few of these soaps to try and for the most part, we weren’t disappointed. They did very well and smelled great. You can tell right away the company uses real essential oils to make these soaps — rather than synthetic flavorings which can be hard on the skin.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t list the amount of CBD in this product. However, with that said, CBD soaps are a bit gimmicky anyway. The CBD in the soap doesn’t remain in contact with the skin to offer any real benefit anyway.

To us, this product is more of a novelty item and would make for an excellent gift. If you want the real benefits of CBD for the skin, we suggest going with a CBD-infused salve or cream instead.

B) Just CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are insanely popular these days. It’s no surprise Just CBD offers its own version of this classic CBD topical.

These bath bombs are well built-in general (they smell great, foam proficiently, and leave the skin feeling silky smooth) — but the CBD content is disappointingly low.

With each bath bomb you’re only getting 25 mg of CBD — which is well below our suggested 60 mg dose for bath bombs. You have to keep in mind the fact that the CBD will be dissolved into a large amount of water — meaning that the majority of the CBD won’t really come in contact with your skin anyway.

We prefer CBD bath bombs with higher CBD contents for this reason — especially for the high price tag that comes along with products like this.

C) Just CBD Pain Cream

$20 – $40
Just CBD

Just CBD Pain Cream 60 – 120 mL

4 / 5

Total CBD: 100 – 250 mg
CBD Potency: 1.6 – 2 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.16 – $0.20
Extract Type: Isolate

This pain cream contains a blend of CBD (two potency options), aloe extract, witch hazel, rosemary, neem, and rose flower along with a silky smooth base of emulsified oils and waxes.

This cream feels great on the skin and absorbs very quickly. It’s important for creams like this to absorb into the skin to make the best use of the CBD, and avoid leaving your skin greasy for a few hours after application.

5. Vape Pens & Vape Oils

Just CBD offers a wide range of vape oils available in various flavors and strengths, as well as pre-filled vape cartridges and vape pens.

Just CBD products are infused with terpenes from some of the most popular cannabis strains, such as Blue Dream, OG, Sour Diesel, Pineapple Express, and Northern Lights.

A) Just CBD Vape Pens

Just CBD carries 8 different flavors of pre-filled vape pens. These pens use the standard 510 threading, which means they’re compatible with most other vape cartridges as well. Once they’re depleted you can replace the cartridge with any other 510 thread.

These pens can be recharged in minutes using a standard USB 2.0.

Each vape pen comes with 200 mg of CBD. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t specify the flavor of each vape on the website — instead calling them by the color of the pen itself.

B) Just CBD Vape Oils

$20 – $70
Just CBD

Just CBD Vape Oils 60 mL

4.17 / 5

Total CBD: 100 – 1000 mg
CBD Potency: 1.6 – 16.7 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.07 – $0.20
Extract Type: Isolate

Just CBD vape oils are made with the standard formula most other vapes contain — along with the company’s own suite of flavors.

Each bottle of vape oils contains CBD isolate (different potencies available), vegetable glycerine (VG), and propylene glycol (PG). The ratio of PG to VG isn’t mentioned, but we guess it’s somewhere around 1:1 based on how the vapor pulls.

These vape oils come in 8 different flavors:

  1. Pineapple Express (Pineapple)
  2. OG (Watermelon)
  3. Blue Dream (Blueberry)
  4. Cookies
  5. Strawberry Cheesecake
  6. Mango Ice
  7. Blue Razz
  8. Pina Colada Ice

C) Just CBD Vape Cartridges

Just CBD has two different kinds of vape cartridge — its signature vape cartridge line, and the regular vape cartridge line.

What’s the difference?

The only difference between the two lines is the flavor — which is why we’ve grouped them together under the same category.

The signature line is flavored after some of the most popular strains of cannabis — such as sour diesel, pineapple express, and northern lights. These vape oils contain a similar ratio of terpenes found in each of these strains — which is what gives them their characteristic flavor.

Just CBD also offers vape cartridges in more conventional flavors (if you can call it that)  — including lemon, watermelon, pumpkin, vanilla custard cream, grape glacier, and strawberry.

These cartridges are made to the specs of standard 510 threads — so you can use these on Just CBD vape pens, or any standard 510 thread vape of your choice.

All Just CBD vape cartridges contain 200 mg of CBD isolate in a VG/PG base.

6. CBD For Pets

A) Just CBD Dog Treats

Just CBD dog treats are great for stressed out or anxious dogs. Each treat contains around 5.5 mg of CBD — so you should only need to use one or two of these at a time.

Dogs love the flavor of these bites, but there are a few flavor options to help you find a specific flavor your dog will love the most:

  • Steak bites
  • Liver meatballs
  • Chicken biscuits
  • Chicken meatballs

From the dogs we tested, the tastiest options appear to be the liver meatballs or the chicken meatballs.

B) Just CBD Cat Treats

These cat treats are made from chicken byproducts, infused with CBD and a host of vitamins and minerals essential to your cats health. They come in two different flavors — Purr Treats, and Chicken Treats.

We’re not sure what flavor the Purr Treats option is and didn’t have the courage to try it ourselves. But they have a subtle fishy scent so our guess is there’s some sort of fish flavor in there somewhere.

Cats love these treats, and they seem fairly strong for cats — although we weren’t able to calculate the amount of CBD per treat. You can give your cat about 2-4 of these at a time.

This is a good product to keep around if you’ve got anxious cats.

C) Just CBD Pet Tincture

$17.99 – $49.99
Just CBD

Just CBD Pet Tincture 30 mL

4.17 / 5

Total CBD: 100 – 500 mg
CBD Potency: 3.3 – 16.7 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.10 – $0.18
Extract Type: Isolate

Just like humans can benefit from CBD oil, your pets can too.

Pet CBD oils are just like human CBD oils, except that they tend to be lower potency (to account for the smaller size), and come in more pet-friendly flavors.

These particular CBD pet oils come in the following flavors:

  • Bacon
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Tuna

These oils come in three flavors — 100 mg, 200 mg, and 500 mg. It’s best to try and match the potency with the size of your pet as much as possible. For cats, the 100 mg oil is perfect, while small dogs can benefit from either the 100 or 200 mg. The 500 mg version should be reserved only for larger dogs.

For more information on how to use CBD with your pet visit our best CBD for pets guide.

What Does Just CBD Do Well?

For a relatively short time on the market, Just CBD has already made big headlines in the industry thanks to the quality and diverse product lineup it offers potential customers.

Here are some of the most remarkable features of Just CBD:

1. Extensive Product Selection

Just CBD has a diverse product lineup. It offers full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum extracts, and isolates, to suit many types of CBD users — including beginners and veterans. Customers can choose between tinctures, vape oils, topicals, edibles, and isolate powder. The company also caters to pet owners, selling CBD treats for dogs and cats.

The gummy selection is especially notable — offering dozens of different gummy types, potencies, and flavors. There are even seasonal themed gummies.

2. Just CBD Keeps Its Lab Testing Up-To-Date & Public

You can find every lab test Just CBD has done on its products on a dedicated lab testing page. Looking at the batch number on the bottle you bought, you can check on the individual lab test for this specific batch.

Lab testing has become an industry standard, but Just CBD is taking it a step further by making these tests easy to navigate and compare to the bottle you actually have in your hands.

Third-party testing is done by Kaycha Labs — an American hemp analysis company.

3. Broad Knowledge Base About CBD

Just CBD operates a blog where it educates customers about the benefits of CBD. The company also covers a range of CBD-related subjects, such as current industry trends, important events, and news regarding legalization progress.

On top of that, Just CBD features an extensive FAQ section, which is actually a broad knowledge base for beginners and experienced users alike.

Where Could Just CBD Improve?

Poor Product Descriptions

As with any company, Just CBD has its ups and downs. We didn’t find many issues while browsing through its website but there’s one area that needs improvement.

The product descriptions at Just CBD are sometimes very scant. They can be clunky and don’t offer much information about the product. Other products don’t have descriptions at all.

This is a serious negligence and therefore should be fixed by Just CBD if they aspire to the industry’s leader title.

Final Verdict: An Excellent CBD Company With A Diverse Product Lineup

For a relatively new brand on the CBD market, Just CBD offers a wide range of quality products. We’re seeing new products enter the company website every couple of months. Some of these products are particularly innovative — such as the daily dose tinctures and liquid honey drops.

There’s little left to be desired when it comes to this brand. The only major problem we had is that the third-party testing published on the company website doesn’t include contaminant testing. We’re not worried about this because the company was able to submit these reports to use when we asked — but we’d rather these tests were posted publicly for all to see. We’d also like to see the company improve the descriptions for some of the products listed on the site.

Overall, Just CBD is one of the better CBD suppliers we’ve seen in our research. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend most of the products offered by the Just CBD team.

Just CBD

4.6 / 5