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Best CBD Company Reviews: Top CBD Oil Brands & Manufacturers [2022]
$29.99 - $99.99
30 - 60 mL

cbdMD CBD Vape Oil

4.67 / 5

Total CBD: 300 - 1500 mg
Potency : 10 - 50 mg/mL
Cost per mg CBD: $0.07 - $0.09
Extract Type: Isolate
THC Content: 0.0%

cbdMD Vape Oil

This product is no longer sold by cbdMD.

cbdMD makes some seriously top-notch products — and these vape oils are not different.

These oils come in three potencies (10, 25, and 50 mg per mL of oil), and three different flavors (vanilla, mint, and orange). The formula is simple, containing just vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, CBD, and flavoring agents. These vape oils are a great value for your money. 

Price/Value 5/5

For a CBD vape oil made from organically-grown hemp, and processed using high-tech supercritical CO2, this product comes at a very high value. This is something cbdMD is known for with many of their products — offering high-quality products at the lowest price possible. These guys really set the bar for what a low-cost vape oil can achieve. 

CBD Potency 5/5

The highest potency option for cbdMD’s vape oil is 50 mg/mL which is more than enough for most applications. Vaping CBD is a much more efficient method of using CBD compared to most other forms.

However, we’ve found some people prefer using lower potencies of vape oils in order to take more pulls of thick white vapor from the vape before they hit the dose they’re looking for. These oils are also available in lower potencies of 25 and 10 mg per mL to suite people with that philosophy. 

Hemp Source 4/5

cbdMD sources its hemp from both Colorado and Kentucky, regions that have great reputations in the CBD industry. The hemp is all organically grown with third-party lab results available on the website. However, we can’t give this company full points in this category until they attain the official stamp of approval from USDA that its hemp meets the federal standards for organic hemp. 

Purpose/Uses 4/5

Vape oils are a very useful way of using CBD because they produce almost immediate effects. These vape oils by cbdMD are perfectly sufficient for delivering virtually any dose of CBD. The higher potency options just mean it only takes a few puffs to reach this dose, while the lower potency may take a lot more pulls before reaching this level of benefit. 

cbdMD would have scored higher in this section if they included other ingredients in the formula to optimize them for a specific use. Instead, these vape oils serve as a general, nonspecific source of CBD for the general user. 

Product Variations 5/5

These oils come with a great level of selection — not too much, and not too little. You’re given the option between three potencies (low, medium and high), and three flavors (mint, orange, and vanilla). 

Formula 5/5

The formula used to make these oils is very simple. It contains just four ingredients — CBD, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and flavoring agents. 

While we generally prefer products that have a specific purpose, as noted in the purpose rating of this review, the intended use of this product is for general CBD use — which this formula suits very well. 

cbdMD CBD Vape Oil Review

Article By
Editorial Staff , last updated on November 16, 2021

Vaping is a fast and effective way to get CBD into the body. Within a matter of seconds, inhaled CBD travels through the microcapillaries in the lungs and into the bloodstream. From here, it travels around the body to exert its effects.

Lots of CBD companies have stepped up to offer their own take on this popular category of CBD products — each with their own variety of flavors, strengths, and formulas.

In this review, we’ll be looking specifically at cbdMD’s lineup of vape oils. We’ll explore what makes them special, and where they fall short.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Cost and value
  • Potency
  • Flavors
  • Ingredients
  • Type of CBD included in the formula

Overview: CBD Vape Oil

Few brands can compete with cbdMD’s pricing — especially for the quality of products the company produces. They appear to be using their large size and strong connections with cannabis farmers around the country to undercut the price of CBD products currently on the market.

cbdMD tends to offer its products in groups of threes — and this product is no different.

What do I mean by that?

Let me explain.

There are three different potencies of this product currently available:

  • Low (300 mg)
  • Medium (750 mg)
  • High (1500 mg)

Each potency comes in a 30 mL (1 oz) bottle, and comes with three different flavoring options — notice the pattern here?

We love this structure as it offers a great balance between customizability and simplicity. There are plenty of other CBD companies out there offering confusing product lineups with a dozen different potency options, and a long list of flavors and bottle sizes.

On the other hand, there are also companies selling just one or two product in this category — which isn’t enough to fit everyone’s dosages requirements or flavor preferences.

cbdMD offers a dose for all ranges and enough diversity in flavors for everyone to find something they like.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Made from organic ingredients
  • American-grown hemp
  • Three distinct flavor options
  • Needs extra hardware to work (a vape)

Who Should Consider Using CBD Vape Oil?

Vape oils aren’t a new concept — cbdMD simply put together their own take on this classic method of CBD consumption.

Vape oils, in general, are recommended for their fast onset of effects. Within minutes, the active constituents within the oil are absorbed through the microcapillaries lining the lungs where it’s transferred into the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body.

CBD in this form is useful for managing acute symptoms like anxiety or stress, and for addressing symptoms that breakthrough when using other forms of CBD like oils and capsules.

For example, let’s say you’re taking CBD oil for lower back pain in the morning, but by around lunch, the effects start to wear off (breakthrough symptoms). It’s still too early for your second dose, so instead, you can just take a few hits of CBD vape oil to offset the pain for another hour or two before your next dose.

cbdMD oils offer all the benefits inherent to vape oils in general. They don’t really have anything extra to offer.

One biggest advantage of this oil is the low cost. They’re not the cheapest vape oils on the market, but they could be the cheapest of its quality — which is incredibly high overall. The integrity of manufacturing over at cbdMD is one of a kind.

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Pain 
  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Stress
  • Joint pain


We keep mentioning how great the prices of these oils are. Well, let’s break it down in more detail.

Throughout our research, we’ve found the best way to compare prices of CBD vape oils is to look at the cost per milligram of CBD. This metric allows you to compare the prices of products that have all different potencies and volumes of oil.

The average pricing for a vape oil made with high-quality hemp, and rigorous third-party testing such as these examples from cbdMD is around $0.12 – $0.16 per milligram.

Compare this to cbdMD vape oils which clock in at just $0.07 – $0.10 per mg depending on the potency you decide to purchase.

Cost Breakdown of cbdMD Vape Oils

Potency Per BottleBottle SizeTotal PriceCost Per mg
300 mg 30 mL$29.99$0.10
750 mg 30 mL$69.99$0.08
1500 mg30 mL$99.99$0.07

CBD Potency

As we’ve mentioned, these vape oils come in three distinct potencies — 10 mg/mL, 25 mg/mL, and 50 mg/mL.

This range is wide enough to offer support for people of all dosage requirements — as well as budgets. Some people simply can’t justify spending $100 on a high-potency vape oil, but happy to drop $30 with something a little less potent.

Usually, we recommend the high potency options more often than not because they’re simply more effective overall — but things are a little different when it comes to vape oils. One of the key drives for people to use this type of product is the act itself — vaping is fun. Sometimes people prefer using a lower potency vape oil simply because it allows them to take more draws to get the desired dose.

Comparing the Potency of cbdMD Vape Oils

Product NameTotal CBD ContentBottle SizePotency (mg/mL CBD)
CBD Vape Oil — 300 mg300 mg30 mL10 mg/mL
CBD Vape Oil — 750 mg750 mg30 mL25 mg/mL
CBD Vape Oil — 300 mg1500 mg30 mL50 mg/mL

A Note on Bioavailability

We also mentioned earlier that vaping is a highly effective way to take CBD. That doesn’t have anything to do with cbdMD specifically — it’s a benefit of CBD vape oils as a whole.

The bioavailability of inhaling CBD is about 40% to 60%, which is much higher than a lot of other common ways to use CBD. This makes it difficult to assess the exact dose. 50 mg of CBD in a capsule is very different than 50 mg in a vape oil — simply because you’re going to absorb a lot more of the vape oil than you are the capsules.

Comparing Bioavailability of Various CBD Formats

Method of IngestionBioavailabilityOnset TimeDuration
Topical<4%60–90 minutesUp to 6 hours
Oral4%–20%30–90 minutesUp to 7 hours
Sublingual12%–40%20–40 minutesUp to 6 hours
Inhalation35%–60%2–5 minutesUp to 3 hours
SuppositoriesUp to 65%10–15 minutesUp to 8 hours

Hemp Source

A good hemp source is the foundation of a safe and effective CBD product. Fortunately, this is something cbdMD takes very seriously.

cbdMD sources and processes their hemp in the United States, specifically from Colorado and Kentucky. Both of these regions are known for their high-quality hemp production.

An excellent way to determine whether or not a brand makes products that are free from pesticides and heavy metals is whether or not their hemp is grown organically. You can take the companies word on this, or you can check their third-party lab tests — we prefer to do the latter.

Reputable companies such as cbdMD will post third-party lab results on their websites that prove a few important things, including:

  • Pesticide content
  • Heavy metal content
  • Cannabinoid profile (includes CBD and THC)
  • Terpene profile
  • Moisture content
  • Microbial content
  • Residual solvents

It is important to always check for lab results to verify the promises a company makes. And if a company doesn’t provide results, go somewhere else for your CBD.

We’ve looked at the third-party tests provided by cbdMD and found no cause for concern. cbdMD products appear to be top-notch in terms of quality and safety.


There are a few different ways to make an oil like this — manufacturers can choose between full-spectrum extracts or isolates as the CBD source for their vape oils.

They also use propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine as the base — which is responsible for producing the thick white clouds while vaping.

And finally, there’s a nearly infinite selection of flavor options to include in the lineup.

So what did cbdMD choose for their signature vape oil lineup?

cbdMD Vape Oils Use a Very Simple Formula:

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Natural Flavoring

That’s it! A simple formula using both vape oils bases creates a nice smooth pull on the vape, with thick white clouds. They then chose to offer three separate potencies of CBD so users could choose what works best for them.

They also decided on three distinct flavors to use int heir products:

  • Vanilla
  • Mint
  • Orange

Final Verdict: Simple Formula, But Excellent Value CBD Vape Oil

Overall, we think cbdMD vape oil is a bargain.

If you are on a budget, you’d be hard-pressed to find the same quality at this price.

The company provides all the required third-party testing to prove their products are as good as they say they are, and the lineup itself is well thought out. We really like the simplicity of their lineup — offering these vape oils in just three potencies — low, medium, and high, and three distinct flavors.

We think this line of vape oil is diverse enough for basically anybody to find the best combination to work with their dosage needs, flavor preferences, and budget.

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