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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Royal CBD Softgel Capsules

Royal CBD focuses on making “premium-grade”, honest CBD products for the general user. Although these capsules are simple, they’re made with incredible attention to detail starting from the initial plant material, all the way to sealing the bottle.

The founder, Justin Hamilton, is meticulous in his planning. Long before ever starting the company, Hamilton became obsessed with finding the perfect hemp source. Only after isolating the specific hemp strain he wanted to use and the farms that would grow it properly did he start making his CBD oils for the public. 

These CBD softgels contain a healthy dose of 25 mg CBD per capsule. They’re made from high-grade MCT oil and a full-spectrum hemp extract. 

These capsules clock in slightly higher than average, but this price is well justified by the value contained in each capsule — as you’ll learn throughout this review. 

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Price/Value 5/5

These capsules are slightly higher in price than the average CBD capsule on the market.

But these aren’t your average CBD capsules — they’re what we’d consider premium-level CBD capsules, just like the Royal CBD oils. The hemp this company uses is out of this world, and every step of the manufacturing process is made with sharp attention to detail.

Even its packaging is classy — who isn’t a sucker for nice packaging? It’s going to look just as nice in your supplement cabinet as it will in the center console of your Mercedes Benz.

In the realm of high-end CBD capsules, these are a real bargain.

CBD Potency 5/5

These softgels only come in one potency option — 25 mg per capsule.

A lot of other CBD manufacturers are using this strength in their high-potency option, and we tend to agree.

This potency is ideal for the average user, or for those who need a higher dose of CBD and doesn’t want to have to take more than 2 or 3 capsules at a time.

Hemp Source 4/5

Royal CBD sets themselves apart in its hemp source — which has been carefully selected long before the company ever started selling any products.

The hemp this company uses consists of a proprietary strain of Cannabis sativa — bred to contain precise ratios of CBD, THC, CBC, CBG, CBN, and terpenes like myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, pinene, camphene, and more.

All Royal CBD hemp is grown using organic farming practices but lacks the USDA certifications to prove it.

Purpose/uses 5/5

These softgel capsules are designed to leverage all the same benefits of a CBD oil but with the more convenient format of a pre-measured capsule.

We feel as though these capsules effectively serve the purpose they were created for, which is to serve as a general-purpose CBD supplement. We recommend combining these capsules with other supplements for a more targeted approach to managing symptoms.

Product Variations 5/5

These capsules are only available in one dose and one bottle size. At 25 mg per capsule, these should provide just enough CBD for the average user.

Formula/Ingredients 5/5

This formula is simple — each capsule contains concentrated full-spectrum hemp extract and MCT oil.

The full-spectrum extract is rich in beneficial phytochemicals like CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and a range of other useful phytochemicals. These capsules make great use of the entourage effect inherent to the hemp plant, which is believed to make the effects stronger compared to equivalent doses of CBD isolate.

Royal CBD Softgel Capsules

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Daily CBD , last updated on February 18, 2022

About the Company: Royal CBD

Royal CBD was founded in 2018 by Justin Hamilton.

However, the brand reportedly started about 2 years before this. Hamilton — frustrated at the state of the CBD industry with poor products and outrageous health claims — started his own brand focused on quality and transparency.

He realized that in order to solve this problem, you have to work from the ground up — literally.

Hamilton spent nearly a year and a half working solely on securing the best hemp he could get his hands on. It wasn’t until he locked in the hemp source that makes Royal CBD so popular today that he started to design the product lineup.

For the first half of 2018, the company only carried its signature CBD oil. Today, with the brand’s steady success, the Royal team has added other products to its product line up to keep up with demand. They release a new product every 3-6 months.

We look forward to seeing what else this company comes out within the near future as it continues to grow and set the bar for what CBD products can be.

Royal CBD

4.83 / 5

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Who Should Consider Using CBD Softgel Capsules?

These softgels have the same set of uses as its CBD oils. The only difference, of course, is the format.

Being a CBD capsule, this product is better suited for those who don’t want to mess around with measuring oils or counting drops. It’s especially useful if you find yourself taking your dose of CBD on the go — making it perfect for athletes, travelers, or tradesmen.

Capsules are easy to slip into a pill container, pocket, or purse on the way out the door.

It really comes down to how you use CBD in your daily life. For some, CBD oils are a better option, while others prefer the convenience of a softgel capsule.

Price & Value

Comparing the prices of products within the same category can be difficult. There are a number of variables to consider — like how many capsules fit in the container, how strong each capsule is, what other ingredients may be included, and what the overall quality of the product is.

We like to use a metric for comparing prices of different CBD products that define the cost for every milligram of CBD contained in the bottle. We find this levels the playing field when it comes to comparing products of different potencies and bottle sizes because it focuses purely on the CBD content — which, of course, is the main ingredient you look for when buying these products.

These capsules clock in at $0.11 per mg of CBD — which is very well priced for a premium product. Other premium CBD capsules usually sell closer to the $0.18 mg range and don’t offer any difference in quality from what we’ve seen so far from Royal CBD. 

Conversely, some of the low-quality capsules on the market usually sell for around $0.10 per mg — which isn’t much of a difference despite the substantially lower quality. Most products in this lower price range lack critical third-party testing, don’t list expiration dates, or provide little to no information on where the source hemp came from.

You have to be careful when using products that aren’t clear about its hemp because hemp will accumulate toxic compounds if grown in poor soils such as in China or India where soil contamination is common.

These heavy metals will end up in the final product and can result in serious side effects if gone unnoticed for too long.

Royal CBD offers clear information on where its hemp comes from, provides rigorous third-party testing on the contents of these softgels, and uses fresh carrier oils to make all of its oils. There’s no indication of heavy metal or other contamination on any of the lab reports we looked at.

All of these extra measures that go into Royal CBD softgels are why we feel the slightly higher price is more than justified for this product.

Cost & Potency Breakdown of Royal CBD Softgels
Product Name Total PriceTotal CountTotal CBD Content Cost per mg CBD
Royal CBD Softgel Capsules $8430 capsules750 mg $0.11

CBD Potency

These capsules only come in one potency — 25 mg per capsule. This is usually considered “high-potency” by other manufacturers.

However, as far as dosages go, 25 mg is pretty much spot-on for the average dose CBD users are taking. For those of you who need a higher dosage, you can easily double up on these softgels for a 50 mg dose.

However, if you’re dosage range is much lower, you will need to go with the company’s CBD gummies or CBD oils instead.

One thing we should point out is that this product is made with a full-spectrum extract — which is generally considered stronger in its effects than the equivalent dose of a CBD isolate.

Cost & Potency Breakdown of Royal CBD Softgels
Product Name Total CBD Content CBD Concentration (mg/capsule) Potency Level
Royal CBD Softgel Capsules 750 mg 25 mg/capsule High

Hemp Source

Royal CBD spent a lot of time working out the best hemp source for its products long before it launched on the market. This can be seen from the high quality of its full-spectrum extracts, and consistency from one batch to another.

This company prefers to use its own proprietary strain of hemp for its products. This strain was developed to maintain a specific ratio of cannabinoids (like CBD, THC, CBC, CBN, CBG, etc) and terpenes. This particular strain will produce a consistent concentration of each phytochemical year after year — giving Royal CBD complete control over its products each year.

Other companies are buying hemp in bulk from farmers around the country that may be growing different strains of hemp. This means that each batch produced may vary in cannabinoid ratios. 

Formulation & Ingredients

These capsules have a very simple formula — a high CBD hemp extract infused in MCT oil to provide volume and improve bioavailability in the gut.

They’re really that simple!

The simplicity of this product is both a positive and a negative.

The positive is that it’s incredibly versatile in its uses. Anybody can use these capsules to help them with any application of CBD.

The downside is that this versatility limits the effectiveness of these capsules for any specific application. For example, these capsules may be used for alleviating joint pain and inflammation — however, a product that’s been formulated with other ingredients to support this application will likely do a much better job.

With that said, the simple solution to this is to take these capsules along with other targeted supplements to address your specific symptoms. Combining other compounds in a formula is always going to provide the best results — under the supervision of a trained medical professional, of course.

Final Verdict: A High-Potency Dose of CBD in a Convenient Package

Royal CBD is known for taking the production of its products to a whole new level.

The founder, Justin Hamilton, reverse-engineered his idea of the perfect hemp source to make his products. He achieved this by using a specific strain of hemp bred to produce a specialized ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes — including both CBD and THC. 

By controlling the production of hemp at the source, Hamilton was able to put together some of the best CBD products we’ve come across yet — in terms of quality, that is.

The one area where Royal CBD lacks is in its formulation. None of its products are designed with any particular use in mind. We like seeing products that have a specific intention and an intelligent formula to back up its use such as for joint pain, stress, anxiety, muscle recovery, or any other application of CBD products.

With that said, these capsules are highly versatile and are easily combined with other supplements to achieve this more targeted approach.

Overall we consider these capsules as a high-potency capsule, with some of the best value we’ve seen yet.

With Royal CBD you can expect to pay a little more (about $2-10 on average), but the quality you get as a result is well worth the price.

Royal CBD

4.83 / 5

Enter the code DAILY10 for 10% off your order

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