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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

VIIA Hemp Company Dreams Delta 8 Gummies Review

If you’re looking for a more effective and natural way to get a good night’s rest, you might want to check out VIIA Hemp’s Delta 8 gummies. These gummies combine delta-8 and CBN, two compounds that are known for their calming properties. Not only do they help you fall asleep more quickly, but we found they also keep you from waking up during the night. We tried out VIIA’s Dreams Delta 8 Gummies, and here’s our toughts.
Price / Value 5/5
A bottle containing 15 gummy pieces will set you back $40 — but we find this product to be a very fair value offer. These might be a bit on the high end for CBD gummies, but these aren’t CBD gummies. Each gummy contains 15 mg of delta-8 THC and 15 mg CBN, two rare minor cannabinoids, for a potent relaxing formula.
Potency 3/5
The Dreams Gummies are only available in one potency option. While it does contain a psychoactive cannabinoid (delta-8 THC), it’s not very strong if you’re looking for an intense buzz — but that’s not what the product is designed for. This product seems like it was made for people who typically turn to marijuana to help them wind down for a long day to get some sleep, and with 15 mg of delta-8 and 15 mg of CBN, this did the trick for some of us. Those with a higher tolerance needed to take two gummies.
Hemp Source 4/5
While VIIA Hemp Company offers products with psychoactive cannabinoids, all its extracts are made from Farm Bill compliant hemp crops that maintain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. The company sources sun-grown hemp from farms in Oregon that practice organic farming. However, the state of Oregon isn’t eligible for USDA-organic certification on hemp just yet. You can find third-party lab tests on its website for cannabinoid potency, profile, and safety.
Purpose / Uses 5/5
Delta-8 and CBN are newer cannabinoids on the scene, but there is early research to suggest they’re effective for deep relaxation, mood, and pain. With a name like “Dreams,” this product is clearly designed as a sleep aid product. But it’s unique from many of the other CBD or CBN-focused sleep products in that it does have mild psychoactive doses of delta-8 THC.
Product Variations 3/5
The Dreams Gummies only come in one size, potency, and flavor (Blueberry Lemon), but it’s a pretty specialized product. VIIA Hemp Co. offers many other products if you’re looking for something that has higher or lower psychoactive doses — or is completely non-psychoactive — if that’s what you’re after. We’d love to see a stronger version of the Dreams gummies in the future as delta-8 is a cannabinoid known to build tolerance quickly. If you end up loving these like we did and want to use them regularly, you’ll need to take more to get the same results, which can end up costing a lot of money.
Formulation / Ingredients 5/5
All VIIA Hemp Gummies are vegan-friendly and made from naturally-derived ingredients. VIIA likes to keep its ingredient list short and simple. This is a square, fruit-flavored gummy candy with a light sugar coating. It does have a light hemp terpene taste without it being too overpowering.

VIIA Hemp Company Dreams Delta 8 Gummies Review

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Daily CBD , last updated on June 9, 2022

About the Company: VIIA Hemp Company

VIIA Hemp Co is a California-based company started in 2018 by Maxwell Mckendry who set out to empower people to take control of their wellness with natural hemp products, the same way he did when he first started his journey with CBD.

What sets this brand apart from the competition is that it offers CBD and minor cannabinoid-focused products you can actually feel and offers a variety of tinctures, gummies, topicals, and vape products based on the experience you’d like from focus, creativity, pain relief, sleep support, or a THC high, all while maintaining federal legal guidelines. 

VIIA products are well-priced, maintaining the company’s core values for providing high-quality hemp-based products for everyone who needs them, and not just to an elite audience.

Who Should Consider Using The Dream Gummies?

We’ve all had those nights where we just can’t seem to fall asleep no matter how hard we try — tossing and turning for hours on end over anxious thoughts or pain. This is where hemp cannabinoids can help.

Many people already turn to cannabis for relaxation and pain — CBD is often used as a sleep aid in high doses, but for some people, this doesn’t just work. CBN and delta-8 THC can be great alternatives.

CBN is a minor cannabinoid that naturally occurs as the delta-9 THC molecule degrades. It’s non-psychoactive on its own, but when combined with other cannabinoids, is found to have very strong relaxing effects on the mind and body that can support sleep.

What makes this product stand out from other sleep-aid hemp products out there is that it contains psychoactive levels of delta-8 THC.

Delta 8 THC is an isomer of delta 9 THC (the primary cannabinoid in marijuana) but is known to be about half as potent. It’s quickly become popular as a federally legal way to get a cannabis buzz, but even seasoned marijuana users enjoy it because it offers a milder and clearer-headed high that’s less likely to produce uncomfortable side effects such as paranoia and anxious feelings.

Why do these two cannabinoids make the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep?

It’s believed that the couch-lock effect from some marijuana strains that help many people get to sleep comfortably comes from older cannabis strains that contain higher levels of CBN combined with THC — and that’s where we think VIIA was going with this product.

We could see the Dreams Gummies being ideal for those who like to unwind with a cannabis buzz at the end of the day — but without feeling groggy the next morning.

With only 15 mg of each cannabinoid, the effects of one gummy are subtle. It’s not enough to completely knock you out, but it’s a kin to a glass of wine after a meal to help you relax and unwind. In a few short hours, you’ll feel a craving for sleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

Cost & Potency

The Dreams Delta 8 + CBN Gummies cost $40.00 for a bottle containing 15 gummy candies. We think this is a fair price point given that this is a unique offering and these minor cannabinoids cost more to source and extract because they exist in hemp plants in small quantities, unlike CBD. 

If you see yourself using these gummies on the regular, you can save money by purchasing in bulk, you can purchase a 3-pack for $105 for $15 of savings or a 5-pack for $155 and save $45.

Cost Breakdown of VIIA Dreams Delta 8 + CBN Gummies

Product ImageProduct NameTotal PriceTotal Delta-8 + CBN ContentCost per mg Delta-8 + CBN
Dreams Delta 8 + CBN Gummies— 450 mg  (15 ct)$40.00450 mg$0.08

Hemp Source

Despite having psychoactive doses of delta 8 THC, all VIIA products are sourced from organic, sun-grown hemp plants from Oregon farms.

The company has a seed-to-bottle approach in all extracts and conducts in-house testing and third-party lab testing for safety and quality assurance, which you can find for all product batches on the website.

VIIA Hemp can score a 5/5 in our hemp source review once USDA-organic certification is available in Oregon for hemp crops — but this is still an excellent hemp source.

Formulation & Ingredients

VIIA is all about keeping its ingredient list simple and naturally derived.

The plant-based gummy candy consists of only six ingredients: Organic tapioca syrup, sugar, water, citrus pectin, full-spectrum hemp extract, natural flavor, and color.

It has a strong fruity flavor that compliments the terpenes from the extract — you can still taste the hemp terpenes, but it’s not overpowering or off-putting like many other cannabis candies on the market, made with low-grade extracts.

VIIA Hemp Co. does make it clear that the Dreams Gummies are not CBD gummies and that it contains psychoactive doses of delta 8 THC.

If you’re wondering how a psychoactive cannabis product is federally legal, we’ll fill you in.

Because the delta 8 in this product is extracted from Farm Bill-compliant hemp crops, it falls under an interesting loophole.

The 2018 Farm Bill had allowed hemp plants containing less than 0.3% delta-9 THC concentration on a dried weight basis to become legal for sale and production. There was no mention of THC isomers, like delta-8, which is shown to have mild psychoactive effects, making this product federally legal.

That being said, there are some states that have implemented stricter laws on all THC products, including isomers, regardless of their legal sourcing — so depending on where you live, VIIA may not be able to ship this product to you.

VIIA Hemp Co Shipping & Returns

VIIA products are only available to customers within the United States. However, the Dreams Gummies are not eligible to ship to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.

Ordering off the VIIA site is straightforward — the discreet package arrived via USPS within a few business days (within California) and we were given a tracking number.

If you’re not happy with your purchase, VIIA offers partial refunds or product exchanges within reason — just reach out to the customer service team at

Final Verdict: Dreams Gummies Are A Go-To Product For Restless Nights

This has easily become a fun and reliable go-to product for relaxation and sleep.

I’ve taken it an hour before my bedtime, thrown on a 45-minute episode of a show I’m watching, and am ready to pass out. I feel refreshed the next morning—No grog or cloudiness, and that’s a winning product to me.

One thing I’ve noticed, which isn’t unique to VIIA’s gummies in general is that tolerance to delta-8 builds quickly. So you can find yourself needing one whole gummy to two gummies to feel the same level of effects within a matter of weeks. If this is the case — take a tolerance break (5 days) to reset your body.

VIIA Hemp Co.

4.83 / 5