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VIIA Hemp Co. Bliss Delta 8 Gummies Review

Delta 8 THC is quickly becoming one of the most popular cannabinoids on the market today, and VIIA Hemp’s Bliss Delta-8 Gummies are some of the best-tasting options around. Made with all-natural ingredients and 25 mg of delta 8 THC per gummy, these are a great way to experience a psychoactive buzz from hemp that’s much more mellowed out than your typical marijuana gummies.

Price / Value 5/5

For $35.00, you get 15 gummy squares with 25 mg of hemp-derived delta-8 THC. It’s difficult to compare this price point with CBD products as delta-8 THC is much more labor-intensive to produce from hemp because it occurs naturally in such small amounts. This price point is pretty on-par for other high-quality delta-8 gummies on the market. Not only do these taste great, but they work.

Potency 5/5

The Bliss Gummies are only regularly available in one potency option, which contains your standard dose of delta-8 THC (25 mg). However, there is a limited edition 50 mg Delta-8 Bliss Gummies if you can get ahold of them. If you’re comparing delta-8 potency to delta-9, it’s known to be half as strong, but delivers a more clear-headed and mellow high. According to VIIA hemp, the Bliss Gummies are its most psychoactive gummy product.

Hemp Source 4/5

VIIA Hemp Co. sources its delta-8 THC extract from organic sun-grown hemp crops from Oregon, which has some of the best conditions for growing hemp. You can reference third-party lab tests on the company website for the products potency and cannabinoid profile — it also shows that these gummies fly under the federal legal threshold of maintaining less than 0.3% delta-9 THC from hemp per dried weight of each gummy. VIIA can score a 5 in hemp sourcing when its farm qualifies for USDA organic certification. Right now, the state isn’t an eligible state for this certification. But this is still a very good hemp source.

Purpose / Uses 5/5

While delta-8 THC is a fairly new cannabinoid, there’s significant early evidence to suggest that it can help with general discomfort, appetite stimulation, mood, and stress levels. VIIA recommends this product to those looking to get into a “chilled-out and creative mood.” And we think that’s exactly what this product does. It produces a mild psychoactive high, without becoming too overwhelming and helps to ease tension in the body.

Product Variations 3/5

The Bliss Delta-8 Gummies are only available in one size, potency, and flavor (White Peach), but don’t fret. VIIA Hemp offers a decent range of other hemp extract gummies depending on the desired effects you’re looking for like the Dreams Delta 8 + CBN Gummies, Focus CBG + CBD Gummies, or Cloud 9 (Delta-9 THC) Gummies.

Formulation / Ingredients 5/5

All VIIA Hemp Co extracts are made exclusively from hemp and blended together with naturally-derived ingredients for a vegan-friendly gummy candy. Each gummy is about an inch square, with a light sugar coating. The flavor is what stands out the most in this formula. It’s fruity without being too sweet and you can taste the terpenes without having a bitter after-taste in your mouth.

VIIA Hemp Co. Bliss Delta 8 Gummies Review

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Daily CBD , last updated on June 9, 2022

About the Company: VIIA Hemp Company

It’s hard not to like this brand — its products, brand messaging, and environmental efforts are admirable.

VIIA Hemp Company has created a line of hemp-derived cannabinoid products (tinctures, gummies, topicals, and vapes) that are designed to meet various needs — from CBN gummies to support sleep, CBG for focus and productivity, and Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, and HHC for a legal psychoactive cannabis buzz.

Out of all the product categories this brand offers, we think its stand-out products are in its gummies.

The company was founded by Maxwell Mckendry in 2018, inspired by the benefits of the hemp plant for his difficult-to-treat health condition. With so many CBD products already on the market, Mckendry wanted to differentiate the brand by crafting a line of hemp-derived cannabinoid products you can feel, and VIIA’s done a pretty good job at it, while still maintaining affordable prices.

Who Should Consider Using Bliss Delta 8 Gummies?

Hemp-derived delta 8 products have become popular not only because they’re a federally legal way to get high (based on the 2018 interpretation of the Farm Bill), but even those who have access to recreational marijuana enjoy delta-8 for its milder psychoactive buzz that’s less likely to induce paranoia and anxiety.

Delta 8 THC is often described as a more mellow high than delta 9 THC.

Even in higher doses, it’s only about half as potent as delta 9. However, it can still offer similar benefits, such as supporting healthy inflammation, creativity, a sense of euphoria, and increased appetite, making it much more conducive for focus and creative work.

We appreciate that these gummies come in a child-proof container, so they don’t end up in the wrong hands. The Bliss Delta 8 Gummies contain 25 mg of delta 8 THC per gummy square — which is the standard dose for this cannabinoid. Those new to delta 8 may want to start out with half a gummy to see how they feel and take the full gummy after an hour.

Delta 8 is also supposed to build tolerance much quicker than delta 9 THC, so if you find that one delta 8 gummy isn’t hitting quite the same after some time, you can take two — or take a 5-day tolerance break to reset your sensitivity to the compound. 

Cost & Potency

The Bliss Gummies are the most psychoactive gummy product in the VIIA Hemp Co line-up, but it won’t couch-lock you or put you in a paranoid, uncomfortable introverted state.

With 25 mg of delta-8, these gummies have a pretty standard dose for the cannabinoid. Because it is in a gummy format, you can have a bit more control over your experience by cutting the gummy in half if you find they’re a little strong at first.

A bottle containing 20 gummy squares costs $45.00, which is a fair price considering that delta-8 extraction is much more labor-intensive than CBD. The quality of these gummies in texture and flavor is superior to many we’ve tried.

If you want to bundle up and save on these gummies, you can purchase a 3-pack for $90 for $15 of savings or a 5-pack for $135 and save $40.

Cost Breakdown of VIIA Bliss Delta 8 Gummies

Product ImageProduct NameTotal PriceTotal Delta-8 ContentCost per mg Delta-8
Bliss Delta 8 Gummies— 375 mg delta-8 THC (20 ct)$45.00375 mg$0.12

Hemp Source

VIIA Hemp Company uses a high cannabinoid and terpene strain sun-grown in Oregon in all its products. The hemp farm uses organic practices. However, at this time, Oregon isn’t an eligible state for a USDA organic certification on hemp crops. But the quality of the source is still evident.

You can reference third-party lab tests on the company website for cannabinoid profile, potency and safety, and rest assured you’re getting some of the best quality hemp products available with this brand.

Also see: The Importance of Third-Party Testing in the Cannabis Industry.

Formulation & Ingredients

We like that VIIA Hemp Co keeps the vegan-friendly gummy formula simple, containing only six easy-to-pronounce Ingredients: Organic tapioca syrup, sugar, water, citrus pectin, full-spectrum hemp extract, natural flavor, and color.

The candy itself is your standard, fruity gummy with a light sugar coating — and they taste great. You can tell the quality of the hemp extract in these candies because you can still taste the natural hemp terpenes without the overpowering grassy and bitter flavor that often comes with low-grade extracts.

VIIA Hemp makes it clear that these gummies are not CBD gummies and that they contain psychoactive doses of delta 8 THC.

You may be wondering how is a psychoactive cannabis product legal?

The delta 8 in this product is extracted from legal industrial hemp crops and falls under an interesting loophole.

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp crops and hemp-derived products maintaining a less than 0.3% delta-9 THC concentration on a dried weight basis became legal. Since there was no mention of other THC isomers (delta-8 or delta-10) in this bill, it became a legal loophole for a legal way to get a THC buzz.

While this product is federally legal, some states have implemented laws against all THC products, including their isomers, regardless of whether it was hemp-derived. Before purchasing this product, check with your local state laws.

VIIA Hemp Co Shipping & Returns

Ordering off of VIIA Hemp Co’s website was quick and easy — the order arrived via USPS within three business days (to California) and came with a tracking number.

Most online cannabis brands don’t offer refunds or exchanges with their products, but VIIA Hemp Co offers partial refunds and exchanges if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Currently, VIIA products are only available in the United States, but psychoactive products, including the Bliss Gummies, are not available in the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.

Final Verdict: Treat Yourself WithWhite Peach Bliss Gummies

VIIA Hemp is a brand you can feel good about shopping with — not only does it have an interesting range of products that taste great and work, but this is a company that has a great ethos surrounding destigmatizing cannabis use with educational blog posts, have excellent customer service, and implement environmentally sustainable practices in their business to reduce its carbon footprint.

If you’re looking for an affordable delta 8 THC gummy, we highly recommend the Bliss Gummies for when you’re looking for a mellow buzz for creative work or chilling with.

VIIA Hemp Co.

4.83 / 5