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Ignite CBD Vape Pen

4.5 / 5

  • Total CBD:

    150 - 300 mg

  • Potency :

    100 mg/mL - 250 mg/mL

  • Cost per mg CBD:

    $0.13 - $0.39

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Ignite CBD Vape Pen

Ignite is one of poker and social media star Dan Bilzerian’s latest ventures. The company has a solid range of products that include tinctures, toothpicks, and vape pens.

The company offers both disposable and rechargeable vape pens. The disposable pens are simple and relatively cheap — but are an excellent option for people just getting started with vaping. The reusable vape pens are a collaboration between Ignite and Bo Vapes, which are exceptionally well-made. 

Ignite offers an excellent range of unique, natural flavors — you’ll find apple berry, blood orange, lavender, tangerine, tropical fruit, and spearmint. 

All of these products are competitively priced at $0.18 or less per mg of CBD (including vape pen cost), which is an excellent deal for a ready-to-use vape pen. 

The pens are available in three varieties: Calm, Recharge, and Lucid — respectively, they may help you relax, energize, or focus.

Ignite is quickly proving itself to be a top contender in the industry — read more about its tasty vape pens in the full review below. 

Price/Value 5/5

Ignite’s vape pens are priced competitively with other CBD-infused vaporizers — especially for a brand-name product. At $0.11 and $0.18 per mg of CBD in the pen, they’re quite a bit less expensive than many other options — which tend to cost closer to $0.50 per mg. Additionally, Ignite uses Bō Vape pens, which are praised for their durability and sleek, minimalist design. 

CBD Potency 5/5

Disposable vape pens usually contain between 70 and 150 mg of CBD each. Ignite offers pods starting at 150 mg each, and disposable vape pens with up to 250 mg of CBD each — landing them in the high-end of the vape pen potency spectrum. As a result of the high potency, you may only need a few puffs to find the relief you seek. 

Hemp Source 4/5

Ignite sources all of its hemp from the United States Pacific Northwest. A company service representative assured us that all Ignite products are free from heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents and sent us some third-party test results to back it up. 

Ignite will get full points in this category once it can get its hemp certified organic by the USDA or equivalent organizations. 

Purpose/Uses 4/5

CBD vape pens are a fast and efficient way of getting CBD into the body. The Bō Vape pens are also small enough to toss into your pocket or bag, so they’re ready right when you need it. 

The ceramic element heats the oil quickly, which means you can get a dose of CBD right when you need it — make sure you keep it charged and have a few extra pods on the ready. 

Always speak with a doctor before using CBD supplements to treat or prevent any symptoms. 

Product Variations 5/5

Ignite’s vape pens are available in reusable and disposable variations. The disposable vape pens come in 7 unique flavors while the reusable ones only have 2.

They’re available in one CBD potency each — the disposable pens have 250 mg, and the reusable pen pods have 150 mg. 

Overall, this is a pretty solid selection if you’re looking for CBD vape pens. Ignite would benefit from selling its CBD oil separately in an e-liquid form, so people with other refillable vapes can use Ignite e-liquids too. 

Formulation/Ingredients 4/5

The disposable pens and reusable pen pods use different dissolving agents. The disposable pens use MCT oil while the reusable pen pods use glycerin and propylene glycol. There is some debate about which is superior, but both are common within the industry. 

The formulas are simple but effective. For full points here, we’d like to see Ignite take advantage of additional therapeutic herbs to complement the effects of CBD. 

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    February 21, 2020

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Ignite CBD Vape Pen Review

Article By
Editorial Staff , posted 6 months ago

Ignite is one of the hottest CBD companies in the United States. Founder Dan Bilzerian is on a mission to make Ignite a lifestyle brand and your go-to source of high-quality CBD products.

In addition to selling a small number of CBD products, the company hopes to become a lifestyle brand with special events and promotions running year-round. 

The company strives to be your go-to source of CBD products. But there are hundreds of CBD companies offering similar products — so how does Ignite stand out?

In this review, we’ll put Ignite under the microscope to determine the overall quality and value of its vape pens, pods (also known as cartridges), and vape starter kit. 

Ignite’s vapes are priced to sell and provide a higher CBD content than many of its competitors — read the rest of the review to learn more about these excellent products.

Overview: CBD Vape Pens

You can find these vape pens in both disposable and reusable variants.

Unfortunately, the vape oils aren’t sold separately. For the reusable pens, you need to buy the company’s pods. 

The vape oils are available in a wide range of flavors, including apple berry, blood orange, lavender, tropical fruit, spearmint, and more. 

Like Ignite’s other products, its vape pens are made from CBD isolates. The disposable pens contain 250 mg of CBD each, while the pods for the reusable pen have 150 mg. 

Bō Vapes make the pens — a company loved by many in the vaping industry. We discuss the pens in more detail in the Key Features & Benefits section below. 

Both pens are made with all-natural ingredients, including hemp extract, coconut oil, and essential oils or natural flavorings. 

The disposable pens are sold for $44.99. If you’re interested in the reusable pen, a starter kit with two pods can be purchased for $69.99, while additional pods are available for $19.99. 

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons

  • High-quality Bō Vape pens
  • Ignite has excellent customer service
  • Ignite is a trendy brand to be using right now

  • Vape oil not sold separately
  • No full-spectrum options
  • The reusable pen is only compatible with Ignite/Bō Vape pods

Key Features & Benefits

1. High-Quality Bō Vape Pens

Ignite uses vape pens manufactured by Bō Vapes, which are famous for being sleek, lightweight, and durable. They’re beginner-friendly and easy to use — insert your pod and start puffing away. Bō Vapes has designed these reusable vapes to heat your oil at the ideal temperature for a smooth and potent hit. 

2. Excellent Customer Service

We reached out to Ignite’s customer service team on several occasions, and every time the team was knowledgeable, courteous, and answered our questions in a timely manner. For those of you who have had bad experiences with other companies, Ignite might be worth a try. 

3. Hot & Trendy Brand

Ignite is one of the most popular and sought after brands in the market today. The company strives to be more than just your preferred CBD supplier and often hosts extravagant parties to celebrate the growing culture around CBD. As a result, Ignite widely regarded as stylish and trendy — especially its vape products. 

About the Company: Ignite

Ignite’s founder, Dan Bilzerian, came to fame as a poker player who shared his lavish lifestyle on social media — which garnered him international attention. He’s now known for his social media presence and throwing extravagant events. He started Ignite in 2017 with a mission to provide consistent, high-quality CBD products. 

The company hopes to achieve this goal by partnering with experienced growers, cultivators, and manufacturers. Ignite has a concise selection of high-quality products, including tinctures, vape oils, and toothpicks

Ignite plans to expand its business into Canada and Europe in the near future. The company also intends to launch a line of THC products in legal markets over the next couple of years. 

Who Should Consider Using Ignite Vape Pens?

If you’re specifically looking for disposable vape pens, Ignite has a pretty solid selection of flavors. These pens are aimed at the casual CBD user with a preference for using name-brand products. 

The potency of these pens isn’t the highest on the market, but they’re certainly strong enough to get the effects you’re looking for within a couple of puffs. For pens like this, they should be within the mid-range of potency to allow users to get a few enjoyable puffs of flavorful vapor with every hit. 


Overall, these vape products are priced comparably to other disposable vape pens and pods on the market. However, Ignite uses vaporizers designed by Bō Vapes — a company renowned for its compact and sleek design, long battery life, and durability. 

 Cost Breakdown of Ignite Disposable Vape Pens:

Product Image
Product Name
Total Price Total CBD Content Price Per mg CBD
Ignite Disposable Vape Pens $44.99 250 mg $0.18
Ignite Reusable Vape Pen Pod $19.99 150 mg $0.13
Ignite Reusable Vape Starter Kit — 1 Pod Included $59.99 150 mg $0.39
Ignite Reusable Vape Starter Kit — 2 Pods Included $79.99 300 mg $0.26
Ignite Reusable Vape Pen — No Pods $39.99 N/A N/A

 CBD Potency

The disposable vape pens contain a total of 250 mg, and the vape pods have 150 mg, which is more potent than many other options on the market. Each puff offers you 1–3 mg of CBD — Ignite’s vape products can help you reach your CBD intake goals faster. 

Potency Breakdown of Ignite Vape Pens:

Product ImageProduct Name Total CBD CBD Concentration (mg/mL)Potency Level
Ignite Disposable Vape Pens 250 mg 250 mg/mL High
Ignite Reusable Vape Pen Pod 150 mg 100 mg/mL High
Ignite Reusable Vape Starter Kit — 1 Pod Included 150 mg 100 mg/mL High
Ignite Reusable Vape Starter Kit — 2 Pods Included 300 mg 100 mg/mL High

Hemp Source

The hemp source isn’t listed on the website, so we reached out to the Ignite team. The company tells us that it sources its hemp from the United States Pacific Northwest. We’re also told that the products are free from heavy metals, pesticides, solvents — which can be harmful to humans if ingested. 


Vape pens are best used to get your dose of CBD on the move. They’re small enough to put into your pocket or bag, which means they’re there for you right when you need it. With the higher potency, they’re better suited for users with high daily CBD requirements. 

Product Variations/Flavors

Both the pens and the pods are only available in one CBD potency each: 250 and 150 mg, respectively. However, Ignite offers a large number of flavors available for you to choose from.

Ignite Disposable Vape Pen Flavors:

  • Apple Berry
  • Blood Orange
  • Lavender
  • Pink Chill
  • Spearmint
  • Tangerine
  • Tropical Fruit

Ignite Reusable Vape Pen Pod Flavors:

  • Blood Orange
  • Tropical Fruit


Depending on whether you choose disposable or reusable pens, they have slightly different formulas. 

Ignite Disposable Vape Pen Formula:

  • 250 mg CBD Isolate
  • MCT Coconut Oil
  • Natural Flavors
  • Stevia (Natural Sweetener)

The disposable pen formula is relatively simple and contains ingredients we’ve seen in many other vape products on the market. It’s good to note that there’s some debate about the safety of MCT oils in vape products, but the long term effects are unknown.

Ignite Reusable Vape Pen Pod Formula:

  • 150 mg CBD Isolate
  • Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Natural Flavors

Once again, these are all the ingredients we’ve seen before in competitors’ products. There are two significant differences between disposable and reusable vape pens. First is the CBD content (250 mg vs. 150 mg, respectively), and the second is the use of glycerin and PG in the reusable pods versus MCT oil in the disposable ones. 

Glycerin and PG are some of the most common ingredients in the industry and are generally regarded as safe. However, like MCT oil, the long-term effects of vaping are mostly unknown at this time. 

Ignite Shipping & Return Policy

Ignite offers a 30-day no-hassle return policy for all of its products. However, this only applies to unopened and unused items. 

At this time, Ignite only ships within the United States but cannot ship to Idaho, Nebraska, Ohio, or South Dakota.

Final Verdict: An Excellent Source for High-quality Reusable & Disposable Vape Pens

If you’re in the market for disposable vape pens, Ignite has a huge selection of unique flavors. The company’s disposable vape pens are also highly potent, with 250 mg of CBD per pen. 

If you’re interested in reusable vape pens, Ignite’s products are designed by Bō Vapes, which is known for its sleek designs, durability, and long battery life. 

Ignite’s reusable pen is an excellent choice — but we’d like to see a few more flavors. 

We hope to see Ignite offer its CBD vape oils in separate bottles in the near future. This would open the door for users with non-proprietary vaporizers to more easily try its products.

Ignite’s disposable pens are an inexpensive choice at only $0.18 per mg of CBD, and the reusable pens are outstanding for people who value quality.

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