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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Holistic Hemp Scotland Review

Scotland, a country known for its bleak winters, haggis, and the harmonious sound of bagpipes, is now making some pretty big waves in the CBD industry.

Riding the recent CBD wave is Holistic Hemp Scotland, a relatively long-standing CBD company based in the easterly region of Scotland.

This product line is respectable, offering a long list of well-formulated, premium CBD products for the European market

We especially like the companies Alpine Oil, and the CBG and CBD concentrates this company has on offer. 

Mission/Charity 4/5

As far as mission statements go, Holistic Hemp Scotland doesn’t really give too much away, which results in a fairly bland and generic ethos — there’s not much of a backstory, nor is there anything separating the company from others in the industry.

However, we can’t knock the company down for its commendable attitudes toward creating “cleanest, safest, and most effective” CBD products — you can find out more about this further down in our “What is Holistic Hemp Scotland’s Mission?” section.

Hemp Source 5/5

Holistic Hemp Scotland sources its hemp from organically-grown EU hemp. Most of the products come from hemp sourced around Europe, while the Alpine oil is the only product where a specific location is disclosed — which is over in the Swiss alps. 

This company has some of the best hemp we’ve seen yet, and one of the first companies to achieve true EU-certification for their organic hemp plants. 

Product Range 5/5

Holistic Hemp Scotland offers just about every category of CBD products — minus topicals and E-liquids. They even sell a few fringe products like CBD infused coffee (decaf and regular), hemp tea, and CBG pastes. 

Their oils and capsules each come in a few different strengths as well — giving customers plenty of options when it comes to choosing CBD products that fit their lifestyles best. 

Innovation 5/5

Some products in Holistic Hemp Scotland’s range consists of some innovative ideas, even if they’ve been done before. The water-soluble, turmeric-infused capsules, for instance, have been specially created to boost absorption in the body and increase bioavailability — the teas and coffees, as well, are fairly innovative. 

Safety 5/5

Holistic Hemp Scotland provides the most recent round of third-party testing on each product page on its website. These tests are complete with the cannabinoid and terpene profiles, heavy metal, pesticide, residual solvent, and microbe contamination testing. 

This is about as much as anybody could expect and gets full points from us. 

Customer Service 5/5

Holistic Hemp Scotland answered our emails promptly and thoroughly. The staff we spoke to were friendly, and knowledgeable on the products they were selling. 

The company also offers the standard 14-day return policy, and from other people, we’ve talked to, they’re quite lenient on this. If there’s a problem or you’re not happy with you’re order, there’s a really good chance the company will sort everything out for you as soon as possible. 

Holistic Hemp Scotland Company Review

Article By
Alisdair Mans Cornwell , last updated on December 7, 2020

About the Company: Holistic Hemp Scotland

The company was established in Kirriemuir, Scotland in 2016 and has amassed a reasonable amount of products including oils, capsules, teas, coffees, and pastes — which we’ll cover in more detail in the sections below.

The company also belongs to Cannabis Trades Association UK (CTA UK), a cannabinoid-centric trade association for the UK and Europe “working with all sectors of the hemp and cannabis industry to promote good practice, provide practical advice and ensure consumers of legal cannabis and hemp products have access to top quality information”.

Where Does Holistic Hemp Scotland Source its Hemp?

Holistic Hemp Scotland sources its hemp from small artisan farms in the EU using a “bio-dynamic, organic growing process without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers.” After the hemp crops have grown, each flower is handpicked and individually hung up to dry at natural temperatures to be then extracted using a supercritical CO2 extraction or cold pressing.

What Does Holistic Hemp Scotland Sell?

Number Product Total CBD Potency Cost per mg CBD Link


Holistic Hemp Scotland CBDA/CBD Oil

500 – 1500 mg

50 – 150 mg/mL

£0.03 – £0.07


Holistic Hemp Scotland Alpine Oil

500 mg

50 mg/mL



Holistic Hemp Scotland Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules

300 – 450 mg

15 mg/Capsule

£0.09 – £0.16


Holistic Hemp Scotland Raw CBDA Honey

670 mg

1.83 mg/mL



Holistic Hemp Scotland Organic Cannabis Sativa L. Tea

Not Listed




Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Infused Coffee

250 mg

8-10 mg Per Cup



Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Cannabis Paste

530 mg




Holistic Hemp Scotland CBG Cannabis Paste

450 mg



1. CBD Oils & Tinctures

CBD oils are the quintessential form of CBD today. They offer the most customization in terms of dose, come in all different sizes and potencies to fit anybody’s budget or desired strength.

Holistic Hemp Scotland makes some of the best CBD oils and tinctures in the business.

A) Holistic Hemp Scotland CBDA/CBD Oil

Holistic Hemp Scotland’s CBD Oils are available in two different variants:

  • CBDA & CBD Oil
  • Alpine Oil

This is Holistic Hemp Scotland’s general-purpose CBD oil offering — which comes in three different strengths:

  • 5% (500 mg) (50 mg/mL)
  • 10% (1000 mg) (100 mg/mL)
  • 15% (1500 mg) (150 mg/mL)

This oil is very similar to their premium Alpine oil (more on this below), except that this version uses a slightly less premium hemp (though still excellent quality). This oil comes in more potency options and costs less than the Alpine oil as well.

The name CBDA/CBD oil suggests this product maintains the natural spectrum of cannabinoids — which includes the non-decarboxylated cannabinoid acids (CBDA) as well as the decarboxylated forms like CBD. When hemp extracts are heated (such as during the extraction process), cannabinoids are converted from an acid form to a non-acid form.

Many people believe the acid forms of cannabinoids are more versatile in their effects — though there’s little research to back this up.

There have been some studies on CBDA, however. In one paper, researchers conducted tests on shrews to see how CBDA affected nausea. The study found that CBDA had promising results towards reducing nausea in rodents by interacting with their serotonin receptors [1]

B) Holistic Hemp Scotland Alpine Oil

This is Holistic Hemp Scotland’s most premium CBD oil. It’s made using only organically-grown hemp plants from the Swiss alps. It’s one of the only EU certified hemp extracts we’ve seen, and by far some of the best oil we’ve tasted to date.

No fertilizers or pesticides were used in the manufacture of these oils.

You can also choose from the base carrier oils when you buy the Alpine oil:

  • MCT oil
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Olive oil

The only downside of the Alpine oil is that only comes in one potency of around 50 mg/mL. However, this is strong enough for just about everybody to find useful.

2. CBD Capsules

CBD capsules offer all the same benefits as a CBD oil, but in more convenient, pre-measured doses.

Holistic Hemp Scotland Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules

Described as a terpene-rich, CO2-extracted hemp product with a water-soluble formula for increased bioavailability, these capsules “ensure high potency delivery to the bloodstream through the digestive tract”.

Here you’ll find two different capsule variants — one with turmeric and one without turmeric.

Both capsule variants are reasonably priced for the amount of CBD you purchase. The latter provides 300 mg of CBD for an outright cost of £49.99 (£0.09 per mg of CBD) and the former offers 450 mg of CBD for an outright cost of £40.00 (£0.16).

In a bottle, there are 30 capsules no matter which variant you purchase — the turmeric option contains 10 mg of CBD per capsule and the option without turmeric contains 15 mg of CBD per capsule.

The 10 mg per capsule option is a particular highlight due to the anti-inflammatory properties found in Curcuma longa (curcumin), the active compound found in turmeric, which the company has cleverly added into the formula [2].

3. CBD Honey

CBD edibles, such as these CBD-infused honey jars, are a unique method of using CBD. While not the most efficient in terms of dollar per milligram of CBD, they make for an excellent gift, and are a great way to use CBD on a casual basis.

Holistic Hemp Scotland Raw CBDA Honey

The honey used to create this product comes from artisanal beekeepers on a family-run bee farm in Lithuania.

This full-spectrum honey maintains both the acid and non-acid versions of CBD, CBC, and other common cannabinoids — along with a ton of terpenes.

Normally, as hemp is going through extraction the heat generated during the process converts some of the cannabinoids from an acid to non-acid. Holistic Hemp Scotland found a way to prevent this from happening.

Whether this offers any real advantages is up for debate — but this is definitely the more “natural” form of hemp extract nonetheless.

This honey contains the following cannabinoids: 

  • Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) (667 mg)
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) (11 mg)
  • Cannabichromenic acid (CBCA) (36mg)
  • Cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) (15 mg)

You can use this product anyway you would normally use honey. It works great added to tea or coffee, with food, or applied topically on cuts and scratches.

At £36.99, this product seems pricey at first, but when you factor in the cost of the honey, this is a steal. The total cost of the CBD per milligram is only £0.06 — which competes with most other CBD edibles.

4. CBD Tea

CBD-infused teas are similar to CBD edibles but in the form of a loose-leaf tea or tea bags.

CBD teas don’t offer the strongest dose of CBD compared to other forms but provide a nice kick to an already relaxing cup of hot tea.

Holistic Hemp Scotland Organic Cannabis Sativa L. Tea

Frustratingly, Holistic Hemp Scotland doesn’t provide much in the way of information for this product — we couldn’t find anything on its CBD content or whether it’s made from a certain type of hemp extract.

What we do know is that the taste is a combination of pine, eucalyptus, lemon, black pepper, black pepper, and hops. It’s quite delicious and caffeine-free. This would be an excellent tea to drink in the late afternoons or evenings before bed.

5. CBD Coffee

CBD and coffee are a match made in heaven. The relaxint and anxiolytic effects of CBD provide perfect support against some of the negative side effects of coffee — such as anxiety, jitteriness, or rapid heart rate.

CBD coffees are made by infusing the roasted coffee beans with active CBD.

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Infused Coffee (Caffeinated & Decaf)

Packed with 250 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, this coffee is said to offer “the perfect Crema” and “delivers a smooth delicious flavor” using roasted Honduras Arabica coffee beans alongside cold-pressed CBD oils.

You can also buy a decaf option made with Colombian arabica coffee beans.

The company claims the formula is 100% natural with no artificial colors, aromas, or preservatives.

These coffee beans are also ethically-sourced through “accredited Rainforest Alliance Farms in Honduras” and gives you 25-30 cups per packet.

6. CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates are the strongest form of CBD available. There are a few different kinds available depending on the what compounds are allowed to remain in the final extract.

CBD pastes contain all the phytochemicals in hemp, minus the minerals, fibers, proteins, and other plant structures.

You can also get CBG (cannabigerol) pastes, which provide the same ingredients as CBD paste but have a much higher prevalence of CBG instead of CBD.

A) Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Cannabis Paste

Based on Holistic Hemp Scotland’s About Our Pastes page, both the CBD and CBG variants are made from Lithuanian and Czech full-spectrum hemp extracts taken from biodynamically grown hemp plants without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.

This CBD Cannabis Paste is available in 530 mg of CBD (26%) at a very reasonable price of £25.00 for one tube, which works out at £0.05 per mg of CBD.

Because CBD pastes are relatively uncommon in the CBD market, especially in the UK, it’s worth looking at how to use CBD pastes if you’re unaccustomed to what they are.

CBD pastes are raw – or, rather, pure – hemp extracts not placed or diluted in a carrier oil to give it a thick texture and a higher potency than, say, oils and capsules.

Furthermore, these pastes have the advantage of being multipurpose and can be used in a number of different ways.

Most people will consume pastes sublingually but they can be blended with already existing moisturizers, balms, salves, or other skin treatment products for the added CBD benefit — you can also put them in foods and drinks.

B) Holistic Hemp Scotland CBG Cannabis Paste

Similar to the CBD paste, this product contains a higher concentration of cannabinoids not usually found in other products.

The difference between this product and its CBD alternative listed above is it’s abundant in cannabigerol (CBG), a “minor” cannabinoid not usually high in prevalence yet fairly effective.

Studies on mice found CBG to be helpful in combating inflammation commonly associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which is often seen as an umbrella term for conditions such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis that affects the digestive tract and colon [2].

What Does Holistic Hemp Scotland Do Well?

1. Turmeric-Infused CBD Capsules

As mentioned previously, one of turmeric’s main qualities is its ability to combat inflammation (chronic or otherwise) — combine this with CBD and you have a very effective product due to…

2. Cheap International Shipping

At a flat rate of £8 for international shipping, Holistic Hemp Scotland has provided customers all around the globe with a shipping price that’s reasonable and not something that’s going to break the bank.

3. EU-Certified Organic Hemp

The Alpine oil (and likely other products) are made from hemp grown on certified organic farms — which means there were no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or other treatments used during the cultivation of these plants. It also means the soil has to be tested regularly for contaminants, and the air quality needs to remain exceptional.

Honestly, this is some of the best hemp sourcing we’ve seen yet.

Safety & Third-Party Testing

Third-party testing in an external independent laboratory is vital to the credibility of a CBD company’s safety image and helps ensure customers that they’re purchasing a product free from impurities, under the legal THC limit, and has the number of cannabinoids (as well as terpenes) listed on the packaging.

Holistic Hemp Scotland provides the complete panel of third-party testing for all its products.

These tests are provided on the product page itself, making it super easy for customers to view the results for the current batch of product. You can view the cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles, as well as heavy metal, residual solvent, heavy metal, and microbial contamination test results.

The only thing that would make this even better is if Holistic Hemp Scotland offered a batch lookup system so customers could lookup the test specific to the bottle they end up purchasing. Other companies like Medterra have already implemented a system like this for its third-party test result page.

Holistic Hemp Scotland’s Shipping & Returns

Holistic Hemp Scotland ships locally throughout the UK and Whales, and the rest of the European Union. The company will also ship internationally for an additional shipping fee.

Shipping within the UK and Wales is free — and if you spend £120 or more you get upgraded to free next day delivery.

For international orders over £150 (including the EU), you get free international shipping, anything lower than this costs a flat rate of £8.

Most of Holistic Hemp Scotland’s shipping information can be found on its FAQ page.

The company’s Terms & Conditions page provides you with its Refund Policy, which includes a 14-day time period for returns you’re not satisfied with and a 3-month additional warranty on defective products.

Final Verdict: One of Our Favorite UK-Based CBD Companies

Holistic Hemp Scotland ticks all the boxes for a top-notch CBD brand.

Holistic Hemp Scotland has some awesome products on offer and we’re happy to see the company taking the initiative to create some innovative products including its CBD teas and coffees, CBG paste, as well as its water-soluble, turmeric-infused capsules — all of which come at an affordable price.

This company also sources some of the best hemp in the industry — even offering an EU-certified organic hemp product (The Alpine Oil).

Everything this company makes is tested extensively in a third-party lab for cannabinoid profile, terpenes, heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbial contaminants. Which is exactly what we like to see from high-end CBD manufacturers.

Overall, we highly recommend Holistic Hemp Scotland and its products — especially if you’re living in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, or other European countries.

Holistic Hemp Scotland

4.83 / 5