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Snooze. By Headery

4.33 / 5

  • Total CBD:

    900 mg

  • CBD Potency:

    30 mg/mL

  • Cost per mg CBD:


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  • THC Content:


Positive Effects
  • Sleep Moderate
  • Focus High
  • Stress/Anxiety High
  • Mood Support High

Headery Snooze CBD Oil Review

Snooze is one of two CBD oils offered by Headery. This formula is specifically designed to help users get to sleep at the end of the day by including melatonin in the formula. 

Melatonin is a naturally-produced hormone in the brain that regulates the sleeping portion of our sleep-wake cycle. In combination with CBD, this oil has powerful sleep-supportive benefits. 

Headery makes this oil as a combo for the other product — Good Morning oil — which doesn’t contain any melatonin. The idea is that you can use the Good Morning oil during the day, and reserve the Snooze oil for the evening as you wind down and prepare for bed. 

We consider Snooze a premium CBD oil due to the excellent quality of the extract, simple, yet intelligent formula, and overall effort the company puts in to keep this product as top-notch as possible. 

In this review, we’ll explore the Snooze oil by Headery in closer detail — highlighting the cost, potency, and formula and how it compares to other oils in its class. 

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Price/Value 5/5

This oil is great value. The key is in the hemp the company uses to make its extracts. We’ll cover what we like so much about the hemp in another section below. 

Despite having such high-end hemp to make these oils, the company charges slightly lower than average. This Snooze oil by itself will cost you about $0.08 for every milligram of CBD in the bottle (this is a metric we like to use to compare value between different CBD products). This is well below the average $0.10 to $0.12 per milligram most others are charging. 

If you buy the combo deal that contains both Good Morning and Snooze together, the cost is further reduced to just $0.06 per mg of CBD. 

CBD Potency 4/5

The potency of this oil is around 30 milligrams per milliliter of oil (1 dropperful). This number was specifically chosen to make dosing as simple as possible. 

One mL of oil contains about 30 drops — so this oil holds precisely 1 mg per drop. This makes it incredibly easy to calculate doses by simply counting the drops. 

Although there are definitely more potent oils on the market, 30 mg is more than enough for most people. 

Hemp Source 4/5

Headery sources its hemp from farms located in the San Luis region of Colorado. The farms Headery chose to source its hemp from use organic farming practices — but have yet to be officially recognized by the USDA as organic. 

Each batch of hemp is tested for heavy metals, microbial contamination, and pesticides before going through the extraction process. Once cleared, the hemp is extracted using supercritical CO2, and then tested once more to assess the potency and terpene profile of the final product. 

You can find all these tests online on the company’s website. 

Purpose/Uses 5/5

This oil is specifically designed to help you relax in the evenings — making it easier to fall asleep. It’s formulated with full-spectrum CBD, along with added melatonin. 

Melatonin is a popular supplement on its own for helping users get to sleep, and for regulating the sleep-wake cycle during times of stress, while travelling, or with people who work both day and night shifts at work. 

Product Variations 4/5

This oil only comes in one size and potency — but you do have the option to choose a version of this oil that doesn’t have any of the sedative melatonin in it. 

Headery could score higher in this category by adding new products to the lineup — such as different potencies, or other CBD formulas. 

Formula/Ingredients 4/5

As previously mentioned, this product contains a blend of full-spectrum hemp extract and melatonin. 

This is a popular formula many other CBD companies have also adopted due to the exceptional reliability of the formula for helping users fall asleep. 

There’s 30 mg of melatonin in each bottle of Snooze — which works out to about 1 mg per mL. 

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Headery Snooze Oil Review

Article By
Dylan James , last updated on August 9, 2020

Headery is a small cottage company selling two premium CBD oil options. The Snooze oil is the sleep-supportive, melatonin-infused option, while the Good Morning oil contains pure full-spectrum hemp oil in an MCT and sunflower seed oil base.

In this review, we’ll cover what Snooze is, why we like it, and how it compares to others like it on the market.

Overview: Headery Snooze CBD Oil

Just like the Good Morning oil, this product is made from supercritical CO2-extracted hemp. This high-tech extraction process has clear advantages over other methods of extraction. The biggest advantage is that it prevents any toxic solvents from ending up in the final product. Conventional extraction relies on solvents like hexane or butane to strip away the medicinal compounds in the hemp plant. These solvents then need to be evaporated from the extract once the process is complete in order to make them safe.

Heating these extracts to remove the solvents causes two issues — there’s almost always a little bit of the solvent left in the final product, and the heating process used to remove the solvents can damage the sensitive terpenes contained in the extracts. Both result in a lower-quality oil at the end of the process.

Headery prefers using CO2 as a solvent because it’s safe, highly effective and avoids exposing the hemp extract to any unnecessary heat.

This oil comes in a potency of 30 mg per mL CBD, and 1 mg per mL melatonin.

Pros & Cons: Headery Good Morning CBD Oil

Pros Cons
  • Contains added melatonin to help you get to sleep
  • Made from high-grade organically-grown hemp plants
  • Can be paired with the Good Morning oil for a more optimized CBD stack
  • Extensive third-party testing available
  • No additional potency or flavor options available
  • Only CBD oil available from Headery (no topicals, capsules, or other CBD products)

Key Features & Benefits

1. Extensive Third-Party Testing

One of the most important steps to take when buying CBD is to look at the third-party test results for that product. These tests should provide details of the cannabinoid and terpene ratios of the final product. These ratios should accurately match what the company is advertising. We’ve seen far too many companies selling oils that indicate 50 mg/mL only to find the test results indicate the actual cannabinoid concentration is closer to 20 mg/mL. This is a big difference.

Additionally, third party tests are needed to ensure the product is free from harmful compounds — especially heavy metals that can contaminate the hemp during cultivation, pesticides, mycotoxins, and residual solvents.

Headery tests each batch of hemp extract it makes and provides these tests publically on the company website.

2. Contributes to Anxiety Research

Headery is passionate about using CBD oils for sleep and anxiety. In order to keep research on this topic moving forward, Headery has donated a lot of CBD oils to university-lead studies on CBD and anxiety through programs at the University of British Colombia in Canada, as well as Mcmaster University in Hamilton Ontario.

3. Added Melatonin for Sleep Support

The Snooze oil contains both CBD and melatonin — which work well together for supporting sleep onset. This combination is commonly used by CBD companies because it’s simple and highly effective.

For best results, make sure to take this oil at least an hour before your intended bedtime to give the CBD and melatonin time to take effect.

About the Company: Headery

The founder of Headery experienced debilitating anxiety for years. He reportedly tried everything, eventually caving in and taking prescription meds to help manage symptoms. While the medications worked, he didn’t like how fast he formed tolerance to the medications — causing him to experience severe anxiety attacks if he was even an hour late for his scheduled dose.

Frustrated, he decided to try more natural methods — eventually settling on CBD oil. It was the only supplement to provide complete relief from symptoms without causing tolerance like the medications he was taking before.

He became passionate about using CBD oil for anxiety and sleep and started headery as a way to give people a solid CBD oil to help with their anxiety.


4.5 / 5

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This Snooze oil costs $70 per bottle (USD) for 900 mg of CBD. This is the same cost as your average CBD oil despite the fact that the oil inside is much higher in quality than you’d expect from an oil of this price.

We find this product to be very high value for what you’re getting.

A better way to assess the cost of a CBD oil is to look at the cost per milligram of CBD. This allows you to compare the cost of oils with different potencies and bottle sizes. Snooze comes in at just $0.08 per mg of CBD — which is about 4 cents per mg lower than other oils of comparable quality. 4 cents may not sound like a lot, but considering there’s 900 mg of CBD in this product — that’s a $36 difference in cost.

For even more savings, we recommend you get the Snooze and Good Morning oil duo — which brings the cost down to just $0.06 mg per mL and you now have a CBD oil to use during the day, as well as in the evening before bed,

Cost Breakdown of Headery CBD Oils:

ImageProduct NameTotal PriceTotal CBD ContentCost per mg CBD
Snooze by Headery$69.99900 mg$0.08
Good Morning by Headery$69.99900 mg$0.08
Snooze & Good Morning Combo Deal$109.991800 mg$0.06

CBD Potency

At 30 mg/mL this oil is well suited for just about everybody. There are definitely more potent options out there, but there’s a reason the company chose to settle at 30 mg/mL specifically.

Every mL of oil works out to around 30 drops. Let’s do some quick calculations:

30 mg/mL divided by 30 drops/mL works out to 1 mg/drop.

This is an extremely convenient potency for measuring doses of CBD. All you have to do is count the number of drops you want to get the dosage you’re looking for. 5 drops is 5 mg, 10 drops is 10 mL, etc.

Potency Breakdown of Headery CBD Oils:

ImageProduct NameTotal CBD ContentCBD Concentration (mg/mL)Potency Level 
Snooze by Headery900 mg30 mg/mLMedium
Good Morning by Headery900 mg30 mg/mLMedium

Hemp Source

Headery has a good relationship with the farms it sources hemp from — which are all located within the San Luis Valley in Colorado. These farmers reportedly use organic farming practices to cultivate their hemp — though none have achieved USDA certifications to prove the organic status at this time.

The easiest way to tell if hemp oil is quality or not is to simply taste it. You can tell right away if the hemp is old, contains low terpene profiles, or hasn’t been extracted properly. The oils should taste fresh and have aromatic notes of citrus, pine, lavender, nutmeg, chocolate, or more in it depending on what hemp strain was used.

This oil from Headery screams quality. It has a predominant pine-like flavor, with notes of citrus fruits — suggesting a healthy dose of terpenes in every drop.

All the necessary testing we look for in a CBD oil is provided on the company website.


This oil has a specific purpose — to help you relax in the evenings and enjoy a thorough night of sleep.

The CBD itself greatly contributes to this effect by interacting with the GABA receptors in the brain, relaxing the muscles, and priming the parasympathetic nervous system. However, to make it even better, headery also added melatonin — which is a hormone naturally produced in the brain to help us get to sleep, ad stay asleep.

melatonin works in opposition to the stress hormone, cortisol, which is designed to keep us awake.

When melatonin levels are high, cortisol levels drop. Taking melatonin helps shift the balance in people who have abnormally high cortisol levels in the evening — as a result of stress, stimulation, or anxiety.

Headery Shipping & Return Policy

Headery offers free shipping to customers in the United States. For international customers, an additional shipping fee will be charged at checkout — which usually works out to around $10 USD.

If you’re not happy with your order for any reason, Headery offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If there’s a problem just reach out to Headery via email or through the contact page on the website.

Final Verdict: An Excellent Option to Help With Sleep

This oil has one primary purpose — to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is incredibly important for all aspects of health, including focus, immune function, digestion, and cognitive health. Headery was founded on the use of CBD oil for anxiety, and the founder quickly realized how important a good night of sleep was for reducing anxiety symptoms.

This is how the Snooze oil originated — as a way to help the user get to sleep more quickly with the help of CBD and melatonin.

This oil is designed to be taken in combination with the Good Morning oil — which contains no added melatonin. The idea is that you can take the Good Morning oil in the morning and throughout the day while reserving the Snooze oil for the evenings before bed.

Overall we’d highly recommend this oil for anybody looking for a relaxation blend of CBD. As a premium oil at average costs, this product comes at a very high value.

For even better value, make sure to purchase the duo — consisting of a bottle of both the Snooze oil and Goodmorning oil together for a discounted price.


4.5 / 5

Enter the code DAILYCBD at checkout to save 10% on your order

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