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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

VIIA Hemp Company Cloud 9 Delta 9 Gummies Review

VIIA’s Cloud 9 gummies are simply powerful. At 50 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC each, you will definitely feel the effects of these gummies — and yes, it does contain legal hemp-derived delta-9 THC, which does yield a psychoactive effect, but it’s not their most psychoactive gummy in their collection. Learn more about this interesting product in this review.
Price / Value 5/5

The Cloud 9 Gummies cost $35.00 for 15 pieces containing 50 mg of CBD and 5 mg of CBD per gummy for a total of 750 mg of hemp extract in the bottle. This rings in at less than $0.05 per mg of extract — and we think it’s a fair price considering you get a whole lot more than your typical CBD gummy experience.

Potency 5/5

There’s only one potency option in the Cloud 9 gummies. It contains a fair amount of CBD (anything over 50 mg of CBD is a higher potency) as well as 5 mg of THC. On VIIA’s website, you can find a scale for how psychoactive these gummies are, and Cloud 9 is labeled mildly psychoactive, which we found to be true, living up to its name.

Hemp Source 4/5

VIIA Hemp Co. uses sun-grown organic hemp crops for its CBD and THC extracts. This flies under the federal legal threshold of maintaining less than 0.3% delta-9 THC from hemp per dried weight of each gummy. However, some states may have other regulations and you should check with your local laws before purchasing. You can find the lab test for all batches of product on the company website to confirm the cannabinoid profile and potency, but we reserve 5s for USDA-certified organic hemp. Right now, Oregon isn’t an eligible state for this certification on hemp crops. But this is still a very good hemp source.

Purpose / Uses 5/5

If you’ve ever taken CBD and wondered if it’s even doing anything, maybe this product is for you. VIIA Hemp Co. set out to create CBD products you can actually feel, which is why many of its formulations include psychoactive amounts of THC — not only for the novelty, but because THC adds a relaxing and euphoric experience, and has been studied for its anti-inflammatory effects too.

Product Variations 5/5

While there’s only one potency and size available for the Cloud 9 Gummies, it does come in a variety of fun flavors. Our favorite flavor is Watermelon. If you’re looking for something that’s more psychoactive than this product, you could try the Elevate Delta-8 + CBG Gummies or the Bliss Delta-8 Gummies. For those looking for something non-psychoactive, VIIA has the Flow State CBG + CBD Gummies or the Lowdose, which is about half as potent as this product with 25 mg of CBG and 2 mg of THC in each gummy square.

Formulation / Ingredients 5/5

These are well-made vegan-friendly gummies that have a light sugar coating. They’ve got some chew, have a great flavor, and you can taste the terpenes without them being too bitter and overpowering in the candy. What makes this product unique is that includes delta-9 THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis plants, but it’s technically federally legal because it’s hemp-derived and within the 0.3% concentration threshold in the formula, making it available to customers in states where recreational cannabis isn’t available.

VIIA Hemp Company Cloud 9 Delta 9 Gummies Review

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Daily CBD , last updated on June 9, 2022

About the Company: VIIA Hemp Company

VIIA Hemp Company is a California-based company founded by Maxwell Mckendry in 2018. It’s a fast-growing company establishing itself in the cannabis space by incorporating higher concentrations of minor cannabinoids from hemp including, CBN, CBG, HHC, Delta-8, 9, and 10 in its CBD gummies, vapes, and tinctures for products you can actually feel.

What we like about this company is that it’s designed products based on the customer’s desired experience whether it’s for productivity, sleep, pain relief, or a legal and safe way to get a THC buzz.

On top of this, the products are fairly priced, its website provides a lot of educational content on safety, legal news, and cannabis medical research, and the company is passionate about environmental sustainability — ticking off all the right boxes on our end.

Who Should Consider Using Cloud 9 Gummies?

People who want to have a bit of a mellow psychoactive buzz from their CBD gummies, or those looking for a stronger CBD experience altogether for pain, inflammation, or sleep may want to give these gummies a try.

This product delivers a high dose of CBD with 50 mg per gummy square, which is a dose many people take for pain relief and stress.

The effects of CBD on its own are quite subtle because it’s non-psychoactive. Even with taking higher doses of CBD, some people may not experience the effects right away and require consistent use to find relief.

The cool part about this product is that it also contains 5 mg of hemp-derived delta-9 THC, making it a CBD gummy you can feel right away.

Most people know THC to be psychoactive, but it also has strong relaxing effects on the mind, and body, and has also been shown to provide pain-relief and anti-inflammatory support.

On average, ingesting 5 mg of THC will result in a mild high that includes a feeling of euphoria and slight changes in sensory perception. We found the effects of these gummies to last for a few hours but we didn’t experience the typical “munchies” that you get from THC products. This is probably because there’s a stronger concentration of CBD, which can mitigate some of the effects of THC.

If you’re new to CBD and THC, you may want to start with a lower dose. Take half of the gummy, see how you feel after an hour, and then take the other half if you’re looking for a little more. Alternatively, VIIA offers the Lowdose High Spectrum Gummies which contain 25 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC.

Cost & Potency

The Cloud 9 Gummies ring in at $35.00 per bottle containing 15 squares and 750 mg of cannabinoids total, which is fairly affordable considering the average cost of CBD extracts in gummies is roughly $0.07-$0.10 per mg of CBD.

It can be difficult to compare the price of gummies from brand to brand because there are so many other costs in creating a product like the ingredients, hemp quality, packaging, and lab tests.

But the easiest method to roughly compare is by taking the price of the product divided by the total cannabinoids, and this product’s price per mg of cannabinoids (THC and CBD) is $0.04.

Tie this in with the fact that CBD combined with legal delta-9 THC gummies is a rare product to come by, and we think that this product is fairly priced.

For those looking to bundle up and save, you can also purchase a 3-pack for $90 or 5-pack for a $135.

Cost Breakdown of VIIA Cloud 9 Gummy

Product ImageProduct NameTotal PriceTotal Cannabinoid ContentCost per mg of cannabinoids
Cloud 9 — 750 mg (15 ct)$35.00750 mg$0.04

Hemp Source

VIIA uses a high cannabinoid and terpene hemp strain sun-grown in Oregon in all its products.

The company says that the farm uses organic practices, but the state of  Oregon isn’t eligible to obtain USDA organic certification on hemp crops. We hope to see this change soon, but this doesn’t mean that the hemp isn’t of good quality.

You can find the third-party lab tests on the company website for all products and match them with the batch of your product.

Formulation & Ingredients

The candy formula is your standard, vegan-friendly gummy base with a light sugar coating.

It only has 6 ingredients: Organic tapioca syrup, sugar, water, citrus pectin, full-spectrum hemp extract, natural flavor, and color.

Let’s get into the fun part.

These gummies contain a high dose of CBD (50 mg) and 5 mg of THC — which is what makes them unique.

You might be wondering how this product is legal.

VIIA’s gummies contain psychoactive levels of THC but because they still maintain a concentration of less than 0.3% on dried weight bases and are hemp-derived (not marijuana), which means it’s technically legal under the 2018 revision of the Farm Bill. 

The result is a potent CBD gummy you can actually feel because of the THC, without overwhelming psychoactive effects.

VIIA Hemp Co Shipping & Returns

VIIA Hemp Co’s website is easy to navigate, and the orders arrived in discreet packaging within 3 business days for us in California with a tracking number.

If you’re not happy with your order, you can reach out to the customer service team, and they can issue you a partial refund or exchange. This  is greatly appreciated since a lot of online CBD brands don’t offer this.

Because these products contain psychoactive cannabinoids, you should check with your local state laws before purchasing.

Final Verdict: Gummies That Will Take You To Cloud 9

These are top-notch, affordable gummies. They have an excellent balance between relaxation and that feel-good THC buzz without it being too overwhelming.

We can see these being used to manage aches and pains, unwind from a stressful day, or if you’re just looking for a light high to enjoy responsibly with friends.

We recommend getting the Watermelon flavor, but they also come in Pink Lemonade, and Snozzberry, which are all excellent options too.

VIIA Hemp Co.

4.83 / 5