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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]
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Key Hightlights
  • Exceptionally low-cost CBD products

  • Other cannabinoid extracts also available (CBG, CBN)

  • Raw hemp flower and pre-rolls available in three separate grades

Industrial Hemp Farms Review

Industrial Hemp Farms is a large vertically integrated CBD company.

What does this mean?

This means the company owns all aspects of the hemp supply chain. This company breeds its own seed genetics, sees them through the entire growing process, and then does the extraction of CBD, other cannabinoid fractions, and terpenes in its state of the art facility.

This domination of the supply chain allows Industrial Hemp Farms to sell its products at incredibly low prices and offer a wide range of hemp flower and CBD products to choose from.

While the company operates B2B, it’s easy to make an account and order as much or as little CBD or hemp products as you’d like.

You’re not going to find cheaper products than this!

Mission/Charity 5/5

This company is huge, they service a large percentage of the entire CBD industry with their products. If a company claims to source its hemp from the State of Colorado, but can’t provide proof they grew the hemp themselves, it probably came from IHF.

This company is known for offering some of the highest-quality raw hemp in the country at a fair price. 

Hemp Source 5/5

All hemp sold by this company is grown on one of their farms located around the United States. Every batch is tested before it’s processed, and again once the extraction is finished. 

The hemp flower sold on the company’s website is even graded by quality — so you can choose to cut costs and go with bottom shelf hemp flowers, or splurge and get top-shelf products. In our experience, even the bottom shelf stuff is pretty good overall. 

Product Range 5/5

Industrial Hemp Farms sells virtually every category of CBD product and more. You can find CBD oils in multiple flavors and potencies (even a few different labels), over a dozen strains of hemp flower, various isolates and distillate options (CBD, CBG, and CBN), and much much more. 

This company has the biggest product range we’ve ever seen from a hemp company.

Innovation 5/5

This company is doing a lot to innovate the industry. What we find most innovative is the production of some of the more niche cannabinoids. You can buy CBN isolates, CBG oils, and CBG distillates from this company. Very few CBD companies are testing the waters with these additional cannabinoid fractions.

Safety 5/5

We’ve already cut some points from this brand for their lack of organic hemp — but we can’t take any more away for safety. Every batch of hemp, and every extract produced by this company is tested. If there are any issues with it (contamination, mold, low CBD concentration, etc) it gets tossed out immediately.

Customer Service 5/5

The customer service team at Industrial Hemp Farms are professional and helpful. We have nothing negative to say about how the team responded to our questions and how our order was processed. 

Industrial Hemp Farms Review

Article By
Dylan James , last updated on October 19, 2021

About the Company: Industrial Hemp Farms

Industrial Hemp Farms is located in Colorado. They’re the masterminds behind a large number of CBD products sold under different brand names on the American CBD market.

Industrial Hemp Farms owns over 1000 acres of land on which they mass-produce a diverse range of hemp strains. This hemp is then sold to the market to be converted into CBD oils, capsules, topicals, or concentrates.

The company claims to have the largest raw hemp flower distribution network in the United States and has maintained a consistent 1000% annual growth rate.

In 2018, Industrial Hemp Farms built a brand new, state of the art extraction facility to process its hemp into various forms of concentrates and hemp extracts. This facility is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. You can even schedule tours of the facility if you’re interested in checking it out.

Industrial Hemp Farms does it all — raw hemp biomass, bulk CBD extracts, clones and seeds, joint ventures, farm management and consulting, and hemp processing.

Where Does Industrial Hemp Farms Source Its Hemp?

All the hemp sold on the Industrial Hemp Farm website is grown on one of the company’s farms. This company is very large and owns and operates a few different farms around the country — each one producing a few different hemp strains.

Unfortunately, none of these farms are certified organic, or even claim to use organic farming methods at all. This is likely one of the main factors that allow the company to sell its hemp flower at such low prices — even for the top-shelf stuff.

Products Offered By Industrial Hemp Farms

1. Hemp Flower

A) Top-Shelf Hemp Flower

These are the cream of the crop. Industrial Hemp Farms reserves this section for the best hemp flower they produced that year. They’re a combination of the best seed genetics, highest CBD concentrations, and best overall quality in terms of flavor and effect profiles.

Despite being incredibly high-quality, these flowers are priced lower than average — even if you only order a couple of grams.

If you’re willing to invest more money for a big order you can cut the cost of your hemp flower all the way down to $1.50 per gram — which is absolutely insane pricing. Of course, to get this price you’ll need to order a pound at a time, which would last even the most prolific daily smoker a couple of months or more.

The top-shelf section on Industrial hemp Farms changes from one year to the next depending on the yields for the harvest during the previous year.

You can also buy CBG flower and CBN flower in both the top-shelf and mid-shelf range.

Pricing Charts (May Vary From One Strain to Another):

Size of Order Imperial Weight Total Cost Cost per Gram
1 Gram $5.99 $5.99
3.5 Grams ⅛ oz $16.99 $4.85
7 Grams ¼ oz $29.99 $4.28
14 Grams ½ oz $39.99 $2.85
28 Grams 1 oz $69.99 $2.50
112 Grams ¼ lb $239.99 $2.14
225 Grams ½ lb $440.00 $1.95
450 Grams or more 1 lb or more $700.00 $1.50

B) Mid-Shelf Hemp Flower

The mid-grade flower from Industrial Hemp Farms is still excellent quality hemp — it’s just not quite as high-end as the top-shelf stuff.

These strains may contain a seed or two every now and then, and the trichome levels aren’t as densely packed as the top-shelf buds.

Most of the mid-grade options from Industrial hemp Farms will do perfectly fine for the average user, and are listed at  a more affordable price.

These strains cost roughly 20% cheaper than the top-shelf stuff, selling for anywhere between $1.11 to $4.99 per gram depending on how much you buy at a time.

Industrial Hemp Farms Mid-Shelf Range for the 2020 Season Includes:

  1. Alien Dream CBD Hemp Flower
  2. Durban Poison CBD Hemp Flower
  3. Gelato CBD Hemp Flower
  4. Bubble Gum CBD Hemp Flower

Pricing Charts (May Vary From One Strain to Another):

Size of Order Imperial Weight Total Cost Cost per Gram
1 Gram $4.99 $4.99
3.5 Grams ⅛ oz $11.99 $3.43
7 Grams ¼ oz $19.99 $2.86
14 Grams ½ oz $37.99 $2.70
28 Grams 1 oz $69.99 $2.5
112 Grams ¼ lb $199.99 $1.78
225 Grams ½ lb $299.99 $1.33
450 Grams or more 1 lb or more $499.99 $1.11

C) Bottom-Shelf Hemp Flower

$4.99 – $59.99

Pineapple Kush CBD Hemp Flower 1 – 28 grams

4 / 5

Grade: Bottom-Shelf
Main Effects: Pain-Killer
Cannabinoid Percent: 18.48%

These are the hemp flowers that weren’t pretty enough to make it into the higher classifications. They tend to have a dull color, contain lower CBD concentrations per gram, and you’re likely to find a couple of seeds.

However, the price of these hemp flowers really can’t be beaten. These are some of the cheapest hemp flowers we’ve ever seen — and to be completely honest, the hemp itself isn’t bad at all. While it may not suffice for a true hemp connoisseur, the casual hemp user will barely notice a difference — especially if you;re mixing the hemp with other herbs to add extra flavor or using the flower to make your own DIY products. .

These strains cost roughly 40% cheaper than the top-shelf stuff, and we’d say it’s about 20% lower quality — so these are a pretty good value overall.

The cost range for these strains go from $0.72 per gram if you order a pound, all the way up to $3.99 per gram if you only order a gram at a time.

I challenge you to find hemp cheaper than this!

Industrial Hemp Farms Bottom-Shelf Range for the 2020 Season Includes:

  1. Birthday Cake CBD Hemp Flower
  2. Russian CBD Hemp Flower
  3. Cherry Blossom CBD Hemp Flower
  4. Auto Pilot CBD Hemp Flower
  5. Dragon Piss CBD Hemp Flower Smalls
  6. Abacus CBD Hemp Flower
  7. Little Miss Sunshine CBD Hemp Flower
  8. Hulk CBD Hemp Flower
  9. Easy Rider 2 CBD Hemp Flower
  10. Platinum Cookies CBD Hemp Flower

Pricing Charts (May Vary From One Strain to Another):

Size of Order Imperial Weight Total Cost Cost per Gram
1 Gram $3.99 $3.99
3.5 Grams ⅛ oz $7.99 $2.28
7 Grams ¼ oz $13.99 $2.00
14 Grams ½ oz $24.99 $1.78
28 Grams 1 oz $44.99 $1.61
112 Grams ¼ lb $99.99 $0.89
225 Grams ½ lb $179.99 $0.80
450 Grams or more 1 lb or more $324.99 $0.72

2. Hemp Trim

Industrial Hemp Farms will sell you its trim as well — which is the excess material shaved off while manicuring the buds, as well as the small or scraggly flowers that weren’t pretty enough to sell as full buds.

This is a good option if your goal of using the flower is to make your own DIY extracts.

You can find the following strains in trim form from Industrial Hemp Farms:

  1. CBD Hemp Kief
  2. Hulk Hemp Trim
  3. Forbidden Fruit Hemp Trim
  4. Purple Paralysis Hemp Trim
  5. ChemDawg OG Hemp Trim
  6. Jack Frost Hemp Trim
  7. Cherry Blossom Hemp Trim
  8. Stormy Daniels Hemp Trim

3. Hemp Cigarettes

A) Lucky Leaf CBD Hemp Cigarettes

These cigarettes have the same look and feel as a traditional cigarette but contain no nicotine or THC. They’re made from a combination of different strains and offer the entire spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes naturally produced in the hemp flower.

This is a great option for people who like to smoke their hemp, but don’t like the raised eyebrows that come along with the joint-shaped pre-rolls. Most people will just think you’re smoking a cigarette.

Each cigarette contains 100 mg of CBD and doesn’t have any added chemicals or burn-regulators — just pure CBD-rich hemp flower.

Pricing Chart for Lucky Leaf Cigarettes:

Order Size Total Cost Number of Cigarettes Cost per Cigarette
1 Pack $8.99 10 $0.90
1 Carton (10 Packs) $69.99 100 $0.70
10 Cartons (100 Packs) $599.99 1000 $0.60

B) Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls

These hemp flower pre-rolls are made to hold exactly 1 gram of the hemp flower of your choosing.

You can choose from three different strains of hemp flower in quantities ranging from 25 pre-rolls all the way up to 250 pre-rolls:

  1. Elektra
  2. Oregon OG
  3. Lifter

These are a great option if you find you’re using a lot of hemp and don’t want to do the rolling yourself. Every bag comes with a variety of perfectly rolled hemp flowers ready for use.

Pricing Chart for Industrial Hemp Farms Pre-Rolls:

Order Size Total Cost Cost per Cigarette
25 Pre-Rolls $60.00 $2.50
50 Pre-Rolls $112.50 $2.25
100 Pre-Rolls $199.99 $2.00
250 Pre-Rolls $425.00 $1.70

4. CBD Isolates

CBD Isolate contains 99.59% pure CBD — all other compounds have been removed. This product is so pure it forms  into crystals — which to the naked eye appears as a fine white powder like sugar or salt.

This CBD isolate is very potent, and should only be used by people who have experience using CBD products. It doesn’t take much at all to get a strong dose of CBD.

Industrial hemp Farms makes its own CBD isolate from various batches of product grown on the farm. It’s one of the cheapest sources of pure CBD isolate we’ve seen yet — especially if you order in bulk.

The cost of these isolates are so low, we couldn’t even calculate the cost per milligram like we normally do. Even the smallest bottle of isolate (1 gram) costs less than 1 cent per milligram. This compares to most of the CBD isolates we’ve reviewed which go for $0.04 per milligram on average — roughly 5 times the cost of this isolate.

When you get into the bulk orders this becomes dramatically different — over 20 times cheaper than the average CBD isolate!

Pricing Charts (May Vary From One Strain to Another):

Size of Order Equivalent in mg Total Cost Cost per Gram
1 Gram 1000 mg $8.50 $8.50
5 Grams 5000 mg $37.50 $7.50
10 Grams 10,000 mg $70.00 $7.00
25 Grams 25,000 mg $150.00 $6.00
50 Grams 50,000 mg $250.00 $5.00
150 Grams 150,000 mg $600.00 $4.00
250 Grams 250,000 mg $937.50 $3.75
500 Grams 500,000 mg $1750.00 $3.50
1 Kilogram 1,000,000 mg $3000.00 $3.00

5. CBD Oils

Industrial Hemp Farms makes its own hemp oil as well — which is also dramatically cheaper than the industry standard. These guys are undercutting the competition in price in virtually every category of product. These CBD oils cost around $0.01 per milligram of CBD in the bottle, which is the lowest we’ve ever seen.

You can buy these oils under two brand names — though both appear to be exactly the same.

You can buy these oils in several different flavors as well:

  1. Unflavored
  2. Lemon
  3. Peppermint
  4. Cinnamon

Price & Potency Comparison of Industrial Hemp Farms CBD Oil

Product Name Potency Total Cost Cost per mg CBD
Industrial Hemp Farms — 1000 mg 33.3 mg/mL $14.99 $0.01
Industrial Hemp Farms — 2500 mg 83.3 mg/mL $29.99 $0.01
Industrial Hemp Farms — 5000 mg 166.6 mg/mL $49.99 $0.01
Industrial Hemp Farms — 10,000 mg 333.3 mg/mL $99.99 $0.01

6. Terpenes

Terpenes are a group of medicinal compounds produced in hemp that are responsible for the plant’s characteristic aroma.

As part of the extraction and isolation process of hemp plants, terpenes are one of the compounds that are removed and isolated during the process. Industrial Hemp Farms offers you the option to buy these terpenes directly yourself.

These products are just like the essential oils of other plants and can be used in the exact same way. They make for a good addition to herbal vaporizers or in DIY CBD topicals.

You can also use some of these terpenes in aromatherapy or for making perfumes and colognes.

You can buy each of these terpenes in a 60 or 120 mL bottle — which is a lot of terpenes. This stuff will last a very long time.

The company sells a few different terpene fractions to choose from:

  1. MyrceneTerpene Isolate
  2. Caryophyllene Terpene Isolate
  3. beta-Pinene Terpene Isolate
  4. Alpha-Pinene Terpene isolate
  5. Terpinolene Terpene Isolate

7. CBG Distillates

CBG is all the rage these days as the newest and best cannabinoid. It has most of the same benefits of CBD, but with slightly stronger sedative effects. Some people experience a very mild high while using CBG, but in general, this cannabinoid is thought to be non-psychoactive. In fact, CBG will actually stop or reverse the psychoactive effects of THC if taken in high enough doses.

CBG is the precursor to CBD, THC, and many other cannabinoids. This has earned it the title of “mother of all cannabinoids”.

Industrial Hemp Farms offers this rare CBG distillate — which contains around 88.7% CBG and 12.1% CBD.

If you’re looking for something a little different we highly recommend you give this stuff a try — however, keep in mind it’s going to be quite a bit more expensive than the equivalent amount of CBD because of how rare this product is and how little the hemp plant produces compared to CBD.

Pricing of Industrial Farms CBG Distillate:

Size of Order Equivalent in mg Total Cost Cost per Gram
0.5 Grams 500 mg $29.99 $60.00
1 Gram 1000 mg $49.99 $50.00
5 Grams 5000 mg $199.99 $40.00
10 Grams 10,000 mg $375.00 $37.50
50 Grams 50,000 mg $1625.00 $32.50
100 Grams 100,000 mg $2750.00 $27.50

8. CBN Isolate Powder

CBN stands for cannabinol — it’s made as THC breaks down.

Like CBD, CBN is non-psychoactive — in most people. Some people using CBN products report some mild psychoactive effects.

This cannabinoid is one of the most sedating. It’s usually the cause for hemp or marijuana strains that leave you feeling couch locked. This can be really useful for helping users get to sleep, but can be a real burden if you don;t like the couchlock feeling from heavier hemp strains.

This CBN powder comes contains over 99% pure CBN. You can use this stuff directly or combine it with CBD or CBG isolates to give the extract a stronger heavy effect profile.

Pricing Chart for CBN Isolate Powders:

Size of Order Equivalent in mg Total Cost Cost per Gram
0.5 Grams 500 mg $32.99 $66.00
1 Gram 1000 mg $65.00 $65.00
5 Grams 5000 mg $305.00 $61.00
10 Grams 10,000 mg $600.00 $60.00
50 Grams 50,000 mg $2500.00 $50.00
100 Grams 100,000 mg $4000.00 $40.00

Safety & Third-Party Testing

All Industrial Hemp Farms products are third-party tested, with the results posted live on the company’s website. You can find the most recent test for each product directly on the product page.

All tests include the entire gamut of testing — cannabinoid profiles, terpene profiles, and assessment for heavy metals, microbial contaminants, and pesticide residues.

Industrial Hemp Farm’s Shipping & Return Policy

Industrial Hemp Farms will only ship within the United States where it remains legal by state law. Anybody living outside the United States will need to shop elsewhere for their CBD flower.

Some people have tried ordering their products from Industrial Hemp Farms through a mail forwarding service — this practice should be done with extreme caution.

It’s important to know and understand the CBD laws regarding hemp flowers in your country or region before trying this to avoid breaking any laws.

This hemp is only guaranteed to contain less than 0.3% THC — which is the federal limit for American CBD companies. Outside the US these limits may be different. In most of Europe, for example, the limit for THC in a hemp product is just 0.2%.

Final Verdict: The Cheapest Source of Hemp Flower & CBD Products We’ve Seen to Date

This company is very large. They’ve been in the industry for a while and have seen incredible growth year after year since their inception.

The company owns the entire supply chain, from the production of seeds and new hemp genetics, all the way through cultivation and extraction. You Can even buy house-brand artisanal CBD products like creams and salves.

Being so close to the production level of the raw hemp, the products sold by Industrial Hemp Farms are well below the industry pricing in all categories.

The company is primarily B2B — which means they supply the CBD for other companies which then sell to customers — however, you can buy all of these products in very small quantities just like you would from a secondary supplier.

If you’re looking for cheap hemp products, Industrial Hemp Farms is a great source to buy from.

Industrial Hemp Farms

5 / 5