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What’s The Best CBD:THC Ratio To Use For Pain? (1:1)

CBD & THC work better as a team.

Here’s everything you need to know about the best CBD:THC ratio for pain.

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Daily CBD , last updated on November 23, 2021

The combination of CBD and THC together can offer pain relief for episodic and chronic pain sufferers, including those with migraines, menstrual cramps, cancer, and more. The CBD:THC ratios that work best for pain are low in CBD and high in THC, harnessing the entourage effect to get the most out of both compounds.

The nausea-, pain-, and inflammation-relieving properties of CBD and the pain-relieving properties of THC make it a powerful treatment for pain.

Here’s all you need to know about the best CBD:THC ratios for pain.

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Benefits of CBD & THC For Pain Management

Both CBD and THC are incredible and innovative pain treatments backed by science. When this powerful duo is taken in conjunction, you get the benefits of both compounds — plus, they help each other be more effective.

The entourage effect is the phenomenon where the effects of some cannabinoids are enhanced when they’re accompanied by other cannabinoids that occur naturally in the cannabis plant.

Marijuana plants contain a lot of THC, whereas hemp plants contain a lot of CBD. Although there may be trace amounts of THC in some CBD products, it’s not enough to get you high — or to harness the pain-relieving effects of THC.

That’s where CBD:THC ratios come in.

By combining CBD and THC, whether in a pre-measured product or on your own at home, you can enjoy a pain-relieving THC high while the CBD reduces inflammation in your body, relaxes tense muscles, and lowers anxiety.

The THC binds to your CB1 receptor while the CBD binds to your CB2 receptor, allowing you to get the benefits of both compounds. The CBD also blocks some THC from binding with CB1, reducing the strong psychoactive effects of THC [1].

CBD also helps reduce the anxiety and paranoia some people experience after having THC. CBD is anxiety-reducing in its own right, so it helps calm the psychological side effects you get from THC while still letting you enjoy the pain-relief, muscle relaxation, and reduction of spasms [2].

Benefits of CBD & THC For Chronic Pain Sufferers

Most clinical studies examining CBD as a treatment for chronic pain use at least 1:1 CBD:THC ratios.

The science shows that patients’ mean pain scores were reduced in chronic pain sufferers with various afflictions, including multiple sclerosis, advanced cancer, and neuropathic pain [3].

This is huge for chronic pain sufferers because most pain relief medicine strong enough to get the job done is addictive — not to mention the host of side effects like poor sleep, depression, weight gain, and more [4].

If you live in a state with medical marijuana and you’re a diagnosed chronic pain sufferer, odds are your doctor has already recommended CBD and THC as a treatment. Make sure to check for any interactions with other medications you take.

Best CBD:THC Ratio & How To Dose

The best CBD:THC ratio for pain exceeds 1:9, meaning a lot more THC than CBD. However, if you’re anxious about getting high, it’ll still help your pain to take both compounds in any amount.

If you’re making your own CBD-THC blend at home, it can be tough to get a precise dose of either.

First, use our dosage calculator to determine how much CBD you should take. Then, determine which ratio you’d like to use — probably over 1:9 for pain management.

You can use CBD and THC gummies or tinctures for precise measurements. You don’t have to combine the CBD and THC first — just take them in conjunction or one after the other.

You can also purchase products that are already mixed at the right ratio for you. This is especially common at medical marijuana dispensaries.

Other CBD:THC Ratios

CBD and THC have a lot of synergy when used in combination with each other. There’s been a growing interest in recent years to identify the perfect ratio of each cannabinoid for managing various health conditions.

Even large pharmaceutical companies have entered the ring with their own CBD:THC ratios for combatting specific health disorders.

Here are some of the other ratios to consider based on the current evidence available:

Final Thoughts: Best CBD:THC Ratio For Pain

The best CBD:THC ratio for pain is 1:9, with more THC than CBD.

You can enjoy the benefits of CBD, including inflammation and anxiety relief, while also easing the potential psychological side effects of THC, like paranoia and anxiety.

Whether you’re a chronic pain sufferer or just have pain occasionally, the combination of CBD and THC is a powerful pain management treatment that won’t leave you with nasty side effects or addiction.


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