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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]

Green Roads CBD Tea

This product is no longer sold by Green Roads.

We love a good CBD-infused tea. They offer all the benefits of a hot cup of tea, with the added kick of CBD. 

However, this is one of our least favorite CBD teas. Which is a shame because Green Roads makes some really great CBD products in other categories. 

This tea is overpriced and underpowered. 

We recommend checking out the CBD teas from Buddha Teas or The Brother’s Apothecary instead. 

Price/Value 2/5

Green Roads CBD tea is incredibly expensive. It contains only 7 mg CBD, chamomile tea, vanilla, and peppermint. Additionally, it is only available as a single tea bag, preventing you from taking advantage of bulk purchase pricing. This is one of the highest-priced CBD teas we’ve tried yet. 

CBD Potency 2/5

Each tea bag contains 7 mg of CBD, but this dose is too low for most people to feel any benefits. You’ll more than likely need to combine the CBD tea with another product, such as capsules or tinctures, in order to reap the benefits of CBD.

On top of that, CBD already has a poor solubility in water — which means you’re not even getting the full 7 mg anyway. 

Hemp Source 4/5

Green Roads has a great hemp source located in the US. Although the company doesn’t use certified organic hemp or claim that the growing methods used are organic, it does provide detailed third-party lab test results linked to each product individually via a scannable QR code found on the label. 

Purpose/Uses 2/5

Green Roads CBD tea provides an easy and familiar way to integrate CBD into your daily routine. It may give you a small CBD boost when you need it. Beyond that, however, the dose is probably too low for you to see any benefit from using the product.

Product Variations 2/5

Green Roads CBD tea is only available in single servings, one flavor, and one CBD potency. This isn’t ideal, as most people won’t want to buy only one tea bag — and many people will require a higher dose of CBD

The only redeeming factor for this product is that CBD tea is already hard to find, so it’s not unreasonable that Green Roads only offers one type.

Formulation/Ingredients 4/5

This tea is a combination of CBD, chamomile flowers, vanilla, and peppermint. As a tea, it tastes great, and makes for a great evening ritual to help wind down for bed. 

Unfortunately, for reasons we’ve already stated above, the CBD in this formula simply isn’t enough to offer much benefit. 

Green Roads CBD Tea Review

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Dylan James , last updated on November 16, 2021

What is CBD Tea?

CBD comes in many different forms — one of the more interesting options is CBD-infused teabags.

Teabags aren’t going to offer doses as high as other forms of CBD, such as CBD oils, CBD capsules, or CBD gummies — but they do provide a really pleasant kick to an already relaxing hot cup of tea.

While we’re normally a big fan of CBD-infused tea, this is one of our least favorite options. It comes with a very high cost (comparibly), and low potency.

Check out our list of the best CBD teas for alternative options.

About the Company: Green Roads

Green Roads is one of the biggest names in the CBD space. They were a first adopter, entering the industry while it was still in its infancy.

Today, Green Roads has gone on to become one of the largest CBD companies in the world, offering an incredibly wide range of different product types.

Green Roads

4.5 / 5

Cost & Potency

CBD tea is fairly uncommon, so expect to pay a premium for it. Green Roads CBD tea is outrageously priced at $6.99 per tea bag, which equates to nearly $1 per mg of CBD.

In terms of potency, Green Roads CBD tea sits at the lower end of the spectrum — despite the high cost.

Cost Breakdown Green Roads CBD Tea

Product NameTotal CBDTotal CostCost per mg of CBD CBD Potency (CBD per Teabag)
CBD Tea Bags 7 mg $6.99 Approximately $1 7 mg/tea bag

Hemp Source

All Green Roads products are made with industrial hemp grown in the US. Although the company doesn’t use certified organic hemp or claim that the growing methods used are organic, it does provide detailed third-party lab test results linked to each product individually via a scannable QR code found on the label. Therefore, you can review Green Roads’ third-party lab test results online if you’re unsure about the quality of the hemp.

Product Variations & Flavors

You can only purchase Green Roads CBD tea in single bags containing 7 mg of CBD.

The lack of variety isn’t hugely surprising because most companies don’t offer CBD tea in the first place. With that being said, however, it’s surprising that Green Roads doesn’t offer a box of tea bags, as purchasing them singularly is highly inconvenient and expensive.

Final Verdict: $6.99 per Teabag Is Way Too Expensive

CBD tea is an interesting product that makes it easy to integrate CBD into your life without altering your daily routine. However, the benefits of Green Roads CBD tea mostly end there.

At $6.99 for a single tea bag, Green Roads CBD tea is ridiculously expensive. It’s just chamomile tea, which is one of the cheapest and most common teas available, vanilla, peppermint, and a small amount of CBD. Also, it doesn’t make sense for Green Roads to offer this product in the form of single tea bags with no discounts for bulk purchases.

We rarely see other products priced at $1 per mg of CBD. Even for an uncommon product, that really is too much. Additionally, the dose of 7 mg of CBD is more than likely too low for you to really see any benefit. You’ll probably have to combine it with another product to get the results you seek, which further drives up the cost.

In conclusion, we wouldn’t recommend Green Roads CBD tea.

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