CBDistillery CBDrop Full-Spectrum Oil Tinctures

CBDistillery has done it again with its impressive Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures range. 

The company acknowledges the importance of naturally-sourced ingredients alongside comprehensive third-party testing provided by one of North America’s leading cannabis and hemp testing laboratories – this alone reflects the product’s overall quality.

With bottles ranging from 250 mg all the way up to a heavy-hitting 5000 mg, CBDistillery has encompassed a large user-base and will suit a wide range of people suffering from various physical, physiological, or psychological symptoms.

Price/Value 4/5

Costing no more than $0.12 per mg of CBD, CBDistillery’s tinctures are excellent value. 

On top of the third-party testing from reputable laboratories, the company’s CO2 extracted hemp in conjunction with a superior MCT carrier oil makes these products outstanding at such a low cost.

CBD Potency 5/5

Depending on which product you choose, these CBD tinctures can be incredibly potent.

The lower concentrations are modest, offering as low as 8 mg of CBD per serving, while the highest potency equals about 166.66 mg per 1 mL – each product, therefore, is engineered to suit your individual health and well-being circumstances. 

Hemp Source 4/5

According to CBDistillery, the company’s hemp products are sourced domestically in the United States and are manufactured in Colorado.

CBDistillery also states that its products are not genetically modified and are pesticide-free – the company has yet to be certified as organic by the USDA.

Purpose/Uses 4/5

These full-spectrum tinctures come in a wide range of potencies, so there should be a product to suit any dosage requirements you may have.

The full-spectrum formula is a major advantage over isolates, as they contain a combination of other cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids working synergistically with each other.

For optimal results, we recommend taking this full-spectrum oil along with other supplements under the supervision of your healthcare provider. 

Product Variations 4/5

These tinctures are available in 5 different CBD concentrations, ranging from mild (250 mg) to ultra-strong (5000 mg).

This product would have scored higher if the company offered larger bottle sizes (currently only available in 30 mL bottles). 

Formulation/Ingredients 3/5

Like the vast majority of CBD oils on the market, this product is simply a combination of full-spectrum hemp extract with an MCT carrier oil. 

Nothing special here. 

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CBDistillery: Full-Spectrum CBDrop CBD Oil Tinctures Review

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Editorial Staff , posted 10 months ago

Tincture oils are known exclusively as some of the most versatile ways of consuming cannabidiol (CBD), as well as the other cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids that come with full-spectrum products.

Though versatility may seem like an industry buzzword to describe a CBD-infused product, it’s actually an appropriate descriptor.

You can either simply drop the oil under your tongue sublingually, incorporate it into your favorite meals, or add it to your drink of choice – though it’s said that sublingual application is the most effective as it isn’t competing with food in the fight for absorption.

CBDistillery, in its infinite wisdom, has created a huge range of CBD tincture oils that ranges from a medium-strength 250 mg to an ultra-strength 5000 mg, which are engineered to suit users with varying degrees of experience and symptoms.

This review will take an in-depth look at the products on offer to help you decide if you want to splash your hard-earned cash on them.

Overview: Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures

Firstly, it’s important to note that the terms “tincture” and “oil” are often used interchangeably in the CBD industry, even though the two products are slightly different – tinctures are extracts suspended in a solution of water and alcohol, whereas oils are extracts suspended in an inert oil, such as coconut oil.

It can be confusing because many companies call CBD oils “tinctures” and others call its tinctures “oils” – therefore, the best thing you can do is to take a look at the ingredient list.

In the case of CBDistillery, the ingredients include coconut MCT oil and extracted hemp oil, which means this is an oil, even though the label says it’s a tincture – it would officially be a tincture if the carrier oil was alcohol-based. 

Now, this may sound like semantics, but it’s something to be aware of while you’re searching for your next CBD product, even if the distinction may seem small. 

CBDistillery’s tinctures come in a few different concentrations, starting at 250 mg and going up to 5000 mg of CBD. This range should be able to accommodate most CBD users, whether you’re brand new or a CBD veteran.

All of the CBD products covered in this review are full-spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD oils are those that are made using the entire plant – this process may capture additional chemical compounds that help CBD do its job more effectively.

CBDistillery is one of the less expensive CBD suppliers on the market. Despite seeming like wildly inflated prices, the outright costs of $30 for the 250 mg option to $260 for the 5000 mg option is actually fairly reasonable compared to other companies on the market.

Each bottle contains 30 mL of CBD extract. These oils can be purchased online for as low as $30.00 up to $260.00.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Inexpensive
  • Good selection of products to choose from
  • Third-party tested
  • No selection of flavor or size

Key Features and Benefits

1. Inexpensive

This is one of the best-selling features of CBDistillery because its impressively formulated products are offered for less than much of the competition. 

In the case of the tinctures, prices of the higher concentrations can fall to as low as $0.05 per mg of CBD – this is definitely on the low end of the price scale.

2. Good Selection

Although there are a few other companies who may have a more extensive selection of CBD tinctures, CBDistilley has done a great job offering CBD tinctures for those who either require mild, medium, high, or ultra-strength to potentially combat physical, physiological, or psychological symptoms. 

Our advice to newcomers is to start as low as you can and work your way up – there have been some instances where users started on strength too high and ended up feeling nauseous.

3. Third-Party Tested

All CBDistillery CBD tinctures are third-party tested by reputable laboratories who specialize in cannabis and hemp testing. 

The company claims to use non-GMO, high-quality hemp in its products, which is evident in the test results conducted by the laboratory.

About the Company: CBDistillery

CBDistillery was founded in 2016 by a small group of Colorado natives with an idea to combat the overpriced and vastly oversaturated CBD market. 

With “the people’s best interests in mind”, the company believes that “people have a right to high-quality, fairly priced, U.S. grown, hemp-derived CBD products”, with a focus on keeping in-line with the FDA’s guidelines, as well as the company’s own third-party testing standards.


4.5 / 5

Who Should Consider Using Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures?

CBDistillery CBD tinctures are a fantastic choice for people looking for a product on a budget. 

The lower concentrations may be suitable for new users, those with mild symptoms, or anyone who wants a lower-potency product for daily health and well-being. The higher concentrations are remarkably potent and are a better fit for more experienced users or for those with chronic conditions such as arthritis.


CBDistillery is an excellent choice for those of you who are trying to save some money on your extracts – the products tend to sit comfortably and consistently on the low end of the price scale per mg of CBD compared to other products currently on the market.

Cost Breakdown of CBDistillery CBD Tinctures

Product NameTotal mg CBD PriceMg of CBD per serving (1 mL)Cost per mg of CBD
CBDistillery CBDrop Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures250 mg$30.008.3 mg$0.12
CBDistillery CBDrop Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures500 mg$45.0016.67 mg$0.09
CBDistillery CBDrop Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures1000 mg$70.0033.33 mg$0.07
CBDistillery CBDrop Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures2500 mg$155.0083.33 mg$0.06
CBDistillery CBDrop Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures5000 mg$260.00166.66 mg$0.05

CBD Potency

Depending on which concentration you choose, CBDistillery’s products are quite potent, which is why we recommend newcomers to start at either 250 mg or 500 mg as a starting point and to move up in strength is needs be.

The 2500 mg product and the 5000 mg product have potencies of over 80 mg and 100mg, respectively.

Product NameTotal CBD (mg)Total Volume (mL)CBD Potency (mg/mL)
CBDistillery CBDrop Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures250 mg30 mL8.33
CBDistillery CBDrop Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures500 mg30 mL16.66
CBDistillery CBDrop Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures1000 mg30 mL33.33
CBDistillery CBDrop Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures2500 mg30 mL83.33
CBDistillery CBDrop Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures5000 mg30 mL166.66

Hemp Source

According to CBDistillery’s General FAQ page, the company is a Colorado local company and all of its products are manufactured in Colorado – however, the source location isn’t specifically stated, only that it purchases the hemp domestically.

The company also states here that it uses non-GMO, organic, and pesticide-free industrial hemp grown outdoors for all its CBD extracts but hasn’t yet been given the USDA Certified Organic stamp of approval.

Each product comes with third-party lab test results from Massachusetts & Maine based ProVerde Laboratories and locally-based Botanacor Laboratories, who both specialize in cannabis and hemp testing.


CBDistillery recommends taking the CBD tinctures sublingually or mixing them with food and drink. However, there isn’t a lot of advice offered regarding specific usage instructions or potential symptoms that the product might treat.

Product Options & Flavors

CBDistillery has four different concentrations, which should be enough to accommodate most people’s CBD requirements.

No flavor options are available, which is ideal for users wanting to put the tincture substance into foods and drinks – the earthy and bitter flavor of these natural tasting CBD tinctures may put some potential customers off if a sublingual application is the preferred method of delivery.

CBDistillery may benefit from additional flavors, but this alone isn’t enough to mark the company down.


The inclusion of fractionated coconut oil – or rather medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) – is primarily there to boost absorption of CBD into the bloodstream and to improve its bioavailability.

Because of this, there’s potential for you to experience CBD, as well as the other cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids, much quicker than using a less superior carrier oil. 

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT) and Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts)

Shipping and Returns

CBDistillery states that all packages are shipped out using UPS within 48 hours after payment is processed – orders typically take 5-7 days to arrive after your order has been shipped out of the company’s offices.

Unfortunately, international shipping isn’t an option.

The company also offers a 7-day return policy for unopened products and will take 7-10 days for the refund to be processed.

Final Verdict: Great Value for Those on a Budget

Overall, the CBD tinctures from CBDistillery are excellent for people who are looking for high-quality CBD on a budget.

On a personal note, these products worked well for relieving my anxiety and I can see it being a viable solution for insomnia and stress.

If you’re new to CBD, take a look at the 250 mg or 500 mg CBD tinctures. More experienced users or those of you whose symptoms are severe may want to consider the 1000 mg and 2500 mg varieties.

The two listed ingredients, though simple and straight-forward, are sufficient enough to increase absorption into the bloodstream – the MCT oil, as mentioned in the Formula section, boosts CBD’s bioavailability, meaning more CBD is put into your body.

At $0.12 per mg of CBD or less, these CBD tinctures from CBDistillery are fantastic. Give them a try if you’re suffering from consistent anxiety, insomnia, or stress.

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4.5 / 5

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