Glow Water CBD Tea

Glow Water specializes in making delicious CBD teas to help restore and relax the mind and body.

Each tea bag is made using 25 mg of a water-soluble CBD and a blend of synergistic herbs — we think these teas are worth a try if you’re feeling stressed, can’t sleep, or simply want a nice relaxing cup of tea for work, school, or hanging out at home. 

Price/Value 4/5

As far as CBD goes, these teas are priced well within the range of its competitors at $28 per pack of 5 tea bags. 

When we break down the cost per mg of CBD, these ring in at $0.22 per mg, which is quite costly when comparing to CBD oils or capsules. 

There are a number of factors that contribute to the spike in price including the water-soluble CBD extract and therapeutic herbs, which add to the value of this product.

CBD Potency 4/5

Each tea bag contains 25 mg of water-soluble CBD extract. This is a fair low-medium potency of CBD. We recommend you find teas with at least 7 mg of CBD to reap the benefits in a tea form. We appreciate that Glow Water has opted for a water-soluble CBD to increase the CBD’s bioavailability.

Hemp Source 3/5

We couldn’t find any details about the hemp source or any Certificates of Analysis (CoA) for the CBD isolate on the website. We reached out through email. The founder, Amy Hammond responded saying the hemp is sourced from a family friend’s farm in Nevada and it’s 100% organic. 

She sent a CoA for the CBD extract of the current batch of teas, which only detailed the cannabinoid profile. As it’s not certified organic, we don’t have any way of knowing if it was indeed grown without pesticides or if it’s clean from harmful solvents and other contaminants.

Purpose/Uses 4/5

The purpose of these teas is to relax and restore the mind and body. Warm tea is a comforting experience — when CBD is combined with the right herbs, it can produce relaxing and sedative benefits to help de-stress and help you fall asleep. All three formulas can help with this. We’re docking a point for the Restore CBD tea because it claims to help with muscle recovery, but there isn’t enough research in hibiscus’ or ginger’s effects on muscle recovery.

Product Variations 4/5

Glow Water offers three flavors of CBD tea. Each tea bag comes with 25 mg of CBD and a unique blend of herbs depending on the flavor and effects you’re after. So far, we’re enjoying the variety offered in terms of flavor, but these teas all tend to do similar effects. We’d love to see some different variations of herbs that provide other effects, such as energizing or immune-boosting, for example. 

Formula 5/5

We love that Glow Water uses water-soluble CBD to increase the bioavailability of the CBD content and that it includes a reasonable CBD potency of 25 mg per bag. The herbs in each recipe are in helping boost the effects of CBD for the intended purposes. These teas are simple but have excellent formulations nonetheless.

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Glow Water CBD Teas Review

Article By
Dylan James , last updated on September 1, 2020

What is CBD Tea?

CBD teas is a gentle way of incorporating the benefits of CBD into your lifestyle.

If you’re new to CBD, teas are an excellent choice — they’re familiar, taste great, and are often infused with other therapeutic herbs that work synergistically with CBD.

About the Company: Glow Water

Founded in 2016 by fitness instructor  Amy Hammond, Glow Water’s mission is to help support active lifestyles. As a fitness instructor, Hammond has worked closely with people suffering from anxiety, pain, and sleep issues. She wanted to create products that helped address these problems in a natural way.

With more research emerging about CBD as a therapeutic compound for these issues, it made sense for Glow Water to feature CBD in its tea blends.

Cost & Potency

For $28 USD, each Glow Water packet contains 5 tea bags with 25 mg of CBD per bag.

We consider these teas to have a low to medium potency.

For capsules or oils, 25 mg is fairly high, but you need to account for the lower availability of CBD in tea forms compared to oils and capsules. Even with water-soluble CBD, a lot of it will remain left behind in the teabag once you’ve finished drinking the brew.

At the very least, you want your CBD teas to contain a minimum of 7 mg of CBD to benefit from its effects, so this tea is well within the ballpark of an effective dose.

The Cost & Potency Breakdown of Glow Water CBD Teas:

Product ImageProduct Name Total PriceTotal CBD ContentCost per mg of CBD CBD Potency
Glow Water CBD Teas $28.00 125 mg $0.22 25 mg per Teabag

Dosing CBD teas can be difficult because steeping teas is more of an art than a science.

We recommend steeping your teas a little longer than you would a normal herbal tea bag — at least 15 minutes to get the most of the 25 mg of CBD in the Glow Water teas. This allows the CBD more time to dissolve into the water before you drink it.

You can adjust your steeping accordingly, depending on strong you like your teas, or you can brew multiple cups.

Weight (lbs) Low Strength Medium Strength High Strength
100 lbs 10 mg 30 mg 60 mg
125 lbs 13 mg 38 mg 75 mg
150 lbs 15 mg 45 mg 90 mg
175 lbs 17 mg 52 mg 105 mg
200 lbs 20 mg 60 mg 120 mg
225 lbs 22 mg 67 mg 135 mg
250 lbs 25 mg 75 mg 150 mg  

Hemp Source

Glow Water CBD fails to mention a hemp source or post-third-party lab tests for its CBD on its website.

Hemp sourcing and lab testing are important because a company’s hemp source will determine the quality of its products.

Hemp is a bioaccumulator. This means hemp absorbs the elements of its growing environment at a much faster rate than it can break it down. It’s a good thing if the soil is rich in nutrients, but it can be a real problem if the soil is contaminated or if the farm uses strong pesticides.

This is where third-party lab testing comes in. Third-party labs are an unbiased way of ensuring the hemp is free from harmful contaminants. It isn’t mandatory in the industry, but it’s become a standard.

If you don’t see a hemp source or Certificate of Analysis (CoA) on the website, we encourage you to reach out to the company to show your interest in testing. We emailed [email protected] and founder, Amy Hammond herself responded.

She says the hemp is sourced from a family friend’s farm in Nevada, and it’s 100% organic. However, it doesn’t have the USDA organic certification.

The CoA she provided only shows the extract’s cannabinoid profile, proving it is an isolate extract. It’s too bad Glow Water didn’t opt for complete lab testing to verify the quality of the hemp source. Without the organic certification or lab tests, there’s no way to verify the hemp extract is free from residual pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, or other toxins.


In this section, we’ll have an in-depth look at the three teas and the herbs used in each formula for its intended purpose.

1. Sleep

The Glow Water Sleep Tea is formulated to help with insomnia, using lavender and chamomile.

While most commonly used in aromatherapy, lavender is excellent for internal use as well. It interacts with our GABA system, associated with its calming effects on the brain.

Chamomile is habitually used as a sleep-inducer. Its calming effects may be attributed to apigenin, an antioxidant that decreases anxiety and helps initiate sleep.

A common reason for sleepless nights is high stress. CBD is thought to interact with the stress pathways to help reduce heart rate and blood pressure and may improve resilience against stress when taken over long periods of time [1].

2. Calm

Calm includes the herbs, spearmint, rose, licorice, and rooibos.

The product description says, “CALM is great for relieving stress throughout the day; a mild and refreshing combination.”

Let’s have a closer look at the ingredients.

Spearmint does more than just add a pleasant flavor. It has a long history of use in herbal medicine for a wide range of ailments for its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and soothing effects.

Rose petals are closely linked to beauty. It’s often incorporated into skin-care products for its calming effects on the skin, reducing redness, inflammation, and increases the speed of healing acne scars.

When ingested, rose petals may help relieve heart palpitations, arrhythmias, and high blood pressure — key markers of the stress response [2].

Licorice root is commonly used as a natural sweetener — don’t worry this doesn’t taste like the black licorice candy.

Licorice root also has calming effects for the digestive system and offers support for your adrenal glands that produce the stress hormone, cortisol. The active compounds found in licorice stimulates a healthy production of cortisol in the adrenal glands.

Rooibos, also known as red tea, has a soothing effect on the central nervous system. It’s a great caffeine-free alternative to black tea, and it still has many beneficial antioxidants and a rich flavor.

3. Restore

Restore is said to be ideal for post-workout recovery. It includes ingredients that help with pain relief and inflammation. The recipe includes hibiscus, ginger, and CBD.

The anti-inflammatory herbs in this recipe are excellent supporting ingredients to CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits.

Every time we exercise, we cause microscopic tears in our muscle fibers. The body responds to this damage by triggering the inflammatory response to start the repairing process, bringing a healthy supply of blood flow and nutrients to the affected area.

When this inflammation process goes on for too long, it can delay your progress in the gym because you’re still far too sore to work out again. This is where the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD and other herbs come into play.

The anti-inflammatory properties help speed up recovery time so this inflammatory process won’t have the chance to linger longer than it needs to. This allows you to get back to your next workout a lot sooner.

Hibiscus flower tea is jam-packed with antioxidants and is often recommended to reduce blood pressure for those with high blood pressure levels. Some anecdotal evidence claims hibiscus helps with weight loss.

Ginger is often used to settle stomachs, decrease bloating, and it contains several antioxidant compounds that can help reduce joint and muscle inflammation. Ginger and CBD are very compatible as anti-inflammatory agents.

Together, these ingredients may be used as an anti-inflammatory remedy for arthritic joints, sore muscles, and inflamed skin.

Glow Water’s Shipping & Return Policy

Glow Water CBD Teas are available for international shipping, and the shipping cost will depend on the package’s destination.

If you’re not happy with your purchase, make sure you connect with Glow Water’s customer service to let them know. You can return most unused products within 30 days of purchase for a full refund (minus the cost of shipping).

Final Verdict: Excellent Tea Formulas for Relaxation

The Glow Water teas are one of the few teas we’ve come across on the market that contain a fairly high CBD content for teas with 25 mg of water-soluble CBD per sachet.

If you’re looking for a soothing CBD supplement, the Glow Water CBD teas are worth the sip. These teas come in three delicious flavors and are made with simple herbal ingredients.

If there’s a factor we think Glow Water could work on, it would be to include more information on its website about its CBD source and third-party lab testing. In a highly unregulated CBD market, it’s important to show your customers your dedication to sourcing high-quality hemp for health products.

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Glow Water

4 / 5

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