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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]
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  • 5 different coffee bean varieties

  • Inexpensive

  • Support small business

Buddha Beans Coffee Co. Review

Buddha Beans is a Los Angeles-based coffee company that specializes in CBD-infused coffee beans. The company is laser-focused on coffee — and has a better selection of beans than most of the larger CBD suppliers in the market.

The company offers coffee beans from four different parts of the world: Burundi, Columbia, Ethiopia, and Mexico — making it one of the only CBD suppliers we’ve seen that gives you the option of choosing where your coffee comes from.

Each bag of CBD coffee contains approximately 25 mg of CBD per oz of coffee beans — which puts them on the higher end of the scale for CBD-infused beverages.

For you coffee connoisseurs out there, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another CBD supplier with a better selection of flavors and package sizes.

Mission / Charity 5/5

Buddha Beans hopes to make your morning coffee a more enjoyable experience by reducing jitteriness, anxiety, and crashes that can come as a side-effect of caffeine. 

Buddha Beans also wishes to change some of the stigma around hemp and cannabis by infusing it into something people can use every day — coffee. 

The company believes CBD-infused coffee beans have the potential to show people that CBD is a safe health supplement. 

Currently, the company makes no mention of charitable donations.

Hemp Source 4/5

Buddha Beans sources its hemp from non-GMO, organic hemp farms in southern Oregon. Oregon is well known as a great place to grow hemp in the United States. 

Buddha Beans also provides third-party test results to back up its potency claims, but these tests don’t say anything about heavy metals, pesticides, or solvents. 

For full-points here, Buddha Beans should provide more thorough testing.

Product Range 4/5

Buddha Beans only offers CBD coffees but has one of the best selections we’ve seen. The company has coffee from 4 regions around the world (Burundi, Columbia, Ethiopia, and Mexico) and a decaffeinated option. 

You can also purchase this coffee in three sizes: 2, 6, and 12 oz bags. 

If you’re unsure, Buddha Beans has a “coffee flight” that comes with three 2 oz bags from different regions so you can try them out.

Innovation 4/5

Rather than simply adding CBD to ground-up coffee, Buddha Beans found a way to infuse CBD into the bean itself while preserving the flavors of the coffee. 

Additionally, Buddha Beans is one of the only CBD coffee providers with beans from multiple regions around the world in several different bag sizes.

Safety 3/5

Buddha Beans products don’t appear to have any potentially dangerous ingredients. However, the company offers limited usage and safety information on using its products. 

We’d like to see Buddha Beans post more educational content for its customers on its website and social media pages about using CBD, and test their products for contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, or residual solvents that may have made their way into the final product.

Customer Service 4/5

Buddha Beans offers a 14-day return policy for all its products. 

The company is quick to respond to emails or through its social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). When we reached out for more information, the company responded with thorough and thoughtful answers.

Buddha Beans Coffee Co. Company Review

Article By
Dylan James , last updated on July 20, 2021

About the Company: Buddha Beans Coffee Co

Buddha Beans is a Los Angeles-based CBD supplier whose entire focus is on CBD-infused coffee.

The founders were making coffee in their backyard as a hobby until their friends and family started to request some for themselves.

To give Buddha Beans a competitive edge, the founders decided to infuse CBD to reduce common side-effects like anxiety, shakiness, restlessness, and crashes that can often come with caffeine intake.

The company also hopes to reduce the stigma around hemp products — by infusing CBD into an everyday product like coffee. Buddha Beans believes it can show people who may be unsure about tinctures, capsules, or concentrates that CBD can be a great addition to your daily health supplement routine.

Where Does Buddha Beans Coffee Co. Source its Hemp From?

Buddha Beans sources its hemp from non-GMO, organic farms in Southern Oregon. In general, Oregon is well known for high-quality hemp and cultivating practices. Buddha Bean supplies third-party test results to back up its potency claims but the results are missing for heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents.

What Does Buddha Beans Coffee Co. Sell?

Currently, Buddha Beans only sells bags of CBD or CBG-infused coffee beans but has plans to introduce cold brew coffees in the future.

Number Product Total CBD Potency Cost per mg CBD Link


Buddha Beans Coffee Co. Infused Coffee

50 – 300 mg

5 mg per (8 oz) Cup

$0.16 – $0.22

CBD-Infused Coffee

$11.00 – $53.00
Buddha Beans Coffee Co.

Buddha Beans Coffee Co. Infused Coffee 2 – 12 oz Bags

4.5 / 5

Total CBD: 50 – 300 mg
Potency: 5 mg per (8 oz) Cup
Cost per mg CBD: $0.14 – $0.29
Extract Type: Isolate
THC Content : 0.0%

For the most part, Buddha Beans Coffee Co. sells CBD coffee, but the company also offers one CBG coffee variation.

You’ll find coffees from 4 different countries and also a decaffeinated option. The bags can be purchased pre-ground or as whole beans, and in three different package sizes.

Buddha Beans CBD coffee comes in 2 oz, 6 oz, and 12 oz bags. You can choose from beans sourced from one of the following regions: Burundi, Columbia, Ethiopia, and Mexico.

The decaffeinated option also comes from Columbia.

Again, you have the choice of pre-ground coffee or whole beans for every region.

Each ounce of coffee contains approximately 25 mg of CBD isolate — which works out to the following:

  • 50 mg of CBD in the 2 oz bag
  • 150 mg of CBD  in the 6 oz bag
  • 300 mg of CBD  in the 12 oz bag

You can also purchase the “coffee flight” which comes with three 2 oz bags so you can sample a few different options. The flight comes with beans from Mexico, Colombia, Ethiopia.

Cost & Potency Breakdown of Buddha Beans Coffee Co CBD Coffee — Burundi Blend

Product Image Product Name CBD per Bag Price Price Per mg CBD
Buddha Beans Coffee Co — 2 oz Bag 50 mg $11.50 $0.23
Buddha Beans Coffee Co — 6 oz Bag 150 mg $29.50 $0.20
Buddha Beans Coffee Co — 12 oz Bag 300 mg $50.00 $0.17

What Does Buddha Beans Coffee Co Do Well?

1. Large Selection of Coffee

There are only a few suppliers that offer CBD-infused coffees and most of those companies don’t base their entire business around coffee.

Instead, they’re generally large CBD companies who also happen to sell coffee — and they usually only have one or two options. This makes them a CBD company first, and a coffee company second.

Buddha Beans has taken a different approach. The company’s entire business is built around quality coffee. They’re a true “coffee first, CBD second company”.

You have the choice of beans from several regions — which is much more than many of the Buddha Beans’ competitors can say.

When you add in the choice of bag sizes and whether you want pre-ground or whole bean coffees, Buddha Beans has one of the larger selections of CBD coffee currently available.

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, you may have a better chance of finding a flavor that you truly enjoy with Buddha Beans Coffee Co. Purchase the coffee flight to get a chance to try the different blends.

2. Inexpensive

Buddha Beans CBD coffees are quite a bit cheaper on a cost per mg of CBD basis than many of its competitors.

It’s not unusual to see CBD coffees being sold for more than $0.30 per mg CBD — which makes Buddha Beans a great deal for $0.24 or less per mg of CBD.

This is especially true if you purchase the 12 oz bag, where the cost drops to at least $0.17 per mg of CBD — which is almost half the cost of competitors.

The value is further improved when you consider that Buddha Beans is entirely focused on high-quality coffee — where many other companies seem to include coffee as an afterthought.

Why spend more on lower-quality coffee?

You may not use CBD coffee as your primary source of CBD, so be sure to spend your money on a blend that you enjoy.

Areas In Need of Improvement

1. Limited Usage/Product Information

Buddha Beans has very little information about its products on its website and social media channels. As a small brand, Buddha Beans should be developing its image more effectively — why should we care about Buddha Beans more than any of the other companies making CBD-infused coffee?

Buddha Beans seems to have a great product but we’d like to know more about it. The company has a feedback section on its Instagram page with a ton of testimonials from customers, which is great — but Buddha Beans doesn’t offer enough usage and safety information about the products themselves or CBD in general.

With that being said, Buddha Beans is fairly active on its social media channels, so it may be best to reach out to the company there with any questions or concerns you may have.

2. Outdated & Incomplete Third-Party Test Results

Buddha Beans has third-party test results for its CBD extract posted on its website but they don’t say anything about the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and other potentially dangerous materials.

Additionally, the last posted third-party test results are from the beginning of 2019 — it’s time for Buddha Beans to get an update.

The company’s hemp source hits most of our checkmarks for quality. Buddha Beans claims to use non-GMO, organic hemp grown in Oregon — but we’d like to see a little more evidence.

Safety & Third-Party Testing Buddha Beans Coffee Co

There doesn’t seem to be any harmful ingredients in Buddha Beans CBD coffee but the company needs to conduct more thorough third-party testing.

Currently, the Buddha Beans only has the cannabinoid profile and potency results available for its CBD extracts. Once again, we’d also like to see heavy metal, pesticide, and solvent testing for full points here.

Final Verdict: Find an Inexpensive & Enjoyable CBD Coffee For People Particular About Their Coffee

Overall, Buddha Beans is a great source of CBD coffee. The company has a much better selection than many of its competitors which may help you find a blend you really enjoy more easily.

This is one of the only suppliers of CBD coffee we’ve seen that gives you the option to choose coffee beans from multiple places around the world.

In addition to having a better selection than some of the bigger guys, Buddha Beans CBD coffee beans tend to be less expensive. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, you’ll want to go for the 12 oz bags to keep up your supply and get the best cost per mg of CBD.

However, Buddha Beans lacks detailed product descriptions and needs to update its third-party test results. As a new and smaller company, we’re not entirely shocked by these points — but Buddha Beans should give its customers as much information as possible if it hopes to survive long-term.

CBD-infused coffee may ease some of the side effects of caffeine so you can focus without the jitters.

Buddha Beans Coffee Co.

4 / 5